2010: A Blessed Year of Blogging

Just popping in to say hello and happy (almost) new year to my readers!  I’m currently vacationing with limited internet access, so I’ve had to keep up with blog reading via iphone only.

Earlier tonight was the petite meetup, which came together thanks to Kelly and the Alterations Needed forum. It was quite fun meeting this group of fellow bloggers and readers. The height comparisons, Theory blazer swaps, and loud chatter of small bra sizes and going commando may have drawn some attention to our table. Thank you Kelly for organizing and thank you ladies for coming! Especially Jess, who braved the 2 hr drive. Check out Kelly’s post here and Jess’s post here for more photos!

Christina/ChibiChic, Grace, Kelly/AlterationsNeeded, Me, AubreyOhDang the honest commenter, and Jess/Stylepint


And a candid…


Photo courtesy of Jess (Stylepint)

Earlier this week I also grabbed drinks with Kelly and another one of my favorite bloggers, Liane of Petite XXS! In person, Kelly is gregarious and witty and Liane is softspoken and sweet. Both are tiny! It was a treat to spend time with them, and I almost got to see Elle too who was stuck in LA on a layover.

(Liane, Me, Kelly) – Photo courtesy of Kelly’s iphone (none of us brought a camera!)


On a separate note, Jessy of The Little Dust Princess kindly organized the 2010 petite secret Santa exchange on the Alterations Needed forum, open to any ladies around the world who were interested. For my recipient I was excited to draw PetiteXXS, and the cute and little Kileen turned out to be my Santa! Please visit Jessy’s post for links to all the participants. I was thrilled to receive:

Electronic lash curler, Essie “Hot Coco” polish (seen here), and Shisem lashes! Thank you Kileen!!


More surprises from bloggy friends:
Fun stationary and makeup from DSK Steph, very pretty R&R; lip gloss from Petite Little Girl, a handmade glasses case from PetiteXXS for the sunnies I won from Vicky’s Daily Fashion, and NYX goodies from Sophia. I also received a very unique photo frame from Nelah!

I was also surprised to receive two packages from non-blogger friends. I briefly mentioned in old comments that I could not find the popular “Airy Fairy” Rimmel lipstick at local drugstores, and lo and behold…

I now have two thanks to my dear readers DoubleZeroP and Jennifer from Canada! I couldn’t help jumping up and down as these were such unexpected and thoughtul surprises. Jennifer also sent a wonde
rfully soft olive pashmina and a coral F21 ring.

Whether it’s an email, comment, or (unnecessary but greatly appreciated) gift, the kindness of my readers and fellow bloggers is overwhelming to me. Thank you ladies again for your friendship and support throughout 2010, and I look forward to getting to know more of you in the new year. *Hugs!*

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. You're so sweet! I love the outfit you wore in the first two pictures, especially the shoes! I really want a pair of wedge boots.

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  2. PetiteXXS wrote:

    Oh and I forgot to mention, if you don't know what to do with your second Airy Fairy, I'll be glad to take it off your hands! 😛 Can't seem to find it here either.

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  3. PetiteXXS wrote:

    December was a pretty sucky month for me work-wise, but the blogger activities and meet-ups definitely helped perk things up! Thanks again for the gifts, I feel like you've been my Secret Santa the whole year round hehe 🙂

    Posted 1.7.11 Reply
  4. Jessica wrote:

    It's so fun to meet up with other bloggers! I feel like I know a lot of them through their blogs (but they don't know who I am! haha).

    So funny that when we met, you were surprised at how petite Janice and I were, but you were even smaller than us.. in these pics, Kelly and Liane are even smaller than you! I may be giant compared to them! =P

    Posted 1.6.11 Reply
  5. Michelle wrote:

    Lol! about the "commando" conversation! I bet you ladies had the attention of quite a few men!!

    I love your scarf and nail polish!

    Posted 1.4.11 Reply
  6. @Ping Of course you be the first to know!

    Grace and Christina – it was so so nice to meet the two of you and finally put a person to a tweeter : ) Thank you both for making it out here and I hope to see you guys again this year! Good luck fighting at the Theory outlet with Kelly!

    @Irene Aw thank you Irene, I love your blog for little beauty tips! And I think there may be a DWF meetup soon…you should check in with Kileen!

    @AubreyOhDang! I was looking fwd to meeting you for months as well. Thanks again for coming and for not leaving me on the shadier side of El Cajon blvd!!

    Posted 1.3.11 Reply
  7. @PetiteLittleGirl I have been loving yours as well. And when you leave Ohio to visit either the East coast or West coast you know you'll have friends from blogger to greet you!

    @Stylepint Thank you again for making the trip down!

    @olyvia Ah what a good idea! Usually at meetups it seems everyone is so excited to meet each other that outfit shorts are overlooked, lol! Will keep your suggestion in mind next time : D

    @SewPetiteGal It's actually a thicker knit cardigan from YesStyle (link is in a previous post). I love it but am not sure how to wash it!

    @DSK Steph Ah I can't figure out how to use it? Do you use it? Eki seems to love it but I can't get a great curl that holds, like with a regular clamp curler.

    @kileen Thank you again Kileen! I just loved everything.

    @The Little Dust Princess Thank you again for organizing Jessy! And no Nick was not lonely hehe he left after having beers with his friend. Christina's boyfriend (poor thing) looked pretty bored though during the 5 hours!

    Posted 1.3.11 Reply
  8. Luckiebeauty, MayClover, Nice:), peewee, saranghaeyo, e, Samanthaloves, Sarah, gyc, Owl's CLoset, ML – Happy new year to you too! Thank you for your kind comments and well wishes.

    @Anonymous J – oh darn, eventually our paths will cross! I'm on the west coast a few times a year and I'm quite interested in visiting the bay area again now that I know so many lovely ladies from there.

    @curls-and-pearls Lol! Oh Elaine..I'm not that evil. Nick dropped me off and enjoyed a beer sampler with his pal at the bar, helped snap a few photos, then jetted off. Miss Aubrey gave me a ride home : )

    @Cee Thank YOU Cee for being a great part of the community! I'm enjoying your blog as well.

    @Elle I am quite sad about the dead cell phone! We'll have to plan better next time : )

    Posted 1.3.11 Reply
  9. I had been looking forward to this meet-up since it was brought up in the forum months ago. 5 hours went by fast for me b/c I was having so much fun!

    @Kelly, we should make it a holiday tradition!

    Hope u got back safely. Cheers to another wonderful year of blogging in 2011!

    Posted 1.3.11 Reply
  10. Aww, aren't Canadians so sweet? Here's to another year of blogging!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


    Posted 1.3.11 Reply
  11. So much fun to read this blog entry!!

    Posted 1.2.11 Reply
  12. Irene wrote:

    OH how fun!!! Looks like you girls had a blast! I agree that Kileen IS super sweet! (and also a fellow Dallas-ite!)

    I am so glad I met you this year Jean – you truly are inspirational, it's always a treat to read your blog (which btw, you are awesome at updating…talk about good blogging habits!) I hope this year continues to bring even more blessings and excitement!

    Posted 1.2.11 Reply
  13. grace wrote:

    I second Christina's comments above. Your blog has been just a wonderful blog to follow, and I will continue to sit here and wait for every single new post that arrives 🙂 You are so sweet and it was so nice of you to meet us!!

    Posted 1.2.11 Reply
  14. Christina wrote:

    It was wonderful meeting you, Jean! Glad to know that you come to SoCal a few times a year. I can't believe how "large" the "petite" community is. Yes, that was my silly attempt at humor. *wink* Your fans are so generous! Everyone, and myself included, are so thankful for blogs like yours because of all the helpful tips and reviews you've posted. Happy New Year!

    Posted 1.2.11 Reply
  15. What a fun meetup!! These are such sweet gifts, too:) A very happy new year to you! All the best in 2011! -AB


    Posted 1.1.11 Reply
  16. Ping wrote:

    btw the pic with u and kelly, r u guys at the yardhouse?? i love that place!

    Posted 1.1.11 Reply
  17. Ping wrote:

    happy new year jean!! looks like you guys had a blast. isn't good to meet people in person when you have been talking to them for so long. hopefully you visit us soon in sf 😉

    Posted 1.1.11 Reply
  18. Aw looked like the meetup was a success! You ladies are so beautiful. ^_^ Was Nick lonely when you brought him there? LOL Poor guy, but I guess he was you ladies' photographer ; )

    Aww the blogging community is so warm and welcoming. Your readers are too kind. : )

    Happy new year, Jean!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

    Posted 1.1.11 Reply
  19. kileen wrote:

    great blogger meetup pictures!! i'm so jealous that i just missed you guys when you were in town! and so many lovely gifts! i'll need to try out the Airy Fairy myself. and so glad you enjoyed the gifts. it was really fun shopping for you! 🙂


    Posted 1.1.11 Reply
  20. DSK Steph wrote:

    Happy New Year Jean! You ladies all look so happy together. 😀

    You will love! love! LOVE the heated eye lash curler from Kileen ^^ What a great gift idea on her part 🙂

    Posted 1.1.11 Reply
  21. gyc wrote:

    happy new year ^^

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  22. Happy new year 2011 dear ;D

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  23. Like Olyvia, I really love seeing photos of all the blogger meet-ups! Love the jacket you're wearing with Liane and Kelly – where is it from?

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  24. olyvia wrote:

    lol on "height comparisons" I love these blogger meetup pictures! it's neat to see all of you together, especially since I use you girls' clothing reviews as a guide to my own online shopping 🙂 I would love to see you girls get together more and do like a whole-outfit photo-shoot, hehe, looking forward to another year of blog reading!

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  25. Happy New Year Jean! I wish your blog amazing success (and many more followers) in 2011!

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  26. Stylepint wrote:

    It was so fun meeting you in person! Plus you have fab readers who send you such great gifts! Have a happy new year! =)

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  27. You ladies look gorgeous. I am glad you had a chance to meet up with other wonderful petite ladies. I hope one day I have a chance to meet them in person too. I have enjoyed your blog since day one. Happy New Year to you and keep up with your great work!

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  28. E wrote:

    Love the photo frame! I need to find myself some petite friends in the midwest! Have a wonderful New Year! 🙂

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  29. Happy new year ^^

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  30. Wow! You got those pics up quick! I got as far as downloading mine last night before I went to bed. =)

    It was so much fun finally meeting you! I hope it turns into a holiday tradition! All the ladies last night were a blast, and I am so glad to meet some more San Diego petites for future shopping trips!

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy traveling schedule to hang out!

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  31. Peewee wrote:

    Happy new year Jean! =)

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  32. Elle wrote:

    You are all so gorgeous, these look like such fun meet-ups. And such sweet gifts you received, the blogging community really is extraordinarily nice.

    Thanks for a great year Jean, your posts never failed to be inspirational and fun to read. 🙂

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  33. Cee wrote:

    Love these pics! The candid one is great. All the gifts and surprises make me smile 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to blog and have a happy 2011, Jean!

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  34. nice : ) wrote:

    wow .. those are really cool gifts! 🙂

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😀

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  35. MayClover wrote:

    Looks like you had a great time ^^! Nice gifts;)
    Happy new year !

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  36. Oh wow, look like such a great time! LOL – did you make Nick sit at a separate table or something? 😛

    And how sweet of your readers! You definitely have quite the fan base out there Jean 🙂

    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  37. Anonymous wrote:

    Aw, I'm glad the year is wrapping up nciely and that the new one is off to a swell start! Everyone is so tiny!! Bummed I couldn't make the SoCal meet up (even though I'll be spending eight days in LA in Jan) but looks like you all had fun! 🙂 Thoughtful presents are the best, and I am looking forward to your 2011 posts!!


    Posted 12.31.10 Reply
  38. All of you girls looked beautiful! And all those gifts are so cool! Great suprises 🙂

    Happy New Year!


    Posted 12.31.10 Reply

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