American Eagle Jeggings Review in sz 00

I purchased these AE jeggings a while back during a sale for $32, and was initially excited about how they fit and felt. After some thorough nitpicking, I decided to send them back and instead bought the Gap Legging Jeans in 00P, which I now love love love. Since these photos were already taken, I figured I’d share my thoughts anyways:

ae jeggings
Jeans: American Eagle jeggings in “Dark Indigo” sz 00
Jacket: Lucca Couture sz XS
Heels: Marc Fisher, thrifted

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What I liked: 
– the weight of the denim. These shouldn’t even be called “jeggings” … more so “very stretchy jeans”
– The dark wash of the denim
– The fit in the waist and hips (12.5″ across the waist and 15.5″ across the hips)

What I didn’t like:
– The non-petite length (30″ inseam)
– The AE signature embroidery on the back pockets

– The low rise (6.25″). Refer to pics below on how low the rise is. Butt crack galore when bending over!

Verdict: Return. However, for someone who doesn’t mind a low rise plus contrast stitching on the back pockets, these are not bad. The fit was very decent plus the material was sturdy and comfy…not at all flimsy like leggings.


More funky fit…note the itty bitty gap above by my crotch. Probably means the thighs are too tight. I know a reader (Bella) mentioned she was going to order the AE jeggings in sz 14 – if so I’d be interested in hearing how they fit. If anyone else ended up getting these, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

The Gap Legging Jeans I ended up ordering in 00P, “faded dark wash” provided a solution to all of the above complaints. I paid about $50 for them which is pretty expensive, but I think they are worth the premium over the pictured AE’s. *However* the color of the Gap’s are a little more medium blue than true dark. Keep an eye out for those later : )

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I know this isn't what your looking for but honestly you the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life. I'd love to run into you one day

    Posted 8.27.12 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Contrary to popular belief, a little crack is actually good for you 😉

    Posted 2.9.11 Reply
  3. Aubrey – The big apple is so fun. Where will you stay during that time? You can definitely find a heavy coat under $500! I don't have anything specific in mind right now, but $500 is quite a high threshold so you can even get lots of alterations with that if needs be. I'm sure we will be seeing more jackets pop up on petite blogs as the weather cools : )

    Posted 9.27.10 Reply
  4. Anon @ 10:32 AM: funny you mentioned siwy. Rachel Bilson was saying Siwy and Paige are her favorites for petite frames in an InStyle magazine.

    Jean: yes yes! I'm seriously considering the move. I'm looking at beginning of Feb to move to the Big Apple for 2 months while I try to find a job. If it doesn't work out, having SD has a fall-back isn't a bad option either. So I really need to prepare myself for the winter weather. Was just curious to hear your must-have's for staying warm and dry.

    Do you change out of your boots once you get to work? I gotta get crackin' on finding a HEAVY coat that's petite-friendly and doesn't cost over $500. <<

    @Jenny: I totally have heard of sweater leggings. The thought of it sounds divine to me. too bad about the lint.

    Jeggings are notorious for having fake front pockets. Makes life so impractical!! Looks like you found your holy grail jeggings with the Gap ones, Jean.

    Posted 9.27.10 Reply
  5. Liana – Jeggings are meant to fit more like leggings and in my experience have quite a bit more stretch than skinny jeans. All the skinny jeans I own are a little stretchy, but the jeggings are noticeably more stretchy and the material is thinner.

    Suman – I was really excited by the sale but then saw it was in store only. Shorter legged women miss out : (

    Grace – I haven't seen any petites in Gap stores, but there may be random returns.

    Elleandish – when i went to NYC I tried on some Uniqlo skinny jeans and I wasn't impressed by the wash nor the fit either.

    Sophia – I knoww I'm sorry hahah I've confused many of you. I changed the post a little for less confusion : )

    Canadianpetite – I never find anything in the Gap stores either, unfortunately. However I do like their chunkier sweaters (will show in a post later) and I got one in womens XS. Curls and Pearls posted some regular length jeggings that she got in a Canadian Gap and they look nice on her, but she is 5'2." Btw, I look like darth vader on cold miserably wet days. Black rainjacket with the hood strings pulled tight, black rainboots, black umbrella being inverted by the gusting winds…lol.

    Jenny – aw, I know what you mean about some black fabrics being white specks magnets. $50 for leggings is more than what i'm used to…but "sweater leggings" sound unique!

    Callandra – the Gap ones are even better : ) All the pockets work too, unlike the AE ones (fake front pockets).

    Posted 9.26.10 Reply
  6. Anon @ 10:32 AM – I haven't tried Siwy jeans yet, but I've seen them before as blogger favorites. I think I'm done with my denim purchases for this year : ) Only really need 2-3 pairs for weekend wear.

    Claud – I like the stirrup legging jeans but I think I may be in the miniority lol. I've always liked slightly odd things like stirrups. What do you think?

    RL – Whoops! Sorry for the confusing post, but all the pictures here are the AE ones : ) I realized how misleading my post was. I just looked up the Luisas. They are cute! But my issue with Br shoes are they are usually a little wide and don't look as streamlined as some other brands. Btw, if you want a nude/camel shoe…my slingbacks in this post have almost entirely been replaced by the Target Palani gladiator sandals. I LOVE those…the color is neutral and the heel is comfy.

    Aubrey – The length definitely is workable on the AE ones, but the Gap ones are perfect : ) They have scrunch on the bottom, just not as much. the jacket just flaps around hehe, no zipper or buttons. As for your request…I will add it to the list. Are you seriously considering moving from sunny SD to cold weathered land? to be honest I just wear the same outfits you see, but with black tights, a heavy coat, and rainboots (if there is snow or slush outside). Sadly it's hard to look cute when commuting lol.

    Em – it's funny, I got two pairs of the AE and one of them did not have contrast black pocket logos. The logo was stitched in the same color as the denim, but unfortuantely the denim was awful quality (make sense that it was on clearance). I just wished all their jeans had non-contrast stitching!

    Anonymous – thanks for the tip, I posted it. Did you get anything? It's a shame it didn't work online for us petite shoppers.

    Cee- I can't recommend the Gap ones enough! You'll have to let me know after trying them what you think.

    Posted 9.26.10 Reply
  7. Callandra wrote:

    I really like the wash on these Jeggings. They are the first I've seen that looked more like jeans that actual leggings.

    Posted 9.26.10 Reply
  8. Bella – great to hear that they fit in 0. I love my AF kids jeans too…but the back pocket design is finally starting to bug me after all these years lol.

    Rainy Days & Lady Cardigan – yes, these were definitely more jeans than leggings, which is great. I ordered a pair of jeggings once from Target and they were hideous (go figure) … leggings with a fake, grainy denim print and fake pockets painted on. These and the Gap ones though are definitely more "denim" which I love!

    Vocalise – I didn't think the extra length on the AE ones were too bad, because I liked scrunching, but then I tried on the Gap ones and they were perfect. There is still scrunching, but less of it. I have to warn you though that the waist of the Gap jeggings is looser than the AE 00's.

    Steph – good to know the grayfaded black are more snug. I want to get that color with the next sale : )

    Frankincensy – that's so odd…where are you looking? Is this a special europe website and what is their return policy?

    Roxy – I haven't tried Joe's jeans but those sound so nice with the little ankle zip : )

    J / Anonymou – hahaha yes I wanted to sell it, but then found myself reaching for it on chillier weekend days so looks like it's a keep : ) I haven't tried Citizens either! Feels like no pants on eh? LOL I can't imagine!

    Curls and Pearls – exactly! With my other skinny jeans I sometimes can't breathe when I'm full (which is really bad for my circulation probably) but I've fallen asleep in my Gap ones many times : )

    Banhannas – hahahah no it's not just you, these are def low rise. Even though I was warned, I still didn't think the rise on these were too bad…until I bent over to pick something up. Gahh!

    Jwhite – It seems like every petite has their favorite denim brand and you're the second one to mention Citizens in the comments. I'm done with my denim purchases for this year but will keep those in mind…did you have to get them hemmed? The problem I've had with designer denim is that I usually had to get about 6 inches hacked off. oh and I agree…the back pockets look high school. I wish they wouldn't do contrast stitching.

    Posted 9.26.10 Reply
  9. JENNY wrote:

    I just spend $50 on leggings too, not jeggings though. I purchased black rayon sweater leggings from m. rena and i'm not even sure if that's a brand I can trust because I never even heard of it and it already collecting a lot of white particles on the fabric before I even wore it !

    Posted 9.26.10 Reply
  10. Angie wrote:

    i love the wash and fit of those jeggings! i have never tried a pair and this seems to be the best one i've seen yet. sadly they're not very appropriate with a shorter shirt xD

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  11. They look great on you but I'd like to see your Gap ones. I lose interest whenever I walk in Gap stores. There's a 40% sale going on now but I didn't spot anything I like…I missed those leggings tho.

    I second AubreOhDang. Can you post some outfits that you would wear out on cold miserably wet days??

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  12. s wrote:

    OMG I was so confused.. I thought the last photo was the GAP jeggings, and I was trying to figure out how they looked much dif from the AE..

    The super low rise is def a con.. it means you always have to pair long-ish tops with it, or just flash ur crack :p I've never cared for the AE logo either.

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  13. elleandish wrote:

    Thanks for the review! I saw some jeggings from UNIQLO while in Japan which were about $35 but wasn't too impressed with the washes. I'm still holding out for a GAP jegging sale…

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  14. grace wrote:

    Do they have the petite ones in the store? it looks like petite jeggings are online only?

    Posted 9.25.10 Reply
  15. Suman wrote:

    Love the Jeggings from GAP n I personally feel the GAP stuff fit much better than others. Oh and they are having an in-store sale only for 3 hours tomorrow from Noon-3pm where you just have to say Flash while checking out n you'll get 50% off on your Jeans.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  16. Liana wrote:

    i think these look great! but i'm so not picky when it comes to clothes…maybe i should be though. i dont understand exactly what the difference between skinny jeans and jeggings are? they look pretty much the same to me…unless im missing something? 😛

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  17. DSK Steph! wrote:

    Jeggings have never looked more sexy! I hope you find the one of your dreams soon 🙂

    p.s. your heels compliment the brick wall background. EPROPS!

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  18. Cee wrote:

    I'm so glad you wrote a post on jeggings. I've been toying with the idea of buying a pair for awhile and I think the Gap ones might be it! (Traditional AE jeans have never fit me well for some reason)

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  19. Michelle wrote:

    Those "jeans" look great on you! But I understand if you are worried about the backside. That can make your whole day uncomfortable! Hope the Gap ones work out for you.

    Beautiful jacket!! I see that it is no longer available in xs, though. 🙁

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  20. I think they look great, if slightly too long…but if they are low rise and aren't comfortable, well, that matters more to me. Glad you found other ones that you like better!

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    LADIES, Gap is having a 50% off regular priced jeans Sept 25 from 12pm-3pm. I just found that out and thought I would pass it on!!!! Mention "FLASH" when you buy it. If you are looking for more info, there's a FB event page for it.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  22. Em wrote:

    *raises hand* me too!

    I really like the way the AE jeggings look on you. They look like jeans and I think the low rise is flattering. You said the inseam is a bit too long, but I like the scrunching at the ankle! It looks very chic, like you're not trying too hard. But I too dislike the AE pocket logo – too distinct. I tend to avoid AE bottoms that have that pocket logo. If you say the Gap pair looks even better, I can't wait to see it!

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  23. Kristy wrote:

    Gosh, I haven't been shopping at AE since my 1st yr in university! I agree with you, I don't like the AE signature stitching on the back pockets either. It reminds me of my teenage years :p

    Too bad the seams are too long, I actually like the way they fit on you 🙂 But yeah, buttcrack ain't pretty 🙁

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  24. I'm not the one wearing them, so I trust your opinion that they're too low, too tight on the thighs, and too long, but from where I'm sitting…they look great on you! too low rise – you can pair it w/one of your long cardis. too tight on the thighs – really? My thighs don't touch, so to me, this is a normal. too long – have you considered cuffing them? Plus, I kind of like scrunching @ the bottom.

    Jacket is cute! does it zip or button up?

    blog request: I've seen some of your really chic outfits for the winter, but when it's snowing and below 0 degrees in Boston, what are you really wearing daily? and what are you essentials for surviving the East Coast winters? Considering making a move myself.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  25. R.L. wrote:

    They both look great on you! And similar from afar. But "butt crack galore" (lol) is definitely a deal breaker. And I don't think the Gap jeans are too tight on the thighs, at least I didn't notice it until you pointed out the gap.

    By the way, I am loving the camel-colored shoes with the outfit. I almost want to order BR's Luisa sling-back pumps… and that blazer definitely looks better paired with a more casual outfit.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  26. They do look like jeans, so $32 isn't so bad, but I hate the AE logo on their clothes. Atleast the GAP ones were better!

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  27. Frances♥ wrote:

    cute outfit. i really like the jacket that you're wearing.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  28. Claud wrote:

    love those gap legging jeans too:). I'd also recommend getting the faded black they are really nice too.

    BTW new arrivals at gap stirrup legging jeans…;=3&pid;=768492&scid;=768492002

    what do you think?

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  29. Ping wrote:

    i think the jeggings look good on you. they make you legs look long and slim. i agree with you though….i'm not a fan of the uber low waist & the back logo is kinda ehh.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey have you ever tried Siwy jeans?

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  31. Jwhite wrote:

    I think the AE jeggings look cute, but I am not a big fan of AE jeans in general due to the stitching on the back pockets (looks very high school to me) and the super low rise. I had a pair several years ago and they would stretch out really bad which would show crack even more…not cute. I love Hudson and Citizens of Humanity- they are pricier but I have worn mine literally hundreds of times and they have held up great so I think of them as an investment 🙂

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  32. Banhannas wrote:

    Oh geeze, finally! I thought I was going insane with AE low rise fit jeans. I was thinking to myself, "WHAT are these girls wearing nowadays. Do they all have hip tats that they want to show off?" I have to admit, I buy AE jeans anyway because they are so cheap and comfortable. I always hold the waist line on my jeans when I sit down so the world doesn't see my butt or wear longer tunics. I do like the length on you though, I don't think they are long at all!

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  33. Those fit great on you, but when you mention the weight the denim I would've probably returned too. I can't stand feeling constricted, that's why I love the Gap ones, they are so soft and comfy, I feel like I'm lounging in leggings but look put together 😉

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  34. Anonymous wrote:

    do i remember you posting that you were going to sell that lucca couture blazer? if so, DON'T! it looks amazing on you as part of your casual wear! i love this outfit, very simple yet stylish, young but sophisticated 🙂

    my favorite jeggings are by citizens of humanity. they feel more like a thicker legging material but they are super comfortable, almost like you don't even have any pants on haha ;P


    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  35. They all look fabulous on you! 🙂

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  36. gorgeous. my favorite jeggins are from joe. they fit so beautifully and have the darkest wash!
    mine has a little zipper on the ankle in case you want to wear booties.


    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  37. I think they look fabulous on you. They fit you quite well but I agree, the length is a bit long for petites. I really like the wash of this pair. Very cute jacket BTW.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  38. Frankincensy wrote:

    The AE jeggings are really cute, but I see what you mean about the low rise! They look good but I can understand sending them back.

    I went to check out the Gap jeans and found out something weird: Gap apparently uses different sizing systems for clothes sold in the US versus Europe, yet they're both labelled in US sizes. o_O If their charts are correct, the "US size 2" available here should fit like a US 00 or 0 in American Gap stores.

    I can't imagine why Gap would grade two different sizing systems for different markets and then label them the same… maybe I'm misreading the charts?

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  39. Tammy wrote:

    wow they really do look like jeans lol

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  40. Steph wrote:

    I have the same pair of Gap jeggings – I LOVE them as well :] I like how they stack a little bit at the ankle
    I also got them in a grey/faded black but those fit a bit more snug werid eh? LOL

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  41. Cydia wrote:

    seriously where did you get your such awesome style? i loveeeee all the outfits that you've posted on your blog…it makes me want to save all of your pictures and one day if i don't know what to wear just look back to your pictures and pick an outfit lol!!

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  42. PetiteXXS wrote:

    Lol… I had to stare at your crotch for a good 30 seconds before I realized what you meant by crotch gap 😛 I know the Gap jeggings are great but you look pretty good in these too! But that said, for something that fits as tight as leggings, I think a heavier weight denim than the Gap jeggings would be a lil uncomfortable. Btw the jacket looks really cute too… and I love your smiling pics! 🙂

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  43. vocalise wrote:

    I really liked the AE jeggings, I kept both that I bought. I did however, dislike the fact that there was no petite length. Hm.. now I guess I should be on the lookout for a good sale at GAP 🙂

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  44. I thought I wouldn't like jeggings, but after seeing this post, maybe I should give them a try. They really just look like nice jeans on you.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  45. Wow, the AE jeggings look like jeans!! They do look nice on you though. Butt crack galore.. hahaa :p It seems like AE ones are always super low rise.. probably for someone who short crotches!? :p Jk that was gross! :p

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  46. Stephanie wrote:

    but crack galore lol, that's ae for ya. I think $50 is an average price for Gap. I never could get any jeans much cheaper than that from them.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  47. kali wrote:

    I LOVE these jeggings! Gonna check them out next time I'm at AE. I wish you were keeping them because they look so nice on you.

    And I know jeans and jeggings can be expensive.. but I can't see myself paying $40+ for leggings that look like jeans! I just don't get it .. LOL it's weird how easily I can drop more than that on makeup though. =P

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  48. Bella wrote:

    I decided to order the AE jeggings in size 0 (the dark destroyed one) instead and it fits perfectly! It's a little bit heavier and lower in rise than my A&F; kids one (sz 16). I like my AE jeggings, but I absolutely loooooove my A&F; kids one.

    I've been wanting to buy the GAP ones but it's a little pricey for me so I'm waiting for some huge sale to happen o_O.

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply
  49. I own a pair as well!
    Love them such a nice fit 🙂
    You look stunning as always 🙂

    Posted 9.24.10 Reply

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