ASOS Petites Review: Bow Combo Dress

The UK retailer ASOS has been (and still is!) offering free shipping to US customers, so I finally got curious and ordered this bow combo dress. Since I’ve heard inconsistent info about their sizing, I ordered both a petite 4 (says US 0 on the tag) and a petite 6 (says US 2).

Here is the UK Petite 4:
Dress: ASOS ” “bow dress UK sz Petite 4 (buy it here)
Shoes: Aldo

The material was very stretchy so I got it on just fine (pull-over style, no zipper), but it was noticeably tight on me. I am not sure where one can wear this dress…for me it is too hooch for the workplace, yet not hooch enough for going out. Next up, the size 6…

I would say the Petite 6 still fit very small, like what I would expect from an H&M; sz 2 or 4:

Fit: Stretchy and petite-friendly, but I’m interested in how their more structured items fit. From the photo, I mistakenly thought this would be structured and work-appropriate. On the sz 4, waist measures 12″ across, bust measures 13″ across, and total length is 29.”

Material: Top is 100% viscose, bow is 100% cotton, and skirt is 96% cotton/4% elastane. This is maybe a smidge better quality than what one would find at H&M; or F21.

Value: I personally found this to be expensive for what it was. A similar dress at a retailer like H&M; would probably be $35, $40 max.

Verdict: Return (a little too costly at full price). I have to admit though that ASOS has some designs that are unique, plus the shopping experience was very easy. Free returns are also convenient, so I am definitely open to shopping here again for items that are on sale.

*Note – They have a return center right in the US, so even if they were not offering free return shipping it shouldn’t be too costly to send something back.

Love the bow-tie detail!

UK sz petite 4 (left) and UK sz petite 6 (right)

Ah, the dreaded “S” shape in the front (from the tummy to the thighs). This happens to me when something is too clingy and/or doesn’t hug right. Sizing up made it look better in the front but still unflatering in the back. The bow also looks awkward and floppy from the side view.

UK sz petite 4 (left) and UK sz petite 6 (right)

Jen at Frmheadtotoe ordered this wine dotty dress in petite 4 and she says it fits her well. It’s on clearance now for $16.85 and the petite 6 is still available. This tea-party flirty ruched sundress is also on clearance for $20.22 and left in petite 4 and 6.

Readers – did anyone else order from ASOS with the free ship/returns promo?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Adi wrote:

    I love the bow-tie! Pity you had to return it 🙁

    Posted 1.29.13 Reply
  2. This dress looking amazing on you! I've found ASOS petite fitting a bit big on me! depends entirely on what item of clothing i buy though..

    Posted 10.3.10 Reply
  3. That outfit looks stunning on you. I understand why you returned it, but it is a shame since you look so good in it. 🙂

    Posted 9.20.10 Reply
  4. nicole wrote:

    I haven't ordered from ASOS before but have been tempted many times! My gf is a huge fan of ASOS and orders from there a lot, but I have been skeptical of their sizing because she's a few inches taller and much slimmer than I am. I love this dress on your though. I'm guessing you think it's "too hooch" for the office because of how tight it is? I think the length is okay. But from comparing sizes in the photos, it looks like you need a size 5 for a perfect fit haha. The bow detail is so pretty though and you really do look great in this dress! Are you going to keep or return it?

    Posted 9.17.10 Reply
  5. Em wrote:

    Thanks for reviewing a dress from ASOS. I still have yet to order from them (fear of sizing and shipping issues, etc.) but they seem to have a great selection of stuff. Your fit comments were helpful! Will have to give them a try sometime…

    Posted 9.16.10 Reply
  6. Callandra wrote:

    Yay, I had been looking forward to seeing the review on this dress and then I completely forgt all about it, so this was a nice surprise. Interesting, I'm so glad you did this review. I agree with you… a tad hoochie on the smaller size, but it was obviously the better fit of the two.

    Posted 9.16.10 Reply
  7. MizzJ wrote:

    Hmm I didn't really see the hooch thing until I saw the side shot! I agree with the previous comment about pairing it with a longer cardigan to make it a bit more modest.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  8. I like the look of this combo dress online but after seeing it on you, it's definitely a no. Size 4 is a bit small on you but size 6 doesn't fit you right. Thanks for the review! I was looking forward to seeing this dress on you.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  9. Angie wrote:

    oo it's very cute! i didn't notice it was connected at first. brits are so tiny = great for petites, makes the rest of us feel ginormous xD hahaha

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  10. I really like the bow top and the color is gorgeous on you as well! It's a shame that the skirt portion was too tight / unflattering.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  11. "hooch" – baaahahaha. You crack me up!

    I don't have good luck with 2-in-1 dresses. I think some of the other dresses on their site would have a better fit.

    Does the site convert the prices from GBP to USD when you check out?

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  12. Vicky wrote:

    Cute outfit, but the fitting is weird. After seeing the first picture I was so sure that was a keeper. 🙂 Weirldly the 4 looks better than the 6 although the 6 fits better.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  13. phuongle83 wrote:

    nvm, I got it. Thanks

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  14. phuongle83 wrote:

    Hey, where is the free shipping and return to U.S. customers? I only see free U.k shipping & return and $6 for U.S. Thanks

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  15. I liked the front view of the 4 (and excitedly left a comment), but then I saw the back and side views while reading the rest of the entry. I think you were right for passing up on this one. Still, the color was gorgeous on you, and the "concept" of the dress is cute. I do agree that it's hard to think of where it'd be appropriate to wear it though. Thanks for trying ASOS though. I still haven't tried yet.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  17. Mona wrote:

    what a beautiful outfit! I'm too scared to order from ASOS beacuse of the sizing ;P

    for the shisem glue i think it's the yellow tube that's super glue lol. the glue has a bluish tint to it

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  18. Ashley wrote:

    first of all, you look lovely in that dusty shade of purple. secondly, you cracked me up with "too hooch for work, not hooch enough for going out" because that's how I often categorize clothes!

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  19. Tammy wrote:

    Hmmm I can't tell too much in the photos but the 4 does look much better on you than the 6…I think bc the 6 bunches up a bit at the back?? So much did the dress end up costing you?

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  20. AnNeTtEe wrote:

    lovin this office-girl look! especially the shoelala… purrrrty!!

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  21. s wrote:

    This would be perfect for happy hour (don't wanna be too hooch on a Tues night!)! So I guess that would mean some kind of cover up like a long cardi to cover the butt while at work? I really like this dress. This is the ideal outfit in my opinion ~ no need to worry about tucking in and stuff.

    Uhm just clicked.. interesting name for the dress 😮

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  22. kali wrote:

    I always want to try ASOS but I always chicken out (mainly because of returning) -I didn't know they offer free returns for U.S. customers though. Thanks for telling me.

    I really like the top part of this dress on you but for some reason, I can't stand "dresses" that look like a skirt and top -I rather do a skirt AND top and not the 2 sewn together.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  23. I'm glad you mentioned the S shape. It always made me feel self-conscious but thought that maybe it was just me. I'll have to keep that in mind when shopping. That dress looks good on you looking front on but the side view is…yah – too hooch for work, bow is too conservative for anything else.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  24. This looks so good on you!

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  25. Oh the size 4 definently fit better! You are right about the bow tie detail. It adds some sophistication to an otherwise ordinary item.

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  26. Size 2 really works for you! It's a little before the knee cap 😀 When I looked at the stock photo, it did look more business appropriate huh? I hate when they deceive us! :p Not like the dress combo is totally hooched up for work, but I know what you mean :p I guess it's too fitted? Regardless, you look like a little professional with the bow tie. And the satiny purple color is beautiful 🙂

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  27. Liana wrote:

    i like this on you! i don't think it's too hoochy for work, but you could pair it with a nice cardigan to tone it down 🙂

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  28. I wear the sort of skirt often and that is the perfect top! I love it! I am in love with the color and cute detail! You look gorgeous!

    Posted 9.15.10 Reply
  29. I think that dress is really cute on you. The bottom is hooch the top seems a bit conservative. I was hesitant to order anything but accessories from ASOS. A rough experience from Topshop prevented me from ordering from another UK site. Accessories are always safe, but I am really tempted to order something else from ASOS.

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  30. Cee wrote:

    Thanks so much for the review, both the sizing and the brand. I've been curious about them for a long time but haven't yet pulled the trigger. I agree it's probably best to return if you're not 100% happy.

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  31. Elle wrote:

    I really like this dress on you! I think it looks better on you than it does on the model…I actually saw this dress when I was browsing last week but didn't think much of it until now. I think it can be tweaked for work but I don't know if the price is right at full price. Maybe at 20% and FS I'll order it. Thanks for the review.

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  32. April wrote:

    You have such a nice figure! Everything looks perfect on you! You would make the BEST petite model out there–seriously!!! What do you do to work out? I'm so curious!

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  33. PetiteXXS wrote:

    You look so skinny in the size 4! But you're right… the side view in either size is less than optimal, and like you said, not sure where you'd wear this either. I agree with the return, especially when at full price. I did order a few petite ASOS dresses too in size 4… but like always my packages seem to take longer to arrive!

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  34. Aw you probably returned it. I would've bought it off you. >=P Oh well, I agree that it's a tad too pricey for a dress like that. I'll wait for a good coupon code or a sale.

    I recently ordered from ASOS, but not with the free shipping/returns promo. Sucks to live in Canada. 😛

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  35. Ping wrote:

    jean– i love the bow detail and the color of the top….it's really pretty. if you love it, you can put a long cardi over it. i know what you mean by too hooch, i have a black pencil skirt that does the "s-shape" — i get so self conscious when i wear it…so i never wear it anymore. maybe i should put a long cardi over it –hahaha! i have never ordered from asos, but good to know that they run so small. thanks for the review!

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  36. phuongle83 wrote:

    The frontal view looks hot. Didn't know they had free shipping to U.S promo, have to sign up my email for next time.

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  37. Awww that's too bad – at first glance it looks like it would work well, but when you point out all the details it is a bit strange! LOL at your hooch comment 😛

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  38. Great review! I do like the little bow on the outfit.

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply
  39. Michelle wrote:

    I have yet to try ASOS. I am a free shipping only girl, so one of these days I will have to try.

    It looks great on you, but like you said too "hooch" for work. Lol! And I definitely agree that it is does not give off the nightlife vibe, because of the bow. Although, I love the bow!

    Bummer! 🙁

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply

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