Petite Lookbook Rejects

I was digging around my photo archives and came across a number of outfits that just never made it into “lookbooks”… I guess I’ll show a few anyways so my dear boyfriend’s photography efforts don’t go completely to waste!

Didn’t make it # 1 – All Shroomed Out
Oversized Tee: H&M; Divided sz 2
Shorts: H&M; Divided sz 2
Pardon the huge frown…I was trying to look suave. I wore this on a lazy weekend afternoon with lower gladiator wedge sandals. I paired the same colors together trying to create the look of a romper (love those!).


Btw, these are unedited photos. I think the bf did a great job playing with the lighting and background:


Didn’t make it # 2: Casual Friday Mish-mash
Jacket: Theory sz 00
Silk blouse: Banana Republic size XXS Petite
Jeans: H&M; kids sz 11/12
Pumps: Mossimo again
Handbag: Banana Republic flatiron satchel
Typical “casual friday” uniform: dark denim, blazer, and silk blouse. This blouse is too roomy for my liking, but I tried to give it some wear by tucking it into denim and hiding the flutter sleeves under a blazer.

That’s all for today! Hope you guys take advantage of the Ann Taylor / LOFT F&F; sale : )

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    LOVE the shroom look! I was wondering if you used a tripod and took the photos yourself. Now I know that it's your boyfriend. It's too cute! Thank him for me! 🙂 He does a great job!

    Posted 8.10.10 Reply
  2. The 'shroom look is hot!!!! I'm going to try to recreate it!

    Posted 8.6.10 Reply
  3. Kate Gene wrote:

    OMG! You are ridiculously good looking, missy! I love everything you're wearing in every photo. I think I have told you before how much I love a nice trench coat. It doesn't get any classier than that. I can't wait to pull mine out and wear it this fall! (I better lose a few pounds first… It's definitely too tight at the moment! LOL!)

    Your boyfriend is such a sweet guy. I am so awful to my husband when he's taking pictures for my blog. (I admittedly get a little bossy.) My poor hubs! We're lucky we have such nice fellas!

    Posted 8.6.10 Reply
  4. Ariel wrote:

    Love the first outfit! xx

    Posted 8.6.10 Reply
  5. Angie wrote:

    I love your first outfit! Why did it not make it into the lookbook? xD So gorgeous in that lighting too

    Posted 8.6.10 Reply
  6. Midori wrote:

    i really love that first photo! your outfit looks great and i like the faint shadows on your legs/shorts from the chain link fence.

    Posted 8.5.10 Reply
  7. omg, I love these looks, can't believe they didn't make it into a lookbook!! I esp love the loose tank on you, it's simply amazing on you!!!

    Posted 8.5.10 Reply
  8. Jujuwa514 wrote:

    Omg loooove the first outfit & neutral colors! =P

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  9. MoneyMaus wrote:

    Absolutely LOVE the oversized tee! The color is great too, especially paired with the necklace. I've only found a sweater and some bracelets from H&M; that fit me. You look great as usual! 🙂

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  10. Oh, whoops! I forgot to list the bag…it's surprisingly Banana Republic. I am very minimalistic when it comes to bags and have very specific tastes, but I needed something cheap to tote my study materials around that I wouldn't mind beating up. This was down to $35 or so from $200 something so I couldn't pass it up.

    And darn I wish H&M; would bring back these shorts! They're friggen awesome, but I have to mention I did have to hem them and that cost $15.

    Petitexxs- it definitely took me a whiel to figure out what you meant by "suggestive." NOW I see it…Lol! could pass for maybe 6 months in that photo!

    Liana/Diane – he uses a pentax K100 … we found it on mad clearance at a Ritz camera and figured we'd bring it home with us "for fun."

    Lynda – Oh, it's not creepin at all…I'm always scoping out fellow ladies : ) My legs are short n' stubs…its the nude heels and taupe shorts working together! And the bf is not a photographer…his only experience with camera is taking photos for extrapetite, but he's sure come a long way if you visit the first few posts and see those photos : )

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  11. How are these rejects? LOL I love the first outfit- so chic!!!!

    You are so lucky your BF takes ur photos! Self photography is so tricky! And you are good at making the "sexy" face…I still am working on that…hehehee

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  12. Kandice wrote:

    Very cute! Btw, your bf is a great photographer. And you are very good at posing for photos! I wish I know how to do that. 🙂

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  13. Annie wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  14. I love reject #1! haha Great lighting and photography as well. : ) Yay to having bfs to take outfit photos for us!!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  15. Lynda wrote:

    the last one (with the blazer) looks awesome! and i agree with other people on your nice legs (no i am not a creep -_-)

    is your bf a photographer?

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  16. roxy wrote:

    love the first outfit! your bf's photography is wonderful.


    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  17. Kristy wrote:

    I don't understand why these have to be rejects!!! The outfits are gorgeous, especially the first one 😀 And I can sooooo wear the second outfit to work 🙂

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  18. sophia wrote:

    Wow that first one is what you consider a reject?? Wish I could look rejected every day lol! I like the curled hair ~ it suits you!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  19. Jenn wrote:

    Who makes the blue bag? I love that color.

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  20. Diane wrote:

    What camera does the S/O use? Also, I'm trying to figure out how they made the reject list and not the other cause you look so cute in them!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  21. R.L. wrote:

    I'm so inspired to get a pair of H&M; shorts like those. They're so versatile considering all the different looks you've put together with them.

    And lol @ PetiteXXS' comment. I actually wouldn't have noticed that had I not read the comment! By the way, I like your blue bag in the pic. Is it a Rebecca Minkoff?

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  22. Anna Mae wrote:

    im absolutely in love with that first outfit! it looks amazing on you!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  23. Really, really love the first outfit! I agree with you about the romper look; I really love it too, but I haven't ventured out and actually tried one on yet.

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  24. PetiteXXS wrote:

    Those shorts are seriously awesome… your legs are miles long in that 2nd pic! And I'm so jealous of your photographer BF!

    Btw I just noticed that in the outside pic for the 2nd outfit… let's just say that the blouse is billowing in a very suggestive way! 😉

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  25. Vicky wrote:

    Love the shroomed out look. Such a soft silhouette.
    Thanks for the AT/LOFT F&F; sale reminder. Is there a free shipping deal available that you know of?

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  26. Rachel wrote:

    I LOVE the all shroomed out outfit! The top and necklace look stunning together and you really did manage to get the romper effect =)

    Love what you did with that top! At first glance between the photos I thought they were totally different tops! =)

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  27. You look lovely with your longer hair. Having proper pictures are definitely hard work when blogging. Your bf did such an amazing job on your blog photos
    Want to win a pairs of designer denim? Go to for more details

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  28. Velire wrote:

    The first outfit is definitely my favorite one! 😀 You look amazing and yes props to the boyfriend. The pictures did turn out well. 🙂 Thats why I like it best when pictures are taken outside mid-day afternoon (though never can seem to not edit my pictures, its a must) hehehe 🙂

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  29. Steph wrote:

    I really like your first outfit :]
    Love the look of the top tucked in to the shorts

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  30. great photos actually for the all shroomed out look! like mentioned above, you have great legs!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  31. nicole wrote:

    I actually really like the photos of your "all shroomed out" look! the lighting is perfect and the one-coloured outfit doesn't look as monotonous as one might think. I love that the top is off-the-shoulder; gives the overall look an edge. It might also be my love for outfits in a neutral palette, but either way I think you look casual yet sophisticated. The other casual Friday type outfits are cute too. I love your blue bag!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  32. kali wrote:

    Wow! The pictures look great. =)

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  33. Linda wrote:

    first outfit is sooo cute! i see you feature those h&m; shorts a lot. i've been trying to find something similar there but maybe i'm not looking hard enough?

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  34. Hanna wrote:

    Oh my, if these looks are rejects than yikes I don't have outfits period. =0(

    The tan blazer has a flirty back to it, it is so cute! I also have seen those Tarjay pumps in a lot of your looks, are they comfy? I'm thinking about purchasing a pair.

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  35. Not only are you a petite gal, you are a super fit one at that! 🙂 Not edited pics? The pictures are fantastic! They mimic magazine spreads! None of these pictures should be in the "rejected" pile! :p

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  36. Bf's photography skills are getting really good! Looking great as usual…even the rejects. =)

    I'm considering the rosette chain tank. Every time I see it, I'm drawn to it…and it's a pretty good deal right now.

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  37. Ping wrote:

    oh wow you look super pretty!!! don't get why they are rejects. your legs look super long in the 2nd photo. your bf is a great photog.

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  38. April wrote:

    Your legs are gorgeous! OMG those Target pumps look GREAT!!!

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  39. Liana wrote:

    i think those all look great on you! you should definitely be a model, that first picture of you is gorgeous! well, they all are, but that first one is like wow! 🙂 what kind of camera do you use?
    that's so sweet of your bf to take your pics for you, mine tries to but then he gets too into it and starts bossing me around (not on purpose) and doesn't have the same visions as I do. But he does try to help :p

    Posted 8.4.10 Reply
  40. Tara wrote:

    i love the first outfit! sweet of your bf to help =D

    Posted 8.3.10 Reply

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