Petite Lookbook: Floral & Linen

As temperatures dipped into the 50’s last week, I was thankful for this linen scarf from H&M.; I’m not entirely sure how to wear it, though, because it’s bigger than I would like. In the photos it is wrapped twice then knotted in the front – feels like I have a donut around my neck. I might try taking off some volume by cutting it in half lengthwise.

Cardigan: J.Crew lightweight bling sz XS (similar here)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Tropical Wool in “Soft Pewter” sz 00P (sold here)
Pumps: Ann Taylor Perfect Exotic Pumps sz 5 (sold here)
Akoya pearl necklace: 35″ long 7-8mm, from eBay
Scarf: H&M;

Overall this is a very non-exciting, but comfortable outfit. The Ann Taylor skirt has become my seasonal favorite – I wear it probably once a week. I think I lost a few lbs since my NYC overeating days, so the hips are now baggy on me. Nevertheless the fit is still acceptable, and I can’t wait to pick up more non-black colors. I was eying the Ground Pepper but it is currently out in 00P.

I’m also trying out new makeup products in an effort to update my 5-minute work face for Spring. New items I’m wearing: Rock & Republic blush in Spank (my first blush) bought thanks to a review by Jen of Frmheadtotoe, and Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout – a creamy lilac pink. A little color goes a long way in adding life to a dull face!


I was really excited to discover that lightweight cardigans can be tucked into skirts. Untucked, this J.Crew cardigan hits me at hip-length, and doesn’t look as flattering because it truncates the lines of the pencil skirt. Tucked in, however – the silhouette is clean, and I feel like I have a waist again.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    what's the deal with the watermark ??? lame-o !!

    Posted 8.16.10 Reply
  2. Aubrey – you're right, it all depends on the thickness and material of a skirt. This Ann Taylor one (although lined) is still not very forgiving and I noticed the cardigan lines showed through from the back.

    I love the blush! So much that I ordered 4 more (yea I went a little crazy) last week during another 50% off sale. I didn't realize how pigmented it was until I bought cheap E.L.F. blushes and they paled in comparison. Even at 50% off, $20 a blush is a ton for me to spend on makeup (my everyday eyeliner is $1.50) but they really are huge so I would say they are worth it : )

    Posted 7.18.10 Reply
  3. I like tucking cardigans into skirts w/a big belt around the waist. Just like wearing a sweater tucked into a skirt, except w/buttons. I think you can tuck in a thick cardigan, so long as your skirt's material is thick as well, so you can't see where the cardigan ends.

    p.s. How did you like the blush? Was Jen right? Is it high pigmented? is it worth it? and do you still use it today?

    Posted 7.18.10 Reply
  4. I think i have to stop by Target to try on those shoes! They look great on you!

    Posted 6.16.10 Reply
  5. Hi Sara! Congrats on starting your MBA program! Your comment just motivated me to go online and search the store locator for that skirt. No such luck! I got my 00P in-store as well (customer return) and I knew it was just meant to be. I just hope they come out with more colors for that skirt…the material has proved to be very nice and wrinkle-resistant.

    Posted 6.16.10 Reply
  6. Sara wrote:

    Hi ExtraPetite- I love your website & style! I'm starting an MBA program in the fall and your site has been so valuable in helping me build an appropriate and appealing wardrobe – thank you so much!

    I have that Ann Taylor tropical wool skirt in the ground pepper, and I love it. I just wanted to mention that I've been to a couple AT locations recently and saw it in the store in both 0P and 00P (I guess returns?). I'm not near you at all, but it could mean there's still some in-store availability on that color in general – maybe worth checking if you're interested, esp. since it's on sale… thanks again!

    Posted 6.16.10 Reply
  7. nicole wrote:

    I hope you find a bright floral romper to tuck into pants and even this skirt that you're wearing. I never would have thought to tuck a cardigan into a skirt so thank you for the inspiration. I'll definitely have to try it some time…or tomorrow, for work haha.

    I am in love with this outfit. It's chic, sophisticated with a floral twist. It's like that scarf was made for this outfit. I love the soft blush and grey tones. You look so pretty!

    Posted 6.16.10 Reply
  8. You have great style, I love it! <333

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  9. Sonic – it is big enough for a wrap I think. I also tried it on as a sarong : )

    Meg – thanks for sharing your tips!

    Aprl – my boyfriend will be very pleased to see your comment. He is my hard-working photographer using a random camera we picked up at a Ritz Camera closeout sale.

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  10. jen wrote:

    You look so pretty and classy! The string of pearls around your wrist is a very sophisticated touch. Also, gorgeous scarf!

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  11. elleandish wrote:

    looking stunning as always! I <3 your choice of color! so classic and romantic 🙂

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  12. Love your scarf!

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  13. Tucked in, the cardigan looks heavenly!!! I never question your style, always classy and beautiful!! You did make the long scarf work!

    I don't own any R&R; blushes, glad you picked one up and the lippie you got is pretty nice, I love it 🙂

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  14. Jess wrote:

    Dang – you always look so classic and polished

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  15. April wrote:

    You loo really classy in all your pictures. Who takes your pictures? They are fantastic quality!

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  16. You look so beautiful and elegant in this attire. And I love how you had your hair up.

    Posted 6.15.10 Reply
  17. Love the scarf. I've never thought to tuck in cardigans. I'll keep that in mind!

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  18. Megan wrote:

    I am a huge scarf fan…and it looks like I should be, considering I'm going to freeze if the weather is like that when I arrive next week! (It's 100 here)

    I did a post on scarves here:

    I use them in lieu of a necklace, and I find for work they look great over a LBD. For chillier weather, I add a pop of color cardigan that works with the scarf, button at the waist, top with a black skinny belt, then add the scarf over top.

    Sounds complicated, but that way I'm cinched, so the scarf adds a bit of volume without overwhelming my frame. My favorite combo is a red cashmere sweater, red patent ballet flats, and my multi colored print scarf. Cheerful yet pulled together.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  19. Sonic wrote:

    I can't tell from the photos – but how wide is the scarf? I tend to use scarves/shawls interchangeably and thought maybe you could use it as a shawl if it's wide enough (because lengthwise it looks perfect).

    It looks like it could be worn to an elegant dinner or lunch – over a colorful/dark dress with no patterns, is what I'm thinking.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  20. MsHark wrote:

    wow you look stunning! so classy!

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  21. Genius! I never would have thought to tuck a cardigan into a skirt. Hmmm…I wonder if I have any thin enough…running off to dig in my closet right now! =)

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  22. I'm glad I came across your blog. I'm also petite but I don't let it stop me but being a fashionista!
    And damn girl, you've got style! xx

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  23. You look really sophisticated! I love the scarf, adds so much to this oufit! And the shoes are lovely 🙂

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  24. Linda wrote:

    pretty! i like it.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  25. Eva wrote:
    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  26. Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  27. Love the cardigan!

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  28. You look very pretty on those photos. I love the soft look of your outfit. Scarf makes me feel like fall (which is my favorite season). Thanks for posting the outfit. Very nice!

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  29. kali wrote:

    I love the look. =) I can't believe it was 50 degrees where you live! If I was there, I'd be in my winter coat with leggings under my jeans and lots of layers LOL. It's in the mid 80's here and it's WAY too hot.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  30. stylepint wrote:

    What a great outfit! Love the simplicity! =)

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  31. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm not petite, but I have just come across your blog and think your sense of style is fantastic! I would never have thought to tuck in a cardigan either – but it looks great. And I actually love the scarf on you, it doesn't look too big at all. 🙂

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  32. PetiteXXS wrote:

    I love how polished but soft you look! I never thought about tucking in cardigans before… but I guess they do have to be thin! I eyed some LOFT scarves this weekend, thinking they'd be a good way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit, or to tie different colors of an outfit together… but I also am not really sure how to wear them either! That and plus SoCal weather is more often than not too hot to be all bundled up, even for the sake of style 🙂

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  33. MizzJ wrote:

    Great outfit as usual! You make me wish my office had a dress code so I could wear outfits like that! I did one time and I had a meeting with HR b/c they were worried I was going for an interview LOL.

    I think the scarf actually looks quite nice like that – maybe you're just not used to it?

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  34. sophia wrote:

    I love your photos PAG! Looks like in a magazine- it really does!

    I was wondering if it was a cropped cardigan, until u mentioned its tucked in. Lovely look overall!

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  35. The sophisticated colors really stand out. The look is clean and very soft. Wow, 50 something degrees? It must be very chilly. The scarf is so nice. The color is strikingly gorgeous, and all the nice colors you have give the scarf life! 🙂 Love it very much.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  36. cute skarf and cardigan.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  37. Angie wrote:

    everything is super fitted and nice! i never even thought to tuck in cardigans 🙂 it looks fantastic.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  38. Ping wrote:

    PS…I need to proof read. 😉

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply
  39. Ping wrote:

    PAG– I love the color of the outfit. Most people (like me) tend to wear a lot of darker color to work because it easier. The skirt is super cute and I love the color. I don't know if the color is translating right through the screen, but it looks like a soft pink. It's very feminine combined with the pearls on the wrist.
    And I agree with you that the hips are a little big on the hips.

    Posted 6.14.10 Reply

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