Altering Linen – Ann Taylor Loft 00P Linen Pants

Dear Big Apple –
I’m sure you are fun and glam and packed with yummy restaurants on every block, but I’ll never know cuz I’m doomed to 12+ hr workdays and greasy takeout for every meal. Love, Jean.

On a more pleasant note, while home on Christmas vacation I found these great linen pants in my mom’s stash of clothing and kept them (thanks, Mom!). Now, my mom is several inches taller than me (and over 20 lbs curvier) so I don’t know what happened there with the genetics. Anyhow, she’s a great bargain hunter and found these Ann Taylor loft pants in 00P at some crazy discount. 

 $9.99 plus 30% off … oh yes.

A typical lackluster and unflattering fit from Ann Taylor Loft 00P pants:

The waist was a tiny bit loose, but I didn’t think it was loose enough to be taken in. I was, however, convinced that the hips down through legs needed to be significantly slimmed/tapered and the length hemmed. I brought these to my beloved Hemmingway tailors, and they said ….

“no, no, no! linen pants loose and flow. no taper. length ok. waist too big.”
…oh, alright. Sure. Apparently linen has almost no stretch (unless it’s a blend), and my tailors have seen linen garments tear before when they were made to be too fitted. The only alteration they did was taking the waist 1.5 inches. I was initially against a waist alteration because the pants would go from low-waisted to Steve Urkel-like.
Fortunately, my tailors were right again. The difference that a simple 1.5 inches made in the overall fit of the pants turned out to be nothing short of amazing. Once the waist and rise were shifted into place, the legs magically appeared slimmer and longer.
Front View – before (left) and after (right) alterations
Side View – before and after alterations
Back View – before and after alterations

The waist is now a little high for my tastes, however the hips and tush fit so much better after being shifted upwards. The length issue was also resolved by the waist alteration.

Close-up of the inside of the waist, post alterations. I just realized that I forgot to request to keep the tag and size label again before handing these over to the tailors. Darn!
And from the outside (looks nice and clean):
I’m normally not a fan of wide-legged pants on petites, but I’ve taken a liking towards these because of the material. In cold weather, I’m a sucker for tweed and boucle, and in the spring/summer … it’s linen. Currently there’s not many linen options for tiny petites on the market, but apparently they are a favorite of plus-sized women year round! I am sure AT & BR will each come out with a rendition as spring approaches.

Total cost of alteration: $12. They normally charge $15 to take in the waist from the back center for pants with lining, but I got a lil’ discount. Taper + hem is usually at least $25, so I’m glad they set me straight and saved me some money in the process!