Lookbook: Mixing Textures

Playing with brights is fun, but sometimes it's just easier to reach for comfy, muted shades. To zap some interest into an outfit full of mellow pieces, I like to mix fabrics and textures.
Jacket: Theory Gratian Tweed Blazer sz 00 (old)
 Top: LOFT Hidden Placket Blouse sz XXSP (similar - use SPRING40)
Pants: Ann Taylor twill crops sz 00P (similar)     
Shoes: BR leather & patent peep toes (similar in wedge)   
Purse: Chanel taupe lambskin M/L flap  Necklace: Talbots

I love these twill pants, but every time I see photos of the crotch bunching, I cringe. Lesson learned is that flat-front, looser, side-zip pants (versus center zip) are not my friend. 
Thanks to my dear friend Vicky, I was able to score this LOFT blouse for just $20. I had been eying it for months and all my local stores were sold out. It's super floaty and lightweight, and has me converted from a button-up hater! 
See Kelly play with textures using the same tweed blazer here
I owe Elle a huge thank you for tweeting about the Talbots clearance sale a few weeks ago. To be honest, after I saw the tweet I went and browsed for maybe 5 seconds in the petite clothing section before I went "bleghh" and X'd the window.

A few hours later I decided to give shoes and accessories a shot. Lo and behold there were several gorgeous items at very fair prices. I am currently obsessed with this chunky faux-pearl necklace (was $11 down from $90?). It has cream, champagne, taupe, and hints of brown which easily go with anything. It's also perfectly shaped and sized to provide "chest coverage" when worn with low-cut shirts.
Who knew Talbots costume jewelry was so purty?


  1. Love the outfit, what a great way to mix and match textures... the muted color of the outfit looks great esp paired with the eye-popping jewelry!

  2. Wow, I am going to think about textures next time I dress and try to mix it up more. I never browse Talbots so this is new info.

  3. zOmg give me that necklace!!! Haha I love it!

  4. i love the mixing of textures and what a great Talbots find! the pearls are so pretty and the taupe colors go perfectly with your purse! :)

  5. Purrdy indeed :) I want that blazer. Gimmeh.

    I love the textures you've mixed - you look so Springy!

  6. Talbots has really upped their game (at least from their ad campaigns in the last year!), eh? Anyway, this is a great look, I like the soft pretty colours and the textures are great. The pants are also absolutely beautiful on you. Do they have pockets?

    Have a great weekend Jean!

  7. love talbots accessories! have a bunch of belts from them - they seem to always have a good stock of xs ones :)

  8. Pretty Jean! I can't believe u r writing posts while ur sick! U r dedicated! Hope u feel better soon:D

  9. Oh pretty! <3 I love this outfit. Purple looks amazing on you, Jean! And I love your bag : ) Happy belated and get well soon!

  10. I love this outfit! It's so muted but so pretty! They closed Talbots here in Ontario. So sad :(

  11. You look gorgeous, Jean! (as always) I love Talbots. I just recently moved to a place where I can actually get to one and I was so surprised at how small their petite sizes were!! I can't wait to shop there. I just LOVE that necklace you're wearing =3

  12. Jean I love your outfit! The blouse seems so comfortable. I love feminine but comfortable and loose clothing. It's forgiving and classy at the same time.

    You always find great deals! Accessories do make such a nice difference in outfits.

    BTW, your Chanel looks beautiful! (:

  13. omg Jean! You look great in just about EVERYTHING! <3 I love your pairings here.

  14. Great find at the Talbot's sale, and great outfit too! I love the mix of textures. I was eyeballing a similar Chanel for myself but couldn't be sold on the silver hardware (I only wear gold jewelry and accessories, aside from my wedding + engagement ring) but you are definitely making me reconsider. So pretty!

  15. Great mix. I love the colors of your ensemble!


  16. I had no idea Talbots had jewellry! I may just have to visit now - how are the prices and quality?

  17. Such a classy and sophisticated look. The viscose blouse and tailored blazer especially catch my eye! (Great steal of a deal, too.)

    much love.

  18. looks like talbots can surprise us! i'm a button down whore to be honest, i can wear them everyday =/ i have no idea why!

    didn't even notice any crotch bunching, lady :) but now that you mention it, i have a couple side zip pants that may give me the same effect...if petites can't wear them, then who can?!

    love the 4th shot!!

    i hear you're sick? poor thing, hope you get tons of rest this weekend!

  19. I just can't get over how pretty and well put-together you look every single time you do a post. I am kind of out of words to say, Jean..... Nick is a lucky guy!

  20. Everything looks purty. I guess I am not good at fit like you are so I don't get what you mean about what's wrong with the bunching at the crotch. I actually prefer this to the creases I get (arghh). Was it your bday recently?

  21. I love the color of your bag. Never seen it before in that color! <3

  22. Love the break down! The color scheme of this outfit is gorgeous, especially all the shades of taupe. I wish I had gotten that porcini belt back when it was available. It's so versatile.

    Do you plan on getting the shirt slimmed? I ended up buying the same shirt today, but the XXSP is wide on me so I know it must be even wider on you.

  23. I just wanted to say that you have been so inspirational! I've transitioned my entire work wardrobe in the last two weeks, and have pillaged heavily, heavily, heavily from your posts. You taught me how to wear a cardigan with a skirt! I'm so happy to say I feel much more confident, polished, and most importantly feminine at work now. I follow your blog with great interest, thank you!

  24. very cute and classy! I loooooove your bag!

  25. what are your thoughts on rompers? can petites pull them off??

  26. I struggle with side-zip pants as well!

    That lavender button-down is gorgeous! I love that the buttons are hidden (or they appear to be in photos)! And $11?! So jealous!

  27. love the accessories you have on. Jean, can you please do some outfit ideas on people with pretty fat legs? Summer is coming, but I can never wear shorts, so I would love to see if you have any suggestions^0^~ Thx!!

  28. I adore your color palete Jean, so soft and lovely!

  29. Hi Jean,
    Just watched frmheadtotoe's vlog and you seem like such a fun person. Would you consider trying a vlog so we get to know you on a less professional level?

  30. Hi,
    I am extremely petite-4'8" and 72 pounds. I am extremely slender in addition to being so short. Whenever I'm out with my husband people think he's my father! I was wondering if you have any tips of how to look older when being so small makes me look like a child.

  31. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog last night through Jen from frmheadtotoe's Boston vlog, and I stayed up for hours browsing through and reading your entire blog! =) I love your style. You have such an amazing eye for fit and are very talented at putting things together. I'm petite as well (4'11", 95 lbs) so I definitely feel like a lot of your outfits would work on my body type. I've added your blog to my favorite's list and look forward to new posts; you're my new style inspiration!

  32. You look absolutely stunning! Love all your outfits - they look sophisticated and feminine! :)

  33. @Jen Yes they have, at least accessories wise and on the color spectrum! No pockets on these unfortunately : /

    @Anonymous Ah, I shoulda looked at belts too during the clearance sale!

    @Jackie Hi Jackie! I'm surprised you had luck...I ordered a petite 0 jacket to try on and unfortunately it swamped me...I guess it fits like a true petite 0, maybe a 2. I would buy more shoes and accessories from there, but only during mega sales b/c it's still quite costly!

    @MizzJ I think the quality is very nice (and the pieces are heavy) but oh so pricey for costume jewelry!

    @Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* Lol! Where and what is this "grapevine" ...are you on Twitter m'dear?

    @Vicky Oh Vicky, you make me laugh, but thank you for your kind words. I'm the lucky one here for such a patient photographer!

    @Floramye I know the creases you speak of...both issues with pants plague me, so I usually try to stick with lightweight wool materials. And yes it was! : )

    @R.L. Aubrey mentioned too how baggy it was, but it doesn't bother me that much surprisingly. I thought it ran smaller than most of their blouses so I was very happy with it! I know it does billow out when tucked in though. Also I think I'm biased because I tried on the roll-sleeve blouse beforehand from LOFT, and that was huge in comparison.

    @Mel @ 小翼 Aw, thank you Mel! That's so heartwarming to hear. Confidence definitely starts with looking the part : )

    @Anonymous So many romper questions! Hehe. My personal thoughts are I think it's kind of last year's trend, and although I think they're cute (and I have a few which I wear in the privacy of my home), I think they make shorter women look like playful babies (which is what they're intended for - babies to romp in).

    @Cherry Wu Hi Cherry! If you have wider legs, I would try pants or crops (for summer) in dark dark denim or black, for slimming effect. Add a wedge shoe for some height but not too much discomfort. And how do you feel about maxi dresses? I love them!

    @Anonymous LOL! I loved Jen's vlog but I am not too fun of a person...I work, eat, study ... but thank you dear. If I ever get away to anywhere fun I'll try Jen's vlog idea.

    @Anonymous Hi there! Ah, the plight of looking young. If you go to my sidebar (to the right hand side) under "blog archive" I've listed out a few posts relevant to how to look older. Good luck!

    @Anonymous Gosh, thank you so much! I'll definitely have to thank Jen for sending you this way and "introducing" us. We sound very similar in size indeed, so I'm happy you like the blog!

  34. I just adore your blog and outfits. So darling.

  35. no twitter for me lady, just by reading your bloggie comments!!

    *stalker status* ROFL

  36. hi jean!
    could you do a watch review ? or take pictures of the ones u have, ive been loolking for one and couldnt find ones i like (im looking one that is suitable for work) soemthing affordable would be nice :)


  37. Hi Jean! Your Chanel taupe is adorable. Is it lambskin? Patent?

    Do you have any tips on how to maintain caviar/lambskin Chanel bags?