BB Dakota Groton Tweed Skirt & 20% off Chanel Sale

I've gotten many questions regarding a skirt on my sidebar, so I apologize for this past-due review. Unfortunately, size 0 is sold out on most sites, but it could pop back in stock or even show up on a sample site (got mine from Gilt). My photog was out of commission today, so here are my first ever-attempts at self-photography. It's darn hard!
Top: Ann Taylor Factory Petal Shell in Winter White, sz XXSP
Skirt: BB Dakota "Groton" Tweed Skirt sz 0 (buy here)
Cardigan: Martin & Osa sz XS (similar here in XXS on sale)
Belt: AT Perfect Patent Belt sz S (buy here) (hole-puncher info here)

Style: The style of this skirt is meant to be high-waisted and short, with a slight tulip poof. This really isn't a skirt for professional wear due to the length - more fun and flirty. Nevertheless, I've worn it to work a few times already over opaque tights, which makes it look less inappropriate. I wish I could find a skirt like this with a classic pencil silhouette.

Fit: I got the size 0, and the waist fits me perfectly with no alterations. There is an inch of room on both sides of the hips, but due to the style I think it's passable. Length hits me at mid-thigh. Aubrey from ProudyPetite is slightly bigger than me, and reviewed this skirt here.
Measurements: size 0 is 12" across the waist, 17" across the widest part of the hips, and 16.5" long.

Quality / Value: The tweed material (or is this technically called boucle?) is nice and thick, but I'm bummed that this skirt is unlined. I'm not sure how the decision was made to not line an itchy skirt that retails for $90! I got it for $40 on Gilt plus shipping, and was too lazy to return it. The lowest price I've seen was $26.99 on Modcloth.

Verdict: Like the material, but don't like the silhouette or length. I already wore it a few times so I'm keeping. I'm not sure if I'd buy from BB Dakota anymore because the style and cut are truly that of a junior's clothing line - good for casual wear but not for work.

My perfect pumps arrived last week along with my Ann Taylor Factory petal shells. Twitter friends saw a preview, but here they are again. The petals are washed out in my lackluster self-pics, but in-person they are very pretty as expected. The shoes are also a nice, neutral rich brown - looks identical to their Cognac pair from 2009. Size 5 fits me perfectly.
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in Saddle Brown, sz 5 (buy here)

I also wanted to share a promo that I came across on the Purse Forum. Bloomingdales usually offers a small discount off your entire purchase, on the first day you open their store credit card. Usually this discount is 10%, sometimes it's 15%, and twice a year - it is 20% off. It's rumored that from March 10th-13th, 2011 the 20% off will be happening. This is a rare, rare opportunity to get a discount on brand new Chanel.

The discount is taken off the back-end, which means it shows up on your credit card statement. At the register, however, you will be charged the full price. Your entire purchase has to be made on a Bloomingdales credit card to get the discount. Intrigued, I called around to do some research, and this is what I found out:

- 2011 retail prices: Rectangular Wallet on Chain - $1295 to $1575, Petite Shopping Tote - $1600, Small Classic Flap - $3200, Medium Classic Flap - $3400, Jumbo Classic Flap - $3700. Nauseating, yes I know.
- There are only three Bloomingdales that carry Chanel: South Coast Plaza in CA (714-824-4721), New York City (212-705-2856), and Chestnut Hill in MA (617-630-6723). They usually only have classics in black or beige, so no fun colors.
- They can ship to any state in the US. Some SA's told me it's a $25 fee, and some told me it's free.
- Tax will be charged based on the shipping address. I was told tax will be charged regardless of whether or not there is a Bloomingdales store in your state, which doesn't seem right to me.
- Usually they give new cardholders a $500 credit limit. Your SA can help you request a limit increase the day you open your account.
- On March 10-11th, cardholders get triple rewards (9% of your spending back in gift cards).

I personally prefer to save $ and buy pre-owned, but the prices of pre-owned classics these days are sometimes almost comparable to a new one with this discount. I know a few bloggers have been bitten by the Chanel bug, so hopefully this info is helpful for those considering a new investment piece.


  1. Spring greetings from UK!
    You look fantastic as usual! I have a lot of grey/beige/neutrals and never thought to put mustard yellow with them.
    The discount is unmissable and I would definately do it if I were in USA! As I said before, lucky, lucky all you US girls!

  2. It looks gorgeous on you! I have to agree, I definitely don't like the length but at least it doesn't *look* too short on you.

    Thanks for the Chanel research... very helpful. I was wondering about the WOC pricing.

  3. I love my Groton skirt and am so happy that I was able to find a sz 0 and wa able to get it for $26.99!! Yay!

    And you look gorgeous as alway and great job on the self- photography!!

    I actually like the length and think it's perfect for us!!

  4. it looks great on you, the length is fine too! that kind of length actually elongates you/us more! i was kind of eyeing on that one from your side bar, i love the color and style, but quite expensive for my pathetic budget!;)

  5. I read every word about the Chanel sale... but i'm going to pretend I didn't... lol. This bad news.

  6. I think you did a great job w/the self photography! I wouldn't have known the difference.

  7. i agree with aubrey! wouldn't have noticed the difference if you didn't say anything.

    the skirt is a nice color and the outfit is super cute. i don't think its inappropriate at all...well not at my work at least. i have seen shorter from other co-workers. lol

  8. Oh Jean, you look fantastic even without a photog!!! Does Nick feel his job security being challenged yet? I love the little skirt, but agree with you that it's fun and not work appropriate unless you are wearing opaque tights. I adore the pumps you picked to go with the skirt. They are almost the exact match.
    Thank you again for the AT shoe sale alert. I bought the same pumps and love the color and fit. They do run big though.
    About Chanel, thank you for the tips again. The information here is going to help a lot of bloggers who caught the Chanel bug. lol.

  9. Awesomely helpful site! I'm not super-petite, but I have short legs (at least compared to my torso). xD You look fantastic!

  10. love the look and the skirt is at a nice length. :D

  11. very pretty skirt. i LIKE THE COLOR TOO

  12. love the whole outfit. and you've got some killer legs! :jealous:

  13. That skirt is perfection on you! <3

  14. I love the color of that skirt on you! I think I had seen it before but passed because it looked a bit schlumpy on the model. Too tight and yet too baggy but it fits perfectly on you. ^_^ super cute purchase!

  15. i really like this outfit ;) and it looks so good on u! :D

  16. Oh love the skirt! And you look so tall in your pics!

    I just bought my Chanel purse today at the Chanel boutique (I bought a Reissue). Didn't read this before. Oh well!

  17. I love this outfit on you. The mustard cardigan goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit. I was searching for this skirt too but small sizes are sold out. I own several items from BB Dakota and I don't think the quality is any great. It's a fun item to have in the closet. Regardless, it looks super cute on you. BTW, you did an excellent job with the self-photography. Pictures are beautiful as always.

  18. Holy cow your pretty..
    Loved every piece.
    You did good.

  19. gorgeous, you could be a j crew model! xo

  20. you did great with the self photography and i love those AT pumps on you! the skirt fits you perfectly and it is strange that it's unlined!

    and thanks for the tip on Chanel! i'll be keeping this in mind for the future (still out of my budget this year, lol).

  21. This is probably my most favorite outfit on you!
    Love the mustard yellow and the tweed combined<3

    You look gorgeous, as well<3

    Miss. P

  22. 1. you look different, but amazing! I think it's the hair.
    2. your self-photography is unnoticeable. I wouldn't have known without you telling me.
    3. holy crap at Chanel, but it's every girl's dream. One day, I will own one - preowned or not. : )

  23. I know this is about the skirt, but you REALLY make long cardigans look so good!! :)

    Ah, Chanel. It's hard for me to justify the purchase when I know how much my money will stretch w/other things :p I do think pre-owned is a wonderful idea. I buy pre-owned things all the time, and I've gotten addicted to it :p

    You look wonderful as always! You have such a sweet smile and pretty stature. I love your posture! I need to learn to be more like you.

  24. I can't believe the good news Jean!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the Chanel news! (I've checked at Saks and they have told me if you open up a card, it does not apply to Chanel bags) I think I'm going to give it a shot, though they have been supposedly out of my dream version of the Classic Medium Flap (lambskin with silver hardware) - going to make some calls tomorrow! :)

    *BIG HUG* Wish me luck ;)

    PS - looking gorgeous as usual, I love the cameo necklace! I wish I could look this sharp at work... Also, I got the Dolce Vita shoes in Gold today - I have to admit, love the brown much more, but will still find a way to work it. :)

  25. This IS a great skirt!

    Just Better Together
    come check out my giveaway

  26. You look so gorgeous! I love the skirt and the cardigan! <3

  27. Jean, you are gorgeous! I think you did an AMAZING job with the self photography. I can tell these pictures are a completely different style than Nick's, but still excellent - I guess with Jean flavor :P I love photography, but I struggle in taking photos of people and of myself. Much more of a scenic/architecture kind of gal :)

    Everything Jean wears, Grace wants to buy, even if it doesn't make sense for Grace :P Working on the west coast and with mostly engineers, I don't really need suits or skirts, but suddenly you give me the desire to own many pairs! I will try and refrain from pressing the "buy" button. The BB dakota skirt is seriously beautiful on you, but as you said, it's more suitable for casual wear and not work.

  28. <3 Tweed <3

    Good work with the self photography! Eprops <3

  29. I wouldn't have known there photos were self taken if it weren't for your comment. {*WOW} Impressed!

    I really like the skirt on you but I can't believe it doesn't have a lining. How weird. Of all materials, no lining on tweed? I also LOVE the color of your cardigan. Is it from J. Crew in the color Moss? Super pretty

    Thanks for sharing the discounts for Chanel. Too bad I no longer live in Socal. South Coast used to be 15 mins away from where I lived and I used to go EVERY SINGLE week. {*sigh} I miss Socal so much. So many malls. So many deals. So much to shop.

    <3 S.
    Oh and reason why I don't do many outfit posts... I don't have a photographer or tripod. I'd drag my brother to take my outfit pictures. Such a good brother.

  30. I have that BB Dakota skirt as well. However, I've been so used to the oversized 0 sizes that I ordered the size 0 when I should have ordered the size 2 and I missed the deadline to return it. Haha now I wait for my "skinny" days to wear it. I love tweed though! I wear a slip to compensate for the fact that it's not lined.

  31. I love those gray shoes. Where are they from?

  32. Thanks for doing the research on Chanel discount! =)

  33. your blog is so awesome! thanks a ton for the awesome work you're doing for petites all over! :)

  34. That skirt is adorable! It fits you perfectly and is such a great neutral staple that's a little bit different than the average pencil skirt. I can't believe it's unlined though! Why would they make an itchy skirt unlined? It must be so uncomfortable. What a bummer, I totally agree with you!

  35. the skirt is really pretty !
    i need one of those for my working hours !!

    glisters and blisters

  36. I'm really surprised that they didn't line this skirt! That's really a must have for that type of material. I really like how you've paired neutral items with the yellow cardigan - it's a perfect balance!

    Thanks for the Bloomies tip! I agree with you - I've purchased brand new bags before and never used them for fear of scratching / dirtying so now (for higher end items) I typically buy pre-loved.

  37. Yay! Your first attempt at self-photography turned out really well! Way better than my first attempts in front of the closet of my old, dimly lit apartment. ;)

    Are you using a remote?

  38. Always a style & outfit inspiration. Ah, I haven't quite warmed up to wearing pencil skirts yet. Love the texture on that skirt though!

  39. Hi, I discovered your blog today. I like your sense of style. I'd like to copy some of your ideas, I'm petite but I have big boobs, so, those ruffled tops look awful on me, and cannot wear anything with a high-waist... *sigh*

  40. FYI: I found the groton skirt still available in small sizes at I know a lot of ladies were looking for this.

  41. You know, when you first mentioned BB Dakota, I thought you were talking about BlackBerry. I think Dakota is the code name for one of their upcoming models. haha Anyway, love the sweater. I really need to get myself more bright colours - especially for spring/summer.

  42. thanks for the Bloomies/Chanel tip! :) Wow looking at those 2011 updated prices really makes my head spin... I don't think I'll ever pay full price for Chanel in this lifetime.

    Also.. I love your outfit in these photos! Grey and yellow is one of my fav combos for decor. Did you curl your hair? Tut please :D

  43. Hey Jean! You mention that you like to buy pre-owned- where is the best place to buy pre-owned Chanel? I'm a little wary of buying it from sketchy online stores. Any recommendations?

    Thanks! :)

  44. so adorable! i had to visit your blog b/c i spotted the name and i am petite as well! love that skirt on you and will definitely be back from more petite tips!


  45. I am really loving the high waisted style of the skirt as well as the color! Technically the "rules" would say it is inappropriate but I think that is one of the many positives of being petite. We can get away with shorter skirts and dresses! Opaque tights will also help as well as with that itchyness. What type of designer not include lining with wool-like fabric? Boo.

    The short length can also shift into the spring. Plus, it already looks great with that spring cardigan and flower shell. Speaking of, my AT flower shell just shipped today. LAWLS. I haven't received any of them yet.

  46. I love the look of the AT pumps. I wish we had it here in Canada.

    And you look fantastic, as usual! :)

  47. You look gorgeous in this skirt!

    You look taller in these pics...perhaps the shorter length of the skirt?

  48. You look great! Thanks for the tip about the AT leather pumps. I got the same pumps in Saddle Brown. However I am having one issue with the shoe and not sure if anyone else had the same issue - the shoes make pretty loud noises when I walk in them, I think because of my foot rubbing against the leather. The fit seems just fine so I am not sure how to stop or at least reduce the noise so it is not so distracting. Any ideas? Thanks!

  49. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments!

    @couturecoco Whenever I feel a little too monotone, a splash of yellow cures it all : )

    @Vicky LOL with March Madness about to begin, I think Nick is welcoming a break from blog photography.

    @Rainy Days and Lattes I also like buying "pre-loved" lol. It's a testament to the item's quality if it can last several owners : )

    @Irene Eek! Good luck! I'm super excited for you. I'm sure they have a few of those left across the three Bloomies. Just make sure you've seen it in person and tried it on to make absolute sure it's what you want : )

    @grace Aww Grace : ) <3 SKirts are fun, though! Even if you don't wear them to work, one or two cute ones for nights and weekends are a must.

    @serenadeveryday Not J.Crew in Moss, but they do have a lot that looked similr in their "bronzed ochre" color! And I hope you get a tripod for more outfit pics : ) Tripods & remotes are the best!

    @origamidumpling Nice! I also have worn a slip, but it's too long and starts peeking out. Slips also add bulk. Dislike!

    @Karen Hi Karen - they are oldies from Aldo...several years old!

    @SewPetiteGal You're right...I think I would hate being super cautious not to damage something that's brand spanking new. Pre-loved is usually the way to go : )

    @Anonymous Do not despair...there are a few members in the Alterations Needed forum who are also very curvy yet petite. Have you checked out the forum yet?

    @kimmie I usually look on ebay and sites like Malleries. If you're a member of the purse forum, they have lists of recommended sellers and they also help authenticate items for free, if you leave a post including the listing. For sellers I always look at their feedback and selling history.

    @Banhannas Yes, being petite definitely helps with shorter skirts! And I hope your flower shell finally arrives!

    @Anonymous Oh, that's odd! I think I read somewhere a dab of lotion helps stop squeaking, but I would google that before trying it myself. I'm glad they fit well though!

  50. Love your blog! Cute outfit and pictures!


  51. I LOVE this skirt on you! If it were lined (and still available) I'd be all over it. I like how you shortened your cameo necklace too btw... is that a different chain or did you just double up the long one?

  52. I admire your fashion sense and simple pairing. The chiffon shell softens up the look. How are the armholes of the XXSP in comparison to your petal shell from here:

    Is it an item that you would be comfortable wearing solo, or would you still prefer to cover up the armholes with a layer?

  53. One CHic Pea -In this year's factory version of the shells, the armholes are significantly smaller! it seems that they fixed the gaping armhole issue. i've been wearing mine all solo, with nothing covering or layering over the armholes.

  54. I have the same skirt in 0 and love the style, but it's seriously one of the most uncomfortable skirts I've ever worn. I'm adding a lining to it myself.

  55. you so cute for tweed skirt.

  56. Hey match regarding skirt. So cute.

  57. Now I know fit skirt type A. there for use inform my office.

  58. I recently came across your blog and love love love your style and all the tips. Just one quick question, does the bloomie discount apply to LV bags? Theree is a LV boutique in SF bloomie but I was told we can not get any discounts from bloomie, not even bloomie employee discount, since the LV boutique is independent from bloomie. So sad.