• Petite Fashion Challenge #1 – “Do a Petite Don’t”

    **If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win Allison Izu jeans! There will be three winners chosen Sunday night.**

    Thank you to all the petites who decided to join me in the first little “challenge.” Readers, I hope you will check out the participating posts and leave these ladies your thoughts : )

    In alphabetical order by blog name (please let me know if I left you out!):
    Nelah @52 New Days – capris and a big belt 
    Kelly @Alterations Needed – ankle strap shoes
    Hanna @Evolving Style – maxi dress
    Caramel Covered Everything – bermuda shorts
    Curls and Pearls – very wide-legged jeans
    Elle @elleandish – wide legged jumpsuit
    Elle @Fast Food and Fast Fashion – long dress
    Khatu @ I am Khatu – stripes, capris, and wide legged pants
    Callandra @Petite Early Morning Style – mid calf-length skirt
    Sydney @Petite Gorgeous – oversized shapeless dress
    Sydney @Petite Little Girl – long shapeless shirt
    Petite XXS – wide-legged capris
    Kiki @Psyched for Style – ankle strap shoes
    Cynthia @Shorty Stories – slightly too long dress
    Vicky @Vicky’s Daily Fashion – flowy mid-calf dress

    Due to my lack of creativity, here I am giving wide-legged pants another shot. The last time I showed such pants, many readers confirmed that they were unflattering. A few suggested trying a more fitted top…and sadly I could only find my pandex-y undertanks:

    Tank: Theory one size
    Seersucker Pants: Banana Republic 00P
    Heels: Marc Fisher sz 6, thrifted
    Necklace: J.Crew  Handbag: LV Speedy 25
    Heh, heh…and just for fun, a big fat N-O…the same outfit idea but with a baggier top and flats:
    Click below to continue reading…

    So…what do you guys think? Better than last time? Or still a no? I personally still don’t think wide legged pants are for me, but I think we can all agree that a slimming top and some nice platform heels really do make a difference. I LOVE these cognac leather peep toes…I found them at a “Savers” thrift store for $10. If Kerry didn’t always mention her great finds there I would have never popped in. The best part is everything is sorted by size!

    A fellow petite, MoneyMaus, wanted to participate as well. She posts mostly about personal finance so I am hosting her photos on here : ) She is extra extra petite at 4’10” and 80lbs. Her “dont” were wide legged capris.

    With flats…as the “don’t” :
    And with pointy little heels…an instant “do” for work!

    Thank you all so, so much for participating. Some of you have already suggested great ideas for future “challenges” so a different blogger will be hosting each one going forward. Kelly of AlterationsNeeded is doing the next one : )