Do or Don’t: Wide-Legged Pants on Petites?

My mom gave me these LOFT pants a while ago (see alterations post) and I haven’t broken them out yet. It’s really too bad because I love the lightweight linen fabric. I’m just a slim/skinny pant kind of girl, because I feel that wide pants make me look…frumpy dumpy.

In Boston, most women commute to work in flats or flip flops, which makes it even harder for me to pull off the wide pant look. Who wants to be seen wading/flopping over their clown pants while boarding the subway?

Blouse: H&M; ruffle top sz 2
Pants: LOFT sz 00P (waist taken in)
Heels: Banana Republic sz 5.5

I wish I took another full-body shot to show the billowing pants, but I was in a rush. What do you guys think about wide pants on petites? 

I think that in the future, I will look for pants with more of a curved boot-cut instead of straight up and down. I saw a pair of wider trouser pants on Ping which I thought looked quite flattering on with heels.

I also wanted to share this new top I picked up a few days ago from H&M.; The color is a pale lime green, which makes skin look nice and tan. It looks even better tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt. It is 100% polyester, but actually drapes nicely like a silky/chiffon blend. Not bad for $19.99!

Unfortunately the top did not fit perfectly right off the rack. As you can see, it is guilty of the typical indicators that a garment is made for regular-height women. The armholes are too big, neckline is too low, plus the bust darts on both sides are an inch below my natural bust. I solved this by stitching in 2 inches on the straps, but didn’t do a perfect job.

If you peer at the photo above, the stitched in part is obvious. Oh well…I’m too lazy to go to the tailor for such a small job!