Fall Accents + Samsung The Frame TV Review

fall home decor living room fireplace mantle pumpkins

55″ Samsung the Frame TV (on sale w/colored bezel frames; review below), Nursing/maternity PJs sz S (loose on me but comfy), cushioned slippers sz 5-6, Nori’s supersoft PJs 2T

After picking out a couch (see my sofa shopping post), the rest of our living room fell to the back burner, especially with the arrival of baby # 2! My toddler’s rainbow colored toys gradually creeped their way onto all the bookshelves, before I finally decided it was time to refresh the space and add some seasonal touches.

Samsung The Frame TV Quick Review

I’ve gotten lots of questions on our TV so wanted to quickly share our experience with it! We’ve had the Samsung Frame TV for about a year now and absolutely love it—some people mistake it for hanging artwork, which is the goal when the TV’s not in use. We’ve had fun uploading our own digital drawings and photography to display across the seasons (see it with a wintery vibe at our old condo). We have since also gotten the 43″ size for our bedroom.

My only complaints relate to the cost of add-ons. You can definitely get a TV with similar or better picture quality for less, but not with the same sleek design aesthetic, so I don’t mind spending more for that. The TV itself comes with a black frame, though, so if you want a different color to match your room, you’ll need to purchase a colored bezel (aka frame) which cost us another $100 to $150.

And lastly, for the power and AV inputs, there’s a thin clear/light gray cord that comes out of the TV that’s supposed to feel “invisible” along the wall and connects to a large black box. You can see this cord in my photos and the box is hidden in one of the white baskets. The cord doesn’t bother us, but some will not love this visually so I wanted to point it out. Note we used to run the cable behind the wall in our wall cutouts to hide cords, then read that this particular cable is not rated safe to go behind the wall (potential fire hazard) unless you can purchase a behind the wall cord for an additional ~$200. We’ve made do with using mantle decor to hide the standard cable it comes with!

white and sage green faux pumpkins

Here’s a few of the accent pieces and Fall decor I incorporated, all of which are very affordable!

Affordable Fall Home Accents

  • Pumpkins: I went with faux so we can reuse them year after year! Scroll down to the Pumpkin section for the different stores I bought these from. For real pumpkins, you can’t beat a family trip to a pumpkin farm, or Trader Joe’s has them for $7.99 in all sizes and colors!
  • Storage baskets:
    • These large woven baskets come in 3 colors and are very functional for hiding junk! I used one to stash away toddler toys, and another to conceal our tech gadgets and TV box (I cut a small hole in the back to fit the cords through). I also use the smaller size basket to store various loose items
    • I also have these cotton rope bins (pictured above on the floor), which are sturdier and thicker compared to the Target baskets. I use these bins for toys and throw blankets.
  • Vases: This 2 tone ceramic vase in a sage-cream color is a favorite of mine. I also picked up this trio of distressed gray vases, 2 of which are pictured on my upper left shelves.
  • Frames: I used a mix of simple, matted & non-matted frames from this brand in various sizes. You get what you pay for with the non-matted frames, while the matted ones feel a little more sturdy.
  • Faux Greenery: I have this set of 4 mini potted plants for use around the house. For stems, I like faux eucalyptus or lamb’s ear stems to display in a white pitcher or vase. I also cut up a stem and inserted pieces throughout my pumpkins, along the mantle.
  • Throw pillow covers: One of the easiest ways to seasonally update the color scheme and textures in a room! I have these ribbed pillow covers in cream that are super duper soft and come in lots of colors. I also got a grey plaid flannel cover to add a cozy touch. I usually order pillow covers that are 2″ smaller than my pillow inserts, for a fully stuffed look.
  • Books: Two ways to use books in stying your bookshelves / built ins:
    • Turn a row of books around so that the spine is facing the wall, for a consistent neutral white/cream color.
    • Place them in a stack horizontally to elevate an accent piece like a plant, candle, or bowl.

outdoor patio fall decor

Where to Buy White & Sage Green Faux Pumpkins

I went with a muted color scheme, and really had to scour the web for decent-looking faux pumpkins! Here’s a mini review on each of the brands I got:
  • Home Accents Holiday: 3 piece stacked pumpkins (see more colors) for outdoor & indoor use. Pictured above on the ground in the outdoor patio photo. I LOVE these. They’re cleverly designed to use either stacked or unstacked, and all 3 nest inside each other for storage. Material is a durable feeling semi-matte plastic with an antiqued cream coloring.
  • Pottery Barn: heirloom faux pumpkins in green, ivory, and orange. Albeit pricier, these are definitely better looking in person compared to cheaper options, also the pale sage green color is just right!
  • Amazon:
  • Michaels: 9″ craft pumpkin. More round than “heirloom” shaped, and less realistic-looking closer up with a foam-like feel. These are good if you want to carve or craft with them, i.e. make a centerpiece with floral arrangement in a pumpkin.
  • Target:

affordable fall home decor

If you want to try your hand at DIY, another option is to buy inexpensive faux pumpkins of any color and paint them yourself! This chalked white paint is a nice option to get that matte finish.

fall decor for built in shelves

Home Decor Friends & Family Sales

For your Fall decor needs, I also wanted to mention 2 stores with Friends & Family sales right now!

  • West Elm: 15% off furniture, 20% off everything else with code FAMILY
    I picked up some home decor including their lacquer wood trays
  • Cost Plus World Market: 20% everything with code PRIME20, plus additional 10% off if you do curbside pickup (if applicable). See a few of my sale picks here!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    Hi! Which white frame is your Samsung TV? The beveled or modern? It’s beautiful,

    Posted 11.29.21 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you Sarah! This is the modern frame

      Posted 11.30.21 Reply
  2. Jone wrote:

    We got the Samsung Frame TV as well!!! I love the print you have displayed, where is it from?

    Posted 6.22.21 Reply
  3. Sara Anderson wrote:

    Love love love all of these decor ideas! This is the exact style that I want in my home. We just had our cabinets refaced and I need to get these pumpkins because they would match perfectly.

    Posted 1.5.21 Reply
  4. Arun wrote:

    Excellent fall home accent pieces! I love the detailing of the ceramic vases. I like to know from where did you buy the white woven basket? They look cute and handy. Wow! The Samsung Frame TV looks stunning. Thanks for its detailed review and it was quite helpful for me.

    Posted 10.16.20 Reply
  5. Beth H wrote:

    I just keep coming back to the home decor posts when I need a happy little eye candy mood boost! Your space is so soothing and cozy while maintaining the minimalist white feel…it has me dreaming of sunny windows and adding even more white/neutrals to my decor. Thanks for sharing and I’d love to see more of these posts!

    Posted 10.15.20 Reply
  6. Lyn wrote:

    Hi Jean!

    Lovely set up! Where is that glass vase on the top right shelf from? (The one that is holding the candles)


    Posted 10.8.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you Lyn! The glass cloche was a Homegoods find

      Posted 10.19.20 Reply
  7. Kat wrote:

    Obsessed with all the home decor posts!!!! 💖💖

    Posted 10.8.20 Reply
  8. Katie wrote:

    Hi Jean! Love these suggestions.

    I am curious about the framed print on the left side of the fire place, on the lower shelf, next to the 3 candles. Any chance you could share what that js? I see photo of Nori and Rio and something next to them that looks like a peach or pink circle? Curious if this is a graphic that is part of the frame or something else. Thanks in advance!

    Posted 10.8.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Katie! It’s just a graphic my husband made in Photoshop of some abstract pumpkins on the left and then a photo of. our kids on the right : )

      Posted 10.8.20 Reply
      • Anonymous wrote:

        Oh so cute! Thanks for explaining. It looks lovely. I hope you are well. I am amazed you can be running a blog and answering questions like mine while recovering and being post partum! My “baby” is nearly the age of your older one and I still feel post partum!

        Posted 10.10.20 Reply
  9. Meg wrote:

    For the TV – isn’t there also a power cord in addition to the “invisible” cord. Do you have that one behind the wall?

    Posted 10.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      From the TV, the power runs through the skinny “invisible” cord into a larger black box (hidden in my white target woven basket). The black box then has a power cord that needs to be plugged in if that makes sense!

      Posted 10.8.20 Reply
  10. Susan wrote:

    Where is the step stool from?

    Posted 10.7.20 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Susan, its from Ikea but discontinued. Amazon still has it, though priced higher than it was at Ikea

      Posted 10.8.20 Reply
  11. Briana wrote:

    Love the sweet decor!


    Posted 10.7.20 Reply
  12. May wrote:

    You house is seriously my dream goal. All the decorations are perfect too!


    Posted 10.7.20 Reply

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