20 Weeks / Halfway There Pregnancy Update

13 weeks pregnant maternity dress asos petite

ASOS maternity petite dress (belly clipped back; old – borrowed from friend), pearl bracelet

Last week I logged into a pregnancy app to check what fruit size baby is (large mango), and could hardly believe we crossed the halfway mark! Up until recently, I had mild symptoms (although Nick might beg to differ) and was hovering in an awkward “burrito belly” stage. Since some of you have been kindly checking in, I wanted to share a pregnancy update on here. Petite-friendly maternity wear has been a very popular request – I haven’t posted much about it since I can still get away with some regular clothes, but I promise I will once that need comes!

petite maternity fashion 20 weeks pregnant


First Trimester

Pregnant Wife Observations_first trimester symptoms from a husbands perspective
Pregnant Wife Observations_first trimester symptoms from husbands perspective
ABOVE: Snippets from Nick’s “pregnancy journal,” originally shared on Instagram

I’m so grateful about no morning sickness or nausea, especially after hearing how awful it is / was for some of you! I only noticed a few symptoms myself (below), but apparently my dear husband had plenty of other observations. You guys may have seen Nick’s pregnancy journal, which made me cry and then crack up like the un-hinged hormonal person that I apparently was!

Pee Problems – Frequent…like 3 times throughout the night frequent. I didn’t think I’d need to look into adult diapers for another 8 months or so! Fortunately, it was just an early pregnancy symptom triggered by hormones, at least until it resurfaces late pregnancy for more obvious reasons.

Bloating – I’ve had chronic digestive issues and bloating as long as I can remember, but it’s on a whole different level while pregnant. By the end of each day, my waistline expands up to 8 inches from painful bloat. My doctors have not suggested anything other than to drink lots of water and try elimination diets with no gluten, dairy, or other trigger ingredients one at a time.

Fatigue – Naps never felt so good!

Last IVF injection: Around 11 weeks we did our last progesterone injection, which felt amazing but a little bittersweet. When we started IVF, I didn’t realize these hormones had to be taken for that long after implantation. I hated the needles and soreness, but the injections became almost a comfort for me knowing it was helping maintain a healthy pregnancy. I also secretly loved the pampering (heating pad butt massages, anyone?) from Nick and having this set-aside time together nightly.

Second Trimester

Pregnant Wife Observations_second trimester symptoms from a husbands perspective
Pregnant Wife Observations_second trimester symptoms from husbands perspective
ABOVE: Nick’s pregnancy journal continued 

Symptoms: Like magic, right around 13 weeks almost all my first trimester symptoms disappeared (except bloating). I got my energy back, I could make it through the night without potty breaks, and I had a fridge full of uneaten pomelo fruit that didn’t seem quite as spectacular anymore. Of course, it wasn’t long before a new set of symptoms showed up knocking…

Sleep Saga – A good night’s rest now feels impossible for this typical back sleeper, and the baby’s not even here yet! Is this the beginning of the end? I know pregnant women are often advised to sleep on their left side after 20 weeks, and am wondering how many of you actually did that (and tell me your tips how)! I’m very enticed by the oversized body pillows but we don’t have a big bed.

Huffs & Puffs – Heavy breathing feels like the norm now while doing nothing. Since I have months to go, I’m making it a goal to do more pregnancy yoga and stay moderately active (starting with a personal trainer next week to learn some safe exercises).

– First flutters – You guys were right about how incredible it is to start feeling these. I can sense regular movement now and then what feels like a party in my uterus around 3am (conveniently).

Weight Gain: Started at ~94 and am up 10 lbs now, most of which were gained over the last few weeks. My belly “popped” about two weeks ago, which was signaled to me by the start of stomach petting by strangers. Should I just get used to this?

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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