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I found a few remaining photos from our trip last month, so have one last belated post to share! After journeying around the island of Maui starting at our apartment in Paia to the Road to Hana and back, we spent the last part of our trip in Wailea, where these photos were taken. Several of our friends recommended the Four Seasons Maui, and it doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking to kick back and soak in some R&R!

striped motel off shoulder bikini revolve

I got a few requests to share affordable cover-ups similar to my long white one, so I ordered this one from Amazon to try. You get what you pay for, so at $15 this is not a high quality piece. It does serve the purpose of a stylish coverup at a bargain, and the “one size” will adjust to fit a wide range of sizes. It’s calf-length on the model but closer to a maxi on someone my height, with a drop-shoulder cut and a drawstring closure that ties in the front above my natural waist.

resort beach or pool hairstyle bandana scarf wrap

My everyday outfit at the resort was some sort of flowing swim coverup, with my hair secured back using a scarf (see the end of this post for how to fold it) or stuffed under a hat. It was quick and functional for transitioning from the pool or beach to restaurants. I really wanted an off-shoulder bikini, so kept this striped one even though it doesn’t have padded bust cups – one of my peeves with swimwear. My Bristols 6 nippies came to the rescue again, and stayed on well under my swimsuit even in the water. I got my bikini at Revolve where sizes are running low, but I found what looks like a very similar (or the same?) one, still available in sizes xxs and up.

jcrew navy gingham bikini swimsuit pineapple

Pineapple cocktails from the swim-up pool bar

Four seasons maui resort review for honeymoon vacations

We spent the majority of our time at the adults-only Serenity pool, which apparently has a new system in place that doesn’t allow the “seat saving” I dread at hotels. You actually have to utilize your seat, otherwise it goes to someone else (except during lunch time, when you can hold it for a few hours). We’re early birds when traveling, so came down each morning and usually had the area almost entirely to ourselves!

four seasons maui hawaii resort adult infinity pool
four seasons maui hotel room review

The architecture/design at the Four Seasons Maui is nothing unique, but the service there was impeccable from start to finish, and the rooms (renovated last year) were spotless and comfortable. Everyone knew our names and were just genuinely friendly and helpful. I didn’t take any pictures of the bathrooms, but they are roomy with plenty of counter space, a soaking tub, and a separate shower.

four seasons maui resort guest room review
four seasons maui lanai balcony breakfast room service

Talbots sunglasses c/o, Old Navy dress xsp (shrinks a lot in the dryer FYI)

We loved starting our day with room service on our lanai (balcony) – the corned beef hash breakfast was so yummy, we got it twice! And Japanese breakfast sets are just fun to eat, with a little bit of this and that. I will say that if you plan on eating all your meals at the resort, be prepared to spend a good amount additionally each day (prices were comparable to other resort restaurants in the area).

maui whales tale sunset beach bar

There’s a walking path by the beach which connects all the resorts, and is perfect for morning jogs or evening strolls. The Whale’s Tale is a stand that serves breakfast through dinner, about a 5 minute walk away. The food wasn’t memorable, but it was a cozy little spot to enjoy some drinks and live music at sunset! This just whetted Nick’s appetite for more local beer, so of course we had to head to Maui Brewing Co afterwards (about a 10 minute drive from the Four Seasons).

where to eat in maui vietnamese food truck

We also drove to grab dinner one day at a little Vietnamese mom & pop stand, aptly titled Vietnamese Food To Go, lol. The service takes a long time like most places on the island, but the food tasted fresh and simple and hit the spot (for $20 total!).

resort wear long white maxi dress cover up

PS – For those who asked about my hair here, it’s super easy to do with a lightweight skinny or square scarf! I loved it for keeping my loose hair pieces out of the water. Start with my foolproof bun tutorial and simply use your scarf as a headband. If you’re starting with a square shaped scarf, just keep folding it inwards and ironing it down, as shown below:
How to fold a square scarf bandana into a headband

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Lyn wrote:

    Jean, thank you for doing posts on Maui! My husband and I will be visiting soon come late September. I know you had mentioned some places only took cash…I almost always never carry cash, so I was trying to get your opinion on how much cash to bring each day. We'd have our regular card, since I'm assuming most places will take card. But what's a good ballpark to bring with us each in your opinion? We plan to do RTH, explore the beaches, and do the main tourist attractions. Thanks for reading, and thanks for any insight!

    Posted 7.27.17 Reply
  2. Carla Krae wrote:

    Pads for swimwear
    and here

    Just use a couple stitches to tack them down and you're good to go.

    Posted 5.20.17 Reply
  3. Vera wrote:

    Gorgeous photos!

    Blonde in Cashmere

    Posted 5.19.17 Reply
  4. AikA Y. wrote:

    In love with your look by the water!!!! Too bummer the bag is sold out! ★BLOG★

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
  5. This looks amazing!
    Adore your striped swimsuit♥

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
  6. Beautiful post
    The Pink Pineapple
    new post:

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
  7. may wrote:

    I love everything in your post, your location, your outfits, your pictures. Wow you are doing such a great job everytime and it's always a great to see your posts.
    Four seasons hotels are very great and your photos just makes me want to pack a luggage and go to the airport right now. Thank you for making us traveling 🙂

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
  8. mybeautrip wrote:

    This place looks like Paradise!

    Posted 5.18.17 Reply
  9. clickhappy wrote:

    we love maui too, tho we went west and stayed in kapalua. there they have the ritz, the honolua store w/deli (excellent breakfast hash, musubi), sansei japanese, and the golf academy (v affordable, esp since this is a major pga course). all are connected by the golf course, which runs right up to the ocean. every morning we went running by the water.

    it might be worth mentioning that drives are way longer than you'd expect for little hawaiian islands. most roads run along the periphery. you can't cut across the middle b/c the big ol' volcano takes up the core! learn from my mistakes. when in paradise enjoy the sunshine … not from the inside of a car.

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  10. The stripe swimsuit is too cute! Love your style <3

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  11. The photos are amazing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  12. Love this post 😉

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  13. Mizeats wrote:

    I was so enamored with your outfits that I forgot to mention how yummy the food looks! Your breakfast at the Four Seasons and the food from the Vietnamese spot look so delicious!! I'm also coveting that pineapple cocktail. Yum!!

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  14. I love your resort style! The cover-up and the gingham bikini are perfect 🙂

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  15. Mizeats wrote:

    Jean, these pictures of you are so beautiful! Although the Four Seasons is a beautiful hotel, your classy style and the way you carry yourself adds to its appeal. I just love the swimsuits you've featured. They are both modern and retro, which is a great combo! And I love the way you've styled the hat, cover up, and head band – winning looks! A special thanks for sharing how you folded the scarf into a headband. I wish you could be my personal style consultant as you always look polished, classy, and gorgeous in whatever you wear!

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  16. Joling wrote:

    I love your hair style and the J.Crew gingham bikini is so cute on you.

    xo, Joling

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  17. Maui looks like a beautiful, relaxing escape. I really like that they have an adults-only pool so you can enjoy it in peace (and without getting splashed)!

    -Rachel | Backcountry Petite | 9 Petite Struggles vs. Empowerment

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  18. janice wrote:

    When I fold really silky and smooth scarves like in the above diagram it drives me bonkers when it slips / goes out of shape after folding it, so a tip is I like to do is secure in with a few tiny pins (check it doesn't leave holes in the material first though) or I like to iron it folded to keep the creases in.

    Love the holiday snaps!

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  19. This suit and cover up is SO cute! And those pictures?! Swoon!! Thanks for sharing with us!

    xo, Katie
    Willow and White

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  20. I love the white cover, and I can't get enough of the bamboo/straw like bags. The foods looked really too.

    Underyated Ray

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  21. Looks like paradise, gorgeous photos!

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  22. The bathing suit is so cute! Lovely photos. X

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  23. Gorgeous outfits! I really need to get myself some summer clothes!

    I hope you have a great Wednesday,

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  24. Everything looks so beautiful & the bikini is really pretty as well! Thanks for sharing!



    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  25. I'm glad they do the bikini in size xxs! It looks gorgeous!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  26. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    Gorgeous swimsuit looks … so beautiful as always! 🙂

    ��LA BIJOUX BELLA ��| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  27. Deasy wrote:

    Wow, absolutely stunning images! I'd love to visit the Four Seasons in Maui. All of your bathing suites are so cute! Absolutely love the one from J.Crew <3

    Posted 5.16.17 Reply
  28. Anonymous wrote:

    The resort looks gorgeous! I love the bikini 🙂

    Posted 5.16.17 Reply

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