Winter 2016: San Francisco Travel + Eats Diary

golden gate bridge sunset colors san francisco

sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge (taken from Crissy Field beach)

San Francisco is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. Even though I was just there last year, I still had a long list of things to do or try. That list continues to build, and I hope I can bring Nick there sometime soon for an actual vacation! I felt only a tiny bit bad snapping him all of my good eats while he was shoveling snow back home ; ) Some highlights from my visit include touring the grand city hall (shown in this post), catching a striking sunset by the GGB, and of course the yummy cuisine on every corner!

casual tourist outfit swing dress scarf san francisco

Boohoo dress sz 0P, ASOS scarf, BP ankle booties (old color; borrowed from friend), Goyard St Louis bag, Ray-Ban mirrored sunglasses

I posted this Instagram outfit from a Saturday trip across the bridge to San Rafael, where it was gorgeous and sunny. It was chilly when we left SF, so I was glad to have my warm blanket scarf which could easily be stuffed into a purse later. Please note this dress is lightweight and runs very short (mine’s 30″ long) so I made sure to wear bike shorts underneath, and will be styling it as a tunic too. The length does not change in a size up. It’s comfy for lounging and the swing silhouette is especially forgiving for large meals (didn’t intend to cause a slurry of confusion with my “food baby” on Snapchat!). I also wore this same outfit with black tights and booties – you just need a slip skirt to keep the dress from clinging to the tights.

san francisco ice cream taco sundae

Ice cream taco from Cream

Cream is more known for their mix & match ice cream sandwiches, I believe, where you can choose up to 2 different cookie flavors, ice cream, then toppings for your masterpiece (here’s mine). I stopped by Tuesday night and it was apparently “taco Tuesday” there, so I figured when in Rome…

koi palace dim sum soup dumplings colorful san francisco

Dim sum at Koi Palace

In the world of soup dumplings (steamed dumplings filled with meat + hot broth), Koi gets creativity points for this colorful variation. My initial thought was “such unappetizing-looking colors!” but after learning about the flavors, each shade made a little more sense. There’s 1 regular pork dumpling, and kale, black truffle, crab roe, and beet flavored ones. No one at my table was interested in the unusual flavors so I got to sample the entire basket to myself. It was pretty good, but Din Tai Fung still reigns supreme in my mind (just not their wait time…)!

boba guys strawberry calpico matcha latte

Strawberry calpico drink + matcha green tea latte from Boba Guys

Who remembers little Calpico drinks from childhood? Boba Guys prides themselves in using quality ingredients, loose-leaf teas, and nothing from powder, which is literally the opposite of most Asian beverage places. The description for this drink was housemade Calpico using fresh strawberries and kefir yogurt, and it was ah-mazing (with reduced sugar).

orenchi tonkotsu ramen san francisco

Orenchi ramen from Orenchi Beyond (also a location in Santa Clara)

I’ve tried to eat here a few times before but they were all sold out. This time I went again on a lunch break and the place was pretty empty! Overall, pretty good Tonkotsu broth that was milky in color but not oily in your mouth. The Takoyaki octopus-filled balls were better than many others that I’ve had!

carbon grill all you can eat korean barbeque san francisco

Carbon Grill BBQ – I think owners of all-you-can-eat places do a little mental fist bump whenever they see petite women walk through the door. I love to eat but usually in greater frequency with smaller portions. I try not to overdo it at these places, unlike my dad who treats it like a pro sport, skipping breakfast, lunch, and possibly dinner the night before whenever we had plans for the buffet!

The calamari steak (so tender), scallops on half shell, and marinated short rib were my favorites, dipped in the green chili sauce and paired with kimchee in lettuce. I can’t wait to go back and try the lemongrass wings amongst tons of other options. The owner is super friendly and carries a shot glass in his pocket to go around drinking with customers (aloe soju was our favorite) – let’s just say the night ended a bit fuzzily!

I also got to join my friends a few times for TV & takeout at night. I love the food from hole-in-the-wall spots, but much prefer eating it comfortably in a home setting while watching favorite shows! Some of the tastiest meals, not pictured, were:

Marnee Thai: got pad thai, green curry, and spicy shredded roast duck salad (soo good)
Yummy Yummy: bun bo hue is super flavorful and slurp-worthy
Sol Food in San Rafael – Puerto Rican comfort food. Long lines but the pollo al horno // chicken & rice dish is so satisfying, especially with their house-made hot sauce and limeade. You can also substitute plantain pieces instead of bread for their sandwiches.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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