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zara jaquard dress

Zara dress XS (straps pinned up), $25.99, Target Lakitia sandals (review, also on sale)

Zara’s end of season sale has been in full swing for a while now. I stopped by my local store and saw a whole rack full of this jacquard pleated dress for under $30. I found it strange so many were left since it looked quite cute! Once on, I realized the dress is very scandalous for anyone not model height. The neckline went down to my belly button and the low back nearly showed my undies. Thankfully this is an easy fix by raising the shoulder straps (it would still be low back in design) which also lifted the proportions into place for me. The waist was a perfect fit, the embossed material had a nice weight, and the pleats were very flattering hitting right above the knees. I skipped towards the register before it hit me that I had a really similar blue dotted set. I didn’t end up getting this but would recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind a small alteration. Next up…
loft skirt review

H&M; cropped top (bought last month for $29.95 but can’t find online), Kate Spade pumps

As promised, here’s a quick review of this LOFT striped skirt. I thought the quality was pretty solid with medium weight, textured 100% cotton outer (machine washable – yay!) and full lining. I love the wider waistband with comfy angled pockets. Sizing-wise, I’ve come to accept that LOFT skirts will require alterations on skirt review1
It’s not too evident in the photos, but I thought it fit typical for LOFT – 00 petite measured 13.5″ across the top and 17″ across the hips. There’s a small slit at the bottom to facilitate walking. My tailor took it in a few inches and I snipped off the buttons, which I actually thought were a pretty cute horn pattern, but taking them off made the skirt more versatile for me. 

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  1. jess wrote:

    I just got the Loft striped skirt in the mail last week, and I love it. It's not the kind of skirt I would have normally picked for myself, but I'm glad that I followed your recommendation. I think I'll snip off the buttons, too.

    Posted 7.28.14 Reply
  2. Jean wrote:

    Hi there! Yes, there is the little button line but it was faint enough against the texture of the skirt to not bother me.

    Posted 7.25.14 Reply
  3. J wrote:

    I love your style and have just really enjoyed reading your blog. I got the LOFT skirt you did alterations on and wanted to do some alterations on it too. I was wondering what you did after you snipped off the buttons. Underneath the buttons, there seems to be a little mock button hole line. Did you do anything with this to hide the line? Or is it not noticeable after you cut off the buttons?

    Posted 7.25.14 Reply
  4. Melody wrote:

    I like hte first one, it's lovely.

    Posted 7.16.14 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    Oh really? I called 2 AT stores and that's what they told me. I was not sure what they used to find out, but I did give them the item# and asked if any nationwide store still had it. I ended up buying the Town Crossbody bag with the same material and color as your tote for only $28.00 plus tax on the phone (it was the last one) but thinking of returning them now since the strap is too long and is not adjustable.
    Can you advise what colors of cardigan should go with the JCrew neon dress?
    I love watching your youtube videos and wish that you could do some more. You probably too busy and have no time for it anymore.
    I really appreciate you spending your busy time to share your styles and notify your readers the good deals.

    Posted 7.15.14 Reply
  6. Jean wrote:

    Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to comment. To answer your questions…
    1. Yes, I still use my Chinatown tailor and I think he is good, but would caution against anything that isn't a fairly standard alteration (even if the language barrier were not a problem). For anything really specific such as your plans for the lovely sounding blouse, I'm truly not sure how it'd turn out and would recommend not taking that risk.
    2. I absolutely love thrifting for the older quality materials, but I'm sure you know it takes time to dig and also sheer luck (75% of the time I walk out of those stores empty handed). Unfortunately my current job just hasn't left me with much free time, so I now do most of my shopping online where I can also return items in the mail. Sadly, same goes for DIY alterations – it takes days to perform those alterations, and they don't turn out nearly the same quality as if I take them to a tailor.
    3. I think it's inevitable for anyone who loves fashion to eventually have a full closet. I have a hard time with clutter, so think it's important to edit and make sure to donate or re-purpose items that you no longer wear / fit in / enjoy. There's numerous ways to resell or consign preowned items, but I usually donate mine to the thrift stores I used to enjoy shopping at, or to my similar-sized family members. Living here I also think it's helpful to store and rotate out-of-season pieces, so those items don't clutter up your closet of in-season pieces or gather unnecessary dust.

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  7. Jean wrote:

    I've seen numerous articles with viewpoints on both sides…personally, I think it's great they're offering expanded sizing but do think it's unfortunate that these sizes are now labeled a bit ridiculously (000, when the same measurements would've been labeled a 0 or 2 just 10 years ago).

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  8. Jean wrote:

    Hi there! We are still renovating but I would love to have a sewing corner. I completely agree it's a pain to set up and pack up the sewing machine. Do you have a desk/table where it's possible to keep the machine below your desk (but still plugged in and threaded, with a dust cover on) when not in use and just plop it back up on the desk when you need it? That's what I'm planning on doing with mine.

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  9. Jean wrote:

    Thank you for the recommendation as well! I appreciate it : )

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  10. Jean wrote:

    Yay! I'm excited to try, esp if you think they're better than AG!

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  11. Jean wrote:

    That's strange! Did they use the store locator system using the item #? I've heard from several readers that the texas stores still have them, and I know for sure the Natick MA one still had at least one left this weekend.

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  12. Jean wrote:

    Awesome sale! Thanks for sharing. I didn't see anything at BR that caught my eye…but did end up over at Piperlime!

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  13. Jean wrote:

    It's the same skirt – I found the color to be more grey/blue in person

    Posted 7.14.14 Reply
  14. The first dress is absolutely lovely, but everything is so stylish & elegant ! Love your style ! ♥ xx

    Posted 7.12.14 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    Charming website and wonderful sense of style. I happened upon it searching for tips on how to resize a blouse (beautiful Liberty fabric–classic peacock print on lawn cotton). I am teaching myself alterations.

    So I have a few questions:
    1. Do you still use your Chinatown tailor and is he still on Knapp. Would there be any hope for someone who does not speak any Cantonese or Mandarin but can draw a quick sketch of what is wanted or do you think this would be a disaster (I'm in Boston too)?
    2. What happened to thrifting and DIY alterations? I personally love the mix of old and new especially when done with classic good taste as opposed to the college/grungy/thrifted look. As you mentioned some of the fabrics one finds are gorgeous and it is a low investment way to learn to alter
    3. You love clothes, you acquire clothes. Do the closets runneth over and if not, can you post on your strategy for keeping the bounty in check.
    4. Unsolicited input–the evolution from tighter and shorter clothes to better fitting and more classic lengths that I noted on your blog with the passage of time makes your look much more elegant.

    Thank you for a lovely thoughtfully written blog.

    Posted 7.11.14 Reply
  16. You've got great style! I wanted to go to Zara for the July 4th sale, but they're renovating the one in the my mall, and I was so disappointed! I get the best dresses from Zara, especially for work.

    Posted 7.11.14 Reply
  17. Essence Brown wrote:

    Hey have you seen this latest uproar with J. Crew?

    Shame on them for selling clothes? In their customers' sizes?–crew-criticized-for-introducing–absurd–size-000-172927838.html

    Posted 7.11.14 Reply
  18. love that dress! love the peekaboo!

    Sandy a la Mode

    Posted 7.11.14 Reply
  19. BReese1010 wrote:

    Hi Jean, love your style. I was wondering since you have moved into a new place do you now have a sewing room? I know you do some DIY projects and also some alterations on your clothes. I struggle with space to set up the sewing machine and taking up and down is a pain.

    Posted 7.11.14 Reply
  20. I love the pleated skirt!

    Posted 7.11.14 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Suzie, I called a couple of AT store and look like the tote is sold out in store nation wide. Too bad, it was only $35.

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  22. I love the AT tote. Also the Zara blue dress is very cute!

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  23. Cactusng wrote:

    Hi Jean, I wanted to let you know that if you're looking for a great pair of white jeans, try the ones at Banana Republic. They come in petite sizing, straight legged or boot cut, the pocket placement is in a good spot so that the butt doesn't look saggy, material is soft and not stiff (I find that loft white denim is stiff and scratchy–I know cause I have a pair), and it's of a decent weight where the pants aren't see through. Check them out. Good luck.

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  24. jannyisms wrote:

    I cosign on the Loft skinny ankle zip jeans!– reviewed these on the store site a while ago and gave them five stars. I have the dark wash and they are by far the best fitting jeans (waist and inseam-wise) in my closet. AGs have long been a staple in my wardrobe, but these skinnies fit the booty a lot better and are a fraction of the price. Hope the white denim works out for you!

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  25. Suzie Q wrote:

    I've been wanting the AT tote! Does anyone know how long the in-store sale is going on for?

    Love the Loft skirt on you! It's such a pretty color and it's styled so pretty with the lace crop top!

    Suzie Q

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    So banana republic has a sale too. Its 40% off regular price, and 50% off sale. (BRJULY)
    also if you haven't signed up for email, you can sign up and get a code for 25% off (you can combine the coupons)…
    you have to pay for shipping (unless you get 1 thing at piperlime… )

    and banana republic is on jean's list of petite friendly stores…

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    The skirt you link to looks to have pinkish stripes… is it the same?

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  28. Wow the top outfit fits you perfectly! Such a pretty outfit.

    Posted 7.10.14 Reply
  29. Li Jing wrote:
    Posted 7.10.14 Reply

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