Soft petals + glimmer pumps

pink blazer blue checks2

Topshop skirt (old, similar in black), Ann Taylor top (old), Parentesi bag (old)

Today’s outfit combines a few of my favorite older pieces updated with a fresh pair of pumps. I’ve teamed up with Jimmy Choo at Nordstrom to show some of their classic footwear, which are available down to sz 34 or 35 depending on style. Funnily enough I have a close friend who shares the same name as this designer, which has caused plenty of misguided excitement by other friends thinking I’m out vacationing or lunching with the footwear mogul ; )
pink blazer blue checks1
I’ve had a number of friends get married in their JC heels, and last through the night as dancing testaments to their shoes’ comfort. This sparkly pair here would be great for bridal showers and activities down the road, but I also wanted to show them toned down for everyday wear. I picked these for the versatile material, which is labeled “gold” but ambiguous enough to look great with both gold and silver tones. The material glistens like small crystals up close and are finished off with a sleek, mirrored heel.
pink blazer blue checks5
Fit & sizing: This was my first time shopping this brand, so Nordies free shipping & returns was a big help for trying on different styles for size. I tried several of their signature styles, including the 4″ Abel pumps and also the daringly high but glamorous 4.5″ Anouk blazer blue checks4
True to the description for each, the Abel and other pumps fit true to size (I took my usual 35 which were comfy despite pointier toes) and the higher Anouk required half a size up. Thinking ahead to events where I’d be on my feet for hours, I ended up keeping this 3.5″ tall Addison style. I can’t find this exact style online, but the Mariella is the same shoe with a marginally lower 3″ heel.
pink blazer blue checksOn a separate note, I’ve gotten several requests to show more pairings with this blazer – I’m more than happy to oblige as it’s been on weekly rotation! The color name “bouquet” reminded me to dig up this ancient petal top from the Ann Taylor outlet, which longtime readers may also have hanging somewhere in your closets. To keep the look from being too syrupy sweet, I added a saturated blue color to cut into the pastels and some geometric print.
pink blazer blue checks3
This post was sponsored by Jimmy Choo at Nordstrom. Here’s a few more of my picks for special events, including wedges and low 2″ heels for those who want glamour but also more stability:

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Mrinmayi wrote:

    Just stumbled upon your blog! It's amazing! I totally get you.. I'm just a lil over 4'10 myself and my shoe size is 34! So you can imagine what it's like.. But i still manage it some how! Love this look! Major fan 🙂

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    No one likes a sponsored post but are people really whining that Jean is accepting free designer stuff and not posting “critical reviews” ? And there is a whole forum documenting her hypocritical issues with rayon? Be realistic. these are advertisements plain and clear. No one pays someone to criticisze their product. The bigger bloggers out there don’t even disclose their gifts or advertisement posts which is another whole travesty. All of them have selled out over th years but I wouldn’t pass up free designer stuff myself so its their prerogative. When I smell sponsorship I can choose to not read or not click the links move on to another blog instead of come complain.

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I didn't realize that "sponsored post vs a critical product" were mutually exclusive. In this case, because it's Jimmy Choo from your favorite Nordies, there isn't a need to be critical… after all, it's so hard to "choo"se!

    Nowadays, there are so many sponsored items on this blog that it seems like you are no different than the money mongering copycat of yours. The only difference is that you are much more eloquent with your words, and based on your previous outfit styles, it is obvious that you have your own fashion flair, which as readers, we love, and come back for, for inspiration! Between all the affiliate links and likedit posts, I'm not sure if you are as genuine as I feel you had been in the past. Your honest, unbiased, UNSPONSORED reviews made this blog stand out among the circle jerk of petite blogs and made yours special – you were so relatable! I realize that my opinion may not be the usual comments where girls praise and fawn all over you, but I hope that you are open to both negative AND positive comments. I am a fan, but these comments here really struck a nerve – I guess I'm not the only one that feels like you're turning into a sell out. 🙁

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow. With these comments, I feel like some people do not think Jean has feelings. There's a big difference between stating an opinion gracefully and being just mean-spirited. A collaboration with Jimmy Choo? That's a huge milestone and I would assume that people would be happy for Jean, but there are always those who turn a wonderful moment into a judgmental event.

    Jean, I'm a long time reader and I want to thank you for all of your hard work. You bring a smile to my day and those glitter JC pumps are gorgeous!

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Ignore the haters Jean! I love your pairings even though I'm a stay at home mom. And spend your hard earned money the way you want, even if it comes from sponsors.Besides, you've got readers from all demographics here and I do spend $600 on shoes. Albeit once a year on something that's FANTASTIC.

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    The price of those shoes may seem ridiculous but everyone has a different spending threshold. I'm sure that Jean has worked very hard in her career and has established herself and carefully chooses how she spends her money. Yes, having an opinion is fine but keep in mind your circumstances are not the same as others. It's no different than any other professional who has worked hard to become successful and is reaping the benefits whether it be a nice house, car, or vacation for example. I've worked in the banking industry and have seen different spending budgets. There are those that can afford to comfortably spend thousands every month on whatever they choose and others that can't. Even on my recent vacation, when I was browsing in the premium outlets I saw people spending lots of money in designer stores. It is each individual consumer's choice and to be biased and want Jean to cater to your budget is selfish. How each person uses their hard earned money is up to that individual.

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  7. Love the outfit and the shoes! I tell myself, one day I will get a pair of JCs, CLs, or MBs. 🙂


    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    There is HUGE difference between giving constructive criticism and being mean and jealous. Look at the words being used, those are not just not positive, those are mean and bad mouth. No need to do this. Expressing yourself doesn't mean hurting people. Again and again, nothing here is obligatory for you to do, yes, you can choose to pay the mortgage, absolutely – I probably would too, but you have no right to tell her what to do and what not to do. You don't pay her to do the blog. She doesn't owe you anything. It's a free blog. Try to think this way: if there is something that happened beneficial to you, you gain; if not, you have nothing to lose. She doesn't demand you to buy anything. There is no any compulsory bonding between you two. And as a courtesy of being human beings, you should also have the bais politeness.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  9. Liz wrote:

    Jean – I have never been petite, but continue to follow your blog due to your impeccable sense of style and creativity. You should be excited and proud that you're able to work wiith well-known brands and designers that you love! You are beautiful inside & out, Jean, and have so much to look forward to!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:

    Yes, everyone’s entitled to an opinion so what’s wrong with expressing ones that arent positive? Id rather pay a month of mortgage with the costs of these ridiculous shoes.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    I believe that Jean is using older pieces from her wardrobe to show readers that you can update and continue to mix pieces in a fresh and versatile way without buying a completely new wardrobe. I appreciate her effort in showing hi end and low end finds throughout her blog. Obviously she's already invested in a wardrobe that is timeless and suits her tastes and is continuing to evolve. Yes, her post is sponsored but she had a choice in which pair of shoes to showcase. It's possible some readers may not find this particular review to be be beneficial. To someone like myself, who has built up my wardrobe and am looking for a few new investment pieces, I appreciate the reviews. She has a wide audience and has been given new opportunities to review brands and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm seeing posts and attacks ripped straight off a forum. Are these opinions not swayed by others?

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    You don't have to like each and every pairing here, actually that doesn't make sense. Even big name designers have lines that you would think ugly each season. Come on, Chanel of the last few years? I'm not saying I like this pairing, that's not the point, the point is, as I said before, CHOOSE what you like and get ideas to make your own. If you like it, make it, if you dont like it, pass it. You don't have to be mean and stingy. YOU dont pay to read this blog and she have right to do what she likes.

    Plus, attaching whatever this argument to her wedding is low-class. I hope you understand the sweetest excitement to make it the best day of her life. Again, you can choose NOT to click the link(come on, you are that cheap?) or NOT to come here at all, but you don't have the right to demand her catering to whatever you like and only whatever you can afford. Again, please be nice and generous and only focus on the positive side. You won't feel happy when you're full of negative minds.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  13. Jessica wrote:

    Anonymous directly above me, I love this outfit and I'd totally wear it out. A little harsh to call it a "disaster of an outfit" couldn't you say something more constructive?

    Jean, your blog is not "terrible" (quite the opposite, actually) and I certainly hope you don't let the mean-spirited comments deter you from sharing your cute outfits and helpful reviews/tips.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  14. Jenn wrote:

    I'm not sure why people expect Jean to stay the exact same person over the years. I've only been following this blog for a couple of years and it seems she's grown successfully in her chosen profession, as well as a blogger. It's not unusual for people to make more money as they get further in their career…and sometimes their hobbies. In fact, compared to other fashion bloggers, who are often decked out head to toe in designer wear in every post, Jean is very conscientious of how much things cost…even though I suspect she can very easily make more extravagant purchases. As a petite girl who likes to dress nicely but despises shopping, I am grateful for Jean's posts and find them extremely helpful.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    Come on. This pairing makes no sense. Jean even admits she dug into her closet to find something she could link to on their site so you can click and fund her wedding or her new condo or whatever. Do you think she'd wear this disaster of an outfit in real life? Color wheel people. Anyway, her blog used to be great and now it's terrible. It's a shame.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    I don't understand why some people are so mean and small-minded. You are entitled to your opinion, but that doesn't mean you have to be stingy, and you also have the choice NOT to read this article or stop coming here at all. I only have been following this blog for about two months but I enjoy it very much. As a matter of fact, I bookmarked this blog. Focus on the pairing, people! Not necessary on the actual item that she wear (not to saying even if you can afford all the items she is wearing AND you like them, are you going to buy all the same items and make a snap copy? crazy ). Anyway, my point is getting ideas from her match up and use them to make your own ( as far as this post concerned, if you like the outfit and this particular shoes pairing, you can easily find a similar one. I'm sure there are a lot of other golden sparkly pumps other than Jimmy Choo!)

    Also on a side note, I think it takes alot effort to do a blog. All the pairing ideas, pictures taking, pictures selecting, wording etc, must be very time-consuming and well-exerted. AND YOU READ IT FOR FREE. I think she deserve any gift, if any, as a little reward. If you want the gifts, you can go ahead to start your own blog and see how it goes. Is that simple.

    Be nice, come on, people (btw being nice will make you happy, try it ,you will feel it!)

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  17. Suzie Q wrote:

    Those shoes are perfect for a wedding day! The mirrored gold part of the heels is just beautiful! I agree with your observation that the subtlety of the gold sparkles can pass off as silver, so you can use the shoes for either pairings, more bang for the buck 😉

    Suzie Q

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi there,
    It was mentioned on a forum that Jean isnt a fan of rayon, with further evidence from Jean's own words. I've copied the following from the forum post. These are all real quotes that Jean as wrote in the past regarding each of these items:

    H&M; Divided windowpane blazer:
    "I've also learned to avoid pilling-prone rayon, and look more for smooth polyester, 100% cotton, ponte, or sturdy weaves."

    Ann Taylor Regents chevron striped skirt:
    "As much as I love the design, I wish that the outer material (60% rayon, 27% poly, 13% nylon – dry clean only) was better quality with less rayon."

    Banana Republic Factory review on the grey tweed dress:
    "The past version [2010] had wool content and an enamel belt buckle and retailed for $99.99, and the current version [2013] is 86% poly, 14% rayon with an all-fabric belt and retails for $109.99. I pointed out the trend of lesser quality materials, but know that this has happened across the industry."

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    Not sure about all the sponsorship stuff, but i'm pretty sure jean doesn't hate rayon. I have the ann taylor top in this post and a few others she's posted about that are made of rayon.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    She was probably paid a large amount to do these sponsored posts with Nordstrom. This is maybe how she afforded those $600 shoes? Though Jean is careful in choosing her words and avoids revealing something when not necesary.

    Jean, can you further elaborate on the above "I am encouraged to wear older styles from my existing wardrobe as 'similar' options."? So Nordstrom is paying you to wear old styles? How does that work in promoting new lines? You were gifted that DVF dress (made of Rayon, which you hate) in the past and you wrote "c/o" so I think we're all getting confused.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  21. I love those shoes! I would never have thought of wearing a pastel color like the blazer with a dark blue skirt, but it really works, and looks super cute!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  22. So so cute! Very nice look. Question for you, how do you get your curls? Curling iron? What product do you use on your hair to get the curls to hold? Thanks!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    Love the high-low combo! Do you think Jimmy's are more comfortable than Louboutin's? Would love some sort of pointers on designer shoes.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  24. Those sparkly shoes are so gorgeous!!! They would make perfect wedding shoes yet also work with every day outfits too…definitely worth investing in – great post Jean <3

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    Aw Jean, I have been following you since you were PAG and you were my absolute favorite blogger. Great writing, awesome advice, and the tailoring tips! I don't begrudge you for getting free stuff (or sponsored stuff) – you have certainly earned it with your hard work but I really miss your old content.

    There was no one else like you before. This post did not even sound like you, that's all.

    Did you really drop $600 on a pair of glittery party shoes though? Are they for your wedding? I don't mean to judge, and "life's short so buy the shoes" but you have written elsewhere about being so frugal so I just don't know what to believe anymore.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  26. Jimmy Choos are always so feminine. Just like this pretty outfit.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  27. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – you're entitled to your opinion and I can understand your perspective. Nordstrom has been my personal favorite place to shop for several reasons, so I appreciated the chance to work with them. I disclose the collaboration so readers know this is a sponsored post vs a critical product review, but I try my best to keep elements from my usual content like re-styling items. I do want to note that products are not gifted for these posts, rather I am encouraged to wear older styles from my existing wardrobe as 'similar' options. I value transparency and disclose all gifted items on this site with c/o or thanks to, so any items without those notations are purchased by myself.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  28. Julie wrote:

    Those Choos are beautiful! Wish I could justify the cost of a pair. 🙂

    Style by Joules

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  29. Taylor M wrote:

    I recently started following your post and one of my favorite things is your unexpected pairings. You manage to combine colors and prints that I would never thing to put together. I love this outfit and tremendously enjoy reading you blog!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow. Nothing but raves for the $600 gifted shoes! You can't even find one negative thing about them. You sound like an advertisement.

    You are very pretty Jean but your top half and bottom half look like two different outfits. Did you wear this antywhere or was it just for photos?

    The Jean I used to know and love might have worn them for photos, commented on their impractibility for cobblestones, and either returned them or unloaded them on one of her followers!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  31. Michelle wrote:

    I love this outfit! That skirt is absolutely adorable!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  32. The shoes are amazingly gorgeous and elegant!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  33. Another so elegant outfit which I would love to wear exactly in that way. I'm especially in love with the wonderful skirt as I have a weakness for such pencil skirts and have already a huge collection of pencil skirts … this one would be a beautiful addition 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  34. Love how you paired the pastels with a bright skirt..and the geometric print really breaks the outfit.. Jimmy Choo is a long time dream…and these look great on you…you didn't choose mint? and lol about your friend 😉


    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  35. Dahlia wrote:

    Great outfit, that skirt is absolutely great!

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  36. Demi wrote:

    I think that pale pink blazers are quite a big staple for some people, and as it's approaching Summer there, people are looking towards pastel and creamy hues more often than not! It looks really great paired with the cobalt blue in the skirt and the sparkle in the pumps–I love my glittery heels 🙂

    Demi – Carbon Chic

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply

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