Ann Taylor petite spring reviews

A few sales of note: from now through 4/22, take 50% off women’s & men’s apparel at J.Crew Factory (prices as marked) and 25% off full-priced items at J.Crew regular. Thank you to several ladies who let me know J.Crew Factory now carries petites sizing! My pick is this classic-looking cotton trench for $99.

Ending Tuesday 4/22, Neiman Marcus has extra 25% off sale items (prices as marked) plus a $50 off $200 regular price coupon with APRIL50. These two are stackable on a number of items, at least in the home department where I was browsing. Saks is having their 25% off F&F; sale from now until Monday 4/28. Unfortunately most designers brands are excluded, but Ferragamo, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch appear to be included. My favorite classic suiting brand, Theory, is also having 25% off sitewide. All of these stores now offer free everyday shipping, with NM & Theory also offering free return shipping.

Ann Taylor is having their best sale I’ve seen from them this season – 50% off site wide plus free shipping at any price with WOW50 *sale ended.* My quick picks are the Kenzie pumps (looks like an office staple) and the Horizon skirt, and the mitered stripe full skirt (see factory versions on me below). Also see this post for a few reviews from this season (note: bags are unfortunately excluded from sale). I’ve been in need of a basic white skirt for work and ordered this stretch twill one to try.
Ann Taylor Factory 1

AT factory petite skirt (retail $90 – huh? more than the regular store? plus 40% off I think), gingham top

I passed by an AT outlet this weekend and was lured in by the pretty colors and prints. There was extra 60% off sale items there, plus ad hoc extra discounts on top of other pieces. I was in a rush so I took note of the retail prices, but am not 100% sure about the additional discounts for the items below. I do have to say some prices at the regular store are surprisingly better, even before the current promo mentioned above!

First up, I tried on this floral skirt to show it as an alternative to the WHBM one I love, which is now sold out. The knit quality felt good and I believe it was fully lined with an invisible zip. Please note in the photo above I have about 2″ pinched back with a hair clip to show where it should sit. This blouse came in several versatile patterns and colors, but the fit was just too boxy all around (excess material balooning in the back).

Ann Taylor Factory 2

AT factory petite knit sheath (style #339265) – retail $119.99 plus additional discounts

This dress fit the best by far out of all pieces I tried on. It’s made of a thick stretchy material which felt better than a number of fabrics they use in their regular store line. I found the cut plus the angling of the stripes at the waist to be very flattering. My nitpick would be the little metal bar at the waist – I’d prefer that to be nixed so a regular belt can be worn.
Ann Taylor Factory 3

AT factory petite stripe tee and maxi skirt – $79.99 plus additional discounts

Please excuse this unflattering stripe monster pairing on the right…skirt would look much better with a fitted top. The skirt reminds me of this chevron maxi they had last year which I loved and regret not getting. The hips fit great for me, but then the wide elastic concealed waistband stuck out with a sizeable 3-4″ waist gap. The knit was on the thin side so I’d be wary of underwear lines showing through.
Ann Taylor Factory 4

AT factory petite chevron skirt (lost the price info : / ), petite dot pencil skirt ($26 after extra 60% sale)

The skirt on the left is the factory version of the mitered stripe full skirt pick from today’s sale (and I wouldn’t be surprised if the factory version retailed for more!). It slightly reminded me of my chevron navy one from last year, however is made of a thinner, unlined material and has a lot of stretch. The waist was do-able off the rack with a 1-2″ gap. The skirt on the right is the one piece I purchased from all the sales. It looks better quality in person – the material is a nice weight (almost like jacquard but not shiny) with small embroidered dots, fully lined, and the fit was close. I picked it up as a multi-season work piece and dropped it off at my tailor for slimming.
Ann Taylor Factory 5

AT factory petite knit stripe skirt ($79.99 plus discounts), petite peplum shell ($54.99 plus discounts)

This skirt was my favorite item looking around the store, but it was a clear customer favorite as I couldn’t find my size. It’s reminiscent in design to the Horizon stripe skirt which is my pick from today’s sale – somehow both outlet and regular versions retail for the same price, and the regular version is 50% off today). I’m trying on a 2P with the back pinched by a hair clip just to show the length and how it’d look. The stretch material was of medium weight and felt sturdy. I love the coloring with the hint of chartreuse. This peplum shell in the same color has a slight texture, and also comes in white. It was slightly baggy all around and th
e straps would need to be raised at the shoulder straps for me.
AT factory 6
Here are two items that I saw in the regular sizing section but not petites –  chartreuse tweed sheath, anyone? I can’t get enough of this color. Please excuse the horrible lighting here, though. The color is not this neon lime in real life.
AT factory 7
Last but not least, AT Factory carries shoes down to size 5.5  in-store while the regular store only has 6+ (sz 5 available online only). The shoes are lower priced at the factory however are all synthetic leather material. In all the fitting room photos I’m wearing their factory pumps in faux leather, and here is a cute sandal that was only $34.99. I love strappy shoes, and the placement of a neutral color at the ankle area of this one (versus the more jarring black) is more flattering on shorter legs.

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  1. Suad wrote:

    Thank you! Will try to see if I can explain myself with gestures too! 🙂

    Posted 5.6.14 Reply
  2. Thank you Jean. I have not tried JCrew for several years because just like you said, they run big. But I HOPE I made a good decision. I will let you know…in July. LOL!!!!

    Posted 4.24.14 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you so much, Jean! It does help a lot.

    Posted 4.24.14 Reply
  4. Judy wrote:

    Hi Jean!

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. It gave so much hope for me as a fellow tiny lady who could never find clothes that fit. I almost gave up on looking more professional but now I have the guidebook on how to be taken more seriously! Thank you for taking so much time with all these reviews and suggestions. They're super helpful and I really appreciate all the effort you put into this blog!

    I just recently moved to Boston, and I heard you sometimes get your clothes tailored. Would you have any suggestions? I can usually do my own simple alterations but it'd be nice to know of some good tailors just in case.

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  5. Jean wrote:

    Alice, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How exciting! Hmm…I have to admit I actually love oversized paisley and floral print : ) I have not seen anything like the white halter top skirt set I made though. Have you checked H&M; (now avail. online) or ASOS, which has free ship & returns? ASOS often has 'sets' that are a little more fashion forward, many of which I wish I had a tropical vacation to wear them on. Their sizing tends to run 1-2 sizes smaller than US brands.

    Also, have you checked out WHBM? They have some pretty tank or halter tops as well as tunics which could be great for a getaway:;=cat210001 Their petite items should have free shipping & returns, as advertised, and their regular sizing in my experience can run pretty small. Good luck shopping, and hope you have an amazing time this July!

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  6. Jean wrote:

    Hi Adelina – I noticed the price discrepancy over the two days and was confused as well! I thought it was a temporary typo since the site clearly said 50% off womens. I really hope it works out for you as that's a great price for a cotton trench. I'm a little concerned with the sales lady's recommendation though if you normally need the smallest size offered…have you ever tried J.Crew before? In my experience they run a little big, but it is outerwear so room to layer won't be bad, plus it's cotton so it may shrink in the dryer if needs be.

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  7. Jean wrote:

    Hi Sasha – I just measured and my feet are 8 and 3/4. I take 5 in most brands but size up half a size to 5.5 for J.Crew and Banana Republic shoes. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with sizing! Shopping online for shoes is so tough if you haven't tried a brand before…

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  8. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – sorry, I did not – I was sharing it as a shopping suggestion but I already have a trench in that color. I would guess the sizing should fit just like the petites from their regular line.

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  9. Jean wrote:

    I go to a tailor in Chinatown on Knapp St. He doesn't have a store name and only speaks Cantonese, but I have many non-Chinese friends that go to him and just communicate through gestures. He is located across from the grocery store on that alley/street, and you can see his sewing machine through the big window. His hours are supposed to be 9AM-5PM, but in case he closes up shop later or earlier I'd suggest going later or earlier than those hours.

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  10. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – sorry for any confusion! Those photos were taken at the Ann Taylor factory outlet, which is different from the Ann Taylor regular store and doesn't have a website unfortunately.

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  11. Jean wrote:

    What did you get? Would love it if you shared how your order worked out and if sizing is consistent with their regular store : )

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  12. I ordered the trench coat from JCrew! Thanks Jean for the tip. One note: online yesterday the discounted price for regular was 50% off but the petite was only marked down $10! So the regular trench was marked down to $100 and the petite was $188. I called hoping it was a typo and they weren't sure but they gave me the sale price! Woo Hoo! It is on back order so I won't get it until July but I'm so glad. You should see the sad GoodWill Ill fitting/droopy trench with chunky rolled up sleeves I have been making due with. I'm excited! I hope their sizes are accurate because I generally have to order the tiniest size available no matter what their measurements claim, but the sales lady talked me into a Petite 0 instead of the 00 saying I will want some room to layer… Fingers Crossed.

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  13. Jean wrote:

    This was is in Watertown, by the Arsenal mall!

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  14. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – I really don't have any advice other than keeping things limited to one focal piece – so only 1 statement necklace, earrings, or bracelet and keep everything else simple and minimal. Also I like necklaces that are longer / hang lower down the center so that it helps visually lengthen a shorter frame, versus shorter choker-style necklaces. If you don't feel visible under chunky jewelry, maybe try more neutral colors/pearls versus brights or metallic pieces. Have fun experimenting!

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  15. Hi Jean, I also have an off-topic question.

    First and foremost, my cousin and I love love love your blog. She is a CPA working in Houston and I an attorney who does oil and gas litigation in San Antonio and we're both 5'1 so your professional work blog is a life saver, there is nothing else like it!

    My question is about beach/resort wear. I am getting married in July (woo-hoo!) and am going to Cozumel for a week. Finding shorts (the Limited has some cute stuff this year) has been a piece of cake. But tops and cover-ups have been so hard. All of the beach cover-ups are either plain while (lovely, but you only need one) or crazy huge prints of paisley, tye-dye, or floral that are just not flattering unless you're tall. Also, I can't seem to find any sleeveless halter or tank style tops that look sophisticated. Ann Taylor et. al., just offers solid-colored cotton tanks that are fine but not really a statement like the red/white halter top you made with the matching skirt a while back.

    Any advice on where to get cover-ups and tops that are sophisticated (re not just plain solid color cotton) but still flattering to the petite frame? I am sure I am not the only one who would love to see "Jean goes to St. Barth's" posts!

    Posted 4.23.14 Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    Sorry for maybe a bit off-topic question, but this is a burning issue for me))
    Do you mind sharing what the length of your foot is? And what sizes in which brands do you usually go for?

    I live in Russia where it is next to impossible to find shoes for small feet and I buy most of my footwear from US internet shops, that never cover return shipment cost (((

    I was sure I am size 4.5 in most brands with my foot just a tiny bit smaller than 8 7/8" (still bigger than 8 3/4), and I was unpleasantly surprised when I bought Jcrew Miri in size 5 and I could hardly squeeze my feet into them. It's not only cause of the very tight box, I also feel like I would need at least half a size bigger, if not a whole size, huh 🙁


    Posted 4.22.14 Reply
  17. Julie wrote:

    Surprisingly, the only item that I really like in the above set is the lime stripe skirt. Everything else feels a little meh to me, but that's maybe because the price seems high for the piece–it often does to me at Ann Taylor.

    Style by Joules

    Posted 4.22.14 Reply
  18. Oh how I wish I was near the outlets! By the way, the Ann Taylor petite dot pencil skirt looks like the one I just got from Loft!

    Cheresa @

    Posted 4.22.14 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    so did you order the trench from J-crew outlet Jean? I wonder how the fit is on petite

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  20. Dahlia wrote:

    Pretty outfits, I just love stripes! <3


    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  21. Suad wrote:

    Hi Jean, I live in Boston too and I was wondering if there is a tailor you would recommend? I am petite too and in desperate need of getting my clothes fitted! Thank you.

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  22. Suzie Q wrote:

    Thanks for sharing the great AT sale and your shopping updates! That chartreuse tweed sheath dress is the one I have my eye on. Love that color for spring!

    Suzie Q

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    Love your reviews!! We have identical measurements and they always help tremendously.

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  24. You're as gorgeous as ever, Jean! I, too, struck some gold at the AT sale.. SOO many goodies for petites! 🙂


    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    Couldn't find the dot pencil skirt online. Could you attach a link or provide the style #. I like the look of it. Thank you.

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    I wish we had a ann taylor store here in vancouver…i like the yellow striped skirt..

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    FYI, j crew factory is now carrying petites. I am eagerly awaiting my order.

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  28. love the maxi skirt. need it in my life right now. I saw a girl at the mall with a black/white version of this and looked so lovely.

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  29. laniza wrote:

    Thanks for such a thorough review.

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  30. The neon color looks great on you!

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  31. Alaina W wrote:

    Which AT outlet do you go to? Wrentham?


    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  32. Many thanks for the great tips! You look again so beautiful with the yellow blouse and the striped skirt <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
    International giveaway: Love & Peace

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  33. so cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  34. You're the master at scouting out the steals! Love the black and white striped dress. It fit you so well!

    New post up…

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    I wrote it to the old post and write it again here.
    I hope you read this comment and give me some tips. I am always amazed how you layer chunky jewelries without overwhelming the petite body. Because I always have a problem with chunky necklaces and bracelets. Whenever I try I feel like I am not visible but the jewelries. Could you share tips or advice how to throw jewelries on petite body frame? Thank you so much. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Posted 4.21.14 Reply

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