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MUFE behind the scenes2

Decisions decisions – (left) WHBM dress c/o, Kate Spade heels; (right) Banana Republic dress (older), J.Crew heels

Last month, I got to work with MAKE UP FOR EVER on a fun project inspired by one of my favorite style & beauty icons (can you guess?). I’ll be posting a step-by-step video soon, showing how to go from bare face to a glamorous look reminiscent of that icon. I’ve been using MUFE products for several years (even got my makeup-averse mom hooked on their foundation!) so was very excited to try their new offerings. I had a long chat with their director of artistry, Lijha, about some application tips I hoped to learn and products I wanted to try.
MUFE behind the scenes
As you probably guessed from the little black dresses above, I chose Audrey Hepburn for her enviable timeless style. Beauty-wise, her fuller brows, striking eyes, and “natural but better” lip color does not feel one bit dated since the 60’s. I asked Lijha for tips on two areas that are key to this look but challenging for me – brow shaping (esp. with brow hairs that take on a life of their own), and applying lip color that stays put.

This was the face chart she created based on my icon’s signature look. It’s striking for a night out, and very wearable on a daily basis if applied with a lighter hand:MUFE behind the scenes 5
As for products to try, I know most of us have limited time in the mornings and don’t want to be touching-up or reapplying throughout the day. In addition to quick, easy, and long-lasting, waterproof is another feature I look for since I’m a chronic tear-producer. For smoldering eyes, Lijha introduced me to MUFE’s new Aqua Matic eye pencil, which glided on like a creamy, blend-able crayon (with built-in sharpener if you want a finer line). All of the products in their Aqua eyes line are waterproof and smudgeproof once they set, and took seconds to apply. After showing me several other tips, Lijha finished off with MUFE Mist & Fix setting spray (protects the finished look against rubbing and sweating). 
MUFE behind the scenes 3

Next came accessories and hair…I loved the oodles of pearls and diamonds from Audrey’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you don’t have one piece combining both elements, it’s easy enough to recreate by layering necklaces. To update her high hairdo from that movie, I opted for a tousled, lower ponytail but still with lots of teasing and volume.

MUFE jewelry

Snapshot from the final look (in a Banana Republic dress + ribbon) – can’t wait to share the video soon! 

MUFE behind the scenes 4

Disclosure – This post was sponsored by MAKE UP FOR EVER.
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Julia wrote:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Just wanted to check whether you tried on and have photos of the WHBM dress? I'm a similar size, so would love to see how it looks on you.

    Posted 5.4.14 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    If anyone's interested, Zara currently has a $60 dress that is very similar to your Banana Republic dress. The XS fits me pretty well (5'1, 95 lbs) and after hemming to knee length, it looks a lot like the BR dress. See "Fitted Lace Midi Dress" under Trafaluc Dresses.

    Posted 4.19.14 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I hope you read this comment and give me some tips. I am always amazed how you layer chunky jewelries without overwhelming the petite body. Because I always have a problem with chunky necklaces and bracelets. Whenever I try I feel like I am not visible but the jewelries. Could you share tips or advice how to throw jewelries on petite body frame? Thank you so much. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Posted 4.13.14 Reply
  4. Nickie wrote:

    Hi Jean! Absolutely love the look–those necklaces are to die for. Ive been wondering for a while now what color are the two J Crew everly suede heels you have them in? (the blue and the red posted here). I've been looking into the blue one on ebay, but apparently there are two blues (bluebird and deep violet blue) are that really similar.

    Posted 4.8.14 Reply
  5. Caroline wrote:

    My hair's long, but too thick to wrangle into a bun!

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
  6. What an elegant look! (Thanks also for the makeup tips; I'm always on the hunt for quick and easy products that work well on Asian faces.)

    Posted 4.4.14 Reply
  7. Jean wrote:

    Thank you Olyvia! I have been enjoying your posts over the years!

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  8. Jean wrote:

    Thanks! It's a piece of grosgrain ribbon I had lying around.

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  9. Jean wrote:

    Hi Victoria, I use Duo Mat shade 203 but sometimes go a little darker in the summer and lighter during winter.

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  10. Jean wrote:

    Are you referring to her Breakfast at Tiffany's updo look or another one of her signature styles? If updo, I think those are absolutely gorgeous with naturally curly hair! If it's long, I'd just pin it down in a high messy bun, and for short I love the look in the second photo here:

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  11. Lara Rose wrote:

    Looks great! Very nice blog you have and love your style!

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  12. Lisa wrote:

    I had purchased the same dress from Banana Republic. The bow is definitely a cute addition. I have been following your blog since I am only 5 ft and 98 lbs. I used to be 88 lbs but yoga has definitely added muscles to my built. I just want to thank you for your blog since I am a busy mom with 3 kids, it is not easy for me to go shopping around for my size.

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  13. Makeup looks awesome on you Jean! And the dress is gorgeous.

    A Petite Treat

    Posted 4.3.14 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Yes, in Sephora

    Posted 4.2.14 Reply
  15. Olyvia wrote:

    Ooh, can't wait to see the video! It's so awesome to see these cool experiences you've been selected for, such a long way from the anonymous chopped head photos from your very first blog posts on Extra Petite! You make a great spokesperson for the products you love!

    Posted 4.2.14 Reply
  16. Great modern take on Audrey Hepburn! Love the look.

    Posted 4.2.14 Reply
  17. Jenn wrote:

    the last look was unbelievably classy but redefined for the modern girl. i love this.

    a small bit

    Posted 4.2.14 Reply
  18. The ribbon makes the look! What kind of ribbon is it (satin? grosgrain? poly? silk?)

    Posted 4.2.14 Reply
  19. Suzie Q wrote:

    What a fun collaboration! I love MUFE and your Audrey inspired look is just so classic and sophisticated! Love all of the baubles, especially the one you ultimately chose!

    Suzie Q

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  20. Mind if I ask what shade MUFE foundation do you wear?? I wasn't happy with what the sales associates have matched me up with in the past, and I think you and I are about the same shade. Thanks! =)

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  21. Gigi Katz wrote:

    great look! very classic too. xx. gigi.

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  22. Always love your detailed posts & comments. Thanks for sharing all the useful info!

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  23. Caroline wrote:

    Something I've always wondered: can the Audrey look be achieved with naturally curly hair? If so how would you style it?

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  24. Joules wrote:

    Looking beautiful! I have to say, that's a very modern take on the makeup for Audrey Hepburn–while she did have the darker eyebrows, I usually think of her as being lighter on the makeup and using a softer, lighter lip color. That said, this is still gorgeous and a fun collaboration. I love the outfits!

    Style by Joules

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  25. Stunning look Jean!

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  26. mmm Is the beauty icon audrey hepburn?

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  27. Janna Dana wrote:

    You are very very pretty ! Your make up is amazing, and I love your dress and your bag ! Your shoes are very nice too, you always have beautiful shoes !

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  28. For me it's the same, I have also only about three styles – in maximum four 🙂

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  29. Carla Krae wrote:

    Do you have Sephora stores up there? They sell MUFE.

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  30. Sabrina wrote:

    Such an awesome project! Can't wait for the video!

    Posted 4.1.14 Reply
  31. Love this Jean. You yourself are such a classic beauty. (ps – I need that dress now!)

    Posted 3.31.14 Reply
  32. andrea wrote:

    Such a timeless look…love the dress and makeup!


    Posted 3.31.14 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    So pretty dress and hair. I have near heard of mulf products before, thanks for sharing. Are they available in Canada?

    Posted 3.31.14 Reply
  34. Your make up and final look are elegant! With the outfit it's such classic beauty!



    Posted 3.31.14 Reply
  35. Michelle R wrote:

    Great final look…especially love the hair! Encourages me to try more with my hair…only have about three styles. :/

    Posted 3.31.14 Reply

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