Warm Knits and Boden Petites Striped Trench

boden petite coat 2

Rainy Day mac sz 2P (sleeves altered) c/o
Gap petites sweater (this year’s version), thrifted skirt, Zara navy heels, Ann Taylor brown tights

While winter is in full swing, I still rotate in my favorite lighter jackets by layering up underneath. A long-sleeve thermal (my family is hooked on these Jockey waffle ones…we each have the full black pantset and look like ninjas slithering around the house) plus a thick turtleneck sweater can make a trench feel just as substantial as a wool coat.boden petite coat 1
I’ve gotten a number of questions about Boden in the past, but held off on ordering as their sizes go down only to 2P. For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Boden is a British retailer known for their casual basics, often in fun colors or patterns like this coat. Even though I knew this trench would be roomy on me, I decided to try it to at least experience their quality and sizing.
boden petite coat 4
The quality of this jacket is very good in my opinion. The outer is 100% cotton and is “showerproof” (water-resistance is very much appreciated here in New England). The inside is fully lined with soft fleece for the torso and hood, and a satiny-feel polyester inside the sleeves. There’s a detachable hood, zipper plus button front closure, and side pockets lined in more fleece (a nice surprise for cold hands!). While taking the sleeves apart to slim them from the inside, I noticed that several seams are sealed from the inside with plastic-y tape, which I’m guessing is to aid in water-resistance.

The shape of this coat is mostly straight with a slight A-line silhouette. The material weight is between light to medium, and the cotton outer is more rigid as with most water-resistant trench fabrics. My ideal jacket style is more fitted and waist-cinching, but I think this is an adorable (love the oversized dot print too) and functional option for those who can fit the sizing.
boden petite coat 3
As previously noted, I usually take two sizes down in American brands so this coat is roomy on me throughout. I did slim both sleeves by 1.5 inches (per this tutorial) and folded them up 1 inch in these photos. For sizing reference, I had a 5’2″ friend who is a 2P in Ann Taylor / LOFT also try this on, and it was snug on her with the sleeves being a tad short. I would estimate this jacket in sz 2P fits similar to between an American 0P-2P or H&M; 4-6, depending on how snug you like your items. I would also guess that as with most brands, their knit, stretchy pieces may run more on the smaller end. See this knit dress fitting nicely on Sydney in a size 2P.

Measurements of my 2P (please factor in some width the lining takes up): 14″ across the shoulders, 17.5″ across the chest, 16.5″ across the waist, 30.5″ length, 22″ sleeve length, 6″ original sleeve width. The measurements for every size are listed for each item under the Measurements tab > Garment measurements section, and I found them to be pretty accurate.
boden petite coat

What are your experiences shopping Boden? I’m also interested in hearing what U.K. ladies think of the brand!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. WOW!! what a lovely coat…u just look beautiful amita@glamplaza.com

    Posted 12.16.13 Reply
  2. Jean wrote:

    Hi Tamster, I'm flattered you would trust me with styling you! Unfortunately I'm not qualified to do so professionally, aside from just sharing tips from personal experience through this blog. If you're in LA, I'm sure there is a wealth of personal stylists. I'd look for one with body type and style similar to yourself so you can be sure they understand what you're looking for. Good luck!

    Posted 12.15.13 Reply
  3. Jean wrote:

    Hi Sandy, I straighten it sometimes if I have time in the morning. I know it's damaging though! I usually don't blow dry my hair and just let it air dry then sleep on it to flatten.

    Posted 12.15.13 Reply
  4. Jean wrote:

    Hi there – mine is from last year so I can't speak to this year's version, but mine is a little itchy and I did have to shave off some pills with my sweater shaver ($10 or less at bedbathbeyond and similar stores). I always wear a tee or long sleeve shirt underneath. It serves its purpose though as a layering piece!

    Posted 12.15.13 Reply
  5. Tamster wrote:

    Jean, I'm not sure if your location is Boston or Los Angeles since you've posted some videos from Los Angeles. Do you do any consulting for people to assist them in their clothing choices/styles? I am also petite, but almost 50 years old. I'd love to pay someone who has your talent to help me pick choices for my age, somewhat fat belly and yet look professional for work.

    Posted 12.15.13 Reply
  6. Jenn wrote:

    I just placed an order yesterday for a shift dress and am hoping it turns out well. Somehow I was mailed a brochure and was intrigued by the pretty outfits! I love your coat and the classic outfit underneath!

    Posted 12.14.13 Reply
  7. you never failed amazed me jean..love the trench coat I love to own one someday

    Posted 12.14.13 Reply
  8. cute!! lovely look 🙂


    Posted 12.14.13 Reply
  9. Suzie Q wrote:

    I've never shopped at Boden, but this jacket seems great! I love the unexpected stripes for a trench coat and how you styled this outfit together!

    Suzie Q

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  10. Tara wrote:

    I bought a dress in 2p from Boden and still found it to be too big for my frame (5'1" and 90lbs). That being said, it was a beautiful dress, and the customer service was absolutely fantastic.

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  11. bella wrote:

    I've bought a few things from Boden before they introduced the petite line. I've found their regular size 2 (the smallest they offered) to be way too big for my 5'2 95 pound frame. As per measurements given on their website, their petite 2 isn't going to be a good fit for me either. I wish they offered smaller sizes for ladies like myself. Otherwise, I love their quality, design, and customer service.

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  12. I have never heard of Boden before but will have to check them out now. I love this jacket! Especially the added pop of color from the lining and zipper! Thanks for sharing Jean!

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  13. The coat looks nice on you. Thanks for introducing the brand.

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  14. Dice wrote:

    I've never shopped Boden, but am in love with your coat. The 2P rainy day mac you show here is already sold out. 🙁

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  15. It's the time of year for cozy looks like this!
    You look adorable and warm!




    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  16. Col wrote:

    The trench is cute on you, but I think a more fitted style works better. It looks bulky from the back. Boden is a big favorite among the fashion-conscious, more "mature" ladies in my office (suburban Boston). The cuts are forgiving of curves, and the colors are flattering. I've not felt compelled to try anything (I'm 40 but admittedly dress somewhat younger). The sizes seemed big, and their petite selection is not comprehensive, especially in tops.

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  17. that trench is adorable! love the stripes! xo


    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  18. Sandy wrote:

    Jean, do you straight iron your hair, I love how healthy your hair looks….

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  19. What a lovely coat! The pop of purple from the zippers is so cute. The whole outfit is adorable and festive, perfect for a holiday brunch!!

    Choo Choo

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    Actually cowlneck sweater

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    Lovely!try uni qlo heat tech. Their stuff is amazing!!!

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    Happy to see your new post in the freezing morning! I have been looking for a turtleneck sweater. How do you like your Gap one? Does it has a good quality?

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  23. Tania wrote:

    I live in London and Boden's never really been viewed as a stylish option here! It's more of a family brand full of mums. Which is why I was surprised to see that this is Boden. They seem to be revamping but some of the stuff looks like cheap up close.

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  24. Tania wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  25. Carol Li wrote:

    Boden do some great clothes, however, I do find that the large prints can be over powering on a petite lady. We need small prints to keep us in proportion or we appear to be even smaller than we currently are.


    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  26. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  27. i love this!

    xoxo from rome

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  28. Sunnysider wrote:

    I do shop at Boden, as I live in the UK. The quality is consistently good to excellent for the price and they have a tremendous guarantee where if you are not happy with an item within a year (!) of purchasing it you can return it. The sizing runs reasonably large as you found out especially for tailored pieces like their trousers. Some of the designs are a bit too classic for me and might target a slightly older market but there are some real gems . I have the same trench in black and even though it is not my most stylish coat, it is so warm and practical that it's definitely a favourite!

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  29. I love Boden, too, especially as they offer – as you mentioned – bright colors and wonderful patterns. You look wonderful in this coat <3 And like you I wear woolen underwear in the colder seasons and so I´m also able to wear many kinds of garments without freezing :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  30. zozo wrote:

    I love the sheen on that jacket, the preppy stripes, the purple zipper and contrast lining. Very nice details.
    Also, lol @ the image of you guys as ninjas. I want a black set now!
    x atelier zozo

    Posted 12.13.13 Reply
  31. I've never shopped Boden, but I just visited their sites and they have so me lovely stuff. You look really nice 🙂


    Posted 12.13.13 Reply

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