Oversized print scarf 3 ways – bib, shawl, and double loop

horsebit autumn scarf1

U.O. scarf (similar in chain print but smaller, 30% off w/ FAF), H&M; blazer,  LOFT pleat front blouse
J.Crew wool cafe capris ($37.50 w/ SHOPNOW for orders over $150), shrunken and legs slimmed

I don’t often make it across the river to Cambridge, but somehow wound up at the Urban Outfitters bargain basement after playing tour guide for friends. While they busied themselves trying on triple-markdown cat sweaters, I spotted this bright scarf out of the corner of my eye. I’m a sucker for fiery fall foliage colors, and with the addition of horsebit buckles and jewel print – I’m sold. At 53″ x 53″, though, it definitely spans larger than any other scarf I own. Here are some ways that I’ve been experimenting around with it.

First up above is my personal favorite for showing off scarves with nice pattern in the corners. Fold it in half diagonally into a triangle, and cross the two ends behind your neck so you have a “bib” of sorts. Pull the two ends down in the front and tuck loosely behind the bib. The scarf here pretty much serves as a printed blouse, so you can simply layer a plain, comfy tee underneath.
horsebit autumn scarf2
For a cozy afternoon at the coffee shop, a large scarf can serve as a shawl. If you move around a lot, you can secure it in place with a vintage brooch.
horsebit autumn scarf3Below: Ann Taylor Lara pumps c/o, now on sale with an extra 40% off in 2 color combos. For anyone looking for shoe inserts, Stiletto Hardware (see my old review) is offering 20% off all items with code XP20 until November 2nd. I use the ball of foot cushions for shoes that have stretched out, and love the back of heel cushions (sometimes stack 2 on top of each other) to keep shoes from digging into my ankles.
horsebit autumn scarf4
For this last style, fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle then fold/roll once more into a thinner tube. Wrap it into two loops around your neck and secure the ends in a tiny knot. This style is good for showing off the center diagonal section of printed scarves. My favorite part of this print is in the corners, which were all unfortunately concealed here. I’ll have to try this fold with solids or smaller prints in the future.
horsebit autumn scarf

Bib, shawl, or double loop – which way was your favorite?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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