Simple stripes + leopard clutch (& LOFT petites review)

LOFT striped top

H&M; shorts, LOFT striped top, Ann Taylor pumps (similar, on sale in sz 5+), DIY leopard clutch (tutorial)

Just sharing a basic outfit from the hot & humid weekend, and some pics from a recent order. I gravitated towards this navy & white top as a replacement for an old Forever 21 blouse, which became warped and shrunken after one wash to something suitable for a teddy bear. This top is cut generously and could probably benefit from an inch of slimming on each side. However, the smooth polyester drapes & tucks like silk plus is easily washable, which is why my LOFT blouses get lots of wear. I also appreciated that the tiny stripes actually line up on both sides.

LOFT striped top 3
I like that this is a lightweight staple for work or casual outfits in the hot summer, plus works both un-tucked or tucked-in. I prefer it with pants/shorts to see the increasing stripe width detail. I got mine in-store for $18 after an extra 60% off. Measurements of XXSP are: 13.5″ across shoulder, 16″ armpit to armpit, 18.5″ across bottom, and 22″ length. Note: the narrower neck opening measures 9.75″ across and may be tight for some.

loft striped top 1
Elastic Waist Striped Pencil Skirt (XS P, left photo has 2″ clipped back)

I also inadvertently ordered a semi-coordinating skirt. Apparently, LOFT made a few striped pieces to be worn together as a dress or separately – a design after my own heart. I somehow selected the wrong size, so the skirt pictured does not fit. I did try on a similar elastic skirt in the right size, which fit better like this.

The skirt is a knit tee-shirt material with an elastic waist all-around. Even though this was described online, the picture made it look dressier. Maybe the key is to “fill out” the elastic waistband and gathered area, so it looks more pencil and less casual/scrunchy. You can conceal some of the elastic with a wider belt, and I will admit it’s comfy on expanding waistlines. Verdict: Return. Would recommend to someone looking for a more casual striped skirt and can fill it out better (perhaps size down).

loft striped top

Ah…these pants. I really wanted to love them for a few reasons. They came in a mustard color that I’ve been searching for (to replace these hopelessly wrinkly ones), they have work pant features like a sturdier stretch twill material, vertical front pockets, slit back pockets, and functional belt loops – plus the price was great. Unfortunately, the crop length is not too flattering on me. I was hoping there’d be sufficient hem allowance to let these out to ankle-length, but no such luck. The cut of the leg and ankle opening was also wider than what I’d prefer for a skinny pant. This could be a simple alteration for some tailors, but my dress pants have rarely come back post-slimming alterations fitting right.

loft striped top 2

The waist was also roomy, but better than some other pants I’ve tried on. The measurements of a 00P are: 13.75″ across the waist, 16.75″ across the hips, 7.5″ rise, 21″ inseam, and 6.25″ wide leg opening. For reference, my preferred Crewcuts ankle pants in sz 12 (see this season’s solid colors or a cute seahorse print) have a 23.75″ inseam and 5.5″ leg openingI just wish those would come in a dressier material for work. Verdict: Return. Possibly suitable for someone with a shorter inseam (or someone who can pull off crops), who doesn’t mind a less-fitted leg.
LOFT striped top 1

Michael Kors 38mm watch, links removed (similar), Hermes belt (gift from Nick, re-sized for free by the store)

LOFT striped top 4

Did you purchase anything from the recent rounds of AT/LOFT mega-sales? If so, please share any keepers or recommendations!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I hope this doesn't sound weird/creepy, but what is your secret to getting great looking legs? My legs have greeny-blue veins, the odd freckle and those annoying pore spots. I've noticed that you and Wendy (of Wendy's Look Book) have even-toned skin. I've tried self tanner and Sally Hansen's spray-on pantyhose with lack luster results.

    Posted 7.23.13 Reply
  2. JulieD wrote:

    I bought this shirt too! I haven't worn it yet and I love how you paired it with shorts!

    Posted 7.15.13 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks for the tip! Never heard of LXR & Co, so I'm going to check it out. And you're right, the eBay options, although more attractively priced, are just too risky for me. At this point, I'm better off just waiting a bit longer and getting myself a nice, new authentic one at the store. =)

    By the way, I never comment on blogs, but I'm a fan! I recently started working in the financial district here and when I first started, I was asked if I was old enough to drink. (I'm in my late 20s!) Your style tips and focus on proper fit have really transformed how I shop/dress for work and helps me look less like the high school intern, and more like a professional. haha Keep up the good work!!

    Posted 7.12.13 Reply
  4. Ashley wrote:

    Just a word of warning about the seahorse dress, it's fairly see through… so be mindful of what you wear underneath! It's incredibly comfy though!

    Posted 7.10.13 Reply
  5. If it means you can fit into cute pants better, then who cares about any extra lbs! ; )

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  6. Hi Lana, thanks for the suggestion. I will look for the ankle pant version the next time I'm in a store!

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  7. The belt here is new from the store, but I have a pre-owned one that my bf got via a sample sale site (Rue La La or Gilt, something of the like). Those sites claim to authenticate, however you don't know how skilled their authenticators are, and the pricing is definitely higher than what you'd find on eBay. I also have one from LXR & Co, but the Hermes belt pricing on their site is very high for pre-owned – almost the same as new. I see a lot of options on eBay but am unfortunately just not knowledgeable enough about authenticity. That seems like the best route to get the lowest price, but comes with the risk.

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  8. I have the same problem with Gap petite bottoms too. Since I am around your height at 5 feet, I'm a little confused as to how a 5'3" or 5'4" woman can wear them.

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  9. Thanks for the reminder – I did think the head opening was smaller than usual, but it slipped my mind. I didn't have a problem but will add a note in case anyone else might!

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  10. Hi Meg – I love, love leopard heels and think they are almost a "neutral." If you go to my blog search bar on the right hand side and type in Calvin Klein leopard, all of my past outfits involving those heels will pop up. Good luck playing around with yours!

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  11. Hi Tanya, I haven't come across any (to be honest, haven't been looking in our heatwave either : ) but will definitely keep it in mind. I'm looking for a colored one myself.

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  12. I'm so glad to hear! Just saw it on a chic colleague today too.

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    I purchased the Loft elastic waist black and white skirt you featured on your instagram and I love it! It's super lightweight and I appreciate that it is machine washable. Thank you for always sharing your great deals/finds!

    Posted 7.8.13 Reply
  14. Tanya wrote:

    Any chance you can do a review of black leather jackets? Looking for a good one!

    Posted 7.8.13 Reply
  15. Meg wrote:

    Love your blog! I just bought a pair of leopard print heels and I love them! Still not sure how to style them so I could wear them with something casual, something dressy, something for a night out etc. It would be so cool if you did a blog post/video about how to style leopard print shoes 🙂

    Posted 7.8.13 Reply
  16. Joules wrote:

    I'm a big fan of the simplicity of this outfit. If you're going to do leopard, you have to keep the rest of it paired down, and you do that perfectly. It looks very chic!

    Style by Joules

    Posted 7.8.13 Reply
  17. love your nude shoes

    Posted 7.8.13 Reply
  18. I had the same problem with those mustard colored LOFT pants! I really wanted them to look good, but those wide legs were just not flattering for another petite person like myself.

    Posted 7.7.13 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    I purchased the same top in a size SP. I had to go up a size due to what I think is a narrow shoulder in the top. I also picked up a black sleeveless peplum top, a purple shift dress, and a black dress with lace top. I love the leopard hand bag.

    Posted 7.6.13 Reply
  20. poppypixie wrote:

    Love the shorts and top combo!

    Posted 7.5.13 Reply
  21. loving the shorts!

    Posted 7.5.13 Reply
  22. Alonai Co wrote:

    Amazing!! I love it!

    Posted 7.5.13 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    I tried on this striped top. I find it hard to get my head through the top opening. Will be returning.

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  24. Spiffie wrote:

    I always have trouble with the Loft pants as well. I am only 5'1", but the petite sizes are usually too short on me(!!??) by just a small amount, but it just doesn't look right.

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  25. Big fan of the clutch! The pants are so chic and perfect for work!

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  26. Amy wrote:

    Love the top!! I also appreciate you linking to size 5 shoes. They seem to be getting harder and harder to find.

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  27. Charlotte wrote:

    How cute! I love the top a lot, I think it suits your body type really well! I kinda love the skirt too, maybe a little bit too long.
    Anyways the outfit is so lovely, the shorts color is really nice, and I love the leopard touch !

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  28. I got a ton of things at the AT sale – I couldn't believe how great the prices were. A ton of great work tops for about $15-20 each, dresses for around $25-30, and I got a pair of the patent AT perfect pumps for $45 bucks!

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  29. EVA. wrote:

    such a cute outfit, you look lovely <3


    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  30. Michelle wrote:

    This is a really cute look on you! Especially love it in that last pic with the orange and animal print. Was talking about your clutch with Ping when she was in town…wanted to make something like that for one of my first sewing projects.

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  31. I purchased the AT Banded Tie-Front dress in Blue/White, it was a winner! From $128 down to $50. The material is thicker for a summer dress but looks lovely with a recent tan. I received so many compliments during brunch but my only complaint is that the dress needs to be narrowed at the bottom.

    Posted 7.4.13 Reply
  32. Lana L. wrote:

    I also tried on the Marisa Cropped Pants, and while they were a bit more snug on me than you, I also didn't look how big the leg opening was. I recommend trying on the Marisa Bi Strech Ankle Pants. Those fit much better, and give a more streamlined look. However, the pants are not lined on the inside which can cause some vpl.

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  33. Wow, I cant believe how roomy those crops are on you! They fit me much more snug all over. I wonder if Ive gained a few l-b's and its time to remeasure?? lol!


    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  34. Abby wrote:

    Love that top!

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  35. Diana S.T. wrote:

    you look amazing!
    kiss from Guatemala

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    Any tips on where to get a pre-owned Hermes belt like yours (online or in Boston)?

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  37. Love the simplicity – Less is more.

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  38. Julie wrote:

    Love this as a slouchy tee! Such a cute stripey find!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  39. looksbymc wrote:

    Love the looks! Also, very helpful post =)

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  40. Lov your outfit, especially your stripes top!!!

    Jul, from le monde des petites

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply
  41. I love how versatile the top is and I especially love how you have paired it with mustard colored pants and leopard print shoes.

    Posted 7.3.13 Reply

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