$79 Yoox Leather bag review (Prada Saffiano tote look for less)

**As most of you already know, the Nordies Anniversary sale has begun! My attempts to find riding boots and a not-too-trendy leather jacket early on were unsuccessful, but here are a few picks if you’re shopping the sale. As always, free shipping and free returns on everything.
– More rugged/utility style trench option: Burberry Brit trench coat w/ detachable hood
– Conservative work staple: Halogen seamed pencil skirt starting in 00P and 7 color options
– Absolutely love my Stella & Dot arrow necklace that is now sold out. Similar option in gold or silver.
Basic bras starting in a harder-to-find 30 band size. I have not tried these, but they came recommended by reader Alannah: “I gotta shout from the rooftops about Nordstrom’s new BP Undercover juniors lingerie line. All bra styles come in a 30D and other 30 sizes, and the quality is FAB.”**

On to today’s review… after a slow search for a light-colored work bag, I’m happy to have found a winner (an affordable one, to boot). I first stumbled across this purse on Yoox while searching for a “similar” recommendation for my cobalt blue satchel. Their huge selection of genuine leather bags and small-sized shoes on sale is almost overwhelming, so it took me a while to browse before placing an order.
prada bag for less3

For me, shopping for work bags has always been a struggle between finding something that could fit a large laptop (the bane of my daily commute), yet doesn’t overwhelm my 5 feet tall frame in size or weight. This bag met all of my needs at a very fair price for genuine leather. 

I tend to gravitate towards the same few styles, and didn’t realize how similar the general look of this bag was was to my Prada tote. The first day I had it sitting on my desk at work, conversation from passerby traffic went something like this:
 – #1, very keen male boss (who likes to go shopping): “Ooo, a knockoff of your camel bag!”
 – #2, semi-keen female colleague: “Is that a new Prada? Oh wait…it looks similar, but cheaper no offense.”
 – #3, female colleague: “Wow, you got the same bag in a different color?”

Parentesi bag review2

 Wearing with: DIY skirt (last seen here), LOFT blouse, J.Crew Everly pumps (on sale, runs very small)

I won’t say the bag is a dupe given noticeable differences in quality, however it is a similar style for less. Continue reading for my review…

Parentesi bag review4
Ways to wear it: 1) Over the shoulder (short 6″ handle drop, so this won’t work for everyone), 2) hand-held, 3) on the crook of the elbow, 4) cross-body, or 5) slung on the shoulder. The strap is unfortunately not adjustable, and is too long for me to wear it the last way as-is.
Parentesi bag review3
Size: I now have a smaller laptop (12″ x 9″) at work and wanted a bag that could contain that, plus a wallet, shoes, makeup pouch, and snacks without any excess bulk. This bag measures 13″ wide x 10″ high x 5.5″ deep (1″ taller and wider than Prada BN2274). Handle drop is 6″ and shoulder strap is 41″ long. It fits all of the aforementioned items, and I feel still looks acceptable against my frame. The leather is thinner and more pliable than the Prada’s, which allows the bag to hold more stuff, more easily.
prada bag for less1

There are two large zip compartments on each side, which I haven’t been using:prada bag for less4
Size comparison to my other favorites Longchamp Planete large tote and J.Crew Edie bag:

Parentesi bag review
Material: I wanted something semi-stain, water, and scuff resistant, but with more structure than my usual Longchamp tote. Since I haul so much on a daily basis, the bag needs to be lightweight on its own (I’ve tried on so many empty bags that felt like bricks!). I was open to treated leather, coated canvas, or even nylon in a more structured frame.
prada bag for less2
Th material of this bag is pebbled, pliable coated leather. The website lists this as real leather, but unfortunately I could find no other details on the material or how it was treated. The color in-person is ivory with grey-ish tints in the pebbling (not stark white) and is very easy to pair. I also use a base shaper for this bag, since the softer leather will probably sag with more weight.
Prada bag for less
Quality: I think the quality is very fair for the price, and in my opinion comparable to mid-tier bag brands like Michael Kors. One thing that cheapens the look of this bag a little is the rippling of the leather when there are weighty things inside (you can see this in the above photos where I am carrying it). This happens with the Prada tote too, but less so due to the stiffer and thicker saffiano leather.

Since I had the Prada on hand for comparison, I noticed other quality differences include the lack of finished/waxed edges, the lower-quality hardware, the lack of side clips for the shoulder strap (a biggie – they have to clip to the handle hardware instead), and the un-adjustability of the strap. I’m thinking of taking the strap to a cobbler to shorten – any DIY ideas are appreciated!
Parentesi bag review1
Customer Service: This company is based in Italy but has a distribution warehouse in NJ. Shipping is free for orders $195+, and returns (need to be made within 20 days of delivery) using their UPS label are a flat $6. My packages arrived quickly – within two business days each time. A few days after placing an order, I saw that the price of one of my items went down. I contacted Customer Service, and they responded within 1 day with a price adjustment.

All in all, I recommend this bag as a basic, everyday satchel, and am tempted to also pick up the bright blue one (my current one doesn’t fit a laptop). I’m holding off on the duplicate purchase to see how this one holds up over time. I also ordered several pairs of leather shoes from Yoox (keepers were these flat sandals and these ankle-strap sandals), and was very pleased with the quality. Will be doing a review shortly!


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  • Reply banclothing July 26, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    OMG love gushers too.. not sure about the new packaging though… seems like there is less per pack.

  • Reply Anonymous July 26, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    Can you please promote ethical/cruelty free (fauz leather) accessories on your website? That way a lot of us who love and care for animals will be pleased as well.

  • Reply PetiteAsianGirl July 28, 2013 at 9:55 am

    Hi Mel, please email me at extrapetiteblog at gmail.com and we can discuss! Thanks

  • Reply Anonymous July 28, 2013 at 11:27 am

    Hi Jean,

    I just started working and wanted to invest in a designer tote under $500. I love your style, are there any that you can recommend?

  • Reply Mel July 28, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Hi! I am sending a reply right now!

  • Reply Simply Sarah July 29, 2013 at 5:01 am

    What a lovely bag! Cant resist gold hardware

  • Reply Andrea July 30, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    Hi Jean, i have the same prada lux tote and was wondering how you clean and maintain your bag, especially how to prevent corner scuffs which is the biggest issue i am having right now. I would appreciate if you could do a blog post on it. Thanks!

  • Reply Anonymous August 2, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for doing a review on an affordable alternative to the Prada saffiano double zip tote. I know someone who recently purchased a Prada medium saffiano double zip bag with a shoulder strap from the San Francisco flagship store off of Union Square. It unfortunately did not have a happy ending and wanted to warn others.

    This person inspected it before purchasing the Prada bag and used it that night and the next day for the flight to Canada. She placed an iPad, wallet, keys and documents inside the bag for the flight. On the third day when she was unpacking her bag, she tried to unsnap the side closures, but it ripped apart. The snap pulled right out of the leather, leaving a circle in the leather and the snap still closed.

    So she went to the Toronto flagship store on Bloor Street on the 14th day of purchase to get a full refund, instead of just an exchange. She gave the sales man the receipt and certificate of authentication. The sales man said that they could send the Prada bag for a repair and his manager said that they could check to see if they could give her a new one instead. However, she preferred a full refund in US dollars since that was the currency she used to purchase the bag in. The manager gave some mumbo jumbo that he could only give the refund in Canadian dollars.

    The second strike was that he said that the American taxes she paid on the purse would not be reimbursed since that was given to the American government. She said that since Prada is an international brand, they could retrieve that on their own. He said that she should have claimed the taxes before leaving America. Apparently a lot of people do this before leaving America.

    In the end, she had a $200 loss, but considered it a small price to pay since she got her $2,000.00 back. She asked if this sort of thing happened a lot and he said that Prada makes a ton from these purses and honestly, sometimes one or two slip through quality control. It was her bad luck that she got the one in 10,000 purses that had a defect. That was the third strike for her because when you purchase a luxury item, you don't expect any to slip through quality control. It doesn't seem fair that customers should have to suffer a financial loss due to Prada's issues with quality control.

    I hope this helps anyone considering purchasing a Prada handbag.

  • Reply rodelmalopez August 5, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    I like this style of working bags, I definitely look for bag that works like this thank u

  • Reply Anonymous September 1, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Can you please tell me the info on your skirt! LOVE!!!!

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