ASOS little red dress at the Boston Public Library

asos red dress boston public library2

Off-Shoulder Midi Dress c/o ASOS (3 colors, wearing a US 4/UK6 with DIY alterations)
Valentino rockstud heels (4 colors, wearing sz 35), DIY clutch, H&M; stole (similar), vintage ring

Today’s post is my entry in a fun little contest, for which I was asked to style an Oscars-themed outfit using an ASOS brand dress. I’m happy that a large international retailer like ASOS doesn’t forget about its shorter customers–I appreciate their petite-friendly options and am excited to be part of this feature.
asos red dress boston public library3
asos red dress boston public library1
When I think of celebrities at the Oscars, I picture gorgeous, elaborate gowns, and dramatic silhouettes. As most of us won’t be sashaying down the red carpet anytime soon, I wanted to find a dress suitable for the life of an everyday woman, but still nothing short of stunning for a special occasion. I ended up choosing a fitted little red dress that enhances even negligible curves, and styled it with a mix of accessories ranging from DIY to Valentino. This look was inspired by old Hollywood glamour and is true to my classics-loving style.
asos red dress boston public library7
In addition to an outfit, I also wanted to share with you guys one of the most historical buildings in this city that I love. These photos were taken in the older half of the Boston Public Library, which was built in the 1800s. This room above has two levels of tall bookshelves, complete with little spiral staircases and ladders – it felt like I had strolled right into Belle’s library!

asos red dress boston public library4

Another favorite room of mine is the recently-restored reading room, where locals have been studying under the majestic arched ceilings (shown in 1st photo) for over a hundred years. Oak bookcases filled with rare collections line all of the reading room walls:

asos red dress boston public library6
I didn’t have the right bag for this ensemble, so made one to keep with the bold red and soft taupe color scheme:asos red dress boston public library
For anyone who’s interested, I’ll be doing a review on the sizing and fit for this dress in a later post. I tried my luck outside ASOS’ petites section, and was pleased to find that this dress in regular sizing ran small. I ended up sizing up to a US 4 (for reference, I typically take XXS/00 or H&M; sz 2) and performing some at-home alterations, but in hindsight, a US 2 may work better for someone my size if you don’t mind a snug fit (which this dress is intended to be). Both sizes need a hem job if you’re on the shorter side.
asos red dress boston public library5

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  1. Flawless photos, and you look gorgeous! Voted!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  2. I love the BPL, I used to go there on weekends and stock up on books. I've seen wedding photos in the gorgeous courtyard as well. I love that you paired red with the Valentino heels.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  3. Jessy wrote:

    Jean, you look amazing in red! I love the library interior. It's a beautiful setting to showcase your Oscar look. You've gotta show us how you make your clutches. : )

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  4. You loo stunning!!!



    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  5. Wow, beautiful! Voted for you, I love the dress (and I love the library shots!).

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  6. Petite-ish wrote:

    I voted for you too. Absolutely love this look and location (of course). I think you really elevated the dress from meh to meow! haha

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    Professional work! These photos are sooo beautiful… just as you & your outfit 😉

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    and I voted for you!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    What a dress… fits you like a glove! Beautiful detailing and color… looks amazing on you. And thanks Nick for the great photography!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  10. M wrote:

    These pictures are stunning. I love everything from the dress, accessories, location…etc !! I vote for u also. Great job.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  11. Beautiful, classy and elegant. Well done Jean! Gorgeous dress and setting.

    FashionEdible Blog

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  12. Ann wrote:


    Voted 😀

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  13. V GPetite wrote:

    Stunning pics! I just voted for you as a small gesture of saying thank you for the wonderful blog content : ). Good luck Jean!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  14. Rosie wrote:

    Stunning! You look red-carpet worthy, and kudos to Nick for amazing photos.

    If I had a million dollars, I would get married at Boston Public Library (yes, they do weddings!). It is magically beautiful, and sitting in the reading room always added a little glamour to studying for exams.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  15. The library does look like the one Belle was in! You look beautiful in the dress and have my vote!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  16. melanie wrote:

    Voted for you too! yours was the best and only one I can actually see walking down the red carpet.
    question about this dress, I'm debating getting it… is it thick and heavy, sucks you in like Herve or more like BEBE quality?

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,
    You look super lovely in the dress & heels!! Everything about this – from the outfit to the background & lightning is truly breathtaking ;). Hope you do well on the contest!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  18. Stunning photos–love the juxtaposition of the red dress against the BPL's historic splendor!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    You look divine! I love the look. Keep up the great work!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  20. Nandar wrote:

    Voted for you!
    You look red carpet stunning. X !

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  21. bibi wrote:

    you look gorgeous in that dress and the heels are stunning 🙂

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  22. Wow you look great!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  23. Candice wrote:

    You look stunning, Jean! I voted for you. Good luck! =)

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  24. That dress is perfection on you! and the setting is to die for! I hope you win.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  25. Wow. These pictures are really stunning. You look gorgeous!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  26. Arts wrote:

    Voted for you Jean. You look absolutely gorgeous!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  27. You look so gorgeous!!! You chose the perfect backdrop for these photos!!


    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  28. Sabrina wrote:

    Jean, this is INCREDIBLE! And being a writer/former English major, the fact that you chose the Boston Public Library as your backdrop just makes my heart palpitate with joy. What gorgeous and classic architecture! Love that LRD on you (the bandage-style/ruching is perfection) and I especially love your Valentinos (because–and I really hope you don't take this the wrong way–I feel like you're taking a style risk and succeeding)!

    Voted for you! And props to Nick as well for the amazing photography! 🙂


    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  29. hugstiem wrote:

    Oh, fashion shoots in libraries. Reminds me irresistibly of the beginning of Funny Face.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  30. You look absolutely stunning and gorgeous in this dress! And I LOVE the boston public library. It is seriously breathtaking in there!

    xo, Yi-chia

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  31. Ana wrote:

    Wow, Jean! You look stunning! And how creative to make your own bag when you couldn't find what you needed. I really love this look and it's perfect for a glamourous evening out. Plus your library! GORGEOUS!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    Voted for you! Good luck. 🙂

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  33. Lovely look. I have driven past the library so many times, but never went inside. Beautiful backdrop!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  34. Gorgeous and stunning!!! You look incredibly, and classically elegant.

    I was married at the Los Angeles Central Library, so I share your appreciation for grand old libraries. The Boston Library looks incredible! Great job to you and Nick. I really enjoyed this post.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  35. Emily L wrote:

    these pictures are gorgeous! voted! 🙂

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    voted for you, gorgeous!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  37. Anonymous wrote:

    What a fun opportunity to get all dolled up for a glamorous event! After every awards show, I always look through all of the pictures of the actresses and vicariously choose the dress I would've worn if I were to have attended. (Fave this year so far is Kate Hudson's Golden Globes dress.) And out of all of the entries for ASOS, I absolutely love your look the best. You've altered that dress to fit you perfectly and accessorized it in ways I never would have even considered (AND custom-made a clutch to finish the outfit no less!). Also, great setting and photography. If you don't win, I demand a re-count! 😉

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  38. I have no words for these photos. Absolutely stunning, Jean! Nick did a fantastic job taking these pictures. So classy and timeless!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  39. DSK Steph wrote:

    Beautiful everything!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  40. Kay wrote:

    Stunning STUNNY photos! You look amazing. I love how you've styled the dress. Very glamorous and timeless.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  41. JJ Houston wrote:

    You're so beautiful Jean. The dress, the styling, the photos…everything perfectly reflected the old Hollywood style. I voted for you! Keep up the great work! I truly enjoy your blog.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  42. Elle wrote:

    The photos are just stunning so props to you and Nick! So glam and truly Oscars worthy! 🙂

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  43. Anonymous wrote:

    Absolutely stunning! I had voted for you yesterday! Loving your DIY clutches, maybe a tutorial pretty please?

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  44. Gwen F wrote:


    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  45. Lana L. wrote:

    All I could think throughout this whole post was "Damn girl." Seriously though, you look amazing, and kudos to Nick for taking such fantastic photos!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  46. wow jean i'm blown away by these classic glamour photos. nick has quite the eye for indoor composition! i'm a big fan of old architecture and books and you really delivered.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  47. Anonymous wrote:

    Just voted for you!! Your silent admirer.. I am not at all into fashion or brands… I love reading your blog as you come across as a very genuine and honest girl. I have never thought of leaving a comment on your blog but you really look Oscar worthy in this outfit. Keep it up.

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  48. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh, you look so beautiful! Voted!


    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  49. Anonymous wrote:

    I voted, your outfit is just so gorgeous and amazing! Good luck! Also, do you think you could make a DIY post about how you made your leather clutch and this red clutch?

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply
  50. oh my god, wow! amazing dress!

    Posted 2.20.13 Reply

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