Asos Banded Dress Review (Herve Leger Look for Less)


Off-Shoulder Dress c/o (3 colors), Valentino heels, DIY clutch (tutorial coming soon)

I’ve received a few questions about this ASOS dress, and wanted to share some quick thoughts…

Length: This is labeled as a “midi” dress, despite being shown to hit above the model’s knees. I used to alter my skirts / dresses to 2 inches above the knees without a second thought, but lately have been gravitating towards a longer hemline. I especially like them with either higher-waisted items (to visually lengthen the leg line), or with fitted pieces (to add some conservatism – ie. love this printed option).

For this dress, I experimented with all sorts of lengths before deciding on right at the knees (about 1″ shorter than option #2 below). Below the knee was a little truncating even with my highest heels, and above the knee seemed too casual. I used this old formula as a guide, and chose the length that showed equal parts skirt and lower leg (lengthened 4 inches here by nude pumps).
Material & Design: Although the banded look of this ASOS dress is presumably modeled after Herve Leger bandage dresses, I imagine that the material weight and quality does not compare (must also factor in that it’s a fraction of the price)…
I have not tried any Herve Leger dresses personally, but from what I hear, the banded material is thick and sturdy. This supposedly aids in the “compression” effect (like built-in shapewear) for holding in trouble areas and enhancing curves. The poly/elastane blend material of the ASOS is thin and slightly see-through if you wear contrasting underwear. However, when pulled taut like it is here with no zipper, it nevertheless does have some compression and curve-enhancing effects.
asos_red_dress_review4 Sizing & Fit: The dress is labeled as a “bodycon” style, which implies a very tight intended fit. I’m not quite used to wearing skin-tight items, therefore wavered between two sizes for the longest time. I usually wear between US1 and US2 for ASOS, but debated between US2 and US 4 for this dress. The snug all-around fit created some cleavage and a slight hourglass shape for a body with minimal natural curves. In the 1st photo of this post, I am trying on the size US 2 with the hem folded up.

     Left: US 4    vs.    Right: US 2


                                                             Left: US 4    vs.    Right: US 2
Final choice: After going back and forth a few too many times, I ended up sizing up to the US 4 and performing the following alterations:

1. Shortened the skirt length
2. Tapered the skirt for a more pencil-shaped silhouette
3. Took in the waist
4. Shortened the shoulder straps
Since the dress is unlined, the alterations were not complicated but did take me some time. The end result is fitted with less clingy-ness at the bum (my main reason for sizing up), but the bosom-enhancing effects of a smaller size were lost. If you don’t mind a very snug silhouette, I suggest going with your usual size and rocking it with confidence : )

Readers – What is your preferred length for a dress like this? Below, at, or above the knee?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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