Winter Work Wear: Gray Layers + Burgundy Leather Accents


J.Crew lady day coat & tee, skirt made by the talented SPG (similar – use MONDAY for extra 40% off)
AT factory tights (similar), AT loafer pumps (similar – use CYBER for 50% off), H&M; blazer & gloves

Even though winter doesn’t start for another month, it sure feels like it now in the northeast. For those headed back to work after a long weekend, morning temps in the 20’s may make it even tougher. I’ve lined up my coat with Thinsulate, thickest tights, warm tweed, and leather gloves to battle the elements.
Stylish winter workwear that doesn’t involve black tights is always challenging for me. My past attempts with colored hosiery have not fared well, but I’m looking to experiment more with tights in dark navy, hunter green, and possibly deep burgundy. Dark “melange” or heathered gray can be an good bridge between black and colors, and looks nice against non-black shoes.

I love so many things about these leather gloves -$15 sale price, buttery soft material, pretty wine color (also in cognac and black), slim fit- but the length is almost embarrassing on my short fingers. From certain angles, it’s evident that the last segment in each finger is completely empty. I’ve contemplated self-altering gloves, but the linings are usually seamless knits. I have never found any leather gloves that fit 2.5″ fingers, so I’d love to hear any solutions from fellow short-fingered ladies.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    You are sooo pretty, especially when you pair stylish stuff with tights!

    Posted 7.17.16 Reply
  2. Melanie wrote:

    Your necklace and your shoes (especially the shoes) are the most amazing things in this outfit. The entire outfit is simple but both the necklace and the shoes make the outfit so stylish !

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

    Posted 12.23.12 Reply
  3. Buttercorn wrote:

    love your blog! just wondering what size you're wearing from the J crew coat? I am of a similar height and frame and not sure if I should be ordering petite 00 or petite 0?

    Posted 12.10.12 Reply
  4. Justine wrote:

    I recently learned about reversible tights and thought of this post. Reversible tights are thicker, warmer, and sturdier because they're constructed of two layers of material. Styles are available in many different color combinations and patterns. For my winter wardrobe, I'm considering pairs in solid black/solid grey, solid black/solid brown, and solid black/patterned black. Although I'm commenting to tell you about colored tights, apparently I'm still stuck on black tights! Hmmm, maybe I would consider a black/red reversible pair . . .

    Posted 12.10.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    I think this look is great! I'm actually very interested in hearing your dos and don'ts of wearing tights with pumps. What type and or color of shoes work and how to pair them with tights? I am sure there are no set rules but I would like to avoid looking like a fool at work or when I'm out! 😉

    Posted 12.6.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Your choice of colors in this outfit is horrendous. What made you want to buy those shoes? You can't work it. 🙁

    Posted 12.5.12 Reply
  7. C wrote:

    gloves: you can wear children's' "large" but not sure if you can find leather ones. I have gotten children's' ski gloves- cheaper and they fit me better.

    Posted 12.2.12 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow! Where did you get those heels?! They are soooo nice

    Posted 11.30.12 Reply
  9. I love greys for winter. They make me feel so cosy. I haven't tried pairing with burgundy though. Must try that. Or olive, that's my current craving 🙂 Beautiful pairings!

    Posted 11.30.12 Reply
  10. Thank you, and that'd be a question for my boyfriend!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  11. Hi Janie – the "correct" place varies from body type to body type and you definitely have the right idea of having it sit a little below your navel if you are short waisted. You really just want your look to be balanced, so almost equal parts torso, skirt, and lower legs showing. At the tailor, don't let them rush the measurements and make sure to express your concerns about it coming out too tight and fitted in the wrong places. Sadly, it's the risk of taking something to any tailor versus doing it at home with trial & error until it fits to perfection. You can also pinch in and measure how much you want to take in at home, then compare your notes to what the tailor takes down. lastly, you can also bring in a pencil skirt that fits perfectly already to show the tailor.

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  12. Thanks! It's from H&M;.

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  13. Thank you (& anon above) for the suggestions!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  14. Interesting! Wonder how that feels to have faux-finger tips hanging inside.

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  15. Thanks for the ideas! After further inspection, the alteration is harder than expected for the leather, so I'll have to save the favor asking of knitter friends for another task : )

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  16. Another vote for BR gloves for short fingers. Thanks!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  17. I've looked for kids but it doesn't seem like they make leather ones for them!

    And yes, totally – I buy shoes half size down if possible for that exact reason, if I anticipate wearing them in the winter.

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  18. The coat made by J.Crew already has Thinsulate inside. Sorry for the confusion!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  19. Hi Pansy, I haven't put anything on them because the patent has been really easy to wipe off/clean, so I didn't think they needed anything.

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  20. Thanks, it's very old and by the brand "sparkling sage"

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  21. THank you! For true casual clothes, my default are dark skinny jeans (not too tight of course, just fitted), a comfortable pair of almond-toe or pointy flats, and a slightly slouchy button-up blouse in silk or polyester (for easier machine washing).

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  22. Thanks for the tip – I do like that dark navy…just dark enough so that it's almost black and not too colorful!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  23. Hopefully she will re-open her Etsy store next year! I too would love to see more custom creations from her : )

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  24. Thanks for the link – saw a huge variety of colors, but not sure if the fingers run short (only saw standard sizes like 6.5, 7. etc). I don't own a parka but that's just personal preference!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  25. Deucecooop wrote:

    Tiny leather gloves are hard to find. Over the years I've been lucky to find a couple pair of vintage gloves that fit. I did find a retailer called Danier Leather that offers XS gloves in lots of styles and colors. I have not tried them but here's the link:;=23^XS&t;=all

    Regarding outerwear, I just got a BCBG Finn Peacoat in Charcoal XXS and I am completely delighted! Even though it's not a Petite, it fits like one — sleeves, waist and length are all good, and it is nicely snug (I'm about 5'2'' and 100 lbs.) Highly recommended!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  26. Ayantika wrote:

    I loved everything about this post…your coat..your skirt…your gloves..and you! So pretty !!!

    Bong's Belleza

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  27. Janie wrote:

    Hi Jean, I have a question for you regarding pencil skirts. I have a fairly short torso so I usually wear my jeans, slacks, casual skirt at my hips below my navel rather than at my waist. Where is the correct place to wear a pencil skirt? I have to have the Jcrew No2 pencil skirt in wool altered and wanted to ask you before I take it in. Do you wear them higher up? Your placement looks perfect, I am thinking at my navel, or even just above it? Also to make sure it doesnt become too tight, fitted, would I want to make sure it fits at the waist, then skims at the hips, and only then, tapers in? Thanks for the help… I am nervous about taking the skirts for alterations b/c I've never had a pencil skirt altered and am a little nervous it will be ruined 🙁

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  28. Wow, you made a jacket too? Awesome!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  29. I've just starting wearing tights in the winter, so fun! I love the fleece lined ones! And I want a textured skirt (or two) now!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  30. Ooh, I'm loving the warm tones that you added to the gray! That necklace in particular is spectacular. Thank you for the kind shout-out! I made a jacket out of this material and just paired it with jeans – shows how creative I am with pairings 😉

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  31. Gorgeous look, especially the shoes!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  32. Gorgeous! Love the pop of color amidst the grey!

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  33. You have a good idea of the latest fashion trend, looks pretty elegant with your selection and combination. Deserve to be a local model.

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  34. Mary Ann wrote:

    I love the heels, Jean! About the gloves – have you tried any vintage pairs? I actually bought an elbow length black leather pair (made in France!) in an antique store last weekend! I frequently see little tiny gloves that I can't fit my hands into.

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    Love your style! When are you getting engaged???

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    Love this outfit, where is the light grey blazer from?

    Posted 11.28.12 Reply

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