A tale of DIY Halloweens

Left: 1st photographed Halloween  Right: Nick & I in thrifted and altered costume pieces (can you spot Abu?)

Last night, my mom dug out a photo from almost two decades ago. I’ve never been a fan of Halloween, and this photo kind of explains why. As a child, I remember scrounging around the house before October 31st, picking up bits and pieces for an ensemble. That year, I scored an amazing cardboard crown from a cereal box, procured some gold tinsel, and found a floaty scarf. I remember assembling all the pieces over my best dress and twirling around, feeling like a princess. That is…until I got to school and was surrounded by classmates decked-out in elaborate, purchased costumes, asking me what I was supposed to be.

Although some tears may have been shed back then, I look at this photo so fondly now. It embodies the spirit of making the most out of what you have, despite not having very much. I’d like to believe that spirit encourages me to be more prudent and resourceful with my wardrobe as an adult, even if times have changed.

On a lighter note – I can’t remember the last time I got dressed up for Halloween since Jasmine, but this year my friend Khatu convinced me to be her other half. Inspired by this film, she whipped up two incredible costumes and painted both of our faces. Talk about embodying the DIY spirit!


I had a stressful month at work, so Khatu picked up my supplies and kindly made both costumes. It worked out for the best, because there would’ve been some severe differences in quality had we each made our own. Her attention to detail -from the boning in the corsets (inserted wire and lined it with felt for comfort), the feathers and studs, the crown made out of hot glue, the wreath hoops to keep the tutus stiff- blew me away.


Below left:
parading around Times Square. Below right: While at a club, we met the sweetest ladies visiting from San Francisco who happen to be readers! Therese, Lushan and Patrice – it was so great chatting with you guys.

Switching roles on night #2 (although I’m missing the glowering eye effect):
Last but definitely not least, thank you everyone for your wellwishes in regard to hurricane Sandy. MA did not get the brunt of it, but my thoughts go out to those who live in the affected areas, and hope you guys have a speedy & safe recovery.
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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