Quick Review: Tinley Road (from Piperlime) Silk Blouses

In my quest for staple silk blouses, I came across three options in petite sizing ranging from $88-$110:


I was looking for: casual fit but not sloppy, thinner silk with good drape, collar, preferably under $100, and no chest pocket flaps. Black or white color. It seems that almost every silk blouse out there has boxy chest pockets with flaps, which I feel distract from the clean lines of a silk blouse.

Out of the above, I’m fairly sure the AT and J.Crew versions will fit well in petite sizing. AT’s price point with promos is more attractive and I prefer the discreet pockets and hidden buttons, but the colors I’m seeking are not offered there. The Nexx blouse was recommended by a reader, but I am wary of the “loose fit” description, larger pockets, and less-specific letter sizing (4 sizes to choose from versus 8 from AT/J.Crew). In the end, I decided to try a regular-sized option from Tinley Road which had the color I wanted, sans chest flaps, at a lower price than the above:

Tinley Road Silk Olivia Blouse (7 colors) in “Marshmallow,” sz XS tucked in:


Fit: Trying on these regular XS blouses made me realize that as long as the silk has nice drape and the shoulders aren’t redonculously wider than your natural shoulders, it will look “acceptable” after faking the fit. However, I’m just not sure I want to do that every time…

This blouse was about an inch too wide in the shoulders, was very flowy throughout the body and arms, and had sleeves designed for longer-limbed women. I also noticed the lower-placed chest pockets looked slightly saggy. It’s a look that can work casually with jeans, but was too balloon-y when tucked into a higher-waisted skirt.
Sleeves that are slightly too long can look fine pushed or cuffed/rolled up, but those that are much too long will cause excessive fabric to bunch up all over the arms. They also bother me immensely when they fall out from under a blazer. My tailor charges $25 to shorten such sleeves, so that is a decent-sized cost to factor in.

Measurements: Size XS measures 15″across the shoulders, 24″ long sleeves, 18″ across the chest, 25-26″ torso length. 5.5″ across the sleeve when measured around the elbow. 4.25″ wide pocket.
Picture 143
Quality & Options: I’m not an expert on silk, but I have seen and touched silk that was either way too sheer, or too stiff, or had too much sheen like prom taffeta. I was happy with the quality of this lightweight silk, and love the color options. Lastly, the price I feel is fair for 100% silk, and would be even better with one of Piperlime’s occasional 20% off coupons.

Trying on the collarless option:


Tinley Road Silk Sophia Blouse (6 colors) in “barn red,” sz XS

Verdict: Without much deliberation, I sent these back and will keep my eyes peeled for petite-sized options going forward. Since altering silk is slightly risky, I’d rather find something that fits better off the rack than pay for alterations. For those who wear regular sizing, this is a good alternative to the popular J.Crew blouse.

Readers – Do you have any classic silk blouse suggestions other than the ones mentioned above?

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  1. jackiewd wrote:

    I know I'm late to the game here, but have you considered Grana? Per the reddit boards and reviews I can find online, the quality is close to Everlane and runs smaller. Apparently, many of their employees wear their clothes and are in the 4'9" – 5'3" height range. And people rave about the 2 and 3 days shipping times from HK. I'm about to take the plunge and make my first order!



    Posted 1.16.17 Reply
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    I love it is looks very nice in my sister….the color and the style is very nice and impress. I find something in online fit s good.. i would recommend devon and jones d100w

    Posted 8.29.13 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Unfortunately 2 P is the smallest they make. Their PP knit tops fit but nothing else. Don't even make 0 Reg. They are missing a great market, but comments to them do no good

    Posted 1.15.13 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Neiman Marcus Last Call sometimes has them on sale for $99 plus 30-40% off.

    Posted 8.31.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm a huge fan of the Equipment Brett (slim fit, compared to the Signature one) blouse. The price point is on the high end, but you can find them on ebay for less than $100.

    Posted 8.31.12 Reply
  6. Daphne wrote:

    Hey Jean! Love this post as I have spent lots of time trying to find a classic silk blouse myself. I've found that Rugby size 0 runs really slim and is a good fit for me (my measurements are almost identical to yours except my bust is 30ish). I caved and bought their Daxen Silk Georgette shirt in size 0 (http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?productId=12624262&categoryId;=12433952&cp;=3870665) and really love it – it's super long but I'm fine with that as I tuck it into jeans or my BR tweed shorts anyway. Good luck with the search!

    Posted 8.27.12 Reply
  7. Vicky wrote:

    Juicy has one on sale on its website, only size 0 left for white color but it's final sale so kinda risky

    Posted 8.26.12 Reply
  8. I want no 2 pleease! And you look amazing! 😀

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    Posted 8.26.12 Reply
  9. Joy wrote:

    I do not know what is the cause for Jean's opposition.
    In my personal opinion, big giant pockets always seem to be
    1. improperly placed, too low on my body, making me look frumpy and wide on top.
    2. Also, it creates more structure, and less of a flowy drape and….
    3. draws too much attention to my barely there chest…lol!
    4. Plus, no pockets are a cleaner look.

    But if I really like how a shirt is made, I can overlook the pockets if hey aren't too huge.


    Posted 8.26.12 Reply
  10. lisacng wrote:

    My fav is the collarless red one. It is a great price! Tks for sharing!!

    Posted 8.25.12 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    I love your style. I guess I never thought altering an item would make such a difference. Shopping for clothes is something that I don't enjoy. Nothing ever fits. I am 4'11'' (maybe shorter, I'm too scared to measure myself.) I am a size 2-4 this week anyway and I wear a 5.5 shoe. I am going to use your outfits as a guide for my own wardrobe. Thank you so much.

    Posted 8.25.12 Reply
  12. Ale wrote:

    I just got myself one from ClubMonaco, sleeves are longer but I can fold them over. It's the light beige one with navy collar and cuffs. Sooo elegant, cannot wait to wear it on Monday to work with navy trousers.

    Posted 8.25.12 Reply
  13. Denysia wrote:

    I personally love the blue one! It looks really good. That sucks that it doesn't fit as well as you wished it would.


    Posted 8.25.12 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I love it when you explain how clothing should fit. love your style 🙂

    Posted 8.25.12 Reply
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    Try Banana Republic. They've come out with a line of silk blouses this season. They have one which is collarless and front-pocket-less.

    Posted 8.25.12 Reply
  16. newpetite wrote:

    I love that white blouse! I hate the pocket flaps too. They take away the sophisticated feminine look that the silk blouse has to offer.

    Have you tried this brand from Nordstrom called Classiques Entier. The quality is pretty good and their sizing also runs smaller than the regular. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/classiques-entier-skyline-pintuck-silk-blouse/3280405?origin=category&BaseUrl;=Apparel

    Posted 8.25.12 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Try River island blouses, they also have sleeveless options! Great fit and I'm 5ft 100lbs too.

    Although I do think the whole idea of a silk blouse is for a loose drape fit, the boxiness can be fixed by wearing a tight fitted skirt, shorts, pants. Cotton blouses are more ideally for a fitted look.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  18. Do let us know when you find a good fit!! I've been look for a well fit silk blouse with a good price point.


    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  19. Cher wrote:

    I'm pretty sure that Nexx blouse comes in petite sizing. I saw it at Nordies. Did you try it?

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  20. CC wrote:

    I have actually found every one of my silk blouses at thrift stores! It does take some looking and a lot of trying on, but I haven't paid more than $5 for any of them and I have a bunch! 😉
    I do think both blouses look great with your jeans, but I can see not wanting to spend that much money on something that can only be worn casually! 😉

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  21. I'm a rather big fan of this look, a well draped blouse that easily tucks into a pair of jeans or shorts–and like you, I dislike the chest pockets with flaps. I've found a nice black one from Old Navy without a collar, although it had the tendency to look boxy at the time of purchase, which was easily solved by tossing it into the washer and dryer a few times.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  22. Carla Krae wrote:

    The collarless red one looks really cute on you.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  23. kimmie wrote:

    Thank you for the review, Jean! I have been on the hunt for a similar shirt (except I don't mind pocket flaps, and do not want silk due to having two small children) and reading the comments from your readers, it looks like I'll have to check out H&M; for the poly version 🙂

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  24. Viviane wrote:

    I dont remember it being too stiff but I guess I have to re-wear and re-judge. 🙂

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    I actually bought the H&M; one that you tried on before and it's actually quite nice. I washed it and it became really soft. Of course, it's not silk, but polyester is low maintenance.

    -Melissa (@sunnymeliss)

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  26. Theresa wrote:

    Never mind, I went back and found it 🙂 Very cute!

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  27. Theresa wrote:

    I really like the barn red on you, I think the fit is adorable, casual yet classy. But I'd really like to know what jeans you're wearing here! The fit is great and the length looks like it doesn't even need hemming.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  28. Quyen wrote:

    I was thinking of recommending the same shirt. I've gotten silk tops from m=Madewell in xxs and the fit is perfect.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  29. Elissa wrote:

    I actually wore the Ann Taylor silk camp shirt to work yesterday. It wrinkled a lot after a full work day. But in terms of fit, it fit great and will probably fit you great in the 00P.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  30. I agree with you about the sleeves. Good choice sending them back. Looking forward to the next one you find.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  31. Anonymous wrote:


    I second alee! Love the Madewell soft silk boyshirt, comes in XXS in the prettiest colors, contact them for 15% off with your "student ID" hehe, and 6% cashback with shopathome.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  32. alee wrote:

    I'm not petite so I'm not sure about how the sizing will work, but I've been looking at the silk shirt from Madewell ( http://www.madewell.com/newarrivals/shirtstops/PRDOVR~47229/47229.jsp ). I feel like they should be relatively close in sizing to Jcrew.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  33. I got a blouse that looks exactly like the tinley road blouse I'm white/cream from H&M;, size 2. I forgot how much it coated but it was somewhere between $25-$35. The chest pockets do not have flaps, and the 3/4 sleeves roll up a little past the elbows. I don't know if you are set on silk but this blouse has become one of my go to pieces. It looks way more expensive than it cost and fits well on small figures (I'm the same height and weight as you) and the price tag won't make me cry if I stain it.

    I love my silk blouses but I'm tired of hand washing them and waiting for them to line dry. I just toss this H&M; blouse in with my whites and it comes out of the dryer wrinkle free and smelling like fabric softener.

    I'll try to post a pic.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  34. Maye wrote:

    Wow that J Crew model in the middle is so skinny! They definitely clipped or Photoshopped the sleeves.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    My favorite silk blouses are from Joie and Equipment, though they don't make petite sizing. I wear xs in both brands, but they may be a little too big for you.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  36. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Did you look at Talbots? They have a petite line and they have a silk button up shirt w/ no chest pockets, long sleeves. Also they have one w/ no collar and 3/4 length sleeves. I have found their regular sizes to fit a little big but it is possible that their petite sizes fit more tts. Good Luck.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  37. Lauren wrote:

    I hate chest flap pocket, too! I think they look floppy and weird. I'd so much rather have cleaner lines and less floppiness! 🙂

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  38. i got this one, too. the fit is good, but the silk doesn't have the best drape on mine- the fabric is a little too stiff?

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  39. Samantha wrote:

    I actually love the last one. The no collar look is elegant.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    You should check out higher end designer blouses. I find that mass retailer fast fashion chains always run huge. I wear a 00 at GAP and it's still loose, but a 2 in Nanette Lepore and it's sometimes tight. At 70-80% off it's like the same price point as most of your stuff.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  41. elixir822 wrote:
    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  42. Heather wrote:

    You sould try The Limited.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  43. elixir822 wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  44. I have a mandarin collared silk twill shirt in cobalt from The Limited. It is quite long but looks great tucked into anything.


    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  45. Anonymous wrote:

    Dear jean, If I am not mistaken, your mother has a cooking blog.Could you please give me the link for her cooking blog 🙂 I would love to learn from her.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  46. Anonymous wrote:

    i thrift for silk.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  47. Ashley wrote:

    I have one from Dilliards, BCBG, it's collarless, but the fit is nice and it comes in lots of color options.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  48. BEAUTY MD wrote:

    I would try Ann Taylor's…. I am your size and got a 00p… looks great

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  49. Did you try Banana Republic? They have quite a few petite options that fit like a dream. Perhaps not the best quality, but good value at their price point. I tried on several that worked for my 28FF bust. We are always so concerned with fit, that sometimes when things fit off the rack we disregard materials and fabric content. I have been turning to higher quality garments lately (and less quantity) so that if I have to tailor, I feel it is worth it 🙂

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  50. lin wrote:

    that's too bad that those shirts didn't work out. the colors look nice on you though. i love your pumps. they can certainly make an outfit more fun. 😉

    i don't have any suggestions for petite silk blouses since i'm not petite but i have several AT ones. i wear them both casually and to work all the time.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  51. Viviane wrote:

    I bought a silk shirt from Ann Taylor Petite 3/4 Rolled Sleeve Silk Blouse last month, but it is no longer available.

    The fit is perfect and it gives a casual look with nice drapes. I dont mind the pockets on it.

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  52. Why the opposition to the pockets? Just curious. All of these look so great on you, but I think I'm partial to the beautiful white one. Such a classic.

    ~Natasha Fatah~

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply

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