Trina Turk for Banana Republic Petites Botanical Dress Preview


Banana Republic Trina Turk Botanical Dress c/o, H&M; sandals (altered) and clutch
Gap neon sweater (similar), Morgan Ashleigh necklace bought on Ideeli (referral) & pearls from eBay

The Trina Turk for Banana Republic collection launches this Thursday (BR Facebook fans can shop 1 day early), and I’m very excited to share a preview of my favorite piece from the line.

This dress has a classic pencil silhouette, but is updated with a crisp white background and one of Trina’s signature, eye-catching prints. I was impressed that this 100% silk, fully-lined dress (from a designer collab., nonetheless) is priced at $130 retail. Details like the twist-straps, side pockets, and sash tie belt (not shown) are added bonuses.

This dress features the “crazy botanical” print which is chock-full of color in sea-life designs (see this adorable video with ASPCA rescue dogs for the other prints). It’s extremely easy to pair – you can take any one of the myriad of colors within the print and make it a point of focus, or use a closet neutral like basic black or warm brown, which also appear within the print.

Here’s how it looks with burnt orange or fuschia for work:
H&M; jacket & belts, J.Crew cardigan, little necklace thanks to Stella & Dot

The entire collection will be available in petite sizing, which is a nice surprise. I am showing a 0P here (measures 15.5″ across chest, 13″ across waist, 18″ across hips, and 33.5″ total length) which fits roomy throughout the torso, but actually measures smaller than my AT size 00P dress here. From my experience, BR sheath dresses in general fit smaller than AT’s. I think one size down in this would be a perfect fit for someone with my measurements, but keep in mind the 100% silk does not stretch.
If any of you also got these H&M; highlighter yellow sandals, you may have noticed they look a little different. I love how sultry ankle straps look, but the original width of these ankle cuffs truncated my short calves. I took on a risky DIY project and took apart the cuff, narrowing the strap to about 1/3rd of the original width and super-gluing the pieces back together. It took a long two hours and I’m very happy with the results, but probably won’t attempt it again! I’ll try to show some “before” and “in-process” photos the next time I wear them.
After years of studying, I’m so relieved to be done with the CFA exam this weekend. I truly hope that this third one is also the final one, and that Jan-June next year will be enjoyable : ) Thank you for your patience over the months and I look forward to responding to questions and comments on here again. My inbox is a bit more daunting – I apologize if you don’t hear back for a while but I will be working through it.trinaturk2

Readers – Will you be shopping this collection? Which piece is your favorite?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    You are absolutely stunning!

    Posted 11.23.12 Reply
  2. rjiang wrote:

    This dress is now on clearance on the br website (regular sizing only) but it's $64.99 and you can use BREXCUSE for an extra 20% off! the price also qualifies it for free shipping!! So if you are good at altering/have a trusty tailor, this is a lot cheaper now. Please let your blog readers/other followers know! I just grabbed one 🙂

    Posted 7.12.12 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I have three rescue dogs and couldn't help but get some feel good shopping in after their use of the dogs as models. I just got this dress (along with the pink top and swim suit) from the line and I love it.

    I noticed that you mentioned the 0P was smaller than some of your 00P dresses from Ann Taylor. I don't often shop at AT and was curious whether you've found that they generally run larger than BR or if it was just the sheath dresses.

    Best wishes to you on your CFA!

    Posted 6.18.12 Reply
  4. CamMi Pham wrote:

    Nice outfit I love your shoes.

    Posted 6.17.12 Reply
  5. You've accessorized the dress in a very chic manner. We adore it 🙂

    Posted 6.15.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, the looks you've mixed together with this dress are gorgeous! I love how you manage to find ways to make office looks still look young and fresh. I do have one question- I recently purchased this dress myself, and I realize that a regular bra won't do given the almost-halter style straps. Can I ask if you (or any readers!) would wear this with a strapless bra or with one of those convertible ones? I am pondering purchasing one but not sure they'll actually do the trick. Thanks so much for your help!


    Posted 6.13.12 Reply
  7. yutzyjbear wrote:

    Love that your usual style is clean/classic Ann Taylor and you went for this wild Trina pop… I am an AVID AT shopper but this dress inspired me to get myself to the Banana Store and try on several of the new pieces. I walked out with two of her dresses and can't stop playing dress up tonight with other cardigans, accessories, shoes, and purses. Gorgeous collection and I feel like I'm at the forefront of fashion because I know these will go quick! THanks for the tipoff. Totally great!

    Posted 6.8.12 Reply
  8. Ale wrote:

    It looks good on you. I just got the same dress on 0R. The collection was selling so fast, all the small sizes were gone in that store and had to get the bracelet I wanted out of the mannequin.

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  9. Hey Jean congrats on finishing your exam! You must be so relieved! This dress looks amazing on you! since I'm still in Florida I hope to get to a BR with a petites section today since you guys tend to have more selection than we do in Canada. The pieces look beautiful and for 100% silk I think the price point isn't bad.

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  10. Shelly wrote:

    Is there a place where I can get a dress with similar patterns but at a lower price?

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  11. i have that belt on right now! now i feel fancy 🙂 just stumbled across your site, love all the outfits. a fellow petite gal!

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  12. Taylyn. wrote:

    So gorgeous! Looks like something the First Lady would wear! I'm so happy I found your blog. I've been searching for great petite fashion blogs for a while!


    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  13. Naomi wrote:

    Fantastic job altering the sandals! They look perfect

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  14. Ashley wrote:

    Loving those shoes! The yellows are so great for summer/spring. Just found your blog – now following. Your style is adorable.


    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  15. Martina wrote:

    u look so sweet, great blog! following:)
    hope u follow me back..

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  16. Kat wrote:

    I concur on the "don't buy it til you try it" theme. I'm an optician and work with patients/customers all the time in helping them find the right fit/style. While one style might look good on the shelf, may not look so good on a person's face. Everything is always different ON. 🙂

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  17. This dress looks amazing on you and love the pop of neon yellow.

    My BFF works for EY (love visiting her at the JH tower during her study sessions and bringing snacks) and she also took the CFA level 2 this past weekend (she's been studying for months with another friend after she passed CFA level 1 this past winter). Best of luck studying for level 3 next year.

    Enjoy your free time! 😉

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  18. Joy wrote:

    wow you're very brave. but better to reconstruct a pair of H&M; shoes than a pair of expensive ones. I have been hunting down those yellow sandals, but I can't find them at any of 5 H&Ms; near me. Boo hoo =[
    By the way, your bright colors and prints look so fun and festive!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  19. Thanks, Erika! I was very disappointed with that skirt. It looks so cute online but just not worth it if you can't keep it wrinkle free. They have an excellent return policy and will probably take it back as long as you have the purchase record.

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  20. Hi there – I wouldn't recommend buying sunglasses without trying them on because sunglasses are so hard to fit for different face types. My first few pairs of Chanel sunglasses were all purchased either online or through eBay and none of them worked for my face. This pair was purchased via a Sunglass Hut (although Chanel stores, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales, etc will have a better selection) and it's the first pair that's perfect for my nose/cheek structure. These were about $300 including tax but they range from $250-$400+

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  21. Would never think you're being snarky, Annapurna. The J Crew paisley dress was heavily altered by my tailors, so I'll see what I can do with this one fit-wise.

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  22. Thank you, Rica! I hope to resume working on some neglected videos : )

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  23. Not sure, Kat…just hoping for a "pass" so I don't have to look at the books ever again. Thank you for asking!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  24. I work in a relaxed business environment so I plan on wearing it to work. It also transitions easily for after work cocktails.

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  25. I have heard mixed news about availability in Canada … fingers crossed for you that it will be!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  26. Thanks, SPG! I'll be taking the torso in if I can't find one size down.

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  27. Hi there – it's from Stella & Dot and I added a link. There are similar delicate necklaces on eBay for less, as well!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  28. I used super glue but stitching would have been much more secure. I didn't want to risk breaking a needle, though.

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  29. Good luck in getting your certification!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  30. Hi Katherine – I work in business valuation. Good luck to your friends studying for level 1…it'll be over in 3 (short) years, hopefully!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  31. I do agree it's a good candidate for tailoring : ) I hope to do it myself if I can't exchange it for one size down.

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    I always like your posts. But this time… it looks more like an ad. Still, you are very stylish and pretty!

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean! Thanks always for posting great looks! I've been a follower for the past year. However, I am not a big fan of the shoes because you have pretty legs, but the sandal is still truncating it way too much. But congrats on finishing your exam! 🙂

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  34. Annabelle wrote:

    Fun print! I like it best with the yellow — it perks the whole thing up.

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm not usually a fan of busy prints either, but I was blown away by neon yellow and orange pairings. I think Jean has the simple and classic looks down to a science, and this look is young, bright, and fashionably refreshing. =)

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  36. Very nice Jean. You look pretty. I wish I can DIY's like you do.


    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  37. I fell in love as soon as I saw that it had pockets! The dress is gorgeous on you.


    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  38. Love every single thing about this outfit, you look fantastic!

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  39. lin wrote:

    i love how you styled this dress and the different ways you did it. i normally wear solid color clothing but you have really inspired me to think outside the box and try patterns like this and your paisley one. thanks.

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  40. Anonymous wrote:

    WOW. RUDE much, maybe Jean does not care what you prefer.

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  41. Anonymous wrote:

    holy moly theres too much going on here.. the print of the dress, the neon yellow, the belt and clutch, the necklace! i think i prefer simpler and more classic looks on you jean! =/

    btw congrats on exam!

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  42. Michelle wrote:

    Congrats on completing your exam!! Glad you can finally relax! 🙂

    This dress is great…you are so right about it being easy to style due to the various colors in the pattern.

    Good job on the ankle straps! 🙂

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  43. Anonymous wrote:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! You look AMAZING! I am so excited for this collaboration with Banana Republic and Trina Turk – the pieces look GORGEOUS, and I am so happy they are offered in PETITES!

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  44. Lauren wrote:

    That print is quite eye-catching; it looks great on you.

    I also love that you showed how it could be paired with other items from your closet; each of those looks is equally beautiful!

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  45. ERIKA wrote:

    You're always so creative Jean! I love the way you modified the shoes to complement your legs.. if only I could do that with half of my shoes, I'd probably get more wear out of em:)

    I love the belt too! Congrats again on being done with the CFA exam. I'm sure you did amazingly well.. with all the studying you did!

    Omg and I'm returning that Target skirt (the yellow/grey/cream one). It's wrinkly! I hope it hasn't been 90 days yet. Knowing me it prob has.. I think Target has a good exchange policy. If I can get store credit, I'd rather have that than a wrinkly skirt.

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  46. Itsher wrote:

    Amazing dress! Loving the print, just wondering if it would be appropriate for work though. Might be too much for me. And I would love BR more if they had better sizing 🙁

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  47. Unknown wrote:

    Love this dress Jean!
    Btw, I have a question about your Chanel sunglasses from your previous blogs. I believe it was style 5182? Where would you recommend buying Chanel sunglasses if there isn't a store nearby? And how much would a pair typically cost?

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  48. Annapurna wrote:

    I like how you styled the dress (with neon yellow, fuschia, and orange and neutral belt and bag) but I don't love how it fits you. Some of your other dresses (like the ones you get from H&M;) flatter you more than this does – those accentuate your waist more than this one does. You look nice, as usual, but other dresses you have fit you better. I am not sure if it is the knee length (I think you usually go above the knee). For example, if I recall correctly, the paisley dress you got from J Crew fits so much nicer than this one.

    I mean this constructively in case you are considering keeping the dress – so please don't take the comment as snarky. I have the same problem with BR dresses – lately they have been matronly on me (I have a similar shape).

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply

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