Thrifting Chronicles: $3 DIY Polka Dot Bow Blouse

*Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale starts today! I haven’t looked yet, so please let me know any good finds : )*diydot5

I showed this blouse a while back and received several requests for a tutorial. Unfortunately, I didn’t document the process very well as I was just experimenting around. I’m not a professional sewer, so these steps are just to show what I did and are not intended as instructions!

Earlier this year, I couldn’t get enough of feminine tie-neck blouses. I wasn’t in love with the options out on the market due to either fit, quality, or price points, thus ventured out to Savers thrift store. I zoomed through the racks looking for items that were:

– either in nice fabrics (silk, wool, etc) or interesting prints
– had a collar
– affordable enough to experiment with

I like shopping thrift stores for “fabric” versus going to regular fabric stores, because you can find nice, unique materials for cheap, plus, you can take advantage of existing features like button plackets or collars. It’s all about seeing the potential. The collar feature was key for me, as it makes a piece so much more versatile (see last photo in post). After a dizzying spin through the store, I ended up with this monster of a dowdy shirt for $2.99:
Using a loosely-cut sleeveless blouse from H&M; as a template, I dissected the shirt into five pieces: 1 torso, 2 pieces from sleeves to join together as the necktie, and 2 pieces from sleeves to finish raw edges on the armholes…

After snipping off the sleeves and slimming the sides of the torso, I noticed a fit issue. There was an unsightly gap, almost like an air bubble, near the armpit. Professional sewers would’ve known better to insert bust darts ahead of time, but I learned my lesson afterwards. The purpose of bust darts are simple – the front of your body is not flat as a sheet, so darts are necessary for allowing the fabric to contour against the curved portion of your chest and arms. 

Again, I used my H&M; shell as a guide for dart size and placement:

Next, you may have noticed that the edges of the armholes were raw and unsightly after the sleeves got snipped off. I’m sure there are a few ways to take care of this, but I ended up using some material from the sleeves to wrap around the raw edges.

Finished armholes:

Finally, I joined together the long sleeve strips to make the neck tie. The two strips were not long enough to tie a blow, so I had to salvage more scraps here and there to add a third joint. Definitely making use of every last bit of the $2.99!
diydot3I’ve also worn this blouse with a solid black sash as the tie and it worked nicely. If you have existing collared blouses – try looping a long, thin sash (or fabric belts from other garments) around the neck to add some bow-tie flavor. Just make sure the material is lightweight or else it will droop heavily and not retain a perky bow shape.

Finished product once again, and another outfit showing the versatility of a pretty collar:

diydot6 On a last note, many of you have asked for sewing machine recommendations. I’ve used the same old Brother machine for over 10 years. The model is no longer made, but it has just the basic few stitches and has served me well as a beginner’s machine. It looks very similar to this lightweight 10-stitch Brother machine which is more affordable than most options.

Readers – Do you like to re-purpose items from the thrift store?

I won’t be able to answer any comments, questions or emails until June. Thank you for your patience!

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  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi, I was wondering if you knew how to make a sleeve narrower? I bought a huge blazer from a thrift store (size 6, I'm a 00 like you) and the sleeves are far too wide (not to mention everything else). Any pointers?

    Posted 6.16.13 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Beautiful but I'd like to know how you did the finishing of the armholes. I don't quite understand how to do that.

    Posted 1.18.13 Reply
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  5. kdub wrote:

    Hi Jean- what type of thread and setting did you use on this project? Thanks!

    Posted 1.2.13 Reply
  6. Tina wrote:

    I recently discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Your DIY posts are great and have inspired me to start my own sewing adventures and blog. I bought a beginner's Brother machine and am having a blast with it. Inspired by this post particularly, I just completed my first DIY alteration!

    Posted 8.26.12 Reply
  7. A simple process of sewing and stitching has transformed the shirt into a chic element!
    Quite impressive styling too.

    check us out?

    Posted 8.17.12 Reply
  8. Bromeliad wrote:

    Yes indeed. Thrifting is so much cheaper and more interesting than buying fabric. (Although I tend to be a bit of a hacker.)

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  9. em tiny wrote:

    Such a pretty job! I love what you did with that shirt. I need to sew better!

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  10. You are so skilled! Excellent execution. Saw this on Carly's Chic Steals and had to come over to check it out. Love the added bow. So cute!

    Posted 8.9.12 Reply
  11. Rose wrote:

    Oh I love it! I have to go run to a thrift shop now 😛
    Thank you for the tutorial!

    Posted 8.8.12 Reply
  12. I havn't before, but know that I've seen this, I going to try to start to! This is amazing! I would love if you looked at my cooking blog,

    Posted 8.6.12 Reply
  13. Wow this is amazing!! I love seeing amazing transformations 🙂

    Posted 7.31.12 Reply
  14. Sherri wrote:

    Wait, there's a report pin button which has an option for "this is my intellectual property". It's got to be worth a try

    Posted 7.25.12 Reply
  15. Sherri wrote:

    Thought you might like to know that someone has taken all of your pictures and spliced them together to make a pinterest tutorial which doesn't link back to you in any way.
    Not that I'm aware of any way to combat this ignorant behaviour, I know of other bloggers who have their projects similarly treated.

    Posted 7.25.12 Reply
  16. Ashley wrote:

    Such a wonderful post!
    Come check out my website please please!

    Posted 7.18.12 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    I purchased several badly out-of-style Good Will dresses last year, and easily and quickly made them into wonderful skirts — but your tutorial suggests that I should alter the upper dress areas and keep them as dresses. Thanks so much for this eye-opener!

    Posted 7.7.12 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    I love these refashion tutorials! I'm too cheap to buy clothes full price,;) so I usually buy from thrift stores. The clothes don't always fit right, so I end up making adjustments, so any tutorials are always helpful!

    Posted 7.3.12 Reply
  19. Hannah wrote:

    Thanks for this tutorial – it looks fab!

    Posted 6.30.12 Reply
  20. so cute! I love bow-tie tops!!


    Posted 6.28.12 Reply
  21. Hi Jessica – they have to be added before sewing the side seam. Experienced sewers probably plan ahead with the pattern and adjust so that the front piece is longer, and therefore can have a bust dart allowance and still be the same length as the back…unfortunately for me, I was learning as I go and it was an afterthought.

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  22. Jessica wrote:

    I am halfway through this DIY and am having trouble with the bust darts. Do you put them in before sewing the side seam? If so, won't the front piece be shorter than the back? I can't seem to get it right and would appreciate help from anyone who has tried this tutorial.

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted 6.27.12 Reply
  23. Pixie wrote:

    Wow! That's an amazing makeover. I wish I had sewing talent and ability. You make it look easy and I know that's not the case.

    Posted 6.18.12 Reply
  24. Elaine wrote:

    Great transformation! I wish I could sew!

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  25. I wish I had the talent to sew things…

    Posted 6.5.12 Reply
  26. iab wrote:

    LOVE IT!!!!! So chic !!

    Posted 6.4.12 Reply
  27. Gillie wrote:

    Wow, I love it! The top definitely looks very expensive and chic after the transformation. I'm not sure I have the sewing prowess to pull this project off but I'm really impressed by what you did with it!

    xo Gillie

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  28. Anonymous wrote:

    I would buy that in a store! Such a cute transformation!

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  29. Suziee wrote:

    This is truly an amazing transformation! You should be proud of your sewing skills! =]

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  30. cookie wrote:

    This inspires me to do more thrifting!

    Posted 5.30.12 Reply
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  32. KT wrote:

    Jeannie-pooh I'm always impressed by your unique ways of making something ill-fitting and turning it into something cute, chic and stylish! The bow tie from the sleeves is a PLUS! I also love your tutorials because they are so easy to follow and what's best is even though you have a hundred+ messages per blog post, you're still very responsive to your readers! 🙂 Keep up the excellent job on your blog!

    P.S. In regards to your comment on my vacation diaries, I think when it comes to cruising the best way to explore the islands is get off the ship no later then 9/10AM and plan in advance. I really enjoy cruising, but definitely would love to visit one of these islands for 3-4 days next time… Hope you two have fun wherever you go and I'd love to see your vacation diaries too! 🙂

    Posted 5.29.12 Reply
  33. KT wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 5.29.12 Reply
  34. Jing11 wrote:

    Fantastic job! By the way, do you have additional information around how you finished armhole edge? I removed couple of my long sleeved shirts, but not sure how to finished the armhole edges.

    Posted 5.29.12 Reply
  35. Love this idea! I have been looking for a long sleeveless shirt to layer over tanks and dresses this summer but haven't been able to find what I am looking for. Will be hitting the thrift stores soon to try this.

    Posted 5.27.12 Reply

    Posted 5.27.12 Reply
  37. Annabelle wrote:

    Wow, that's a terrific alteration! Beautifully done.

    Posted 5.27.12 Reply
  38. REESHELL wrote:

    what?! so smart!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

    Posted 5.26.12 Reply
  39. Polkadot skirt is perfect in today's generation. You did a good job in recovering your skirt. At last, it is look like a high class clothes.

    Posted 5.26.12 Reply
  40. Omigoodness – what are the chances? Please email or tweet/FB me a photo of it as I'd love to share the long lost sister of my thrifted shirt : )

    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  41. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean!

    I went to Goodwill today and found the exact same blouse, new with tag for $3.99! I have never used a sewing machine before (LOL) but I'm hoping to turn it into a beauty like yours with my mother inlaw's help.

    Thanks for the DIY and keep up the great work!!

    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  42. Vivian wrote:

    Wow! I wish I was this talented then I'd have better fitting clothes. How do you add a bust dart?

    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  43. loveherb wrote:
    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  44. Irusja wrote:
    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  45. Very nice blog.
    The posts are interesting. I found many ideas.
    Well done!
    If you'd like to see changes in my blog or my facebook fanpage.
    Kisses from Italy! :-*

    Habanero Handmade



    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  46. You are truly amazing Jean! The huge blouse turned into such a lovely and versatile top! Bravo!

    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  47. Honey wrote:

    you are very inspiring. you make DIY alterations seem so easy! 😉

    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  48. great transformation. you're so talented 😀

    Posted 5.25.12 Reply
  49. E wrote:

    Jean, your skills are impeccable. What a wonderful result!

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  50. E wrote:

    Just fyi – the skirt is from modcloth but has been out of the size small for so long…sadly..

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  51. Anonymous wrote:

    I love this post! You should do more DIY updates. It's easy for people like Really Petite to run out and buy all the outfits that you've put together but you can't buy talents and good eyes for fashion. 🙂

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  52. Wow! what an amazing transformation. How long did it take you to achieve the end product

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  53. momo wrote:

    So pretty!!
    xoxo From JPN

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  54. Hi!! I'm a new fashion blogger and i stumbled upon yours for inspiration! i'm in love! you execute everything perfectly 🙂 I will be back :):)

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  55. wow your good in DIY!! resepct

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  56. Amazing transformation! Could never expect such a chic result from a simple, much unflattering shirt!

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  57. you make it look so easy!! i wish i had sewing skills like you! love the transformation!

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  58. That's a fantastic product; awesome that you intentionally hunted for something that suited what you had in mind – i'm too lazy to do that. BUt I really love how thrifty you are – it really equips one with an eye to see the potential in everything and honestly, your blog is so much more helpful than fantastic ones with amazing bloggers modelling top-to-toe designer because 90% of us can't afford that anyway. Yay, great job!

    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  59. My Style wrote:

    wow! the finished blouse is amazing! love in what you transformed it and specially the tie/bow detail on the neck line…


    Posted 5.24.12 Reply
  60. jessica wrote:

    Love! Have been enjoying the refashion/alterations posts that you've been putting up — I've been doing it on and off for awhile now, but I always learn neat tricks when you post about it. I agree, collared shirts are really versatile, especially when the collar peeks out a bit, creates a whole new look. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  61. alee wrote:

    hi jean,
    i'm by no means petite, but i just wanted to comment on how awesome this post is. also, this blog is so widely applicable to so many people, not just petites. thank you!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  62. The top is absolutely adorable and looks much better then the original.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  63. Vicky wrote:

    Seeing the potential is a skill that is innate. Even though I have none in me, I am slowly learning from bloggers like you and SPG. Great post. And love the end product.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  64. Sydney wrote:

    I have always known how to sew as my mom taught me (she made her own wedding dress!) and have made a lot of quilts and done basic hemming. But after reading more and more about fit and especially on petites, I've realized I need to get comfortable with sewing. This is a great idea for finding cheap items and practicing! I will def be doing this over the long weekend. 🙂

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  65. Adorei… Visite o meu blog

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  66. AUBS wrote:

    finishing the armholes look sooooo tough! gosh, you musta had a lotta patience. add this to the list of another great DIY project!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  67. Anonymous wrote:

    The armhole part looks the most complicated, thanks for the tip on the bias tape. I still don't think I could get even stitching all the way around the hole since its such a narrow place to work with.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  68. grace wrote:

    * Bows down to the amazing Jean * I wish I had those kinds of skills! I'm sure I'd end up with some sort of patched mess if I were to do it myself. Love the finished look 🙂

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  69. jdk wrote:

    this is INCREDIBLE! I just thrifted a very similiar maternity top that is black with white polka dots…and am going to try to follow your steps! (for a big belly, though)
    Adorable transformation – love the photos.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  70. ERIKA wrote:

    This is amazing Jean!! You're so creative, and I LOVE how cheap it was!!!!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  71. Asianmommy wrote:

    Amazing job! Love the look.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  72. DSK Steph wrote:

    You are amazing Jean!! 🙂

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  73. Egejta wrote:

    wooow such a easy change n huge difference! i love it visit me when u have a min

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  74. Jackie wrote:

    Wow! You did a great job on this!

    I love thrifting 🙂

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  75. Carol wrote:

    Wow. I enjoy your future daughters 😉

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  76. myhanh wrote:

    This is awesome! Beautiful shirt! Hope studying is going well, Jean!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  77. Carla Krae wrote:

    Well done renovating the blouse.

    Haven't bought anything from a thrift store, so I can't say.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  78. Yer wrote:

    Super cute! Where did you get the peach dress?

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  79. you are so creative! i wouldn't have thought to do that but now it's a lesson to always think of the possibilities!! you did a great job on this! xox P

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  80. Oh wow, this is amazing. The finished blouse looks like you bought it at the store, you did such a great job! I need to learn how to sew!

    xo, Yi-chia

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  81. Wow! Thrift shopping score! Great $3 blouse and amazing tutorial! I don't know if I have what it takes to completely turn around a shirt.

    My DIY is limited to pillow covers or seat covers.


    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  82. Arts wrote:

    You did a really good job Jean, and thanks for the tutorial.I love sewing, but haven't done any since I moved to the US. Planning to buy a machine soon and get back to it 🙂

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  83. 1000% improvement!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  84. Genious!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  85. LAURA wrote:

    that is such an amazing transformation!! sooooo pretty Jean! love how you paired the polka dot top with the nude/pink dress!

    Laura x

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  86. faye lu wrote:

    magical!~!~ i wish i had an "eye" for seeing a thrift pieces and their potential. may have to look twice before i throw something away next time. great post x

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  87. i wish i knew how to sew.. great work doll =]

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  88. That's pretty amazing! It looks absolutely wonderful! You are so talented 🙂


    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  89. Anonymous wrote:

    That looks like a professional job to me! Very inspiring, Jean! Thank you so much for sharing this, and all your other posts, I find them so so helpful!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  90. Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  91. Oh and sewing machines – I recommend this Singer from Amazon:;=1337760466&sr;=8-2

    It's well-priced ($127 + free ship, can sew heavier duty fabrics and stitches so much more consistently than my cheapie Brother from Wal-Mart (Mom used to have an older Brother that worked marvelously but it seems like the newer, economy line has suffered in quality).

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  92. Very nice, Jean! I'm glad you decided to make this DIY into a full post because it turned out so beautifully and looks like you sewed it from scratch rather than a refashioned garment.

    If you're interested in other sleeve finishing options, here are 2 that I've used in the past: 1. Sew bias tape (purchased for under $2 or self-made) to the edge, fold in, and secure fold with a line of stitching. This allows you to have a narrower look like the H&M; top. 2. If you have additional fabric, create a facing for each armhole. This allows you a finished look without a visible sewn edge. For example, would look like the armholes of a lined sleeveless top without having to line the entire top. Eek, this makes more sense in my head than typed out. Let me know if you have questions 🙂

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  93. Mary Ann wrote:

    I love this post Jean – I think you did a fabulous job on this shirt…professional sewer or not! I've never thought to repurpose a dowdy blouse like this, but now you have my cogwheels spinning. I love to get treasures at the thrift store and fix them up. I just finished drafting a blog post for tomorrow with a red skirt I found at Goodwill for $5. All I had to do was hem it. 😉

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
    I wanna make something like this from my old blouse ^.^

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  95. Kat wrote:

    Always making everything look so good… and so easy! If it were me, I'd probably have sewn my finger… that's actually happened to me once :X Love your DIY posts as usual!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  96. Wow, love this transformation! Only if my sewing machine isn't broken… haha


    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  97. Inspiring! This post encouraged me to pull out my sewing machine I bought years ago. I'm sure the skills acquired in my one semester of beginning sewing will come back to me once I keep at it. =)

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  98. What an awesome change! You are such an inspiration for altering clothes you already have!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  99. Bettina wrote:

    Wow, really nice transformation. You're a talented seamstress!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  100. Lydia wrote:

    This is so cool! You're such an inspiration 🙂
    Love the polkadots too…

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  101. Michelle wrote:

    Wow! You did an amazing job altering that top!! I agree with Kelly…you're getting good!!

    You are making me want to bring my sewing machine to my house(stored at parents…like a lot of things!)

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  102. Holy moly! Gorgeous transformation, Jean! You're getting REALLY good at this stuff. When is your petite clothing line coming out? 😉

    I don't think I have the patience for a project like that. I bought a skirt on super sale that had loose threads in the embroidery, and after a few sad attempts to fix them myself, I just handed it to my tailor to fix. I think I'm more of a "throw money at the problem" kind of person than a DIY'er. =(

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  103. Genie wrote:

    So cool! Great job, I seriously thought that you spent a fortune on the top, I'm going to try and do the same with some of the blouses that I haven't worn in a while, thanks!


    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  104. Karen wrote:

    Wow! That looks really well done! Super creative too. =]

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  105. newpetite wrote:

    That is amazing! Love how it looks when paired with the mustard shirt.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  106. Wow. I love that you took a meh blouse and make it into an amazing blouse.

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  107. Very nice job! You have a good eye for seeing the potential in the BEFORE version of the shirt. hehe

    Huge armholes are a problem for me too. I usually pay attention to the fit on the model form if they have a picture from the size view of an item I want to purchase it. Another problem is really long straps (ahem, Theory, even in sz P or 0) so I find that I have to get the straps taken up for things I love but don't want to pass up.

    I love polka dot blouses and just bought one on Piperlime (Trinity Polka Dot tank) with no collar.

    I wish I knew how to sew or had a friend that sewed (and my mom is out of state). I usually take my alternations to Best Fit on Newbury St (and I've tried Michael's Alterations for the easier stuff since he's cheaper) but maybe I'll try yours (Hemmingway Tailors) from your previous reviews one of these days. 🙂

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  108. Anonymous wrote:

    After reading your post I want to learn how to sew. I love the transformation of your blouse. Just looking after the before image the blouse itself looks "ehh" and the after image looks amazing!! The blouse itself looks like a $30- $40 blouse. Love it! you inspire me all the time Jean =)

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  109. Anonymous wrote:

    WOW! I admire your skills and good eye/taste

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  110. R.L. wrote:

    You never cease to amaze!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  111. Unknown wrote:

    I absolutely love what you did with your shirt! I, too, am going to dust off my old sewing machine. Thank you for sharing!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  112. Abby wrote:

    I have not touched my sewing machine in years, but your inspiring post just gave me courage! Today I found a darling linen skirt at Goodwill for 6 bucks – the fabric is great, the cut is not. I'm going to see what I can whip up. 🙂

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  113. I love this DIY blouse! I didn't think to thrift something and make a bow tie from the sleeves! Great job!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  114. Krecipe wrote:

    You are amazing!!! I wouldn't buy that original blouse cause I don't have any re-purpose ideas!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  115. Kimberly wrote:

    This is truly amazing and it really makes me want to learn how to sew! You did a great job – love the polka dots! 🙂

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  116. Amazing Jean! Man, I need to take more sewing lessons. Perhaps a summer goal? 😉

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  117. elleandish wrote:

    For not being a 'professional sewer' you sure had me fooled 🙂


    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  118. I admire how you are so able to do. My grandmother would love you! I should mention that my grandmother was a seamstress her entire life and I can't sew! 🙂

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  119. Chandi wrote:

    Exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks for this tutorial! I am going to try it on my boyfriend's shirt. LOVE your blog!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  120. mai wrote:

    oh wow, that is amazing!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  121. Tea wrote:

    I love the yellow skirt, could you tell me where it's from?!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  122. Pip wrote:

    This is so fabulous! Thanks for having such a great blog for petites!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  123. Wow Jean, you did a good job. I wish I have the talent.
    keep posting more tutorials.

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  124. Cari wrote:

    Amazing job Jean what a great tutorial everything looks kind of easy for those who can sew can't wait to try it out.


    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  125. lisacng wrote:

    You never cease to amaze me!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  126. You did such an amazing job! My mom would be proud, she's also a great petite seamstress. I unfortunately can't sew ;( I know I should take the time to learn. Any tips on where to start?

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  127. wow you are such a talented tailor!
    Tina @

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  128. I don't have the skills to do this, but I love what you've done!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  129. Kristina wrote:

    The finished blouse looks great! Very nice job.

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  130. rolala wrote:

    What a chic transformation! I'm finally going to be taking sewing lessons soon so I look forward to being able to repurpose thrift store finds.

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply

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