Something Borrowed: Sequin Pencil Skirt + Neon


Gap sweater (similar, but not dolman), Zara skirt borrowed from Khatu, ring from Vicky
Pearls & Prada pumps (~$20!) from eBay, Chanel bag & tortoiseshell sunnies, Burberry trench (similar)


Lord & Taylor is having their F&F; sale until 4/23 – use code FRIENDS to get 25% off almost everything, and 10% off beauty & fragrance. Free ship on orders over $99 or beauty orders over $49. My picks are:


– any of their Michael Kors watches (I love mine, and 25% off such a large selection is very rare. See my post on MK watches.)
Kate Spade tortoiseshell sunglasses that look like my much-loved ones for a fraction of the price, or
– something for Mother’s Day!

Not much else to say in today’s post except that I love having a like-sized friend with awesome taste living close by. It’s even better that our styles are a bit different, as it allows me to experiment outside my comfort zone. I might not pay for this eye-catching skirt (and the alterations it required) myself, but it sure is fun to borrow!

As a piece that really shines on its own, this skirt doesn’t need much styling. I just wanted to instill some essence of spring while staying warm (very brisk in the mornings and evenings here!). This slouchy neon sweater and classic khaki trench – two of my favorite purchases from last year – did the job.
This outfit is nice for a dinner out, or, you can switch into the skirt for after-work cocktails with colleagues. I love how the demure longer length balances out the party aspect of all-over sequins.

Readers – Do you have sisters or friends to share clothes with?

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  1. Jenn wrote:

    Your blog is great! Thanks for making shopping so much easier for me! I love that you post sales–I just took advantage of Ann Taylor's 40% off Friends and Family sale! I would love to see a post on colored heels (preferably red), strappy sandals (preferably brown), and statement jewelry (preferably turquoise or any other bright color). Keep up the awesome work!

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    I LOVE living with my same-sized sister! I don't know what I'm going to do when I move across the country in two months… 🙁

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  3. Melanie wrote:

    There is no way I could pull off a sequin skirt–but you look fab!

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  4. newpetite wrote:

    Love that look on you!

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  5. Ngoc N wrote:

    I love sharing clothes with my sister. I just shopped at H&M; yesterday and thanks to your reviews it helped me pick the right pieces for work.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    I love love love EVERYTHING about this outfit. I would never have thought to pair anything with a sequin skirt, much less a neon sweater, but this outfit just looks so lovely and glam on you. Also, I covet your sweater. I've adored every single outfit you have used it for in the last however many months. So sad it is no longer available.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  7. Crystalin wrote:

    Love this look on you! Please tell me your secrets on getting these pumps for $20!?

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  8. Kitch wrote:

    No way!?! $20 Prada pumps?? Or was that the pearls? This sweater is so cute, I also liked it from your older post.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  9. Suzie Q wrote:

    Such a great outfit! Love the sequined skirt. Sometimes, it's so fun to experiment outside your comfort zone or from your typical style. Love the yellow with it.

    Style Cue by Suzie Q

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  10. Wytane wrote:

    Gorgeous as usual! Love the skirt from Zara 🙂
    I share my clothes with my like-sized mom all the time. It feels so good to have 2 persons' wardrobe LOL.. x

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  11. I love your outfit!! It's so fun and classy and I LOVE your purse!!

    A Petite Treat

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  12. Genie wrote:

    I'm in awe of this amazing skirt and neon blouse ensemble! I wish I had one like this, usually sequined skirts have a bad connotation with not enough coverage and wild nights… I love this! I actually swap clothes with my mom all the time, she has an amazing sense of style.


    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  13. Emily wrote:

    That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! Love this entire look.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  14. Susan wrote:

    I'm not usually into sequins, but this skirt photographs beautifully! Love the sparkles.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  15. SugarNikita wrote:

    LOVE this. Great way to wear a bright color!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  16. Pip wrote:

    Wow, this is amazing! I love the shirt with the skirt! The skirt fits perfectly on you! xx


    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  17. That skirt is really sleek and chic!


    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  18. I love this look and what a great skirt.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  19. Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  20. Perfect look for work then happy hour! Loving the sequin skirt!!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  21. Lien wrote:

    I absolutely love this pairing! Normally when I think of sequins, I picture NYE parties or something along those lines but this outfit is more subtle yet still maintaining that glam factor… And that yellow is a gorgeous color!

    Also, I read above that it's your birthday! Happy Birthday, Jean! Hope you had a wonderful day filled with lots of love and new additions to the closet! :p

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean!
    Since I don't have a twitter account. I'll just wish you a happy happy & restful birthday here!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  23. Joy wrote:

    you look so tall with that skirt on! legs go miles long.
    There's nothing I don't like about this outfit. =]

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    Do you mind sharing which Michael Kors watch you have? I'd love to know which watch fits a petite so similar in size to me. Thanks!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  25. Michelle wrote:

    You are standing next to "Zoidberg" from Futurama in pic #4! :p

    That is a no for me regarding friends/sisters to borrow clothes from/with.

    This skirt looks great styled like that. Good idea rolling the sleeves!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend! 🙂

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  26. Kimberly wrote:

    I wish I had stylish friends nearby that I could share clothes with…and my sister lives clear across the country! 🙁 This skirt is beautiful & love how you paired it with that bright color – makes it appropriate for spring.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  27. webichi wrote:

    Love this outfit! It's so classy and bright. The neon works so well with the sequins.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  28. Kat wrote:

    I was just going to say that this would make a great after work dinner outfit. I think you paired your items nicely. I used to have roommates that I could borrow clothes from… in college. Now, my male roommate and I kiiiiind of have different taste. So it's really hard to borrow anything, if at all 😉 But I do on occasion swap items with a close gf.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  29. Do you have tips for petites that are curvier from the hips and below? For example, I've tried pencil skirts, but I'm not sure whether they fit in a way that is work appropriate. I have some friends and family that are also curvy up top but 5' and under. It's a unique challenge because magazines often have tips for petites and ladies with curves, but not everyone falls into those categories.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  30. lisacng wrote:

    It's so cool how you mix sequins with a knit! A bright knit too, love it! And the link for the Kate Spade sunglasses is soooo cute! The stripes on the inside…I WANT!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  31. nikolia wrote:

    I love your skirt … perfect combination …

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    Great outfit! Love the skirt! However I must say that your (faded) suede pumps don't match the purse or the outfit at all. Sexy black leather pumps would have been much better! But that's just my opinion!
    Have a great weekend, Lucy

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  33. grace wrote:

    Already posted on FB, but wanted to add that I do have a friend that is of similar size, so it's fun to go shopping with her as we can try on the same things, but she's not really into style or fashion as I am (though, in comparison with all you amazingly well dressed petite bloggers I dress like a homeless person :P). We both have fairly plain styles for the most part – I really have to push myself to get out of my comfort zone – even putting on accessories can be a pain for me (yes, I am that lazy). So I go to you and other petites for inspiration and possible fit ideas.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  34. I wish I had someone to share clothes with! Or shoes, or anything!! The skirt is very pretty, but not something I would usually pick up either. Happy birthday!!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  35. Monica wrote:

    LOVE THAT SKIRT – i have one just like it but it's more fitted.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  36. lin wrote:

    love the whole look of this….very classy and chic paired with all the right accessories. 😉

    i don't have sisters but i do have friends whom i could share clothes with. 😀

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  37. I absolutely love this! The sequin skirt is so pretty! 🙂 Definitely great paired with your bright top!


    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  38. I love it! I have a very a similar sequin pencil skirt that I thrifted years ago and I love it's modest and classic cut – partied up with the sequins. It's definitely a piece I wish got more wear. Have you noticed that there's something about sequins that adds some curves to all the right areas? All that reflective light does something magical. For that reason alone, I wish I could wear sequin skirts and dresses 'round the clock. Haha.

    I have one sister that lives with me so we swap clothes all the time, but it's more beneficial for her than me. My coworker also benefits from my closet, I'm her go-to whenever she needs a dress for a special occasion. My sisters that live further away also get shipments from my closet when they're in need. Hey, if my closet can dress multiple people other than me, I'm happy!

    Wow! Longest comment ever! Have a great weekend Jean!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  39. Unknown wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  40. My Style wrote:

    love the way that you styled the skirt! is so classy!


    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  41. Great outfit, love how it all comes together:-)
    I read every single post but this is first time I called my husband to come along and look at Dr. Zoidberg:-) He completely gets why Nick wanted to take photos of him in te wild:-)

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  42. Sabrina wrote:

    Oh, Jean, you're so stunning! Something about pairing neon and sequins seem so right, and I love how you've taken these trends into a very classy and ladylike direction, as you always do!

    Sabrina x

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  43. Julie Khuu wrote:

    Love how the skirt seems to show off such an abstract pattern when it hits the light…like a gorgeous galaxy that you're rocking all day long…great look, the neon is a perfect pairing!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  44. Lol! Nick brought him along to take photos of him "in the wild" for a project … don't ask …

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  45. You are so lucky to have friends closed by. I have sisters but I live far from them. This outfit is lovely.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  46. Anissa wrote:

    lovely outfit!:)

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  47. Tiffany wrote:

    I love this outfit! Neon and sequins are such a fun mix and match. Great post, but I admit it cracked me up that there's a Dr. Zoidberg decal on the wall behind you.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  48. Great skirt Jean, and I love that you wore it during the day. 🙂
    ~Natasha Fatah~

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  49. Theresa wrote:

    very classy! i'm impressed that those heels were only $20!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  50. you look so chic! love the bright yellow on sequin! Very pretty!
    xo, Tina

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply

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