Reviews: Asos wrap dress, pointy pumps, and cap toes

I found this post in my drafts and apologize for the belated review, but it’s less fun blogging about items that don’t work out! Last month, I was determined to add some fun shoes to my collection full of AT work pumps (btw, friends & family at Ann Taylor and LOFT has begun! Use FRIENDSAF for 40% off your entire order. Tried the crepe shift dress (c/o AT) on here). First and foremost I wanted neutral pointy toes, as pointy has made a comeback and are great for lengthening legs. I was also interested in classic cap toes, and entertained the thought of a fun printed/patterned pump:

Before we get to the shoe-mania, here is a quick dress review. Last month when I ordered this bright blue peplum dress (now 40% off, see review), I also picked up this yellow number as a cocktail prospect:

Asos petite long sleeve belted wrap dress in US1, comes in 3 colors. Thrift store shoes, H&M; clutch

This dress is a petite exclusive, and since the models are definitely not petite, I was hoping that it would have a little more coverage and length than shown in the stock photo…

Unfortunately, it’s just as plunging and short in-person as it looks online, so this is less cocktail-appropriate and more like something I wore on spring break many moons ago. A big issue for me was the back wrap design – it’s a faux wrap and ends awkwardly in the black center, like a flapping tail. I also want to note that arms are snug, and the belt is much too loose for the dress unless you punch extra holes. Returned.

Eek – not at all sure what happened to the colors in this photo! This dress is a true canary yellow color.

Onto the shoe reviews. I apologize for the veiny foot closeups, but I wanted to point out some fit issues and what I look out for when shoe shopping. Out of all the shoes, the only keeper for me was the pre-owned pair of Louboutin Pigalles from eBay that conveniently knocked out my desire for both neutral pointies and cap toe pumps. Out of the non-keepers, I will start with the best out of the bunch:

BCBGeneration Cielo pump, available in 8 colors. The “vachetta” color (pictured) is 33% off
This is a nicely-made shoe in the perfect neutral, and a nice, matte leather with covered heels (important to me…I prefer no wooden stacked heels w/ leather pumps!). The shape is classic with a 3.75″ heel. Fit is true to size and felt comfortable, but the smallest I could find in this color was a 5.5 (I’m between 5-5.5) and it was just slightly wide on me. I have shoe inserts at home, but I reserve those only for after shoes stretch out – which most real leather shoes will do with wear.
Next up, the Corso Como Del quilted cap-toe pumps (also available in non-quilted, non-capped solid colors like nude or red) that start in a teensy size 4. I’ve seen these at many stores, but only good ol’ Nordies has them in extended sizing and for 40% off! I hope Nordstrom never goes away, because no other retailer offers this spectrum of shoe sizing, a great price matching policy, plus free ship both ways.

Unfortunately, the beige looked green against my skin and I was disappointed in the silhouette of these. “Sleekness” is probably my top criteria these days for shoes, as a sleek silhouette can really streamline shorter legs and make non-designer shoes look more expensive. The toes on these are very round from all angles. Look at the BCBG’s in the above left pic and see how they taper down towards the toes and are fairly flat, and compare that to these which appear thick all the way to the end. Also, the puffy quilting adds about 0.5″ total outer width to each foot. If you want a sleeker alternative, I adore how these pointy cap toe pumps look on Wendy, plus they start at sz 5 and come in three color schemes.

As for fit, these run true to size. I got these in 5 and they were very snug on me. The inside (as with all Corso Como pumps) is heavily padded to cushion the balls of your feet, and are comfy. In my experience, Corso Como shoes tend to be for medium to wider width feet (vs Louboutin which runs very narrow), and women with such feet tend to love them. See Elle’s review.

This is the third time I’ve ordered Asos brand shoes (keep in mind they carry other brands too) and I think it might be the last. The first two times I got ankle boots that almost sliced off my ankles with every step. The blue woven pumps here are part of their pricier “Collection” line and had decent craftsmanship, but ran at LEAST one size too big and were very stiff. The nude pumps had such a high gap in the toe box (this is hardly ever an issue for me) that I could fit my hand in there. The faux-leather was very plastic-y in-person. I only wanted to try these because ASOS carries size 5 at affordable prices with free ship & returns, but the value to me is definitely below that of Target shoes.

Readers – Have you brought your pointy pumps back out?

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  2. Vina wrote:

    Hi Jean! I noticed that you always wear pumps with heels that can go high as 4". I love wearing heels but my feet couldn't last an hour, especially the ones with flat surface in the front 🙁 How do you manage wearing yours?

    Posted 8.24.12 Reply
  3. Kholá wrote:

    I actually like this length as I usually have to take 4 or more inches off my wrap dress.

    Posted 4.28.12 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Do you know any brand/website that sells heels(size4!!!)?????????
    I have difficult finding it and even i find its either expensive (200-500) or cheap ones/weird looking

    Posted 4.26.12 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Seeing Penny Pincher Fashion comment on copy cat's recent post after apologizing and empathizing with Jean on here and Tweeting, "For the record, I do not support plagiarism…" makes me think her comment was insincere and was just for PR purposes. She just lost my readership.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Annie is smarter now and more surreptitious. She posted about bug eye shades and said she was keeping them. I just checked back and mysteriously she returned those and just got tortoiseshell Chanels..hmm, sound familiar? Like what jean wears in every other post? And she "desperately" wants a beige swing jacket. Hmm. If her pinspiration outfit looks familiar, look up Jean's "crochet blues" post. These are not coincidences. The blog description copying mentioned by McKenna is the cherry on top.

    I read PPF's response here as mature and responsible. Until I just saw her comment on Annie's post, a day after apologizing on here. I am definitely unfollowing bloggers that condone plagiarism.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I've also written to and CC'd into it. I hope sponsors like LOFT will start to do more research before they decide which bloggers to feature on their Facebook page.

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:
    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  10. Anonymous wrote:


    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  11. Anonymous wrote:

    Well,I sent an e-mail. Their responded in a fairly short amount of time.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    just facebook message them? since they seem to be pretty active on fb.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    I wrote to them, have not heard from them yet.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    Did anyone actually get a response from LOFT? I would like to write, but I have never heard back from ANY company before.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  15. Jen wrote:

    Alison, I believe that blog content is copyrighted the minute they are published online (see Annie is fortunate that legal action has not been taken against her blatant and continued acts of plagiarism of Jean and other bloggers.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  16. Alison wrote:

    Sigh. I’ve been aware of the copying for a very long time now and have read past and recent comments but avoided adding my two cents in hopes that it will eventually be resolved. If you’re reviewing the same item, yes, maybe it’s a coincidence as many petite bloggers review the same or similar items. But it’s not a coincidence and it’s not considered being “inspired” when you copy everything from styling ideas, to diction, to font, to blog format/layout, to poses in photos, to mannerisms in videos, etc. I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it’s not applicable since Jean has voiced and reached out to express her concern/dismay over this issue. Jean works hard to provide informative, fun, and stylish content to her readers and shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of frustration. Although a personal blog is not copyrighted material, it is absolutely and completely unacceptable to take someone else’s work and portray it as your own.

    I’m not petite (5’8”) but I absolutely adore Jean’s blog and have been a loyal reader for many years now (and to come!). Her style evolution has been phenomenal and it’s evident that she has grown a lot from blogging. I think Jean is intelligent, kind, and fun – a fine young lady with impeccable style and I know she will move past this issue with the dignity and grace that she has shown.

    Just wanted to let you know that as readers, petite and otherwise, we love and support you, Jean! Good luck on your exam and keep up the great posts!

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Type the copycat's blog name into slowly and watch the auto fill. Thats when you know it is bad. Loft did not do their research.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    I am planning to write to loft about this.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    I used to be RP's follower because she had her own originality and style back in the days until one day I noticed her and Jean consistently wore the same items on the blogs and etc. I thought it was just me that noticed the pattern or just a coincidence at the beginning but later it got way too obvious. It IS nice to see the same items on different people but it's not right for her . I remember at one point she even changed her banner to look almost identical to Jean's (profile/side face on the top right). Later on she just kept changing it back and forth but it seems like she's not comfortable with her own style and that's just sad. I can see how PPF did not mean to get involved in this mess at all but I DO see how RP intentionally picked her as the winner of the giveaway because PPF is a well known blogger and showed support to her. If it was chosen randomly, why not post a screenshot of the winning person from If this is true then she doesn't deserve any readers.

    Posted 4.24.12 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    Anonymous @ Apr 23, 2012 08:26 AM

    I do not think it is fair that you are dragging another blogger into this mess. I'm pretty sure PPF had ZERO IDEA Annie was copying Jean.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  21. Anonymous wrote:

    I also agree with Anon @10:03 am. I think RP continues to blatantly copy other bloggers because it gets her attention and the website traffic that she may otherwise not have.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  22. Anonymous wrote:

    I admire PPF for her mature response. I believe PPF did not have anything to do with winning RP's LOFT giveaway, but I do have a feeling that Annie chose her instead of drawing a winner. If you notice, a lot of the petite bloggers do not interact with Annie anymore. And those that do seem to do so out of courtesy or because Annie continues to badger them. I think Annie is flattered that she has an unsuspecting blogger like PPF supporting her.

    On another note, I welcome everyone who has an opinion on this issue to discuss it on an online forum instead of here on Jean's lovely blog. There is a Really Petite thread on

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  23. Anonymous wrote:

    I could not agree more. There were a couple of blogs that I was following, now stopped following because of their interaction with copycat. They should not support her, or even talk to her. You don't have to be really smart to see what she is doing. It is really annoying.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  24. Anonymous wrote:

    I had no idea about PPF, but I saw her comment below and respect her mature response. I completely agree that bloggers and companies should think twice before "supporting everyone". There's a difference btw respecting someone you meet and immediately supporting someone before knowing what they stand for.

    Based on previous incidents, I think the copycat will continue as long as the attention is there. For readers, we should resist the urge to watch the "train wreck." For other bloggers who would care, I would suggest no longer interacting with her. It would personally put me off from reading your blog and would only indirectly encourage her plagiarism.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    I saw PpF's response at the bottom. I don't think it's fair to drag unsuspecting people into the copycat's web of lies. I also don't think bloggers and companies are smart to "support everyone." just as in real life and work, do you go around blindly hugging everyone? It doesn't take a genius to see it. When I first saw the 2 blogs, the names themselves flabbergasted me. A quick look told which came first. Back then, the blogs looked identical. I was confused ALL the time.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  26. Kimberly wrote:

    For the record, I had no idea there was a plagarism problem going on and I started reading the other petite blog before I was ever made aware of or came across yours. I didn't know which one of your blogs came first until now. I whole-heartedly apologize if any of my actions seemed fake or like I was playing games…that is certainly not true nor was it ever my intention. I am an honest person and try to support all other bloggers I come across. Jean, I completely respect you & admire your style and am truly sorry that you are having to deal with this issue.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey – I know PPFGirl and there's just no way she would be playing along with Annie. I saw that comment from her on Jean's Chanel post and I guarantee she was confused because Annie had JUST purchased hers and had posted about it just a few days before Jean. She must have thought that she was on Really Petite's blog. Honest mistake!

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  28. Anonymous wrote:

    I realized the gift card incident,too. I do not trust her giveaways. They think that the readers are dumb.Well, I have news for them, we are not.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  29. Anonymous wrote:

    PPFgirl is also the winner of Annie's rigged $150 loft giveaway. I used to read her blog until she started sucking up to The copycat nonstop. I've seen her leave a comment on here calling Jean "Annie." Grown women shouldn't be playing these games.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    Anon @7:33 pm, I witnessed to the Target skirt incident and was shocked. Jean tweeted about the skirt. And a couple of hours or a day later, @PPFGirl tweeted RP about the skirt,saying she saw this skirt and it would be perfect for her vacation. It sounded so fake to me, like they were playing. And she bought the skirt. I am sure she reads this blog. I hope she sees that we know she is a copycat.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  31. Anonymous wrote:

    P.S. I just realized that my first comment actually showed up (4:46 AM). After I posted the first time, it wasn't appearing so I thought it didn't go through. Maybe there was a delay.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I really appreciate you replying as I imagine it couldn't have been easy. In the past, I've been really insulted when she, some commenters, and even a few other bloggers have labeled this "woman on woman hating". Honestly, the only hating I see is one woman routinely plagiarizing even after several women have asked her to "stop it already". It's so nice to see so many readers also concerned about this problem. I plan on writing to Loft too, and I've unfollowed her and other blogs that seem to support her.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  33. yea, that flap/tail thing.. how that part of the design made it to production is a mystery!! 😛

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  34. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean, You're right about the ASOS return shipping. I remembered incorrectly what happened. ASOS reimbursed me for the return shipping after I chased it up with them several times.

    I purchased the belt online in June 2011 and received the reimbursement in October 2011. They offered me a discount code with my next purchase if I bought something before a certain date, but somehow it didn't entice me. Maybe it was partly because the belt was described as 100% leather on their website.

    Posted 4.23.12 Reply
  35. Anonymous wrote:

    hello! just to let you know that if you type your website it shows that the website is not available…it says "connection to was interrupted." but if you google and click on one of the old pages, it works. it's been doing that for a while!

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  36. I don't think I own any round (I feel like it makes me look younger and my feet look wider) so I'd choose pointy or a semi-sleek almond toe.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  37. Thank you all for your concern–I truly appreciate having readers that care.

    @ Anon 9:05AM – I have contacted her about this issue privately several times over the course of 2 years.

    @ Anon 12:10AM – There's a difference between being inspired/buying the same things and plagiarism, and it would be a shame to confuse the two. I'm humbled when someone tells me I've inspired their style or that they've purchased something I've recommended and love it. I often buy items or try new styles myself after seeing them on other women, and try to always cite the source. Given the history and pervasiveness of this situation (several other blogs are affected and it goes well beyond similar clothing choices), I think it clearly crosses the line of mere inspiration.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  38. Thank you for adding my blog as a fave! I agree with Carla – you're definitely considered petite by the fashion industry : ) If you look on my blogroll, there are several stylish ladies who are around your height. One that I can think of right now is To Brighten My Day who is 5'4."

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  39. I would if the front plunge was the only issue : )

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  40. Hi there – can you do low wedges with cushioning inside? If not, I'd suggest sleek, comfortable flats. I personally avoid round toe flats as they tend to make me look more childish, and prefer almond or pointy toe.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  41. Hmm you may be right…thanks for pointing that out! I originally got the style name from this:

    But now I see that they have "duvette" in the description even though their listing title says Pigalle!

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  42. Hi Bela, thank you very much for your comments. The belt was definitely faux-leather but I did not expect a quality belt to come free with an ASOS dress. I'm surprised – your belt didn't come with free returns like all of their items claim to?

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  43. Jen wrote:

    @ Anonymous at 9:05, I think Jean wants to keep the peace as much as possible and wants to move past this issue, as it has finally come to Annie's attention that Jean and other readers have caught on to her copying ways. I think directly addressing Annie about this issue would not help, because she is fully aware of what she is doing, but still copies others anyway.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  44. Anonymous wrote:

    Just link LOFT to all the reader outlash comments on here. (H&m; suit post) Jean I wish you did not hide the comments on the second reader outlash. Your readers can help you just so much but I'd like to ask why you haven't just directly contacted her about it? You said you are bothered by it but being so passive won't help.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  45. Anonymous wrote:

    I originally suggested writing LOFT about this issue @ 9:11 PM. I'm really impressed by other's support of this idea. There's clearly overwhelming evidence that there is serious, copying going on as readers seem to have example after example over a long span of time. I created an email address If people are interested, I will take your inputs/examples/comments and compile a letter to send to LOFT. Please keep it professional, cite your examples (links will help!) and let me know if you're interested in helping or have other ideas on how to fix this problem. 🙂

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  46. Anonymous wrote:

    Funny because when she switched from copying Wendy's font she copied Pink Peonies blog's font (script for "Really" and then skinny type font for "Petite." She finally changed it to something that's her own.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  47. Anonymous wrote:

    @11:46 lol! Someone must have confronted her about switching to copying Wendy's header and layout but she forgot to cover all her tracks. I just noticed Jean removed the giveaway, review, and advertisment boxes from her advertise page. I read it before and Annie's was an exact copy except Annie made some grammar mistakes while retyping it up.

    Jean, I wrote to LOFT. You have loyal and discerning readers indeed.


    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  48. Lindsay wrote:

    To anon's above, write to – their PR team is very responsive. I am writing them too, because seeing copycat on LOFT's facebook and her rigged LOFT giveaways turn me off LOFT, brand a I usually love. Ann Taylor seems to be sponsoring Jean a lot more – I think they're savvy enough to know who the classy one is.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  49. Anonymous wrote:

    McKenna B 01:02 PM is bang on with the headers. Check out the header on her Sponsor page. Under "Advertise", click on "this chart". That is the exact font that Wendy uses. Looks like she forgot to change this page when everyone caught on.

    Posted 4.22.12 Reply
  50. Anonymous wrote:

    Recently, Jean tweeted a Target color block skirt and said it would look great with a polka dot top. Today, Annie posts on Facebook that exact skirt with a polka dot top and the brown and gold buckle belt jean has been featuring. Annie keeps saying a reader showed her it. Bull..and your "reader" styled it for you too? The comments keep saying how they love her style and can't wait to copy her and pin her to her delight. SO shameless!

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  51. Anonymous wrote:

    I agree with 3:26 PM, its not AT job to take a stance on the drama. However they do post her blog pictures and links to her website (i.e. in the latest LOFT FB album "how bloggers wear loft" posted about 2 weeks ago) which generates more traffic to her website. Traffic that is "awed" by her copied style.

    Who knows how much writing AT/LOFT will actually impact the situation, but I feel like its a start, especially if there is an overwhelming response. I think that public opinions are taken more seriously these days especially via social media outlets such as FB & Twitter. Once people start complaining, it really hurts their image. Also by posting to FB & Twitter, you're automatically connected to their members of their marketing and PR teams.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  52. Jan wrote:

    I'm sorry, I can't stop reading the copycat website because seeing the relapse is like watching a train wreck.

    How does one write to Ann Taylor or loft? I don't think the site customer service would care.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  53. Anonymous wrote:

    Somebody brought up writing to LOFT last time and I think it's a GREAT idea for anyone offended by her actions. I've seen LOFT and AT retweet and interact with her a lot. It's not their job to take a stance on the drama she's creating, but I find it irresponsible for a company if they knowingly support someone who plagiarizes.

    I have actually stopped shopping at LOFT and AT. My main reason is because AT associates have routinely treated me badly as a result of being petite. They often accuse me of trying to return a different item than what's on the receipt. I buy sz 5 and 00P, and apparently the bar code system for those differ from in-store merchandise and that confuses associates. Add to the fact that I'm a petite who looks like a teen, it's a recipe to get disrespected.

    Needless to say it's off-putting, so I have no problem to continue boycotting them if they want to support blogger plagiarism. I strongly encourage anyone who feels similarly to do the same.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  54. Anonymous wrote:

    To Anonymous 01:34.
    You must be paranoid. I don't know if reallypetite has left any comment here before, but that 12:10 is from me. Any owner of this blog can easily track down my ip number and find out that I'm not even living in the same continent as her.
    But it's ok if you think that comment is from her, it just proves to me that you are delusional.
    This will be the last comment I will be replying to you, simply because I want to respect Jean's blog and don't want to take part of any fight to destroy this lovely blog.


    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  55. Linda wrote:

    OMG I can't believe there's that many ppl thinking the same. I was on copycat site reading shoe reviews that were uncomfortably familiar. I haven't seen verdict used anywhere cept on EP and law an order. Ya ya sure you "stumbled upon" the cap toe pumps an hour after Wendy tweeted them. And ya sure you have been looking for sandals just like jean's target shoe and the nude bow flats Wendy gifted jean. I just might write Ann Taylor loft on Facebook because all their Annie promo makes me want to stop shopping them.

    I do think it funny how second rate the copy is even with all the trying. It is like the opposite of what EP is about. No clue on fit or wise spending, shoes that fit. More like blog about mindless shopping and copied style /purchases.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  56. Anonymous wrote:

    I think we should post on the copycat's sponsers' facebook and twitter to let them know that we do not support the copycat website at all and are against what she does. this will draw more attention on facebook and twitter so more of jean's readers know whats going on.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  57. Anonymous wrote:

    Discerning readers for team Jean! This makes me so sad that all of Jean's hard work/creativity is getting ripped off like this. I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE reading Extra Petite — her posts/ideas/eye for style and practicality are one of kind and I think many people probably share the same opinion. For those who don't believe the copy-cat posts are wrong, just put yourself in Jean's shoes and imagine how you'd feel if someone took credit for your hard work.

    I've seen these threads come up so many times and unfortunately nothing seems to change. Obviously there's not much Jean can do, but what can we do as readers to help? How about avoid the copycat website AND avoid major supporters/advertisers such as LOFT? I personally want to write LOFT via Facebook regarding their support of poor ethics.

    Posted 4.21.12 Reply
  58. Anonymous wrote:

    Your copycat bought three pairs of shoes. They all looked familiar to me. 1st pair is @AubreyOhDang 's link, 2nd pair was the one that @wendynguyen wore, 3rd one was similar to your Target sandals. I think she thinks people would not realize what she is doing (copying). But I think she reads your blog and leaves comments under anonymous like 12:10 am. If I were you, I would have freaked out by now. But you are keeping your coolness.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  59. McKenna B. wrote:

    Annie is shameless. She may not copy Jean's outfits anymore, but she has taken another cue from Jean's blog – this time at the header (top of your browser, not sure what it's called.) Jean recently changed hers to say "Extra Petite| Petite Fashion, Style Tip and DIY." TODAY I noticed Annie has hers as "REALLY PETITE: Fashion, Shopping, and Petite Style." Now, anyone can definitely put this on their blog, but why now? Why constantly paraphrase someone else's words? Even her sponsor page is is a direct paraphrase of Jean's. It's pathetic.

    And she recently has copied Khatu's old, Instagrammed outfit of white bottom + J. Crew ripple stitch sweater + brown belt w/ gold buckle. Oh wait, maybe she was just "inspired."

    Jean, I'm pointing this out because it's a shame that she thinks no one will notice. She fails to realize you have discerning readers.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  60. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey guys we need to give her some credit. She stopped copying for a few weeks! It mut have been so tough but now she relapsed. Looks like she couldn't get new followers without copying so had to hold a crapload of giveaways, which may I point out are ALL rigged. Each winner ever is a blogger or reader who sucks up to her with fawning compliments. Not honest IMO to get new followers or "likes" but what can you really expect from someone who rips off others style for profit for yeaaaars. Sorry Jean just have to voice my opinion since there's nowhere else to do it. Keep up the unique and helpful posts.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  61. My Style wrote:

    you are so right! is so hard to find a perfect pair of shoes!


    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  62. Anonymous wrote:

    And blatantly begging readers to hunt down and pick up items for her? Rather than "hey, let me know if you guys come across this or that item,thanks a bunch" um, demanding much? Not to mention her pinterest boards.. as soon as she hunts down an item she wants from say jean (chanel brooch) or wendy (classique pumps, knot earrings) she has to run and pin it as if to say "hey i found this FIRST" before instagramming the crap out said item on twitter.. lame

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  63. Lissa wrote:

    I feel like her style of writing is evolving.. using phrases like "arm holes are huge," "will need to be slimmed," "passed," "purchased," etc. No doubt those are inspired. Also, the questions she poses for readers at the end of her posts aren't very good IMO

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  64. That is so funny that you prefer leather covered heels – I am just the opposite, and I never understand why all the heels are covered! ha. I am just not careful enough to avoid grates and cracks, so the wooden heels last longer in my hands. Thank you for the reviews! I am on the lookout for a new pair of nude pumps, and definitely am going to consider what you said!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  65. Lori Supek wrote:

    Hi There! Just wanted to say hi, I'm a new follower on bloglovin and I love your style! It's a great inspiration for work appropriate, yet chic styles!

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  66. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for taking the time to review these heels and ASOS dress. How did you find the belt? I once ordered what I thought was a ASOS yellow leather belt, but when it arrived it was a sickly green-yellow and seemed to be made of pliable cardboard. I returned it even though the shipping cost more than the belt.

    I like reading your blog and realized that what makes you unique is that you take the time to explain your analyses of garment & shoe fit, what to note when having clothes tailored and how to make smart purchases. I haven't mastered these skills yet, but I'm getting there. Your blog is more than a spread of beautiful photos, although I like that aspect of your blog too!

    Thanks for taking the time to blog even though you're busy with study Jean!

    Bela Anzu

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  67. Wytane wrote:

    What a pity, the Asos blue woven court shoes looks amazing! x

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  68. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for reviewing these heels and ASOS yellow canary dress for us. What material was the belt made out of? I once purchased what I thought was a yellow leather belt from ASOS, but what arrived was this sickly yellow-green belt that looked and felt like it was made out of pliable cardboard. It was disappointing and I returned it even though the shipping costed more than the belt.

    I love reading your blog and appreciate the thought and time you put into it. I realized that what makes you unique is that you take the time to teach us about fit, what to consider when having an item tailored, and recommending quality items. It's the analysis, research and smart spending that I was missing before coming across your blog. I haven't mastered these skills yet, but I'm trying. Your blog is more than a spread of beautiful photos, although I like those too!

    Thanks Jean! Bela Anzu

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  69. Olyvia wrote:

    Your CL pumps do look the best of the bunch. I agree the shoe sizing on ASOS is way off. I ordered some shoes from them in my size 6 and they all ran huge…like 1-2 sizes larger. Funny how their shoes run large but their clothing usually runs smaller.

    Posted 4.20.12 Reply
  70. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, just FYI I think your CLs are Duvettes, not Pigalles. Google image search the Duvettes – those are the ones with the captoe/cut outs in the Pigalle shape. 🙂 haha obviously nbd, but you seem (admirably) dedicated to accuracy on your blog so I thought you might want to know!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  71. Anonymous wrote:

    hahah Anon 8:34am. Shameless. If she stopped coming to EP's page she may just start getting her own ideas.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  72. Jill wrote:

    She definitely knows Jean. I remember one time I saw a post on her blog where she was wearing the exact same outfit that Jean had posted, so I left a comment about how similar her style was to Jean's. Her response was that there are limited options for petites, so it's only natural that their styles would be similar. Give me a break! She's a blatant rip-off and she knows it. I'm amazed at the number of times I've gone to her blog only to find that she's wearing yet another copied outfit.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  73. La Chinita wrote:

    I love this dress!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you! The bright color is absolutely stunning…

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  74. Petite-ish wrote:

    You've been so prolific on your hiatus jean! Thanks for the reviews

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  75. JulieY wrote:


    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  76. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, I was wondering what you suggest to people who can't wear heels. I am a teacher, so I'm standing all day and wearing heels just isn't an option.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  77. Lela wrote:

    Love the Cielo, love the dress!

    Fashion Blog – Lela London

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  78. At first glance I like the BCBG and ASOS pumps. It's too bad both shoes didn't work out but. So I went ahead and order the ASOS peplum dress. I hope it work out. =)

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  79. Anonymous wrote:

    I recently purchased the BCBG pumps, I love them. I had these on for 6+ hours at a wedding – it endured hours of standing and dancing and my feet weren't too sore afterwards. There seems to be some cushioning where the balls of the feet and it really helps! – Quinn

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  80. Midori wrote:

    holy crap…i'm never going to buy asos shoes. glad i saw this!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  81. I love this color on you Jean! Your complexion and dark hair look so good with the canary yellow, it's too bad about the back of the dress. what is that all about? Sometimes, I shake my head at the way clothing is made. I love special details, but some are just plain crazy! What woman is going to wear a flap across half her rear? Lol

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  82. Aww, it's too bad the yellow dress and the blue woven shoes didn't work out for you! I thought the items were really cute and the colors compliment you nicely.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  83. Emma wrote:

    lol funny how she says she doesn't know jean. she has commented on here before and plus, she said her blog is inspired by EP. she even uses "verdict" like jean!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  84. Amyyyyyyy wrote:

    same thing happened to me with the ASOS shoes….even though they're pretty cheap, will probably never be ordering shoes from them again. i bought some nine west rocha pumps and they look beauuuuutiful 🙂

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  85. Angie wrote:

    At first I really liked the yellow dress on you, but then you pointed out the flap. Eeks! At least I do think the color is very flattering on your skin 🙂


    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  86. Anonymous wrote:

    Her Ebay page has been updated and there is nothing listed there! Needless to say, she has been here and seen the conversation.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  87. I have brought my pointy shoes back out. I had all those pairs ready for the donation box, however trends were calling out to me. So I put them back in my closet.

    ASOS shoes are very difficult. I find that they were just not as well made as say Steve Madden or even Zara for that matter. No cushioning or only a tiny bit of padding, inconsistent craftsmanship, and it feels like I'm wearing cardbox on my feet.


    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  88. Hi Jean,
    I'm so glad I found your blog! I myself am a petite gal and it's great to see you do really comprehensive posts about your wardrobe and how you went about altering (if you did) them. I'm about to graduate from university this year so it's great to see how you mix and match pieces for the workplace! (Sorry previous post was deleted since I posted a blog link =P)

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  90. Anonymous wrote:

    I wear 35.5 and UK 3 is usually perfect for me. The equation UK 3 = 36 is not always right if you ask me… Of course it also depends on the brand.


    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  91. Anonymous wrote:

    Agree with Anon at 6:20. That blog is a bad copy of Jean's!!


    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  92. Arts wrote:

    Hi Jean

    I love those BCBG pumps, so sad they were not your size. With the other shoes review, I tend to agree with you, just by looking, they don't look quite fashionable 🙂

    As for the dress, I do like the front part, I got a similar one from Macys, can't wear it without an undershirt, and sewing a button where the dress wraps though. Fortunately there's no wrap at the back.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  93. Anonymous wrote:

    There's a HUGE diff between getting ideas from someone and trying to BE them on your own "personal style" blog. Anon also pointed out something I never thought about which is how much money is earned from the advertisements and clothing links using copied ideas. I mean it could be a lot. This has been brought up a million times before. this girl is just SO shameless.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  94. Love your shoe collection Jean!
    Especially those bright blue printed ones!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  95. yup, have been wearing the pointy pumps recently and am loving them! i just did a review on the J. Crew valentinas vs. Zara court shoes and really like them both. Zaras does have a bit more toe cleavage, but they are a very pretty shoe for the price!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  96. Elle wrote:

    Holy mega review post! I like the BCBG pumps on you…pointy toe shoes are definitely something I've been trying out but also something I haven't found a lot of success in (darn wider feet!). Will have to give these a go and find out. Thanks for the review!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  97. eep – thank you for the review! i'd been curious about asos shoes, but seems it's best to leave them on the screen! i love the yellow dress on you – have you considered a full length slip to cover the front plunge?

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  98. Katie wrote:

    I actually just purchased the BCBG vachetta cielo pumps. I'm between a 6.5-7, and I bought them in a 7. I'm definitely in love with them, they make my legs look so much longer, the leather is very forgiving and stretches slightly to mold to your feet, and the color looks great.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  99. Carla Krae wrote:

    5'4" and under is petite, hon, so you fit right in.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  100. Jane wrote:

    True, but if you look at the layout of her site and even her twitter background it looks pretty darn similar to jeans website and twitter. It's not even just clothes and accessories she copies.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  101. before seeing your review and slowly scrolling down, my favorite was the bcbgenerations. i like matte nudes better than patent nudes.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  102. Anonymous wrote:

    I try not care too much about trends but try to wear what I love anytime I want even if they are seven-year-old, foam green with pumpkin orange bow-trimmed, super pointy-toed shoes. If it's inherently a well-designed item, it should look good anytime despite what trends it references at the time of manufacture. It's hard because we all want to fit in and not look out of place, but I try to listen to my inner voice and not sell myself out so easily.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  103. Anonymous wrote:

    The only comfortable shoes I bought from ASOS are some laced booties in leather. Otherwise I agree with you. Their pumps and flats cut my feet. And a pair of brogues I got had a slippery sole!!


    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  104. I think that yellow looks beautiful on you Jean!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  105. Anonymous wrote:

    Hmm..seems like you are a little too obsessed with that girl. It's quite normal that people get ideas after reading each other's blogs. Even I have bought numerous things after reading this blog.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  106. Unknown wrote:

    oops, not sure why my nick isn't showing up.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  107. Unknown wrote:

    Hi Jean, I stumbled onto your website while searching for the perfect nude pump and spent the whole day glued to my screen. Thank you for sharing all your fashion tips and info, including before and after pics. I've learnt more from you than from books.

    I've added your blog as my favs even though i'm not petite (asian, 5ft 2inch to 5ft 3 inch). Do you know of any other generous blogger whose around my height? So so so happy to have found your blog as i've never figured out how others always look so elegant and "put together".

    thank you!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  108. Sheila wrote:

    So sad, the Perfect pumps are already sold out =( I might buy the snake print ones because they're about the same price as the regular leather since they're on sale now.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  109. anon wrote:

    She definitely knows Jean. She's mentioned Jean in some of her posts! How shameful of her!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  110. Anonymous wrote:

    even her youtube videos are an imitation!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  111. Genie wrote:

    I love your reviews they're always so detailed and your opinions are back up with supporting evidence (like an blogger's version of an argument paper, lol) I don't usually shop at ASOS, but if I do, I'll keep your review in mind. I'm definitely pulling out my pumps, I'm so excited because they make my short legs look normal 😉


    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  112. LAURA wrote:

    yeah…i will never buy asos brand shoes again! i bought these nude heels and they are the most uncomfortable shoes to wear! i also bought these bright orange court shoes and they also had the toe box gap and seemed very cheap =[

    i did buy some gel pads from the shops to try and make it work though…but deiniftely no more asos shoes for me!

    Laura x

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  113. Mary Ann wrote:

    I love the blue fabric ones – too bad the don't work out for you! I've been bringin' pointy-toe back!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  114. Look great Jean!!!=)

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  115. Suzie Q wrote:

    Whoa, great shoes collection in the first photo! What is the pair at the very left end? I also love nude and cap toe pumps as they are classic, chic, and work appropriate. I actually own the Corso Como (which I initally read from Elle's blog review). I personally adore it despite the rounder toe =)

    Style Cue by Suzie Q

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  116. Rachel wrote:

    I just ordered a couple pairs of flats from ASOS today. One is their own brand and other is by New Look. I'm a solid 5.5 and ordered 5 in both. Hopefully I'll have some success this second time around.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  117. Beautiful shoes 🙂 Very very nice!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  118. Leslie wrote:

    I noticed that the ASOS size chart for shoes converts a UK 3 to a US 5, and a European 36. I usually wear a 35/5 therefore am wary of ordering from them. I have a feeling that a UK 2.5 woukd be about right.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  119. Anonymous wrote:

    Whoa! That's freaky.

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  120. Anonymous wrote:

    Jean, sorry for leaving this her but your copycat moderates comments and I am concerned for you! I came across her eBay before and it was scary how the purchases were your exact clothes, shoes down to makeup and hair stuff. I came across her eBay again this week and she hunted down your exact cc quilted broach the same day you posted, like copying you and getting a fake wasn't already enough!;=reallypetite&ftab;=AllFeedback

    She copies you and wendyslookbooks style so much and uses it as her own and making money with it. Just wanted to let you know about this in case there's something you can do. I'm going to stop reading the bloggers who support copying and lying. Yes lying! Ive asked if she reads or heard of your blog and she felt out said no!

    Posted 4.19.12 Reply
  121. lisacng wrote:

    As always, a detailed and informative review. I will keep my eye out for "sleekness" when I shoe shop too!

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  122. Anonymous wrote:

    The color and the fit look amazing on you. You look stunning as always.

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  123. Shame about the ASOS shoes! I have a pair of ASOS wedges from a couple of years ago that I've worn to pieces. They were my fave wedge sandals of ALL time last year and I even wanted to buy another pair as backup! I really like the yellow dress on you, but the "flapping tail" in the back would be an issue for me too.

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  124. Peggy wrote:

    If you had to choose one, would you go for pointy- or round-toe nude pumps, Jean?

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  125. that dress looks absolutely amazing!

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  126. Kat wrote:

    I have had the same issue with ASOS shoes. For a moment I thought I rec'd the wrong size. When I looked inside, it was the "right size". I think I will also not order them again 🙁 It's a shame because they're so cute you WANT them to work!

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  127. Jackie wrote:

    Yes!! It's getting warm and the pumps and more and more being pulled out to wear…Is it okay that I'm excited about this? Now to find the perfect pair of nudes…

    I hate that heel gap! I've had to size down AGAIN in most shoes because of getting that gap so much =/ Fortunately, I haven't had to size down so much that I'm sized out.

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply

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