Barcelona Photo Journal, Part II (and impromptu TO meetup)


Summing up my Barcelona culinary experience in 3 words: ham(on), cheese, sangria.

On our first day we toured the MANGO design facility, which was quite the experience. I learned that the founder of MANGO visited the Philippines one day, tried a delicious yellow fruit for the first time, fell in love, and named his clothing line after it. Half-Pinoy Nick enjoyed that story.
On Day 2 we had a “photoshoot” for the MNG by MANGO November collection. Our outfits and looks were already selected for us. I got a fitted high-waist pencil skirt (US sz 2 in this runs fairly small, and fit like an H&M; sz 4 or 00 in other brands) and a cream blouse (XS runs big).

We also had our hair and makeup look selected for us. Each blogger had a printout of their face next to an inspiration face, such as a celebrity. When I saw my face-spiration I had to suppress the giggles. It was a “classic” Asian woman, with pale white skin, cherry red lips, sharply angled eyes, and stick-straight hair. I asked for soft waves and a light smokey eye instead.
Tapas in America will never taste the same. Enjoying a delicious al-fresco meal with fellow bloggers: (from left to right) Dianna, Carmen, me, Lilliana, Sydne, and Vahni. Yuli was there as well, but inconveniently hidden behind the waiter’s bicep. 
A souvenir from the flagship Zara. My impression of Zara is high prices, low quality, and generous sizing – but I do love their styles. This is a size S from their juniors “Trf” line, which is cut smaller than Zara Woman. It surprisingly fits me well in the shoulders, length, and even sleeve length. It’s not on their US website, but I just saw a bunch at my local store for $89 (was $10 cheaper in Spain). 

Lastly, do you recognize any of these lovely ladies? They came along to Spain!

Just kidding! Before Barcelona, I spent a few days working in chilly Toronto. I was thrilled that these local ladies came to visit on such short notice, at a rather late hour for a weeknight. I’ve been reading some of their blogs for years, so it was a pleasure meeting each one of them in person. From left to right: Jessy, Cynthia, me, Elaine, and Lor.

Side anecdote – behind my smile, I was suffering through a slight wardrobe malfunction. My packing was so streamlined that I forgot an all-important belt. My skirt (from this post) is big in the waist, plus my blouse was very slinky, so it kept slipping down lower and lower. I made do during the day with a fabric belt from a tweed dress, but whipped off the unsightly thing for our little meetup. In the photo, I am strategically pulling up my skirt with the hidden hand ; )

Disclosure: Travel to Barcelona was sponsored by Style Coalition and jcpenney.

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  1. Ashley wrote:

    Jean! First off I love your blog! I'm so glad I read this post because I have been looking for a jacket just like the one you picked up at Zara. I was able to purchase it online, but the first time I wore it, I notice under the arms near my wrists that the material picked a lot from what I assume is my rubbing my arms against the zippers from the pockets. Did this happen to you as well? Do you have a suggestion of something I can do to stop this (maybe something to protect the fabric with)?

    Posted 12.6.11 Reply
  2. Pablo wrote:

    =O Did you like Spanish food? =) I hope so! =D

    Greets from Spain!

    Posted 11.20.11 Reply
  3. Kassia wrote:

    Aww! I love travel posts! You look so beautiful as per usu. The tapas look ah-mazing. I'm glad you went with the soft waves, gorgeous!

    Posted 11.14.11 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I love your aviator sunglasses!
    Can you post where you got them from?
    also, post which sunglasses suit which face type? i kind of have an oval face, big forehead, and long nose :/
    It's so hard for me to find sunglasses that suit me, especially with aviators (which I love but is so hard to find any that suit my face)

    Posted 11.14.11 Reply
  5. Mae Lu wrote:

    Jean! I love this… well, firstly, I think that the fact that European fashion are just as clueless as to the different features and nuances of Asian Beauty as American fashion is, is hilarious.

    But secondly, I think you look amazing in this shoot! The hair, the styling… I know they chose your outfit for you, but I think this looks lovely.

    I love travel diary posts.

    Posted 11.8.11 Reply
  6. MiniMelody wrote:

    You look so lovely in your photoshoot! What an awesome experience. Can't wait to see the pics for the Nov. Collection!

    Posted 11.8.11 Reply
  7. waigirley wrote:

    Wow you are so lucky to get to go to Barcelona! You look so pretty in the behind the scene photo's! I'm from Toronto too and have been reading your blog for the longest time! I would of loved to meet you!

    Posted 11.8.11 Reply
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    did u get pickpocketted in barcelona? just came back from there. food sucks and got robbed

    Posted 11.7.11 Reply

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