H&M Update – Coats, faux leather, and more orange

If you signed up for H&M; emails, check your inbox for a 20% off one item coupon. Or, download the H&M; app on your iPhone or Android and shake it for the same coupon, good ’til 9/26. No purchases for me this visit, but here’s what caught my eye:

1. Wool Double-Breasted Coat sz 2 – $49.95, item #051404. On my wishlist (but no rush) is a classic, quality camel coat. I don’t plan on finding it from H&M;, but this coat is a great value for those looking for something affordable (esp w/ the coupon). Sizing runs big and is shapeless when un-belted, but looks decent when belted.

2. Faux leather paneled pants sz 2 – $24.95, also in brown. The juniors Divided department also has faux leather shorts in pink and black. The material on these is thick and the side paneling is stretchy. I came so close to getting these, but thought they may need to be tighter given the style. In the pic I have ~ 2 inches folded under. Leather-look pants are more versatile than some would think, and are a chic (and warm) alternative to jeans. I’d wear these with this slouchy blouse and ankle booties.

3. Double-Breasted Thick Knit Coat, sz 2, $59.95. Here’s the good ole sweatshirt material again. I think this would look better on someone taller, as a menswear-inspired mid-thigh length coat.

4. Side-Ruffle Blazer, sz 2, $49.95. The ruffle is cute, but sleeves are way too long. I was so impressed by the quality of my orange swing jacket from H&M;’s “trend” line, this one from their regular line just doesn’t compare.

5. Thick ponte knit circle skirt, sz 2, $30 (?). Tons, tons of orange this season at H&M.; This skirt has a tiny waist (~23″ for sz 2), zip closure, and a swingy bottom. I’d love to see it on someone who can rock retro style.

More orange: assortment of cozy scarves for under $15, and a little structured satchel for $24.95. I usually shy away from H&M; bags and invest in quality ones, but for scarves – you can’t beat the selection and prices.

Today’s outfit: Remember this ensemble? I know some women try to never repeat an outfit, but on rushed mornings, I am grateful for tried-and-true pairings that I can reach for with eyes half open.

Jacket: H&M; sz 2, Skirt: Ann Taylor Crossing Paths Skirt sz 00P  Necklace: c/o AT


Thank you so much everyone who takes time to leave your comments and thoughts. I read and truly appreciate every single one, however I’ve fallen behind in responding. If you have a question and would like a quick answer, please let me know via Twitter (make sure your account isn’t set to private) or my Facebook wall, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible : )

Readers – Any good H&M; finds? For $20, should I go back for #2 & do a DIY hem?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.3.12 Reply
  2. Perfectly designed coats like it so much.

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  3. Nice and elegant like its color texture and design.

    Posted 3.1.12 Reply
  4. I got the faux leather pants thanks to you!

    Posted 10.24.11 Reply
  5. I like the pleather pants – and if you're going for something that is more like a skinny pants instead of a legging fit, I think it looks pretty darn great on you, especially for the price. And if you know how to DIY hem, even sweeter!

    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  6. @Anonymous @Anonymous It's "Vixen" from Revlon. It's a deep plum. Got it from CVS last year and it's my go-to Fall color : )

    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    The coat looks so much more expensive than it is! What color nail polish are you wearing?

    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  8. JJ wrote:

    I was THIS close to buying the midi orange skirt – it fits perfectly on the waist, and I adore the color! But I've already bought myself a burnt orange H&M; skirt, so it seems a bit of a waste to buy more than one…still so tempted though, especially after seeing it again here.

    By the way, love the faux leather leggings. They look awesome on you!

    Posted 9.25.11 Reply
  9. That orange skirt reminds me of Mad Men for some reason! I'm loving orange though I'm too timid to wear it in clothing yet – just accessories and bags for now 🙂

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  10. M wrote:

    I was at h&m; today and saw those. I didn't try them on though because they looked bulky. It may be worth mentioning they also have faux leather leggings in their divided line. They have a front zipper closure and, I'm convinced, run small as I walked out of there with a size 4 (NEVER happens for pants).

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  11. Ly wrote:

    I'm really loving the leather pants/shorts look this fall!


    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  12. I love the wool double breasted coat! I wanted to try it on, but the one store I check didn't have my size or anything close to my size! I'll check the other H&M; stores round here.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  13. Megs wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  14. bettyC16 wrote:

    Jean! You always find the good stuff!! Now I'm def gonna get an orange scarf and the faux leather leggings!!! so in <3

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  15. Annapurna wrote:

    H&M; hit it out of the park this season but I found a lot of the stuff to be kind of expensive for the quality.

    I actually like the pink jacket! It looks great on you – but I can see why you passed – not worth the alterations. I am loving all the orange at H&M; this season. A few weeks ago I picked up two sweaterdresses – in candy pink and navy – they are soooo comfortable.

    The sweaterdresses fit loosely but generally skirts and dresses are running tiny this season. I used my 20% on a dark satin-y navy skirt with black flowers – I had to size up to a 6 (the four fit TTS, I guess, but I liked that the 6 sits at the hip and hit me at the knee, where I like my skirts to hit.). It also came in a dress that fit very tiny (and was $20 off of $49.95 so the skirt, pre coupon, cost more than then dress!). I also picked up a faux wrap dress in a orange/pink/brown floral to try on at home.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  16. Wow H&M; is doing pretty well this season. I wish I had the patience to try stuff on. Those leather pants are cute! I would have worn those in my university days 😛

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  17. Nicole M wrote:

    I just bought the faux leather pants! I love the way the size 2 fit on me! I even pick up a pair for my petite sister. For they are definately worth it. I pair mine with a silk blouse and my new Kors booties.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  18. Kelly wrote:

    cute stuff – like the camel trench and the ruffle blazer – does the blazer come in any other colors?

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  19. Jennifer wrote:

    I love that swing jacket on you! I tried on the blue in store yesterday, but alas it was not nearly as cute since I am taller (5'7", 100lbs). Such a cute style on you- I would rewear that outfit too!!!

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  20. Rena wrote:

    You're making me reconsider purchasing the faux leather pants as well…especially since there's a 20% off coupon…and it could replace my black yoga pants that I wear with slouchy blouses…decisions, decisions, decisions…
    I think you should get it!
    I might get it for myself today!

    <33 Rena

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  21. Gorgeous as always Jean :)! I especially love the shirt and the statement necklace!

    Just want to let all fellow makeup and beauty enthusiasts that I am currently doing a project and would really appreciate if you lovely bloggers would help me with a very very quick survey – only takes 5mins max! Just click on the link below 🙂


    Thank you ever so much! Lots of love,
    – W xx


    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  22. I really love the camel coat on you. If sleeves are long for you, it might be a good fit for me. I am going to stop by the store and check it out. I think you can definitely pull off the leather pants. You should give them a try =) Have a great weekend, Jean!

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  23. NeutraKris wrote:

    I'd pass on #2, but I think you could definitely pull off #5! Shame the ruffled blazer was too long – it was so cute! The coat in the opening image was very nice, too. I have that coupon, though I haven't used it yet.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  24. M wrote:

    I like the camel coat. The sleeves look long though. I'm definitely heading to h&m; this morning after this post!

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  25. Anne wrote:

    I visited my local H&M; (two stores actually) yesterday and couldn't find anything in size 2! I ended up buying two basic long tank tops and a cute nude colored top with deers and other animals on it in black, size 4, from the Divided line.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  26. vonnie wrote:

    I have the opposite problem with the pink scalloped blazer! The arms weren't long enough for me 🙁


    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  27. Thank you for visiting my blog and subbing, Jean. It means a lot to me.

    That camel coat caught my eye too. Unfortunately, my store only had size 10 and up. Re:pants — go for it!

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  28. Love the tan coat on you. And that pencil skirt fits so well.

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  29. Michelle wrote:

    That pencil skirt paired with the ruffle blazer is so cute! I think I'm going to go to h&m; tomorrow and try to get that exact look. With the fall comes many great new looks…….especially for work. 🙂

    Posted 9.23.11 Reply
  30. Anonymous wrote:

    Love your H&M; orange jacket! Just an off topic question – would you mind telling me what's brand/color of your nail polish?

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  31. love them both!!

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  32. I love the leather pants! Great post! I will have to go check out H&M; soon!


    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  33. miah100 wrote:

    Did you get a chance to check out the brown faux for coat?

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  34. Anonymous wrote:

    Honestly, the only look I really like is the last outfit. The leather pants might look better in person, because they look a bit cheap in the photo. Maybe it's the panel or maybe it's just the photo?

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  35. Angie wrote:

    i like the first coat! been eyeing it on the website. i also really love the cut of that last skirt and THAT PINK BLAZER! i know where i'm spending my coupon 🙂

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  36. Megan wrote:

    I love the camel coat on you! It definitely could be a little more fitted though. Also, you're probably about the only person I've seen who can rock leather pants. Lucky! 🙂

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  37. lin wrote:

    jean, thanks for the h&m; reviews. some of those are great finds. i'll probably go check it out this weekend.

    the faux leather paneled pants look nice on you and you can't beat the price. it's good that there are some things that you can DIY. it does save on tailor costs. 😉

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  38. Justine wrote:

    I love Fall. I definitely should stay away from the malls if I plan on keeping my bank account afloat this season….

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply
  39. Are those the pants with no back pockets? I was SO close to getting them until I looked at the back. I've been wanting a pair of leather pants for so long, but it's really hard to find one that's tight as I know leather stretches. The side ruffle blazer is SO cute! Kinda reminds me of fish scales, but I love the colour.

    Posted 9.22.11 Reply

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