Getting drenched for Bon Me Boston

Most Bostonians are familiar with SOWA Sundays in the South End, where local artists, artisans and farmers come out to sell their goods. I’ve been to this a few times, and pretentiously picked at some $8 organic tomatoes and sampled crusty bread. Somehow, I had no idea that a sizeable community of food trucks were situated in the back area. Last Sunday we had a torrential downpour, but Nick and I braved the weather for food. I was dying to wear my new trench, but per usual, sensible Nick said “too warm.” : /
Nick has pointed out the Bon Me truck to me a few times in the past, so my mouth fell open when the owner, chef Ali, mentioned she was a fan of Extra Petite! She descended from the high truck to reveal her 5 ft tall frame, and we chatted like old friends. “I feel like I already know you!” she greeted me, and I have to say I’ve felt that way with every reader and fellow blogger I’ve hung out with. My non-blogging friends do not understand the concept of an online community, and get concerned when I mention I’m going to hang out with strangers I met over the internet.
Bon Me is a “gourmet food truck serving Vietnamese-inspired food with local sourcing.” So fusion fare made with local ingredients. We had deviled tea eggs (with housemade spicy mayo, scallions, and aleppo pepper), a chicken rice bowl, BBQ pork banh mi sammy, and a chocolate rice pudding with a hint of star anise. Nick was a happy camper. I don’t think I got to sample the pudding before it vanished!

Readers – Is there a large food truck community by where you live? Which ones are your faves?

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  1. Jennifer wrote:

    My first thought when I saw the opening picture was, "wow, that little girl has a Louis Vuitton bag!" Then I put two and two together… LOL 🙂 #moded

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  2. jen wrote:

    i must say nick looks so yummy!lol jk
    i'm a fan from the east side of the globe jean!
    i've learned about your site through jen of 🙂

    Posted 9.16.11 Reply
  3. This is banh mi – vietnamese fastfood. In Vietnam, we bye a banh mi for breakfast. Hope you enjoy it.

    Posted 8.15.11 Reply
  4. Katie wrote:

    YUM! I would be so excited to try out all of the awesome food trucks I hear about. We don't really have many…if any at all…in the Tampa area.

    I know exactly how you feel regarding meeting Internet buddies! I have a huge network of fellow bloggers that I have connected with though writing for, and I know that my "real life" friends don't really understand why I get extremely excited about meeting up with them. It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't get it: "yeah, a bunch of the Bees are all going to meet up for brunch in Boston." "Oh, are they people you went to college with?" "Um, no…we are all bloggers." "So, you've never met them?" "Well, not in person…but we're friends…" Arghhh, and what is sad is that I feel extremely close to some of my Internet friends – and I probably communicate with them more! This is the world we live in now!

    Posted 8.14.11 Reply
  5. MoneyMaus wrote:

    P.S. I didn't even notice you in that 1st pic! This is how I feel ALL the time being 4'10" and weighing nothing. Now I want a picture like this because it's so crazy to "compare" 🙂

    Posted 8.14.11 Reply
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    I've been dying to try the Bon Mi truck! I work near Dewey Sq/South Station so I eat at both of the trucks that are there: Momogoose (so much yum for $5!) and Clover which is a vegetarian truck. I'm not vegetarian but I eat there a lot to get my veggies in and they have the best version of falafel around: chickpea fritter! Both trucks' most expensive items are usually 5 bucks.

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  7. @lynnie11 Hi lynnie, I don't give that bag as much attention on the blog as the Chanels but I honestly LOVE it because it's sturdy and versatile. The coated canvas can withstand a lot and it also folds down nicely for travel. I use it so much! I've had it for about 3 years. Which color were you thinking of getting? The damier azur that I have starts out with very light colored leather trim, and as it oxidizes it turns darker. One problem is the leather trim may oxidize at different rates and the trim will be uneven colored, and it'll be affected when it gets caught in the rain. The darker (damier ebene) I also love. I got a wallet in that color because it pretty much shows no wear. The leather trim on there is a dark brown and it doesn't change color and it doesn't show any "dirty" areas. For both colors you can just wipe it clean. I haven't had any issues with color transfer, but that depends more on your clothes (ie don't wear new blue jeans in the rain against a light colored back). Hope this helps!

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  8. lynnie11 wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I like your outfit in this photo. Very smart casual! I have query regarding the LV speedy 25 bag. The bag has been featured in quite a few photo and I it matches all your outfits! I'm considering to purchase one in the coming month and was wondering if you can shed some light on any problems you've had with the bag? Like colour from clothes rubbing onto the bag, how many yrs have you had the bag for? Thanks

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  9. "…get concerned when I mention I'm going to hang out with strangers I met over the internet."

    Hahaha! Well, the concern understandable from your non-blogging friends' perspective when you put it that way. I would totally greet you like an old friend if I met you, too!

    Posted 8.12.11 Reply
  10. Katherine wrote:

    This all looks delicious! I wish I had known about this when I was in Boston! 🙂

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  11. Thank you everyone SO much for the informative websites and for sharing a lil about your hometowns! Now when I travel I'll be sure to keep an eye out for some of your favorite food truck recommendations.

    Also, I see many of you are amused by my (or shall I say, "our," because I know many readers are the same size as me or smaller) size against the two taller ladies and the truck : ) It's amazing how being juxtaposed against normal things can put our size into perspective. I think that 1st pic really reinforces why it is a challenge for extra petite women to find a good (esp professional) wardrobe in the US!

    @J The deviled "tea" eggs were actually amazing and it made me realize I can make deviled eggs at home without actually scooping out the yolk and whipping it up. Just dollop the toppings atop an egg half and the flavors will mix in your mouth anyways!

    @Jennifer Thank you for coming out and saying hello for the first time in over a year! : )

    @Anonymous I'm sorry I missed your question! I don't think I'll wear the shift dress to work because it's short and more "fun," but you can try various things with ti like a jacket or blazer over and closed toe neutral pumps, or tuck it into a skirt and see how it looks like as a top. For the skirt, pairing is easy. Don't keep yourself confined to black or cream (although either a black or cream silk or cotton blouse will look lovely). Try tucking in a colored top and then using shoes or belt to tie the color further into the outfit. I wore it to work twice already over various colored blouses plus a khaki blazer.

    @SME These are not the gap legging jeans, but if you search for gap in my google search bar on the right hand side, you'll find lots of posts. I wear them a ton! Every wash is kinda made of a different material though, and the petite length is preeety short (not for anyone taller than 5'1").

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    If you are in the Providence, RI area…
    There is a local food truck here that sells awesome food [Hewtin's Dog Mobile]. I usually grab lunch from them once a week. I'd recommend the pork belly sandwich. Uber yummy. They also have a delicious array of homemade relishes [for free].

    Check you their website:

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  13. Jean – you look so uber cute in that first pic – it really puts your size in perspective because you're such a pro at elongating the frame that I always think of you as tall. I would get drenched for good food too 😉

    And yay for meeting a fan unexpectedly – you're a celebrity!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply
  14. JC wrote:

    That looks so delicious! I wish we had the wide variety of food trucks that you guys do. We only have Mexican food trucks & a lot of them are pretty questionable. 😛 To have a Vietnamese food truck would be heaven!

    Posted 8.11.11 Reply

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