Petite Lookbook: Crochet and the Blues

A few weeks ago I saw this darling skirt on ModCloth and fell in love. It had poor reviews, but upon a closer read, I saw most purchasers were just disgruntled at how small/short it ran (jackpot!). The skirt was sold out then, so I signed up for a restock notification. Last week, an S popped back, and I pounced.

Top: Converse for Target chambray shirt, sz XS (taken in) (buy here)
Jacket: H&M; sz 2   Belt: came w/ Forever 21 shorts
Skirt: Social Hour Skirt sz S courtesy of Modcloth
Shoes: I.N.C. (old) (similar here)
Bag: B.R. Satchel (old)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ModCloth, it’s an online retailer founded by a husband-and-wife team who love thrift shopping for vintage finds. A lot of their apparel is hand-picked from smaller, indie designers, and they also have true vintage finds up for sale. New arrivals are updated daily, and the cutest items sell out fast. Shipping is a $7 flat rate, and return shipping is free.


On this sunny but brisk afternoon, I grabbed my trusty chambray shirt and layered on an H&M; woven blazer (recent, $34.95). A bright satchel added another dimension of blue, and juicy orange nails brought a spark of interest. I stuck with earthy brown accessories to tie the look together.

This is the same top/belt ensemble as my last outfit post, which just shows how versatile & loved they are.


I realize low-heeled shoes with busy ankle straps do nothing for short legs, but I don’t mind. I love the casual-chic look of ankle straps plus the comfort of these low wedges.


For a size S, this skirt runs small but still does not fit me perfectly. It fits similar to a size S from Forever21, and sits lower on my hips. I’m using a wide elastic belt to hold it up higher. This causes bunchiness problems with the lining as I walk, but I still don’t feel compelled to get alterations.


For those interested in a dressier, more conservative rendition of this skirt, check out the Ann Taylor Factory (outlet store). My special visitor Jen and I had a field day with these. The skirt retails for $89 and the dress retails for $198 (awfully high for the outlet, I know), but the crochet is heavy and gorgeous in person. When Ann Taylor (regular) came out with this last year, it sold out within days.

The sales weren’t too stellar this weekend, and alterations are going to be costly, but I brought this dress home with me to contemplate.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. @Erin Lol! Erin, you would probably look lovely and "normal." I really enjoy meeting these extra extra petite bloggers like Kelly, Liane, and Jen … I love bending over to chat with them ; )

    @Peebees Do you follow Callandra of Petite Early Morning Style? She has a LOFT graphic tee and I loved how she styled it with a pencil skirt, and then with jeans!

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  2. Aww, thank you girls for the sweet comments! And yes shopping with Jen (AND Vicky!) was quite fun, but it made me appreciate not usually having shopping buddies the same size as me. Pecking over the lone 00P or XS is not fun!

    @The Little Dust Princess ooo, that's right! It does (very slightly) resemble that bag. I LOVE that bag though, in the rich cognac color, and that will probably require some saving up unlike this bargain BR one : )

    @audreybella Yay! The skirt is so versatile (and if I didn't already have modcloth, it would've been a no brainer to get the skirt). I'm sure you will wear it well this Spring/ SUmmer.

    @Claud Petite Little Girl actually found it on another site that is sponsoring her. Keep your eyes peeled for her post for the name of the company! There is still sz S left on that site.

    @Alterations Needed No, it was a very disappointing shopping trip! Theory hasn't been cutting it for me for many visits now…but AT factory has been stepping it up with last year's popular stuff, lol!

    @prosephina I almost forgot she had that! That's probably what made me subconsciously want one for so long. I read her your comment and she was extremely thrilled, lol!

    @Midori LOL yes Midori, both of my hands were occupied. You're very shrewd. I had to include both photos because the first one is too deceiving.

    @Megan @Aubrey Yes ma'ams the skirt lining is sheer, but I'm wearing nude undies. The unflattering crinkles you see is the lining bunching up in a nice cameltoe shape lol! Awesome!

    @Cee Lol! Oh Cee, your comments are always too funny. Though I agree. Even if I never wear those wrinkly woven shorts once this summer, I would've gotten my money's worth with the belt.

    @Ying Thank you, Ying! And I'm curious what the H 1981 skirt looks like. F21 has some great pieces for a very fair price, I just wish they ran a bit smaller! And ohhh I am so glad you found the CHambray shirt (heard it was cheaper in stores). And lucky you're the same height but fill out your fram more…that means more money for shopping and less money on alterations!

    @Annapurna Yes they do do charge sends via their inventory system! Some ladies did report that they ran into some SA's that wouldn't agree to do it though, but I've always had a positive experience with it. I adore the dress…go for it!

    @PetiteLittleGirl Lol! yes Sydney, you and Aubrey are very perceptive. I wouldn't risk this lovely cream skirt on that rusty pole!

    @R.L. It's an EXTREMELY easy alteration. I am a bit upset they charged me $15 because I watched them do it in 2 minutes and the seams are super basic. I would've hands-down done it myself if I didn't take my sewing machine back to my parents' house. I'm sure you won't ruin your shirt!

    @Canadianpetite Aww, well your intuition was spot on! I figured not many would have caught on to my last little hint : ) I think I know which blouse you're talking about. is it the one Ping of All About Fashion Stuff reviewed a few weeks back? I think it would look darling under the blue woven blazer!

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  3. Samantha wrote:

    Awww you two look like your having a blast!
    I think the dress was great buy.. after alterations I can see the dress being very loved this spring 😉

    P.S the skirt looks amazing on you! <3

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  4. Love that lace skirt and your bag is incredible, that color!

    I'm having a $100 dollar Shopbop giftcard GIVEAWAY on my blog! Come check it out 🙂 It's open to international bloggers as well.

    Collections Giveaway

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  5. aquav87 wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  6. Peebees wrote:

    Jean, I love your style. The skirt is really cute! My problem is that my wardrobe is full of things I can't use. My bf loves buying me those graphic tees from woot. He sends me one almost every week! I've relegated them to "gym wear", but I'm wondering… is there a way to make a graphic tee "work?" It's hard enough being petite and looking like a kid most of the time so I'm afraid to wear graphic tees as real clothes!

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  7. you are GORGEOUS
    and i am in love w/ your style!
    …following you now!

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  8. Stylepint wrote:

    Love the chambray and the whole outfit is so well put together! It looks like Jen and you had a great time shopping and you two are like peas in a pod! =)

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  9. Erin wrote:

    You girls are too much! So cute with the dressing room pics!

    I am so curious to know how big I look next to you two 🙂

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  10. Lovely skirt find! When you mentioned in one of your posts about a Beauty Guru, I thought of Jen. Must have been a fun shopping trip for you two! You're both so cute! (ok enuf with the exclamation point). This weekend I ordered a cream lace top from Aritzia (Talula Besty Blouse). I have that same jacket so you've given me some inspiration – thank you!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  11. R.L. wrote:

    Yay, I'm glad the chambray shirt is getting more blog time! Getting it slimmed was really worth it and makes a world of difference. As is, mine is puffy and the sleeves are too loose to stay rolled up on their own. I might have to resort to Kelly's hair tie trick, but I'm actually thinking of trying a self alteration by sewing in my own seams from the inside. Lol, hopefully I don't ruin my shirt.

    And I agree with Cee. I almost want to track down those F21 shorts just to get that belt.

    It's so nice to see 2 of my fav bloggers together. Can't wait to see your haul and can we maybe expect a video tutorial from the both of you?? 😉

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    I am STUNNED to see how much of a model you look like! And no offense to your friend Jen but you look 20x cuter & prettier than her ;p

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  13. Tara wrote:

    I am in love with your skirt Jean! So beautiful!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  14. I am Khatu wrote:

    One of my favorite looks from you! love this skirt… but i don't see it… probably sold out again!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  15. simply ADORABLE!!!! 🙂

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  16. Mindy♥ wrote:

    Looking absolutely stunning! You and Jen look so adorable in the last photos! 🙂

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  17. You look lovely, Jean! I am kicking myself for not picking out this skirt. If it's a bit big on you, it probably will fit me well. I love this whole look so much. Did you sit on your blazer in the first photo :)? Looks like you and Jen had so much fun shopping. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  18. Annapurna wrote:

    I have been searching for a lace crochet dress like that FOREVER. Do you think the AT Outlet might do a charge send?

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  19. harrrleyyy wrote:

    i always love lookin' at your blog and your different outfits! you and jen are so beautiful :]

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  20. beautiful!! the crochet skirt is perfect for the nicer weather that we've had in boston lately

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  21. amazing!you look so cute*

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  22. Yukie wrote:

    I'm loving the lace crotchet trend this year! Very adorable 🙂

    Also, I noticed that you reorganized your blogroll a bit. I found it easier to navigate! I'm impressed that you're always trying to make things better for your readers. Thanks!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  23. itzLina wrote:

    You make that chambray shirt look so effortlessly chic and versatile! You look beautiful in that skirt =D Also you and Jen are my favorite petite bloggers, it's so cool to see the two of you together. When I saw the last pic, I couldn't help but smile ^____^

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  24. You look amazing! I just love love love the skirt!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  25. Sunny wrote:

    You girls are too freakin cute~! I'm also subscribed to Jen's blog. =)

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  26. Wendy wrote:

    You look gorgeous! I love this look. That skirt is really awesome.

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  27. mskiki wrote:

    This post has peaked my interest in crochet items 🙂 Love the skirt and the Ann Taylor dress as well. Btw, you and Jenn are so tiny. I mean I knew that already but seeing you two together kind of solitified just how small you ladies are! So cute! Loooove your blog! Take care

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  28. Ying wrote:

    Beautiful post, as always! I was THIS close to picking up a lace skirt over the weekend from Heritage 1981 but I didn't and now you're making me wish I had! 🙂 I did, however, pick up the chambray shirt you love so much. I've already worn it too! No wonder you love it so much, it's so light, which will be perfect for hot and humid days in South Carolina, and I know it's going to be as versatile as you say it is.

    That picture of you two pinching the extra fabric in those pieces, wow. You two ARE extremely tiny. No wonder you started this blog! I am the same height as you – I'm like 5' and 3/4" but I tell people I'm 5'1" and I weigh more than you so my only issue is usually inseam. But to be my height and thinner, that's a HUGE challenge! Props to you for always looking so gorgeous and finding such fabulous pieces!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  29. Cee wrote:

    I'm so happy the weather is finally nice enough where you can bust out your spring H&M; purchases! That chambray shirt seriously goes with everything. And the belt? I love how preppy it is. I may have to hunt down the shorts that went with it just so I can have the belt, lol.

    I never did make it to the outlets this weekend 🙁 But oh, seeing the skirt and dress on you and Jen is really making me regret it.

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  30. Lora wrote:

    You two do look like twins! So cute haha

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  31. Aubrey wrote:

    err crochet – same diff ^.^

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  32. Aubrey wrote:

    OH MY GOODNESS – I nearly fainted when I saw you sitting on what looks to be a rusty metal bar (!?!) and then I realized you had your blazer under your bum. Whew. *Wipes sweat from brow*

    I love this, Jean!! It just looks like the lining is a bit see-through? Either way, it doesn't matter – very adorable. I like it a lot better than the AT lace skirt. Which, btw, I tried the lace skirt on and hated it on me. :- Me + white lace = not good.

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  33. glo ♥ wrote:

    You guys are so cute!! and same size =D but I'm not much taller either hahaha =) That new skirt is so cute!! Be careful of sharp edges =)

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  34. jen from frmheadtotoe!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  35. Megan wrote:

    Love the skirt! But….is it just me, or is it a bit see through in the photos?
    Great combo with the chambray shirt-wouldn't have thought of that but it's great together.

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  36. Midori wrote:

    oh damn that skirt needs to be in my closet. i bet the small would fit me well. too bad it seems to be sold out 🙁

    are you holding jen's skirt waist back in your first dressing room photo! trickery! ha!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  37. Jen wrote:

    The first photo is particular gorgeous, the combo of you the model and the photographer. :]

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  38. Winnie* wrote:

    The skirt is definitely a buy! It fits so well on you (more like you pull it off so well!) I love the pop of blue too! It is interesting to see such a 'new' blue with the 'retro' jean blue 🙂

    You and Jen look so cute like twins haha. Boston was extremely nice out this past weekend! Hope Jen had a great stay and you both had a wonderful time!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  39. prosephina wrote:

    OO very pretty! I'm hooked on that lace AT skirt ever since one of your blog post featuring your friend wearing it! Your Modcloth skirt is beautiful too!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  40. What a fun shopping trip! Did you ladies buy anything else while shopping? I'm not a big fan of white crochet clothing…I guess I saw too many crochet doilies at my grandma's house that I'm now ruined forever. 😛

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  41. Michelle wrote:

    I love your new skirt!

    Oh! I hope you decide to alter the Ann Taylor dress…so pretty!

    I love seeing you and Jen together! So cute!!

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  42. Oy! This blog makes me want to be extra-petite. LOL~

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  43. ellen m. wrote:

    ahh its jen from frmheadtotoe!! you guys look like twins!! haha i love the crochet and blues look<3

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  44. Ping wrote:

    jean — ahh the skirt is so pretty on you and i love how you styled it with the chambray shirt! and such gorgeous outdoor photos…it been kinda cold here so i been insisting on taking photos indoor which is really boring. heehee
    you and jen are so cute. you guys are so petite!!!

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  45. Leena wrote:

    jean the skirt is so feminine and pretty! and you've got some great legs lady!

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  46. Claud wrote:

    I love this look so gorgeous simply chic Jean! I'm in absolute love with lace/crochet these days. The skirt is amazing, I love it. Too bad they are not more left in size S 🙁

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  47. I bought the AT Factory skirt this past week. I love it and the dress too but I couldn't pass up the pencil skirt! My first thought was to pair it with my chambray shirt. You look fab in the Mod Cloth skirt. Hope the AT dress works out for you.

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  48. I love how your outfit looks with the blazer! I bought that blazer a couple of weeks ago and Elaine has the same one as well! haha I also adore your bag. Looks similar to one of my dream bags (Mulberry Alexa). I like how the shoulder strap hangs low. : )

    Cute pics with Jen!! I love seeing blogger meet-up pics! 😀

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  49. Cute outfit Jean! I just bought a cute lace skirt at h & m this wknd…not sure if it's as cute as urs:-)

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  50. I wanted that AT lace dress soooo badly when it first came out! Love the outfit post and you/Jen look so cute – I bet you had fun shopping 🙂

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply

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