Petite Fashion Challenge # 6 – Dress up Your Basics

This month’s Petite Fashion Challenge is hosted by the adorable Jess of Stylepint. Her challenge:

“Dress Up Your Basics: Jeans and a tee is a classic outfit starter…for this challenge, start off with a jeans and tee basic look and dress it up to show off your personal style.”

I try to follow a 3-step rule when assembling an outfit. Before, I typically overlooked steps 2 and 3, but have come to realize that the extra bit effort goes a long way in adding dimension to an outfit.

To start off, “tee” doesn’t necessarily mean a plain Hanes Her Way 3-pack white tee shirt. I try to buy tees with little interesting details or a unique fit. The shirt below from H&M; has small perforated details, cuffed sleeves, a slouchy fit, and is just $12.95.


Tee: H&M; sz XS (current)  Lace Vest: H&M; sz XS (similar)
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans in “faded dark” sz 00P (buy here)
Shoes: Target Tawny Wedges sz 5.5 (buy here)
Necklace: eBay  Purse: LV Speedy 35


My second outfit is the classic and easy-peasy blazer over jeans look, perfect for “casual Fridays” at work. Instead of a necklace, an oversized silky scarf is an appropriate accessory. I fell in love with this scarf after seeing it on the lovely Cee of To Brighten my Day. Thank you Cee for sharing the seller info!


Tee: H&M; sz 2   Blazer: Theory sz 00
Jeans: Gap Legging Jeans in “faded dark” sz 00P (buy here)
Shoes: Banana Republic sz 5.5 (old)  Purse: Chanel flap sz M/L
Scarf: eBay (buy here)   Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny Belt sz S

Accessorizing is my weakness, but I’ve been sticking to my goal of at least one mandatory accessory a day, be it a belt, necklace, scarf, or brooch. Slowly and surely, I hope it will become second nature.

Please visit Stylepint’s post to see all the other ladies’ outfits for this Petite Fashion Challenge!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Tara wrote:

    Great job on both outfits…I love that lace vest, and that scarf is so pretty!

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  2. Banhannas wrote:

    I saw another blogger rock the scarf belted look and I totally dig it! I was always cautious about wearing oversized scarves (I also have a round face so doesn't help me) since it can dominate a frame but you look so chic in it. =0D

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  3. Rinny wrote:

    The scarf looks great against your white blazer 😀

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  4. Jacqueline wrote:

    Love this post!!! I fell in love with the blue silk scarf from Ebay and had to get myself one. =)

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  5. Tina wrote:

    LOVE the second outfit!!! I'm a big scarf person but only in the winter! Thanks for the inspiration! I just went scarf-crazy after seeing this post and ordered 4 of these in different colors from that Ebay seller…with that price it's so hard to resist!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  6. The second outfit is one I'll have to re-create because it's just so beautiful!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  7. aneetac wrote:

    I absolutely love your second outfit. The vibrant scarf contrasts so beautifully with the crisp white blazer.

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  8. Slayerbabe wrote:

    Wow, the scarf is so pretty!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  9. Sunny wrote:

    I love your 2nd outfit, I'd never have thought to wear a scarf like that. Instant update to a white blazer!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  10. Mae Lu wrote:

    I love the T you wore. I don't do cropped, but the "tail" of the shirt really makes it interesting. The thing about cropped is that you surely have to have a very *FLAT* belly to wear them, and I don't, even if I'm slim. I need to do more Pilates now.

    I'm really, really in love with the blazer look. The way you pulled it all together with the belt OVER the blazer. Great, great, great.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  11. Another appearance for that lace vest 🙂 Great job Jean, my favorite is the 2nd outfit. Absolutely love that scarf!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  12. PetiteXXS wrote:

    I heart the lace vest, but never would've thought to wear it over a slouchy tee… you look so cute and flirty in (what I like to call) the butt tilt pose 😛

    That scarf is gorgeous against the white blazer! I've never been tempted to try the scarf under belt thing, but have to admit that you make it look so good! And of course your new Chanel is the perfect "accessory" to go with that outfit 🙂

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  13. Elle wrote:

    I love both looks, but I think I favor the second outfit because I love every element in it. I think the white blazer and the scarf just go beautifully together. And thank you for the 3-step rule, they are very helpful!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  14. {julee} wrote:

    that silk scarf is TDF! love love love. i'm buying it right now.

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  15. grace wrote:

    I admit, I love the basics on everyone I've seen so far (just the tee and the jeans – simplicity at it's most beautiful), but I love seeing how everyone has dressed them up too. I'm more partial to blazer over tee looks – but I especially like how you wore a white blazer Jean instead of a black one. And how you styled it with the scarf is really unique. The colors all go so great together …. with your Chanel purse 😉

    Since I like simplicity sometimes, I actually prefer step 2 the best 🙂

    But accessorizing is also my weakness! My accessories tend to just be my earrings 🙂

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  16. You look AMAZING in all the outfits! Especially the last one! The scarf does it for me. I love it!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  17. Wow! I love both outfits but the second one is my favourite. That beautiful scarf really brings the 2nd outfit together. You're inspiring me to stop wearing all my drab black/navy/grey items in my closet. But sometimes I can't help it!! The transition from winter to spring is complicated for me. Jean you always do an amazing job pairing the right accessories with your outfits!! Accessorizing is your weakness? No way!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  18. Stylepint wrote:

    Great tips for putting together the outfits! I see your lace vest is going to be getting some awesome face time on your blog. The two looks are quite different but they still completely represent your style. =)

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    Is there a particular ebay store you buy your pearls and cameos from?

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  20. Nelah wrote:

    I love how you show 1-2-3 photos from basic to super chic result. That first look is cute and sweet while the second look is polished and sophisticated.

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  21. Olyvia wrote:

    waa, accessories is your weakness? your accessories always pop out beautifully (or maybe I'm just reading your more recent posts, but whatever you are doing with the accessory-improvement, it is working!) I like how you did a play look and a work look. As a petite, I'm scared of the slouchy tee in fear it'll look like an oversized shirt, but you wear it nicely!

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  22. Stefanie wrote:

    gorgeous~! May I ask what is the color of the bag? thanks~

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  23. Leena wrote:

    i love the second outfit. they scarf is lovely.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  24. Kimberly wrote:

    I love both of your outfits! Actually, this reminded me about the idea of adding a sleeveless cardigan/vest to my PFC challenge but I forgot until now… oops. Accessorizing is my weakness, too.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  25. Cee wrote:

    I knew it! Once you debut the scarf, it's sold out on PearlBee's eBay store, haha! I'm telling you, you're the trendsetter here 😉 And you're welcome for the rec, I'm glad you like it. In fact, I'm really liking this shade of blue, but I will resist from buying.

    I prefer the lace vest with your ruffle shell from the previous look more. Of the two looks today, I'll have to go with the second as my fav, especially with the scarf tied over the blazer but under the belt. Will have to try that soon!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  26. CynthiaC wrote:

    I like the first outfit, especially the t…I wonder what the outfit would look like if you combined the scarf in #2 with the t and vest in #1…

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  27. Edwina wrote:

    I love both outfits! The first one's so unique and cute!! 🙂 I always like the look of the lacey vest, but am so scared to pair it up in the wrong way and look like a hot mess… you did an amazing job!!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  28. I absolutely adore the second outfit. The scarf is gorgeous nice job! 🙂

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  29. Amazing post! 🙂 Absolute Love!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  30. Jessica wrote:

    You've gotten so good with accessorizing and styling! Will have to pick up tips… I just wear basics all the time!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  31. R.L. wrote:

    Yay two outfits! My mother owns a scarf with a similar print and I've never thought much of it but now after seeing you accessorize it I'm suddenly feeling the urge to hit the Buy button on the link you so generously provided 😉 Can't wait to see what other outfits you pair with the lace vest in the future. It's so versatile and I'm glad I was able to snag one.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  32. kileen wrote:

    i love your looks and that scarf in the second outfit is simply gorgeous! and great tips on how to build up a stylish look from the basics.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  33. Petite Mom wrote:

    I love how you showed each step of putting together the outfit. Most days I stop at step 1. The accessories really do make a huge difference! I think you do a lovely job of accessorizing so even if it's not second nature, at least it LOOKS like it is. 🙂

    I picked up a couple belts today and this woman behind me in line asked me where she could find the items. I instantly felt justified in my accessories purchase!! And now I have inspiration for wearing them too. Thanks!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  34. Ping wrote:

    its all about the accessories! i love the scarf — pretty vibrant colors!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  35. Wow! I love both outfits!

    And the scarf with the blazer looks super chic.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  36. I am Khatu wrote:

    lol. I was waiting for you to comment on that. I only went to dt crossing because you said their H&M; was better… which it was, but kinda out of the way just for 1 store.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  37. Of course, my favorite is your blazer look. My weakness! 😉

    I've never tried the scarf under the belt thing but I've seen a few ladies do it recently…hmmm…gotta give that a try.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  38. Aubrey wrote:

    Will you please stop being so gorgeous?

    That scarf was def a great investment, Jean!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  39. Katherine wrote:

    did you have to hem those jeans?

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  40. I love both of your outfits. The second one is my favorite. The scarf is the key to pull the outfit together.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  41. m wrote:

    I love that scarf; it makes your second outfit look so put together!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  42. I like the first outfit! Tres cute. The lace vest is so feminine <3

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  43. Erica wrote:

    I love the second outfit! Cool scarf. The first outfit… ehh. I wouldn't wear that shirt/vest combo, but you're still rockin' it.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  44. Justine wrote:

    The scarf really pulls together the outfit!

    Just Better Together
    come check out the prom shoe giveaway!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  45. ah, the scarf makes its appearance finally.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  46. Adrianne wrote:

    I love both of your outfits! My favorite is definitely the second one. I think it's because your belt nicely pulled things together. Perhaps wearing chunky bracelets/necklaces would make things easier to accessorize? Just a suggestion, but GREAT JOB!

    p.s. I'm not sure if you've ever come across her or if you're ever looking for "accessory-inspiration", but Diya from is really good at this. At least, I feel that she's at the top of the fashion blogs I follow when it comes to accessorizing her outfits. Hope this helps! =)

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  47. Michelle wrote:

    You over-achiever! :p Both are lovely, but I think I love the first one the best. I have been in love with that vest since your recent photo shoot with Nick! And that tee is so cute!

    You are really making me want to try H&M; again!!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  48. Ski Petite wrote:

    I love your goal of at least one accessory a day. I am really trying to accessorize more, as well. I think a lot can be said for the simplicity of an outfit, but one or two accessories can really make it perfect.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  49. Vicky wrote:

    Love both outfit, Jean! I especially love the second one. I think belting the jacket and the scarf is a very fresh and unique look.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  50. betty; wrote:

    i love how the end result looks after accessorizing (<--apparently blogger doesn't think it's a word) and layering <3
    you did an amazing job and i really love the outfit combinations ^^
    and the basics look great alone as well

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply

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