Converse Chambray Comes Out to Play (& small giveaway)

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on my last post. I caught Nick checking back a few times (he usually never reads my blog) just to revel in your praise. Today we’re back to the self-tripod pics, which will become synonymous with good sports being on TV.
Since being unexpectedly welcomed as a “keeper” last month, this Converse for Target chambray shirt has quickly ascended to MVP status within my wardrobe. The shade is perfect (not too denim-y), the material is comfy, and it is just too easy to pair. I can’t think of a single bottom that it doesn’t go with. If you don’t have a similar shirt in your wardrobe yet…you are missing out!

Necklaces: Layered akoya pearls and cameo (both from ebay)
Cardigan: Martin & Osa sz XS (similar)
Shoes: Aldo sz 36 (too big…need 35) (similar)

The fit of a womens XS right off the rack (see original post here) was passable, but definitely not perfect on me. I thought I shrunk it with a wash & dry, but I was wrong. The material must be pre-shrunk cotton, because it didn’t get smaller.


I wore it to my tailors and ended up getting the torso and sleeves slimmed on the spot for a whopping $15 (almost the price of the shirt!). But I couldn’t be happier with the results. The subtle 1 inch slimming on both sides and sleeves makes a world of a difference when the shirt is tucked in (before alterations, it was too poofy for tucking).


Like with any button-up shirt, the key is to make sure the shirt fits with a lil’ room to spare at the widest part of your bust. This top looks unflattering on the Target model because it’s stretched taught across her chest. Larger chested women should possibly order dress shirts in a size up and then have the sides slimmed and waist nipped in. Nothing looks worse than the buttons right at the chest gaping.


While helping Vicky hunt for her cameo, I ended up with an extra one. Please fill out the short form below if you are interested in winning this vintage green Peri signed cameo. I’ll select the winner at random later this week. Giveaway is open internationally : )


On a separate note, Target is having buy one get one 50% off shoes right now. If you were considering the Tawny wedges then this isn’t a bad deal. Also I’ve gotten a few questions about my nude Target Virginia pumps. I really don’t recommend them (stiff and uncomfortable), but they’ve come out with another nude/taupe heel that I haven’t tried yet called the Pearce pumps. If you’re ordering, don’t forget to use the retailmenot $5 coupon and ebates for 3% cash back.

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Lisa @ MMT wrote:

    LOVE your blog! You offer so much advice (advice I need). I love this chambray shirt, I've been looking for one everywhere!

    Posted 1.11.12 Reply
  2. Emily wrote:

    Who wouldn't want that cameo!?

    Posted 4.3.11 Reply
  3. DSK Steph wrote:

    Congrats to the winner! 🙂

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  4. thank you so much for this posting!!!
    Make Up Videos

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  5. yvonne ♥ wrote:

    Recently came across your blog. I'm an xxs tooo..or anything that comes in the smallest size!! Absolutely love your style..Def a struggle to look for clothes that fit! Love the cameo! I just entered your contest. 😀

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  6. @Aubrey Ohh dear Aubrey I remember reading your post about your disappointing cameo quest. Such a shame the seller was colorblind?

    @R.L. Haven't tried it with black pants yet…thanks for the idea!

    @Elle LOL! And yea $15 is a lot compared to the cost of the shirt, but like Nellie mentioned I should think of it in total as $30 for a shirt I love : )

    @milk tea polkadots awww what a bummer! A reader below mentioned it's even cheaper in store though…maybe check when you do your return? I'm sorry, I should have provided measurements last time!

    @hugstiem It's 100% cotton and seems to be decently made. XS is gone online though so if you're interest in this particular shirt, maybe check in stores (where it's cheaper I hear) and scope out the quality in person? I also love the look of j.crew chambray shirts, but I know they will need alterations, which will be harder to swallow on a $50-$60 shirt.

    @Curvy Petite And you know it's really hit or miss! I have some 35's from Aldo that are so tight or way too small on me, and then tried on one 35 recently that slipped right off.

    @Alexandra Hi : ) I have purchased from online sources like eBay, Bonanza, and I've also looked at local places like Craigslist but there is a LOT of counterfeit items on Craigslist. I think Ebay is really good b/c Chanel monitors Chanel-related listings.

    @Tina Hi Tina, hmm it's a tough call based on your chest measurement. I think an XS should work! It's sold out online now but you should look in-store…and that way you can try the sizes on : )

    @kimmi Thank you so much…I use a Canon T2i DSLR : )

    @Sunny Lol! Okay I think I know exactly which Target shoes you're talking about. I was devastated when the nude patent sold out almost immediately after the sale started. I have it bookmarked!

    @AubreyOhDang! Lol…armholes are normal but fit even better after the tailoring.

    @Callandra You are the stickler on length, Callandra! I have to say length doesn't bother me as much…I'll mostly wear this tucked in : )

    @ One Chic Pea Thank you very much : ) I think she's talking about this other style with a slight platform that sold out in small sizes really quickly…forget the name! either way, Target is offering lots of nude and black pumps lately. I can't wait to try them and hope at least one nude one works out : )

    @Susan Oo, thanks for the heads up! I let some ladies know today that it may be cheaper in store.

    @itzLina Aww, thank you Lina : ) I'm proud of's VERY hard reading all these blogs and sales info and not be tempted to buy. Stick to your savings and they will go far!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  7. that look so beautiful on you!!

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  8. itzLina wrote:

    You always find pieces that don't look too great on the website models and turn it into something FAB!! This chambray shirt looks super comfy (for weekends, lounging or casual days) and it does look a lot better after alterations =D I would run out to Target to get it if I wasn't trying to save money (reading your posts about all these great finds does not help =P).

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, I have been looking for a cameo necklace since I first saw you wearing one last year! You're such an awesome blogger <3

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  9. The shirt looks great after alterations! I haven't been able to pull-off chambray-style shirts…after seeing your post I think mine needs alterations!

    And I love the necklace…pick me pick me!


    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  10. Susan wrote:

    I was at Target today and the chambray shirts were marked down to $16.XX. It's still showing regular price online though. I was at a few and all the XS were gone–Must be a lot of bloggers buying them up.

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  11. The perfect casual look! So fresh and CHIC~ I admire how you always stay true to your classy and feminine style. Thank you for sharing your fashion picks and pairings!

    @Sunny: Were you looking for the "Women's Mossimo® Pearce Pumps – Camel Patent"? They come in black patent as well, but you're right–no sz 5! 🙁

    Posted 3.24.11 Reply
  12. Jean, you look lovely, as always.

    I love how you styled the chambray shirt, and even though I am on a shopping ban now, I hope to add one to my collection after my ban is over (I am compiling a list over the course of my shopping ban). 😉

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  13. Banhannas wrote:

    Ah, totally fashion forward to add denim to the top instead of the tried and true bottom! How do you make denim look so chic and fabulous? =0P I really love that coral ring, it looks like it getting a lot of wear and use!

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  14. Callandra wrote:

    I do love that chambray shirt on you…..I might have to get one myself now 😉 Seriously though, I think the cost of the shirt with alterations was definitely worth it! I notice that it looks a tad long, did you have the length hemmed up at all?

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  15. MamaTamTam wrote:

    Cute combo with the chambray shirt and mustard cardigan. 🙂 I would have not thought of that! I love the Green colored Peri Cameo necklace too! Green is one of my favorite colors. I will have to look for one if I don't win the giveaway! *Fingers crossed!*

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  16. how are the arm holes?

    chambray shirt has been on my list for so long now. I wish H&M; would make one in a small sz 2.

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  17. I love chambray! Such a comfortable beautiful fabric. Thanks for sharing <3

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  18. Sunny wrote:

    Seriously, I hope your bf is considering a career in photography for fashion magazine shoots or something, if not already, because his work is fantastic!

    I saw the Target shoe sale and there were these patent pumps in black and nude that were absolutely gorgeous, I forget the name. Alas, no size 5s, sigh.

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  19. so cuuuuuuuute!! =D
    I absolutely in love…..=P

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  20. Tina wrote:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  21. kimmi wrote:

    Love the outfit! so cute and elegant. oh by the way what type of camera you use? you picture always turn out great!

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  22. Tina wrote:

    Love the outfit…My closet is full of whites and grays…I really need to shop for some Spring/bright colors! They are out of XS, I wonder if size Small in that shirt will fit me? I am about 5ft 3.5in, and 34 across the chest. I am also tempted to give that black lace cardigan a try! =/

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  23. Great use of the shirt Jean! I can actually see how versatile it can be.

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  24. miha.ela wrote:

    The necklace is really pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  25. Alexandra wrote:

    Hi, could you reveal the source of your vintage Chanel bags? Please =)

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  26. tiffyama wrote:

    Ah, I love that shirt!!! Your whole outfit put together looks great.

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  27. Why can't I cinch my sleeves as fashionable as that? 🙁

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  28. Jean, the chambray shirt looks gorgeous on you! You always add femininity to your outfits! I own a similar one but boy, my hair is never down and I pair them with jeans! hehe.

    I was gonna ask what size the aldo shoes were but I saw that you listed it. I, too, need 35s but I am always so nervous about ordering as they may not fit even then!

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  29. Michelle wrote:

    Lol! about the sports.

    Gorgeous look! I love seeing the layered necklace look…so many great ideas!

    Lol! at Elle's comment! It is a great giveaway!

    Posted 3.23.11 Reply
  30. grace wrote:

    I loved the shirt so much, I saw it in the store and got it myself in the same size – I really like button shirts for some reason, and didn't have anything similar in color to it. 🙂 I agree, it goes with everything! I do have to watch which bra I wear with it, otherwise it can become tight (lol, with padding levels of 4 thanks to VS). My H&M; shirts actually are too tight.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  31. Justine wrote:

    I can't ever find a button up that fits me well, like perfect off the hanger. I think I will be like you, buy one a little big and then slim it down.

    Just Better Together
    come check out the prom shoe giveaway!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  32. Stylepint wrote:

    Love the chambray on you, it really does go with everything! =)

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  33. hugstiem wrote:

    Ahh I love the chambray shirt look and have been dying to get one, but I haven't been able to find one at the right combination of fit and quality. Can you comment on the quality of this particular shirt? Just in the past when I've gotten cheap things tailored I've kind of regretted spending that extra money when the items started to look weary or fall apart! I love the J. Crew chambray shirts but they only seem to come in 0 and not 00, which I'm worried will be way too baggy to even tailor down reasonably.

    I agree with your tip of making sure the shirt has enough room around the bust, unlike the model pic. I almost never have this problem since my chest is small, but on curvy girls, a stretched-out shirt over the bust looks yuck! It can make them look big even when they're actually really skinny.

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  34. PetiteXXS wrote:

    Wow I'm so shell-shocked by my tailor that I actually consider a $15 alteration "cheap"! You should show an untucked "after" of the shirt so we can see the difference! I've never thought to alter a button-down before… luckily I have a whole bunch from Asia that fit pretty well so I can hold off on this one 🙂 Plus I don't think I'm girly enough to balance out the chambray… but I love the Groton skirt more and more each time I see it on you!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  35. You had me at green! That's such a pretty shade. I hope I win!

    I bought that chambray top after seeing your previous post. I figured I'd buy a size up from you (since you're SO tiny) but a small was too big. 🙁 I haven't gotten around to ordering an XS. Boo. I'd love to see how you would style the chambray shirt in different ways!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  36. I'm loving the layering here – both with the cardi/shirt and the pearls/cameo! And I just have to say again that your BF really did such a beautiful job with the photos in your last post!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  37. Nellie wrote:

    In total.. a $30 shirt. I say that's pretty darn good for a comfy shirt that fits properly. Work it!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  38. Elle wrote:

    $15 for alterations on a $15 shirt is steep…can't decide if I like your tailors or fear them. I would probably just wear a muumuu to get a reaction out of them. They can probably alter the heck out of it though. This chambray shirt is a big winner though and if I had the right personality to pull this off I'd be on it like an animal. Looks great on you, I see what you mean by it going with everything in your closet. 😀

    I need this peri cameo…may cheat and get boyfriend and brother, mom, dad and entire extended family to follow via GFC to increase my chances of winning. Sorry ladies, but it's MINE! 🙂 I kid I kid.

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  39. The shirt looks really nice on you post alterations. This is a great outfit for casual Fridays. Thank you for giving away this beautiful cameo necklace. I'd love to win 🙂

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  40. Ski Petite wrote:

    Thanks for the giveaway. The green is really different.

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  41. The necklace is really pretty! Thanks for the giveaway! I entered w/o my full name, but trust me .. no one will have this ID. LOL Anyway, I was in "chambray phase" last summer and went out to get a couple that I've only worn a few times. Sigh.. lol I can't believe you brought it to the tailor's though! Regardless, it looks really good on you : )

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  42. R.L. wrote:

    Ah $15 for alterations… A bit steep, but it looks fantastic tucked into that skirt! I was wondering when the chambray shirt was going to make an appearance on the blog. Your previous post on it inspired me to buy it as well. But so far I've only paired it with black pants since most of my bottoms are denim. I now need to work on varying my pants and skirt collection, lol.

    I wish Target made shoes in size 5 otherwise I would be all over their selection. Btw, looking forward to seeing the results of your quest for the perfect nude pumps. I myself haven't found the right shade/height but Aldo's Savaria in camel look promising. I think they're similar to the pair you're wearing, which I think are really cute.

    Excited for the giveway!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  43. tinymum wrote:

    I love the giveaway! I'm in it, to win it! Love your chambray shirt, goes well with your tweed skirt! 🙂

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  44. Aubrey wrote:

    😮 Is that GREEN? I bought what I thought was a green cameo on Ebay (Since, you know, it said "green" and it looked green in the picture..) and it turned out to be sky blue. 🙁 *cry*

    Thanks for the chance, Jean! And I definitely love the chambray shirt! I think it was worth the alterations because it does fit you perfectly.

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  45. shlee wrote:

    i was going to order those nude pumps! good thing i read your post first 🙂

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  46. Gracie wrote:

    May just be me, but for more casual button-ups, i find the looser fits looks better. However, it does look nicer tucked in now.

    thanks for the heads up on target.

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  47. kileen wrote:

    i love this chambray shirt on you and it looks great post alterations! i can't wait to pair mine with my BB Dakota Groton skirt too once it comes in! 🙂

    and thank you so much for the giveaway!!

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  48. I already have one so I won't be greedy…LOL I hope I get to enter one of your future giveaways soon…LOL

    I will help spread the word of course 😀

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply

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