YSL Arty Rings for Small Hands?

I realize I’m about one year behind on this one. I don’t really pursue “trends,” and thus consider myself a clothing blogger and not a fashion or style blogger. But oh, these much-hyped rings are really quite beautiful in person.

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring in Turquoise and Coral, sz 5 (bought ’em here)
I first read about these rings over a year ago, but size 5 was frequently sold out. I was also worried the large stone would look like an Easter egg swallowing up my child-sized paws. Then I saw Tiffany’s blue one in action and loved it on her petite hands. In person, I don’t find the size overwhelming at all. What are your thoughts?

On a whim, I checked Saks’ website last month and saw that not one, but eight colors were available in size 5! I wish they made the stones interchangeable with magnets or something :

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring in Turquoise and Coral

YSL size 5 may not be small enough right out of the box for those with tiny fingers. There was definitely some sizing inconsistency too between the two I received. The smaller size 5 fits bigger than my size 6 Forever21 rings! Thankfully, after my post about ring-sizing, Jenny shared a tip (thank you, Jenny!) involving double-sided mounting or foam tape which has worked amazingly on all my rings.


To sum it up…

Arty Likes:
– Beautiful bold design and color. I can see someone (my future child, perhaps?) finding this 20 years down the road and loving it as a vintage piece.
– Unique. And I use this word relatively. This ring is “last year” amongst the world of trendy fashion bloggers, but I have not yet run into anyone in conservative Boston with this, and it was unique to my coworkers and friends.

Arty Dislikes:
– Expensive for costume jewelry (but for designer costume jewelry, it’s actually not bad)
– The oval is made of glass. That means it could probably shatter or chip on light impact. My F21 oval ring already shattered after it flew off my finger. But that was $6…

Readers – Classic statement piece or fleeting trend? Which color gets your vote?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Thank you! I feel the same way about my ring. It’s my gift for me, and no matter what happens, it will be on my hand. I also think it’s therapeutic to take something that used to symbolize hope (until it didn’t) and trade it in for something that will always symbolize hope.
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    Posted 3.3.14 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I know this comment is a year late, but the foam tape tip is just what I've been looking for, thanks!

    FYI, if you want some foam tape that is a more natural color, try Dr. Scholl's tape (made for padding the insides of shoes). It blends in really well, especially if you have a ring with a smaller bauble on top.

    Posted 2.16.12 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    i think the stone is supposed to go over the middle finger joint, not the knuckle

    Posted 2.4.12 Reply
  4. lpng24 wrote:

    I saw this arty ring in your YouTube video, loved it, and went to buy the turquoise one. this was 3 months ago? Since then, I've collected the coral, turquoise, white, and purple/gunmetal. These rings are definitely eye-catching!

    Posted 10.9.11 Reply
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Not sure if you know, these rings are also available in size 4. Although possibly only at the YSL boutique.

    Posted 3.22.11 Reply
  6. KAY. wrote:

    oh! I love those YSL rings. SUPER

    please visit&follow; my newblog:

    Posted 2.24.11 Reply
  7. Oh yes, these infamous YSL rings! Ah, beautiful as ever now and a year ago!

    p.s. are they expensive?



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    Twenty York Street

    Posted 2.16.11 Reply
  8. @Cee Thanks for the warning…DSK steph showed me Blonde Salad's post before and she had to send hers back after it broke. That does make me super nervous considering I already dropped my F21 one and it immediately shattered!

    @Anonymous Thank you as well for the warning…I also saw that mentioned on Blonde Salad. I hope there is a way to "refurbish" the finish. Doesn't seem too hard…I'm just afraid if the stone breaks!

    @Angie I had been wanting these for a while, just never got around to ordering. Also they may be pricey compared to some costume jewelry, but if you think about it, things like the ubiquitous Return to Tiffany's pieces that many middle/high schoolers own cost more than these : )

    @The Little Dust Princess You're correct…DSK steph showed me the Blonde Salad post last week. I hope you'll love the Turquoise! Might be a smidge big on your fingers without "alterations" though.

    @Tiffany – I am Style-ish Glad to know yours have held up nicely because I know you've had your first one for a while. Moleskin was suggested by a reader too…I'm still not exactly sure what it is.

    PLG, Claud, SPG – thanks for the votes! : )

    @Jennifer Thank you Jennifer! I did see…it was super exciting!

    Posted 2.13.11 Reply
  9. Thank you ladies for the comments and color votes : ) I've settled on the coral and my friend is probably buying the turquoise because I let her borrow it for a day and she loved it so much.

    @RachelNo need to resort to baby jewelry or even kids…I suggest looking on ebay or etsy! I see lots of smaller options (some gorgeous vintage ones too) on eBay and they are almost guaranteed to be unique! Other than that I like Forever 21's size 6 (sometimes fit pretty small, like a 5) and now I use tape on all my rings to make them fit snugly.

    @Anonymous I have to disagree because I don't have a big personality nor a fancy wardrobe, but I can easily see myself wearing these several times a week. Maybe it's not right with jeans and a tee, but can be paired easily with slightly more put together outfits (ie. weekend jeans, sharp blazer and heels) and at work. Hope you take yours out of that box! And thanks to your comment I just went and checked out bangle. Very pretty but I prefer the ring!

    @Steph It's surprisingly versatile…wore it several times already. And the knuckle part seemed potentially awkard but you actually can barely feel it when on : )

    @Jen I've seen it stone up somewhere online and forget where. After reading your comment I tried it out and is a definite no-go for me lol. Sucks for sensitive skin! My neck gets super rashy with costume necklaces.

    Posted 2.13.11 Reply
  10. Jennifer wrote:

    Hey Jean! Not sure if you know this but just wanted to let you know that you were mentioned in InStyle magazine's February issue! So cool!!

    Posted 2.13.11 Reply
  11. Those are lovely! I think I'm more drawn to the coral because you can see the veining details better but they are both beautiful colors. Interested to see where you net out on your decision!

    Posted 2.13.11 Reply
  12. I love them. It is so difficult to find rings for tiny fingers. I'd need a size 4

    Posted 2.13.11 Reply
  13. Claud wrote:

    Beautiful YSL rings. I have been tempted to buy one of this too. But can't justify the price. I do tend to like the coral more, but both colors are gorgeous 🙂

    Posted 2.12.11 Reply
  14. They both look beautiful on you. My vote is for the turquoise one. If it holds up well over time and you wear it often, then it'll worth the investment. It is definitely a timeless piece of jewelry.

    Posted 2.12.11 Reply
  15. yay! you got them too!! You know I see this ring a lot all over the fashion blogland but I have yet to meet one person in real life that has one (except for my BFF but I copied her and bought one after she did). And everyone that I meet loves the ring. I'm a big ring kind of girl so I love the look of it going over the knuckle. I wear either one of my rings (I have the dark blue and the pink) at least once to twice a week so the cost of it is totally justified for me since I wear it so often. Mine hasn't had any chipping or cracks in the stone but I've heard from others that it might happen.

    Anyway, in my opinion, it's a classic piece that I'm going to wear and enjoy as I get older as well.

    p.s. I'm sure your tape thing works well but if you need something more comfortable try a bit of moleskin underneath your rings. It's a good solution for too big rings!

    Posted 2.12.11 Reply
  16. I love it! I plan on getting the turquoise one soon, but it's so hard to choose between the colours. Congrats on getting two!! I read on another blog (I THINK on The Blond Salad) that … ummm okay I forgot, but it was something about the quality of these rings..like the gold rubs off? :S Or like, it's just poor quality. The stone came off? Gah. I forgot..sorry. -_-' LOL I'm still gonna end up getting it though 😛 I sound like a mess right now. It's 1:30am, forgive me Jean.

    Posted 2.12.11 Reply
  17. Angie wrote:

    those are really pretty and unique but boy are they pricey! how did you budget for 2?!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  18. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm not sure if you heard this before you bought them or not, but I wanted to second what Cee said: my friend's was definitely looking worse for the wear after a year or so, and I've seen other reviews saying that the gold color chips over time. I love the rings too, though, and maybe if you take care of yours then they'll last you longer; my friend was wearing hers pretty much every day so it took a beating.

    Hope they work out well for you, and I love your blog!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  19. Cee wrote:

    I love this ring. Seen it on so many bloggers but couldn't bring myself to buy one. Both colors look great on you Jean, are you going to keep both? I remember someone (maybe The Blonde Salad?) saying the ring doesn't hold up well over time. But everyone takes care of things differently, so I don't know how much stock to put in that.

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

    Y§L With our powers combined, Captain Planet! He's our Hero Y§L

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  21. Leena wrote:

    oh and i just bought the arty bangle! 🙂

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  22. Leena wrote:

    i have the coral so i'm partial to that color 🙂

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  23. PetiteXXS wrote:

    I like them both and if I had to pick one, I'd probably go with the turquoise. They seem like classic pieces but also trendy if that makes any sense, and I can see how they would become beautiful vintage pieces over the years. As for me, I'm still taking baby steps when it comes to accessories so I personally can't justify spending that much… and the fact that it doesn't truly fit would also be a factor if I'm buying pricey items and not just cheap thrills.

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  24. DSK Steph wrote:

    I never thought about saving it for the future generation. That's really cute!!! <3

    I've always wanted to buy a few bottles of wine the year my future children are born and then share it with them on their 21st birthday 🙂

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  25. Gosh, I like both but I vote for turquoise!!!! 🙂

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  26. Erica wrote:

    I think the coral one is more interesting, since you see coral less frequently than turquoise. Turquoise is everywhere.

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  27. Jen wrote:

    I LOVE the arty ring! I just can't justify the price myself for costume jewelry since my skin is so darn sensitive to base metals. T^T

    Actually, I've seen it worn both ways (stone up and stone down) so you can switch it up if you want. Not gonna lie, I love both colors. 🙂

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  28. I feared that they would be too big on my size 5 fingers as well but I bought the turquoise and love it! I love big cocktail rings anyway, but I don't find the arty to be overwhelming at all. In fact, I just ordered the blue lapis and can't wait to add it to my collection!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  29. Steph wrote:

    they are unique but i'm not into the fact that the stone is designed to "dip down" + cover up part of you knuckle. seems like it would be a hard piece to get good wear out of + it wouldnt be worth spending $200 if you only wear it a few times?

    but up to you, if you love them + think you'll wear them enough, i say turquoise. :]

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  30. Ping wrote:

    i love both colors, so this is a hard decison. i think you should keep one that will match your wardrobe more or one that you think you'd wear more it. I think I'm leaning towards the coral…i like the warm color.

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  31. Callandra wrote:

    I love these rings, but my tastes are so fickle that I'm afraid to pay more than F21 prices…..they are very pretty though, and so unique! Hhmmmm……

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    To continue the above post. Have you seen the ring's cousin, BANGLE? Same Egyptian theme with HUGE color stone. I am salivating now and cousin BANGLE comes in XS too. Of course! Don't wear them together.

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  33. Anonymous wrote:

    It needs a big personality plus a fancy wardrobe to carry off such a statement piece. Bought the turquoise one last year and it's still sitting inside the box. I have difficulty to incorporate this ring into my lifestyle or my existing wardrobe. Still keeping it because it's Oh so beautiful. Reminds me of an antique Egyptian art. Something I can find on CLEOPATRA's finger.
    Keep it if you are absolutely in love.

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  34. Anonymous wrote:

    They actually look really weird- kindy tacky and over the top imo. I guess if you like them though then it's ok

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  35. Tara wrote:

    I love the turquoise ring!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  36. i really do love the rings and these are rings i feel will hold up for many years to come and you're going to want to wear them. coral and turquoise, so hard to choose, i don't even own any turquoise and owns a few coral pieces, but turquoise still gets my vote!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  37. oh i love all of these – the colors are so bold and these are just so fun to wear!

    have an awesome weekend!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply
  38. Rachel wrote:

    I love them both! I think they will be classic statement pieces and in 20 yrs, 30 yrs, collectors will want them like they want David Andersen enamel jewelry now. I vote for the turquoise, just because it's a little more versatile, but the coral is stunning also.

    Do you have any suggestions for sz 5 & smaller rings at a more affordable price? 5.5 is about as large as I can go and it's challenging to find them. I've started looking at baby jewelry!

    Posted 2.11.11 Reply

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