Petite Lookbook: Embracing the Lace

My Target order arrived this weekend and I’ll be reviewing things slowly. First up is a definite keeper. I wasn’t so sure about this affordable lace cardigan at first, but after trying it on with pieces in my closet I fell in love. I first wore it to work over a simple black sheath dress and got numerous compliments. Even my friend who was originally disgusted by my purchase now wants one!

Skirt: Banana Republic Paper Bag Skirt sz 0P (similar here in 00)
Belt: BR outlet   Bag: Chanel WOC   Cameo: Peri

The key is to not wear it over a contrasting top a la the hideous Target model pic (but thank you, Target, for the awful photo because that’s why this cardigan is now so cheap). I paired this with a simple black cami, a neutral skirt, plus some basic black accessories. If I were to nitpick, I’d complain about the slightly too-long sleeves. However, they are very easy to scrunch up, and I prefer them at the elbow anyways to make the overall look less lacy.




Funny story about this skirt – I was shipping my blog sale items when I noticed one address was 3 blocks away from my apartment! I offered to meet up in person to do the exchange, and she came bearing a gift – a Banana Republic paper bag skirt that she had allegedly outgrown. I have nothing like this skirt and already wore it (and got compliments on it) several times. The belt loops and bunchy nature of the skirt allow me to make the 0P work. Thanks so much, Jenny!!

The silhouette of this skirt resembles the J.crew wool bell skirt(still left in sz 00), so if you ordered this cardigan and own the J.crew skirt, I highly recommend trying the two together : )


Here are photos to show how the cardigan fits. I would not wear it over jeans (much prefer it tucked into skirts and over dresses), but these give you an idea of the longer length and overall snug fit. If you are bigger than me, I’d recommend sizing up to a S as the XS is fitted on me all-around.


I highly recommend this cardigan to anyone who wants to add something “different” to their wardrobe. The brown did not work out for me, but I can see myself wearing the black with many different ensembles. At just $11.98 (plus other discounts and ebates), this is a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

PS – one new item was added to my blogsale, and prices on other items have been lowered.


Readers – did anyone else pick up this lace cardigan? If so, how are you styling it?
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Ying wrote:

    YOU! Are making me spend money lately. Haha. I saw this on the rack and cringed too, but now that I see the way you styled it, I will make like a bandit and see if it's still there!

    Posted 4.13.11 Reply
  2. Kassia wrote:

    You always look so polish. You are so gorgeous! Loved all of these outfits.

    Posted 2.27.11 Reply
  3. Thank you guys so so much for your nice comments! I of course read every single one of these and really appreciate you guys leaving your thoughts : )

    @Anonymous That's a tough one…I try on my cardigans in skirts and it's just hit or miss. Some cardigans show through thick skirts and some are fine under the thinnest skirts! Unfortunately I don't know any materials that work best. I just try on the pairing and then do a 360 in the mirror to make sure nothing is showing : ) You COULD get a spanx piece to wear under the skirt (either those control shorts or control skirts) but I haven't ventured there yet.

    @R.L. I just did! How funny! I love Jen's style. I hope the S works out for you…I know you are particular on the fit in the arms!

    @Canadianpetite I think I'm actually wearing a NYX smokey eye palette (for $9.99 or less) that I love! Never did end up getting Naked…I'll wait until I've used up this NYX and the hype with the Naked is over : )

    @Vicky Hehe, I think we chatted about this at the outlets, but I just put it up in a few small buns before going to sleep and let it fall out when I wake up. If it's all over the place I'll have to fix the ends with a 2" curling iron.

    @Anonymous I know exactly what you mean..I wore it over tights the other day and had to wear a black slip underneath, rolled up at the waist band three times to make it short enough. It wasn't exactly a comfortable feeling because of the extra bulk. Slips are supposed to make things seamless! I think I'm going to get a slip shortened and taken in just for all my shorter skirts and dresses. I got mine at Target for a $6 or $7. A lace trimmed slip peeking out could also look cute with this!

    Posted 2.23.11 Reply
  4. Kimberly wrote:

    I really like this outfit and how you paired the lace cardigan with that skirt. I feel like the lace cardigan would be slightly difficult to pull off and could easily go wrong, but you look great 🙂 Your blog always gives me great ideas for outfits.

    Posted 2.22.11 Reply

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