Say Hello to DSK (and a small giveaway!)

*Giveaway is now closed! Thank you everyone for entering*

Dearest readers, I apologize for not showing outfits or styling tips for several posts now. Boston weather is currently 30’s and “wintry mix,” so posing for outdoor photos without looking like rudolph the red nosed reindeer is tres difficile! 

Instead I wanted to share with you guys some fun news that has me giddy…my awesome friend Stephanie of DSK Jewelry has invited me to join her family of “dsk models.” Although I’m beyond flattered and proud to represent her brand, I’m a bit shy to join the ranks of the ladies on there!

I initially found DSK through Jen Frmheadtotoe (whom I found through Alterations Needed), and from Steph’s sidebar I discovered some of the best beauty bloggers/youtubers out there – Eki, Pam, Stephie, and of course Jen as well. Earlier this year I also stalked DSK’s 2010 model search where 44 beautiful girls competed to represent DSK (I voted for apetitediva Janine : ) … I feel so lucky to have a spot with them. I’m just a conserv. petite clothing blogger!

Wearing DSK lemon quartz wire-wrapped earrings – scroll down for giveaway!

Aside from being a passionate jewelry artisan, Steph is one of the best friends I’ve made on the blogger community. She and I are almost twins, climbing out of our wombs in the same month and year! We instantly hit it off chattering about food, shopping, and silly boyfriends. Check out her personal blog if you like beauty reviews, puppy pics, and extravagant Louboutin or LV hauls : ) Steph became a full-time entrepreneur after graduating from college, which I find hugely admirable. Wouldn’t you love to be in the business of making others happy, or to work in a profession that you’re truly passionate about?

Wearing the sterling silver Lady Pearl earrings – $15

dsk3Picture 4

Lol, excuse my gnarly flyaway hairs and “sideburns”! DSK jewelry is sparkly and youthful, but there definitely are pieces for the more conservative or mature dressers. Her jewelry is hand-made using quality materials…a lot of pretty Swarovski crystals and beads. Below are two items I love that are also work-appropriate:

Steph gave some advice a while back that really resonated with me…”Social media is powerful…we all have to look out for one another, and ignore the bad apples. You know who your real friends are over the course of time online.” I’ve had some ups and downs throughout blogging, but the wonderful, wonderful friends I’ve made through readers and fellow bloggers alike have made it all worth it. 

As a small way to spread the love, I’m giving away a pair of DSK lemon quartz wire-wrapped earrings (shown in the first photo up top). These were my first purchase, and I love the dainty yellow gem. Just leave a comment saying you’d like to enter, then visit Steph and say hi : ) I’ll draw the winner before my next post.
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Jackie wrote:


    Congrats and thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    Please enter me…fingers crossed =)

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  2. FUNG! wrote:

    I want to enter! Thanks! Looks great!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  3. Congrats for becoming a model for DSK!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  4. Jennifer wrote:

    Congratulations, you make a gorgeous model. You and Steph are my favorite bloggers! (:

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  5. Nelah wrote:

    That is very exciting news, congratulations. You make a great model. You three ladies are talented and lovely.

    Please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks Jean.

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  6. kileen wrote:

    Congratulations, Jean!! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and all the jewelry looks gorgeous on you!


    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  7. elleandish wrote:

    Congrats Jean :} Just went to the DSK site… a perfect model match! Can't wait to see more from your collabo <3

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  8. Beautiful jewelry! I'd like to enter, thanks!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  9. pretty jeweleries! i'd like to enter

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  10. petitecook wrote:

    Congrats! You are so lovely!
    I would like to enter this giveaway too!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  11. Puppet wrote:

    I'm a sucker for dsk
    I would like to enter.
    *happy dance*

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  12. You are such a doll, can't believe you even mentioned me! You're a big time blogger in my eyes, Jean!! I think Steph made a great choice, you are a gorgeous model! Can't wait to see more 🙂

    It's cold in DC too, but not 30!! Just at night, we're in the upper 40's lower 50's…still pretty cold, we went from 80's to 50's GRRR

    enter me for the heck of it!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  13. You make a great DSK model! they have the cutest jewelery!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  14. Elle wrote:

    Congrats! 🙂 DSK couldn't have found a better model to showcase their products.

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  15. Congrats, Jean! The weather in Boston has been so gross! I had to find the few minutes when it wasn't raining yesterday to take my photos.

    Congrats on the modeling gig. That's extremely exciting!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  16. vyzie wrote:

    id like to enter. the pieces of jewelry are so delicately beautiful

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  17. Kat wrote:

    oh yey! count me in xxx

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  18. Congratulations on being a model for DSK Jewelry. Your photos look lovely. Every pieces look gorgeous. I am glad you've found wonderful friends through bloggers/readers. I have great experiences so far with blogger and have met many wonderful friends on here. I will definitely check out her blog. I love those earrings 🙂

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  19. You're the gorgeous face!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  20. Amanda wrote:

    I heart DSK Jewelry…I found you through her side bar of all things! I've commented on her new blog post today, too. 🙂

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  21. wndxox wrote:

    oooh congrats on becoming a model for dsk! i've been following dsk for a long time, all her pieces are so beautiful. enter me in your giveaway please 🙂

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  22. Hi…never wrote anything on the blog but always stalk ^^ your blog :). It is very helpful for my younger sister who is petite as well. She read all your posts and it inspires her a lot. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  23. Congrats dear! You make a beautiful model. Your face is sheer gorgeousness!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  24. Congrats! Such pretty jewelry on such pretty models…It was just a matter of time that someone chose you to be their model — you're good at it. Please enter me on your giveaway — thank you!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  25. Pam L wrote:

    Congratulations on becoming a DSK model, Jean! I'm now subscribed to both of Steph's blogs and commented on one of her creations. I'd like to enter the giveaway, please. =)

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  26. kali wrote:

    Congratulations!! That's really awesome. =)

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  27. Gjee wrote:

    YAY! Congratulations! I found your blog through Steph a while back and I've been addicted ever since and I found HER blog through Jen (frmheadtotoe)!! Isn't it funny how that works? One big circle of amazing bloggers that you carefully discover one by one. Definitely exciting to see you guys join forces!!! I saw your picture and I knew I had to come here!

    I love your sense of style but what I admire the most is the way you present your self! From your style of writing to the clothes you choose, its very respectable and classy. =) So happy to see you as a part of DSK!!

    Oh and I'd like to enter! =) LOVE the lemon quartz on you.

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  28. iamchibee wrote:

    Congratulations on being a DSK model! 🙂
    You look simple but lovely. Really elegant.
    I would love to join your contest!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  29. Quynh wrote:

    I love DSK jewelries. I stalk her blog everyday :). Congratulations on becoming a DSK model.

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  30. Roshena wrote:

    Lovely model – and earrings, too!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  31. iAMminky3 wrote:

    So pretty! I'm a huge fan of DSK Jewelry. Congrats on becoming a DSK model!! <3 I would love to enter this giveaway! Thank you!!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  32. DSK Steph! wrote:

    Your friends here on blogger are all so nice! I feel so happy to be able to meet new friends through you!

    My friend Danielle was so estatic to see you on my jewelry blog 😀 She told me recently that she built up the courage to comment on your post and got a reply! haha you totally made her day 😉 And that's why I love you.

    Thank you so much for being a part of DSK Jewelry and a great friend in my life ::hugs::


    I laughed out loud when I read the climb out of the womb part. lol It's so true! I'm surpised we don't share the same name 😛

    Gnite from Seattle!

    p.s. I so had Chipotle for dinner, bogo style!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  33. Claud wrote:

    Jean, that is so awesome.You are a great model 🙂 I'd love to be enter in the giveaway.
    Love everything but in particular the Silver Pearl & Bow earrings. I might have to get those 😛

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  34. helen wrote:

    I would like to enter please~!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  35. grace wrote:

    Congratulations Jean! These pictures of you showing off the jewelry are absolutely beautiful! And you call those flyaways and sideburns? You have not seen flyaways and sideburns until you've met me! 🙂

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  36. Congratulations Jean! You're going to make an amazing model!


    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  37. PetiteXXS wrote:

    I looove the first picture! You look absolutely gorgeous, although a bit different in that shot (you remind me of somebody in that angle, I just can't put my finger on it yet!). I would love to enter of course… been wanting to get something from DSK but not sure what to get yet 🙂

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  38. Ping wrote:

    super cute earrings jean! you look super pretty as always…you are a deserving model!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  39. Eva wrote:

    lovely earrings!! i love DSK jewelry

    please enter me^^

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  40. Gracie wrote:

    I was definitely eying the lemon quartz earrings the moment i saw the first picture.

    Congratulation on your DSK model as well!!

    If you don't mind, I'd like to enter the giveaway.

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  41. April wrote:

    Congratulations! You make a gorgeous DSK model! 🙂

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  42. cleung341 wrote:

    I found your blog through Steph, Isnt she a great gal? i do have to say, her lemon quartz are one of my fave semi precious stones that she carries.

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  43. Christian wrote:

    Steph is great 🙂 I bought my first batch of DSK jewelry this summer and I've worn a piece every day since! I get complimented about them all the time and I love explaining to people about her business. I follow your blog now after she raved about you and you are as great as she talked about. 🙂 Congrats on joining her family, I think you're a great addition!

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  44. mich LA wrote:

    Congrats, Jean!! This is fantastic news! You are absolutely gorgeous and it's been so fun reading and getting to know you over these past few months. Have fun with Jess and Janice! Wish I could be there. 🙂

    Posted 11.9.10 Reply
  45. siwing wrote:

    I'm subscribed to Steph already! I actually found you through her! lol.. You won a contest of hers, and I clicked on your link. I just told Steph that even though I am not a petite or need professional looking cloths, I still love reading your blog and watching your vids! (more vids please!) your last one was so funny! =D and I saw your picture on her wall, congrats on becoming a model! I was too shy to enter this year.. Maybe I will try next year ^_^ I have the pearl and bow earrings, but in cream. I absolutely love them!

    I'd like to enter =)

    Posted 11.8.10 Reply
  46. Ashley wrote:

    congratulations! The whole line (collection?) of jewelery is so beautiful and simple – just my style…hmmm…I may have to amend my Christmas list!

    I'd love a chance to win those earrings!

    Posted 11.8.10 Reply
  47. Congratulations on being chosen! 🙂
    I would love to enter into your contest!

    I just left a comment on Steph's page. 🙂

    Posted 11.8.10 Reply
  48. Btw, congrats!! (Don't know how I forgot to say that before.)

    Posted 11.8.10 Reply
  49. Yes!! I saw your face on Steph's sidebar and was so proud of you! 😀 I was introduced to DSK Jewelry through a Youtube video made by Bubzbeauty a couple of years ago and I've been a fan ever since. ^_^

    Love the bow earrings you have on. Every piece looks beautiful on you. : )

    P.S. I agree with Steph's advice and I'd also like to enter for the draw.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

    Posted 11.8.10 Reply
  50. Jen C wrote:

    Congrats on being chosen as a model for DSK! I'd like to enter; the earrings are lovely.

    Posted 11.8.10 Reply

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