Petite Lookbook: A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find

***A huge thank you to everyone who participated and voted in my work outfit giveaway. You guys chose Catherine (#5) as the winner with 36 votes, and Janice (#9) for second place with 27 votes. I counted meticulously because the votes were so darn close! Everyone looked great in my opinion, but special mentions to Callandra (#4) and Jessica (#12) who were super close behind.***

On to today’s post…

I’m a little scared of the color orange, but this is the summer of pushing outside my comfort zone. Right now my mani is OPI A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, a vibrant red-orange (as seen in my last video), and friends have commented on how tan it makes me look. But does this color also work on apparel?

Linen Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet, sz XXSP
Shorts: H&M; Divided sz 2
Shoes: Banana Republic 5.5
Bag: LV Speedy 25

This blouse was my sole purchase from the BR outlet during my last shopping spree. There were TONS of ’em at the outlet (several in sz XXSP) and it wasn’t hard to see why …

Right off the rack, this blouse reminds me of Grandma’s favorite top. When you’re elderly, you just want something vibrant and roomy enough for air to flow through…but not when you’re 20 something.

What saved this top from the “no way” pile was the oh-so-light, 100% linen fabric. It’s been in the 90’s a lot in Boston so I’ve been on the lookout for barely there materials. Oh, and the sleeve cuff detail. And I guess it also didn’t hurt that the top was just $7.

I might take in the sides a little, but for now, tucking into bottoms is a good temporary fix.


Slipped into flats for a Target run:
H&M; bangles, sz XS/S (2.5 inches in diameter) actually fit my bony wrists.
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    JEAN. I just did a search for that opi nail color and stumbled onto your blog, and I was like, that face is so familiar!! This is Connie Su btw. I can't believe you have a blog! And a super popular one at that. This is like, kind of insane. Do your parents know this blog is so freaking well-known?? Well anyway, just wanted to say hi. Ta-taaaa

    Posted 12.19.10 Reply
  2. DoubleZero – I stopped by H&M; yesterday and the white ones now come in a gray, too! None in my size though…size 2's are always the first to go in shorts in the jrs department! They should make more! It took me several visits to find the black in a 2, which must be hard for you because it's so far : (

    Anon – Lol! I'll hold a Fall one if there is enough interest … but if I do I would definitely love to see / hear from you : )

    Posted 7.25.10 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Congrats to the winners! I can't wait until your Fall Work Outfit. 😉 Now that I've been reading your blog for a few months now, I think I've learned enough to hopefully put in an entry.

    Posted 7.24.10 Reply
  4. DoubleZero wrote:

    I already got the white ones a few weeks back thanks to you 🙂 I want these because they're more versatile and easier to keep clean! The black pair wasn't available in my size. Thank you for the info, now I know to check back next season for new colors.. You're lucky, we only have Forever 21 and Zara.

    Posted 7.23.10 Reply
  5. Anon @ 11:02PM – hmm, the style number is all faded. But whenever I call H&M; looking for an item, they ask for the description only. These are from many seasons ago, but they do have white an black cuffed trouser-y shorts in the Divided juniors department right now for $18. I like the fit of those and wear both of mine all the time!

    Good luck in your hunt…several hours away, wow! I guess Bostonians are lucky to have 3 or 4 in the city.

    Posted 7.23.10 Reply
  6. Wow! Very chic look! YOu really put together the outfit very well. Hard to believe it's the same shirt. Wonderful job!

    Posted 7.22.10 Reply
  7. Liana wrote:

    you are so pretty, you should definitely be a model! i love that vibrant color on you, and your whole outfit look so sophisticated but casual 🙂

    Posted 7.22.10 Reply
  8. Nukem wrote:

    I love orange and that color looks fantastic on you! And your legs look a mile long 🙂

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi PAG, I found your blog recently and I really like it so I've been following it regularly 🙂 Could you please post the style number/color code of the shorts or a picture of the tag? I really want them but H&M; is several hours away so I'll have to call them. Thanks!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  10. Thank you ladies : ) I really did not think this outfit was anything special, so you guys are all too kind.

    Ashley – now that I actually have a measuring tape…I just measured from crotch to feet (I'm assmuming that's inseam?) and it is 27 inches. Less than half of my 60 inch height. I definitely wish for longer legs, but my secret weapon(and not many women like these) are really short shorts, lol!

    Amylas – I'm sure it's a little bit sheer, but I don't wear anything under it. Like you said, I hate having to wear a cami under things as that completely defeats the purpose of a breathable lightweight top. I just make sure to wear a nude-colored bra, and all is concealed : )

    Jessy – Lol, that's sweet of you, but it's far from natural. It's the messy result of going from jet black to dark blonde/ashy brown every summer. I'm giving my poor hair a break this summer from all the foils and bleach.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  11. sophia wrote:

    That's a really nice pop of color! Goes well with your skin tone 🙂

    I have those shorts too! Unfortunately I can't tuck shirts in b/c I have to wear a belt 🙁

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  12. i am going to H&M; to check out those shorts! they look great on you! I think orange is also out of my comfort zone..actually I dont think I own anything orange..I need to stop buying black and blue 😀

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  13. Amylase wrote:

    Is the top sheer? (I used to love Gap shirts because of their light and airy material, only to find that I had to wear a cami underneath defeating the purpose of an airy summer top.)

    Either way the outfit is gorgeous (as usual)! And I really do love those H&M; shorts. I've noticed them with other outfits you've worn and they're so casual chic. I also loved how you paired it with those earrings.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  14. HM63 wrote:

    Lovely! The colour really pops with the otherwise neutral outfit.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  15. Kristy wrote:

    GORGEOUS LOOK! The orange shirt is very vibrant and refreshing. And for only $7? You can't beat that 😉 I know this post is all about your shirt, BUT I can't help but falling in love with your shoes! <3

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  16. Rach wrote:

    I love your blog! As a petite girl myself, I really enjoy reading about your quest for well fitting clothes :]

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  17. Congrats to the winners!

    I think the colour suits you very well, though I wouldn't have worn orange earrings with it. I personally think that it's a little too much orange. Other than that, I think the shoes, shorts, the shirt, and your bag go very well together. : )

    Your hair colour is really nice! Is it natural? 😀

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  18. Nice shirt! I guess when you put it on the right person, anything looks good. Great combo girl!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  19. Sara wrote:

    That shirt looks really great on you tucked in like that! The color is actually fantastic on your skin tone, I'm too pink-toned myself to wear bright orange/pink/red!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  20. roxy wrote:

    beautiful outfit . i like that shade of orange especially for the summer. your bag is gorgeous as well!


    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  21. Irene wrote:

    Oh man, you make me WANT to wear orange. And I am a pink girl who always thought that NO, orange is NOT the new pink. 🙂 I think it looks fabulous! I also covet your LV speedy – I have it in the darker color but I really REALLY like the lighter check.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  22. Ping wrote:

    congrats to the winner! cute outfit…i am scared of color too…i wear color only at home where nobody can see me lol. you look great in orange and those shorts are super cute too!!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  23. Ashley wrote:

    You look awesome!
    One question though – do you know your proportions? Your legs seem (relatively) long – even in flats it looks like you are all legs! I'm jealous – I have a long torso and short legs!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  24. Nelah wrote:

    The way you pair this orange top with those tops, accessories and shoes make the whole outfit looks so chic and expensive. I said it a million time but I will say it again..I. adore your fashion sense and your style never lets me down.

    I love orange color and am surprised how energetic and vibrant this color make me feel. It goes so well with white/ivory/tan and khaki colors. Your grandma is not afraid to play with vibrant colors for

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  25. beyond cute!!! i love the orange on you 🙂 i didn't realize how big the shirt was until you showed us the picture!

    Congrats to the winners, I voted for the winner 🙂 YAY

    Thank you so much for hosting the contest, it was super duper fun!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  26. Vicky wrote:

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! From the bright top to the chic heels. Bravo!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  27. Congrats to the winners! Thanks PAG for hosting the contest, I was nervous as it was my first one I'd ever entered 🙂

    That colour is beautiful on you. I absolutely love wearing bright colours. They make me feel happy even when it's gloomy and grey out.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  28. Thanks guys! So these shorts must've been popular at H&M; as I keep seeing them pop back up in black (but never in my size) and some casual khaki material.

    What I forgot to mention was that I had the cuff hemmed by 1 or 2 inches. It was almost mid-thigh length on me, and I like my shorts SHORT!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  29. kali wrote:

    You look great! The summery orange looks wonderful on your AND your grams. I really like the shorts actually -I just went to H&M; and I'm kicking myself for not looking out for shorts. I've been looking for a good pair that's not to short or long but most the shorts stores seem to be offering are like.. booty short or too long for me.

    Did you happen to have to hem the shorts at all? And what does the material feel like? Sorry for so many questions!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  30. I actually do like the color. It's very summery and vibrant. Sometimes, we just to try different style/color that we haven't tried before. You pull it off pretty well
    Last week to enter my giveaway for a beautiful necklace at

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  31. Angie wrote:

    Excuse the fact that after a good 15 years of speaking English, I can't write "orange never looked so good/orange never looked better" so I combined them into one mentally. I need some sleep hahaha 😀

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  32. Angie wrote:

    Those shorts and heels are awesome! You can definitely pull off this colour – I love how you toned it down with the light shorts and the matched with earrings. Orange never looked so better!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  33. elleandish wrote:

    Congrats to the winner! Yay! Thanks for hosting the awesome giveaway… glad I was able to participate 😀

    Your BR top looks wonderful on you! I try to stay away from reds/oranges as well but corals I'm partial to for some reason.

    And it *does* make you look more tan. 😉

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  34. Love the color on you! Yes – def. tan! And is that your Gma? because she is precious!

    xx Vivian @

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  35. AnNeTtEe wrote:

    very pretty!! very chic! I love the whole ensemble… shoes/sandals, top, shorts, accessories, purse… everything goes so well… love it! =)

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  36. nicole wrote:

    the colour is absolutely stunning on you! I think bright colours like red/orange look good on Asian skin tones (I mean, lucky envelopes are red after all!) I love the shorts that you paired the top with too, it really completes the overall outfit and the bangles are a nice touch. btw, your grandma is so cute! it's so true about those granny-preferred tops that are loose and comfy. I actually like how it fits on you the way it is when it's tucked into shorts and is still a bit loose on the sides, but then again, what I see is different from how it feels on, so still your call! I love your nail polish colour btw, because it's so true! lol

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  37. Your grandma is adorable 🙂 I love bright and bold colors for Summer!

    This color compliments you really well!!! Loving the shorts- tried those on but they DID not look nearly as cute on me as they do on you! Jealous…:)

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  38. Jenn wrote:

    LOVE this.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  39. Great linen blouse! I've been on the hunt for something similar for a while but linen is always cut so large! It looks great tucked it though! And I'm liking the orange on you…bright colors are fun!

    PS. Grandma is so happy!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  40. Congrats to the winners! The color looks great on you and what a transformation. I probably would have walked right past that shirt. That speedy is perfect for summer.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  41. MoneyMaus wrote:

    I agree, LOVE this color on you!! And the only bright colors I have in my closet are pink and green because I don't think any of the other ones suit me…but I might have to take a risk 🙂

    HM bracelets/bangles fit me, too! And sometimes even seem small – but I'm not a fan of the quality so I only have 1 set so far.

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  42. stylepint wrote:

    That color looks good on you! I love bright colors since it makes you look more vibrant! And linen for summer is perfect since it's cooling and all. =)

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  43. You look SOOO good! I love the orange on you. Who knew a tangerine colored blouse and cream colored shorts look so friendly together? It really does bring out the color in you. The linen blouse is beautiful. The material seems loose and it doesn't seem as if it'll wrinkle much.

    I love the copper/gold bangles! 🙂 It really finishes the look. And the heels! 🙂

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  44. p.s. i really love ur shorts. hmm, how did i miss this at h&m;?? lol

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  45. i'm a little scared of the color orange, too lol i agree w/the comments above, this is a great color on u! i actually like the oversize look it has! definitely great for tucking in:) such a great deal, too! aww ur grandma is too cute!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  46. mich LA wrote:

    I love this color on you!! I am so bad at taking risks when it comes to color, especially bright ones like these because I'm always so self-conscious about people staring at me. However, there's no better time than summer to be a little flashy.

    P.S. I love, love those shorts! I also have those shoes in the wedge version and wear them as an alternative to my everyday flats. 🙂

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  47. PetiteXXS wrote:

    I probably would've been scared of the color too but I think you pulled it off really well! It's amazing how simple tucking in can transform the whole look of a shirt. You look so easy breezy but put together at the same time. And those shorts are so versatile… I need to find some!

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply
  48. locke wrote:

    the color looks great on you! love the earrings too 🙂

    Posted 7.21.10 Reply

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