How to punch extra (non-crappy looking) holes into a belt

While purging my closet, I came across several belts that were a lil’ too big. I thought about asking my boyfriend to punch extra holes into them, but after inspecting his own DIY belt hole job (see last pic below) I decided to pass…

I’ve heard so much about this revolving leather hole puncher on Amazon – I called around and discovered that Michaels Arts & Crafts and A.C. Moore carries it for $10, plus I found printable coupons online for both stores. Silly me forgot my coupon, but ACMoore took it right off my iPhone … score 😀

Verdict: A MUST HAVE for anyone who has ever had trouble finding belts in the right size – whether too big or too small. One of the best $5’s I’ve ever spent! Just compare the holes I punched (bottom) vs. the one my bf poked the old-fashioned way, using an awl (top):

I don’t recommend this for belts that are several sizes too big, because there will be too much length left over. I need to figure out what to do my flopping ends…I’ve heard about fashion tape, but I want a permanent solution! Any suggestions?

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  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi, I was wondering, can it fix holes? Like those old ones my boyfriend punched for me with a nail and hammer? 😛

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    A life saving blog. Thanx

    Posted 1.16.14 Reply

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