Life with PAG: NYC weekend

This weekend, the boyfriend came down to NY and we enjoyed a wonderful few days of mild weather and good eats. And by “mild,” I mean downright brisk on Saturday. I was all excited to break out the short shorts, but instead was shivering in this outfit:

Jacket: Topshop Petite 0 (their petite jackets fit so tiny!)
Scarf: Gap 
Bottoms: H&M; leggings in girls 11/12
Sunnies: Nordstrom $10, borrowed from bf

Thankfully, food and shopping saved the day. During the week my coworkers always want to wine and dine, so on the weekends I hunger for cheap craveable grub. Pardon the crappy cell phone pics…
Weekend kicked off w/ cocktails and $1 Oysters (Mon-Fri, 5-7pm) at Lure Fishbar. I slurped down 20 of the little suckers, then had a greasy slice of pizza and gelato before bed : O (gluttony face)
Met up with friends the next day at Estancia 460, a little place in TriBeCa with Argentine flair. Huevos Hombre (2 poached eggs on country bread w/ proscuitto and home fries) was just $12. Ate all this with an extra plate of fries : O
Din din was at Smoke Joint in Brooklyn with an old college girlfriend. We could smell the meat smokin from half a mile away…yum. It was affordable, too – 3 of us ate and drank for $56 plus tip. Got both pulled pork and ribs, but I don’t love the meat at bbq as much as I love the comfort sides – corn on the cob, mac n cheese, beans w/ sausage, cornbread, cole slaw… : O
The next day I was craving soup dumplings, or xiao long bao, and headed to tourist fave Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown. I am Cantonese and would take delish Canto food over Shanghai grub any day, with the sole exception being mini soup dumplings. 
There was a 30 min. wait at Joe’s for the juicy little buns stuffed with pork, shrimp, and “soup.” $6.65 gets you a steamer filled with 8 of these, and $4.65 gets you a ginormous bowl of minced chicken w/ corn soup.
My friend wanted to prove to us that you can get just as good soup dumplings without the wait, so after Joe’s we hopped over to Shanghai Cafe and ate a couple more. Although there indeed was no wait and the dumplings were tasty, the skin on these were thicker, and the restaurant was lit with odd fluorescent lamps. Prices were exactly the same. I think I’ll return to Joe’s next time.
Slurp slurp : O
^ Wearing my new, super overpriced cropped top in 0P (sold here). Just noticed that the website lies … 100% cotton my ass, tag reads 100% polyester.

So…all in all a wonderful weekend, but filled with excessive gluttony. I’ve been trying to eat healthy at home this year, but being away from home opens the door to so many temptations. I can’t wait to roll off this project and go back home.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! New Yorkers … let me know your foodie faves so I can hit them up before I leave here for good!