Life with PAG: NYC weekend

This weekend, the boyfriend came down to NY and we enjoyed a wonderful few days of mild weather and good eats. And by “mild,” I mean downright brisk on Saturday. I was all excited to break out the short shorts, but instead was shivering in this outfit:

Jacket: Topshop Petite 0 (their petite jackets fit so tiny!)
Scarf: Gap 
Bottoms: H&M; leggings in girls 11/12
Sunnies: Nordstrom $10, borrowed from bf

Thankfully, food and shopping saved the day. During the week my coworkers always want to wine and dine, so on the weekends I hunger for cheap craveable grub. Pardon the crappy cell phone pics…
Weekend kicked off w/ cocktails and $1 Oysters (Mon-Fri, 5-7pm) at Lure Fishbar. I slurped down 20 of the little suckers, then had a greasy slice of pizza and gelato before bed : O (gluttony face)
Met up with friends the next day at Estancia 460, a little place in TriBeCa with Argentine flair. Huevos Hombre (2 poached eggs on country bread w/ proscuitto and home fries) was just $12. Ate all this with an extra plate of fries : O
Din din was at Smoke Joint in Brooklyn with an old college girlfriend. We could smell the meat smokin from half a mile away…yum. It was affordable, too – 3 of us ate and drank for $56 plus tip. Got both pulled pork and ribs, but I don’t love the meat at bbq as much as I love the comfort sides – corn on the cob, mac n cheese, beans w/ sausage, cornbread, cole slaw… : O
The next day I was craving soup dumplings, or xiao long bao, and headed to tourist fave Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown. I am Cantonese and would take delish Canto food over Shanghai grub any day, with the sole exception being mini soup dumplings. 
There was a 30 min. wait at Joe’s for the juicy little buns stuffed with pork, shrimp, and “soup.” $6.65 gets you a steamer filled with 8 of these, and $4.65 gets you a ginormous bowl of minced chicken w/ corn soup.
My friend wanted to prove to us that you can get just as good soup dumplings without the wait, so after Joe’s we hopped over to Shanghai Cafe and ate a couple more. Although there indeed was no wait and the dumplings were tasty, the skin on these were thicker, and the restaurant was lit with odd fluorescent lamps. Prices were exactly the same. I think I’ll return to Joe’s next time.
Slurp slurp : O
^ Wearing my new, super overpriced cropped top in 0P (sold here). Just noticed that the website lies … 100% cotton my ass, tag reads 100% polyester.

So…all in all a wonderful weekend, but filled with excessive gluttony. I’ve been trying to eat healthy at home this year, but being away from home opens the door to so many temptations. I can’t wait to roll off this project and go back home.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! New Yorkers … let me know your foodie faves so I can hit them up before I leave here for good!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Kate wrote:

    omg xiao long bao! my favorite!! 🙂

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply
  2. hana wrote:

    omg! the food looks AMAZING!!!! i am drooling over the oysters, corn, mac and cheese, beans, bbq….what is that sauce over the corn? is that butter? i am so hungry right now. T_T

    Posted 4.11.10 Reply
  3. Thanks guys for all the suggestions! I shoulda asked for this four months ago…

    @ Midori … umm, those are the WORST. I can't believe they've even infiltrated flickr! Good lord!

    Posted 4.9.10 Reply
  4. priincess wrote:

    wow the food looks amazing! i'm so hungryy noww! LOL!

    Posted 4.8.10 Reply
  5. Midori wrote:

    OH MY GOD XLB. i've been craving those so badly lately…esp the ones at joe's shanghai. we have din tai fung out here but i prefer joe's.

    i totally understand your *s haha. i do the same thing on flickr every time i type the word "tights" because i end up with some really weird fetishists favoriting/commenting on my photos every time i use the full word.

    Posted 4.8.10 Reply
  6. I actually think ASOS would work out well for you! The first time I ordered there, I got a dress in UK size 4, which is supposed to be equivalent to a US XS/sz 0. I usually fit into that at most stores, but when I got the dress, it was the smallest thing I've EVER put on. So I think the sz 4's would actually fit you! They're having a pretty good sale right now too 🙂

    Posted 4.7.10 Reply
  7. I guess boys think your a fashion porn star teehee
    you got nice hair

    Posted 4.7.10 Reply
  8. vyzie wrote:

    you got your oysters! yay!!

    Posted 4.6.10 Reply
  9. Hi again 🙂

    I gave you a blog award!!! 🙂

    Check it out when you can on my blog:

    Posted 4.6.10 Reply
  10. *Anita* wrote:

    another fab outfit, i love it!! all the food looks AMAZING. i would love to go to New York just for the food! glad you're having a good time there 😀

    btw thanks for the birthday wishes girl! i laughed when i read your comment cause what you said is totally true! i'm a makeup addict and you're a clothes shopping addict 😀 haha! it's impossible to do a ban for long and i wouldn't ever want you to stop posting your finds. i love your sense of style! <3

    Posted 4.6.10 Reply
  11. PS.

    If ever you visit Vancouver, Ill have many many foodie favs for ya;)

    Posted 4.6.10 Reply
  12. I love the outfit! Esp. the jeweled sandals.

    mmm food porn! Everything looks delish.
    I have been eating out everyday for the past week & Im definitely feeling the consequences when I put on my skinny jeans…yikes!

    Jess Mai

    Posted 4.6.10 Reply
  13. Linda wrote:

    oh my! yummy! and I love xiao long bao! That restaurant you mentioned is the reason why too! lol.

    Posted 4.6.10 Reply
  14. Such yummy food!! 😀 I would love to wine and dine in NYC, but I'm in California unfortunately :p I am Cantonese too! 😀

    Cute outfit! I've been to NY once and it was super humid @ the time. It was around July :p

    Posted 4.6.10 Reply
  15. Jessica wrote:

    That's so funny that you're in NYC. My friends and I were reading your blog and we were in SoHo the same time as you (and we went into Top Shop too!)

    In New York, my FAVORITE japanese ramen place is Ippudo in St. Marks (4th ave and 10th street). There is always a super long wait, but you can order their AMAZING pork buns at the bar while you wait and grab a drink or something.

    There is this new place called Baohaus that has Taiwanese pork buns in LES. They are really good!

    If you plan to go to Flushing, I wrote about this "Flushing Food Tour" I did with some friends and I have links to maps, etc. It's really great cheap Chinese food!

    You should definitely try the David Chang restaurants too. I like Ippudo ramen more than momofuku noodle, but ssam bar is pretty good.

    Anyway, I eat a lot and have a few emails from my co-worker who is a big foodie with restaurant suggestions if you want! Just shoot me an email or something.

    I hope you have a good time in NYC! Are you in consulting and that's why you travel so much?

    Anyway love your blog! =)

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  16. lil_budoy wrote:

    i love the kenneth cole sandals. actually, i think i have one like that and it's kenneth cole too. it might be the same one except mine got chewed by my dogs. lol… loving the whole outfit. i was also about to buy that scarf from gap but instead i bought the blouse similar to it…

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  17. ichimunki wrote:

    So glad you are visiting my hometown!!! I usually like dim sum at Triple 8 palace located right under the Manhattan bridge in Chinatown. The best Korean food (and Chinese food) is in Queens but if you have to stay in Manhattan, check out Korea Town on 32nd Street. Kang Suh is great for Korean BBQ. Don't forget to check out Century 21 downtown (across from Ground Zero) and Loehmann's (on 14th Street) with discounts on Theory clothes and J brand jeans. IMHO, Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien has the best burger in NYC (yes, better than Shake Shack). The best pizza has to be Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights but be prepared for the looooonnngg lines (it's worth it).

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  18. Tiffany wrote:

    ooh you are making me hungry! Best part about NY is the food! (and the shopping of course) 🙂 I'm the same way though, traveling so much for work means eating out all the time which makes me crave healthy food when I'm at home.

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    if you're a fan of japanese, you should hit up Sake Bar Hagi. it's a tiny place and it gets packed on weekends, so you should go early, but it's so worth it!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  20. Sunny wrote:

    Oooh, I did not know of the $1 oyster deal at Lure Fishbar. I love soup dumplings too, Joe Shanghai is the best. If you ever need NYC food recommendations, email me. I'm a total wannabe foodie. 😛

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  21. Mmmm. You are making me hungry. Glad you had a nice weekend :)Your gray jacket is so cute on you!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  22. omigosh i think i gained ten pounds just looking at all the food 🙂 great photos!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  23. AHHHHHHHHHHH siu long baos!!!!!! Hahaha I have some in the freezer and seeing those gives me the biggest craving to steam those bad boys up and eating them at 3 in the morning!!

    You don't look overly happy in your outfit photos! Hope you're okay 😉 I love that jacket and those sandals.

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  24. Emily wrote:

    Just started reading your blog.. I'm Canto too!! You're so lucky you can eat all that and stay thin!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  25. DarlingV wrote:

    ahh i love your blog girl, and I love that gray jacket!

    All that food had my mouth watering *drools* LOL.

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  26. I love your entire outfit and such pervs~~~~~ -___-;;
    The food is making me drool~~~ I seriously wish I could get good soup dumplings in my town but, too bad I'm surrounded by white people T___T
    By the way, that GAP scarf definitely makes you look taller. I usually warp my around fluffy but, it didn't do much but made me look shorter, sigh~
    Another great post, gorgeous lady!^___~


    Miss. P

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  27. emileee wrote:

    I heart Joe's Shanghai! People always say that they know a better alternative but I still always end up preferring to Joe's Shanghai to all the others in NY. Hope you enjoyed NY!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  28. CynthiaC wrote:

    I'm Canto too, but I'd take siao long bao over plain ol' HK dim sum any day. BTW, I never realized that siao long bao=soup dumplings. I always thought soup dumplings = boon tong gow? I guess I'm just an out of it jook sing (CBC/banana/whatever you want to call me).

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  29. PetiteXXS wrote:

    I LOVE soup dumplings! In LA, the place we go to is called Din Tai Fung Dumpling House… but I don't think they make them quite that big though!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  30. Angie wrote:

    Wow! Everything looks super delicious! I'm so jealous! Well, I have been a big glutton too this weekend fu fu fu :3

    You and your bf are so cute!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  31. J-Ezzy wrote:

    Adorable outfit!!! I love it! Esp the scarf and sandals 🙂

    That corn on the cob is to die for!! I too don't exactly love bbq meat, but all teh sides are yumm yumm in my tummy!

    I live and work in two cities that have more food than I can think of, and there's a bbq place you can smell from a mile away, haha. The peruvian chkn places are all over too, you smell them from 5 miles away (not exactly, but you get the drift, haha).

    Now that I think about it, the BBQ place that's like 4 blocks fr my place is next to an Argentinian place that serves amazing food and they have a patio too, so in the summer, I love hitting that place up for Saturday lunch 🙂 In fact, I was there 2 weekends ago for breakfast with the hubs…I wanna go back…NOW, lol.

    It was HOT on Friday but then Sat and Sun got all chily on me! I wore a dress and frooooooze! brrrr

    Good call with the jeans and scarf!

    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  32. jimin choe wrote:

    AHH food post! my favorite 😉 JOE'S SHANGHAI IS THE BOMB! I went there on my last nyc trip in november because my friend told me it was the BEST dumpling joint ever! we got 5 trays of dumplings.. and polished off every single soupy dumpling 🙂

    and ohhh the mac & cheese looks divine. gluttony is fine as long as it isn't an every day thing! enjoy yourself 🙂 gosh now I'm hungry but I gotta write an essay… 🙁

    and superrrr cute outfit! I love your polished classic outfits 🙂


    Posted 4.5.10 Reply
  33. NYC! You lucky girl! I've never been and am dying to go!

    Oh wow, that's quite the smorgasbord of goodies you ate this weekend! Oysters seem like such a cool thing to eat, but I just can't get over the icky texture.

    Posted 4.4.10 Reply
  34. cindyrella wrote:

    shake shack!! madison square park (original location.. literally a shack) or upper west side
    lovvvvvee your blog 😀

    Posted 4.4.10 Reply

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