Life with PAG: Bye bye big apple

See ya “Manhattan home”:

Hello again Boston bed:

I got to leave my NYC project early to attend to some work back in Boston. Everyone was so jealous that I got to go home. Some of my coworkers have been out there since last August, and will probably be there for the rest of this year! Although I had tons of fun and good eats while in NY, nothing quite compares to being in my own cozy little apartment.

Two quick packing tips:

1. Hotel hangers can harbor gross stuff. I started packing entire outfits on my own “slim” hangers, which ended up being quite efficient.

2. Handbags that fold down save a lot of space. Pictured: Longchamp Le Pliage and LV Speedy 25

Snapshots from the dining diaries with my fave coworkers:

Couldn’t read a word on the menu @ Del Posto.
Stuffed with steak @ Bobby Van’s
Trying to eat light for once @ Sushi Samba
Steakfest again @ Quality Meats

Closeup of meal: 3 filet sampler, green beans w/ cashews, parmesan waffle fries, and a huge sirloin:

Thank you readers for all the foodie recommendations after my last NYC post. Jessica suggested some hearty ramen from Ippudo, and I ended up going twice for classic (left) and modern (right). Now I am determined to “brew” my own tonkotsu broth, but I read that it takes 12+ hours.

Went to Boston’s Beer n’ Bacon festival during my first week back. There were tons of beer samples from local breweries, as well as pig-themed nibbles from local restaurants. I was bloated for the rest of the day.

Inhaling a bacon-flavored mini chocolate cupcake with maple frosting:
The end. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Odette wrote:

    I just recently got exposed to your blog and I LOVE it! Over the past year I lost a lot of weight making me petite (again). I've had to rebuild my wardrobe slowly and have been getting great ideas from you for items that I may not have considered before until I see you put them together.

    One question for you with travelling and packing light… what would you pack for casual attire? I always seem to over pack and try to squeeze in a work out so I'm packing even more stuff. Any ideas to minimalize would be greatly appreciated!

    Posted 1.28.13 Reply
  2. Justine wrote:

    I never thought about taking my own hangers or folding LV bags!

    Just Better Together
    come check out the Coloriffics giveaway!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Are you a financial analyst? I'm starting to look for jobs and I was wondering if this is what they typically wear?

    Posted 3.8.11 Reply
  4. Hi Jennifer – I actually now use the Planetes Tonal (try google searching it) in the larger size, which is sturdier than Le Pliage and holds its shape. Yes I know that means it doesn't fold up anymore, but the medium Le Pliage was too small and the large was too large, and the Planetes Tonal was the only style that came in a size in between those two. I use it every day for work and also for travel!

    Posted 1.9.11 Reply
  5. Jennifer wrote:

    Hi Jean! Your bag, Le Pliage, which one did you get? There seems to be 3 styles on Which do you recommend for petites? Thanks! I saw your other post about LongChamps but I don't remember seeing a conclusion.

    Posted 1.5.11 Reply
  6. Anonymous – thank you for your kind words! As for the chairs, they were a Craigslist find from Boston Interiors. I love scouring Craigslist for unique items that add some sorely-needed character to my Ikea home. I just sold them last night on Craigslist too! I was so sad to part with them, but needed the room for a dresser to help out my overflowing closet.

    Posted 5.6.10 Reply
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    I love your blog and classic style. Thanks for sharing all the information. On a non-fashion related note – also love your clean light home decor, could you share where you got the armless chair in your bedroom?

    Posted 5.6.10 Reply
  8. u have such a cute and neat bedroom! wow, the food looks amazing! thx for the packing tips, too!:)

    Posted 4.29.10 Reply
  9. hana wrote:

    you look so pretty in all your pictures!!! 🙂 the food looks delicious!!!!!!

    Posted 4.28.10 Reply
  10. ko0ty wrote:

    You had an awesome time! What were you doing in NYC?

    Posted 4.27.10 Reply
  11. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Lol, speedys are initially shipped to the store folded, hence there may be fold marks on some brand new ones. I like re-folding mine for traveling…it's just coated canvas, anyways.

    Anon – my job is nothing glamorous. I work in risk advisory for companies in the financial service industry.

    Sophia – hmm, never heard of those "catchphrases" … lol? Were you in accounting/tax?

    Midori – the "bacon pastries" didn't have any hunks of meat, and didn't really taste of bacon. It was brunch-y though, like pancakes with maple syrup.

    Jess – I liked the classic for the creamy tonkotsu : ) Although it was the best ramen I've had to date, neither bowl was the "ideal" holy grail bowl of ramen I have pictured in my head lol. A little too salty, to the point that I had to leave my broth (shocking). I've already tried to recreate my own today with no success.

    Posted 4.27.10 Reply
  12. Emily wrote:

    woah i never knew the speedy could do that either haha!

    your apartment in boston is gorgeous!

    Posted 4.27.10 Reply
  13. I love all the delicious looking food you posted! 🙂 Nothing truly beats the comfort of your own bed 🙂 I take it you are from Boston? I have traveled there once during the late autumn. I marveled at the beauty of the city for hrs 🙂 It's really a charming place. I even took a boat ride along one of the piers 🙂

    You look fantastic as always! 🙂

    Posted 4.27.10 Reply
  14. I never knew LV could be smooshed like that! Your handbag flattening skills are to be admired. =)

    Glad you're finally home. Getting comfy at home is the best feeling ever!

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  15. PetiteXXS wrote:

    That's a great idea to pack clothes on hangers! Speaking of which, I need to invest in better hangers… I currently use cheapo Walmart metal and vinyl-coated wire hangers because they're slim and don't take up much room. They serve their purpose but do leave shoulder bumps in my more delicate shirts which is a little annoying. Been thinking about getting those slim velvety ones or the wood/fabric kinds.

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  16. Jessica wrote:

    I'm glad you loved Ippudo! I like the Akamaru Modern the best, which did you like better? I tried Quality Meats recently too! I realized I don't like steak that much, but I did like their corn creme brulee!

    I also have had bacon pastries before and it's surprisingly good! Someone at work made this bacon cupcake that tasted like brunch in a bite! kind of like pancakes with maple syrup and then bacon on the side haha

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  17. nicole wrote:

    great travel post! not to mention great travel tips! looks like you had a good time in NYC, esp with all those restaurants that you went to! I love traveling and trying new foods. I love your cozy little apartment btw, nothing compares to being at home, that's for sure 🙂

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  18. Great post! I love your travel tips- excellent~
    The food looks so good! and you are really petite! ^___^ What am I saying? I'm petite too, haha~<3

    Miss. P

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  19. Sonic wrote:

    ooo my goodness! I LOVE your Boston BR cuz it's so bright and starkly simple! Also, I forgot to say from the previous posts, that blue dress and yellow cardy combo is perfection! I love the dress design itself but those colors together pop so well.

    food in new york cannot be beat! I've traveled the US trying to find a pizza from another state which tastes like a NY pizza and – nothing!

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  20. Love how you have the cute little teddy bear and a the cozy slippers lined up in your sleek, modern bedroom. So cute! And wow, that food looks amazing. Now you've given me one more thing to obsess over- dirty hotel hangers. LOL

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  21. Midori wrote:

    oh maaan the egg in the ramen is cooked PERFECTLY.

    i toyed with the idea of trying to make tonkotsu…for about three seconds haha. i figure it'd probably just be easier for me to buy ramen when i crave it 😛

    the bacon cupcake however…that i WOULD try to recreate haha. was the bacon component in the cake? bacon bits or just essence/flavor?

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  22. Irene wrote:

    OMG I love how you smoooshed your LV for easy traveling! hehe so efficient!

    Also, thanks for sharing all the foooood pics! I can't believe you ate a bacon flavored cupcake?!?

    Boston is so pretty – fresh air, very green…but NYC has all the frills and excitement! Glad you get to enjoy the best of two very different worlds 😀

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  23. omg steak! <333 lol

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  24. Em wrote:

    I love your blog!!! And I'm a Massachusetts girl myself, so I completely understand your love for Boston 🙂

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  25. Loving your homes and pictures, you're so pretty 🙂 xx

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  26. sophia wrote:

    OMG I think I I know your job hahaha.. I used to work in that industry too 😉 My firm was regional though, so most of the traveling was local. Ahhh the memories.. I'll never forget the "catch" phrases like "burning the midnight oil" and "don't spin your wheels" LOL!

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  27. Anonymous wrote:

    Hope this isn`t inappropriate, but – what is your job?

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  28. OMG – Cholesterol overload huh?! That cupcake doesn't sound good – but I've heard it takes incredible and that filet sampler! Whew! You look gorgeous as always!

    xx Vivian @

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  29. That food looks so good. One of my best friends is from Boston.

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  30. You're beyond cute!!!! Love all the shots and I'm glad you're happy to go home! Um, you have some cute coworkers! No eye candy where I'm ate =/ lol

    I use Joy Mangano hangers and I adore them, they hold anything and everything! I must own about 250 of them, lol.

    Have a great week!!

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply
  31. Angie wrote:

    You're so tiny! ^__^ All that looks so delicioussss

    Posted 4.26.10 Reply

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