• Life with PAG: Bye bye big apple

    See ya “Manhattan home”:

    Hello again Boston bed:

    I got to leave my NYC project early to attend to some work back in Boston. Everyone was so jealous that I got to go home. Some of my coworkers have been out there since last August, and will probably be there for the rest of this year! Although I had tons of fun and good eats while in NY, nothing quite compares to being in my own cozy little apartment.

    Two quick packing tips:

    1. Hotel hangers can harbor gross stuff. I started packing entire outfits on my own “slim” hangers, which ended up being quite efficient.

    2. Handbags that fold down save a lot of space. Pictured: Longchamp Le Pliage and LV Speedy 25

    Snapshots from the dining diaries with my fave coworkers:

    Couldn’t read a word on the menu @ Del Posto.
    Stuffed with steak @ Bobby Van’s
    Trying to eat light for once @ Sushi Samba
    Steakfest again @ Quality Meats

    Closeup of meal: 3 filet sampler, green beans w/ cashews, parmesan waffle fries, and a huge sirloin:

    Thank you readers for all the foodie recommendations after my last NYC post. Jessica suggested some hearty ramen from Ippudo, and I ended up going twice for classic (left) and modern (right). Now I am determined to “brew” my own tonkotsu broth, but I read that it takes 12+ hours.

    Went to Boston’s Beer n’ Bacon festival during my first week back. There were tons of beer samples from local breweries, as well as pig-themed nibbles from local restaurants. I was bloated for the rest of the day.

    Inhaling a bacon-flavored mini chocolate cupcake with maple frosting:
    The end. Hope everyone had a great weekend!