Quick Review: Ann Taylor Petal Shell and Perfect Pumps

Sorry for yet another Ann Taylor post, but I wanted to share the last of my work loot from last week. This top didn’t catch my eye the first time around, but I added it on with my shoe spree:

The top doesn’t look like much online, but the details are so pretty in person. The shirt itself is a stretchy and soft rayon/spandex blend that actually draped and fit as expected. The arm holes are trimmed with layered chiffon, and the petals are hand-sewn on with beaded centers. My only complaint is the larger-than-usual arm holes, but I can deal with that. Here’s how it looks under a jacket and tucked into a skirt:
Jacket: Theory Gratian Blazer sz 00
Skirt: H&M; sz 4 (waist and sides taken in, hemmed)
Annnd my shoe spree:
AT Pumps (in exotic, black leather, black patent, and soft pewter)
I admit I did go a little crazy, but I don’t like shopping for work shoes. When I find something that works I tend to grab it in a variety of colors, then wear them happily for the following year. These pumps are exactly what I was looking for – classic, round toe pumps showing just enough toe cleav. with a comfy, work-appropriate 3.5″ heel.

A word of warning, though – if you are between sizes you should probably size down. I can wear a 5.5 to 6 normally and I bought these pumps in sizes 5 and 5.5. Also, I take back what I said previously about AT carrying 5’s in store … that was a complete and utter lie told to me by a sales associate! The closest store to me carries 6.5 as the smallest size. How crazy is that?

AT Perfect Pump in Soft Pewter (sold out online, but still available in this purrty, rich Cognac color)
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Hey, great review! What size did you get the perfect pumps black in? I'm debating between 5 and 5.5 usually 5.5 to 6 as well.

    Posted 8.19.11 Reply
  2. Stephie wrote:

    omg i love your style! you're so adorable!

    Posted 3.26.10 Reply
  3. lil_budoy wrote:

    i love the blazer…and the ann taylor top. i do love ann taylor. they have nice clothes. and u have such a good fashion sense!

    Posted 3.22.10 Reply
  4. nicole wrote:

    looove the ann taylor top on you! esp in that colour, very feminine chic. also LOVE your shoe spree, I'm definitely a girl who can appreciate a shoe shopping spree! and round toe pumps like those are a classic and you really can never have too many 😉

    looking great as always! xo

    Posted 3.16.10 Reply
  5. annnnnuhuh wrote:

    Just found your blog and thought I'd drop a line. I am exactly the same as you, under five feet and weighing between 90-95 depending on the day. Although I am jealous of your feet size. I'm only a 4.5 and it's such a hassle to find shoes.

    PS: Love your style too!

    Posted 3.12.10 Reply
  6. peachcharm – the xxs's sell out SO fast. I shop online all the time, and still I will find stuff that I've never seen before that's already gone in my size. You'd think retailers would stock up more as to not miss out on this potential revenue!

    Tiffany – thanks for the ASOS info! I think I'm goin to take the plunge and get some stuff. And Crewcuts is so darn small – my local stores rarely have anything in sz 12+. It's also cut very childlike (aka short and wide) so although it is adorable, I have yet to find anything that works.

    Joyce – I love that top! I really wanted to get it in the blue, but it was a bit pricey. Unfortunately, ruffles do poke out of buttoned blazers. I frequently have to smooth them back in, so the best option is to just wear the jacket open!

    Posted 3.10.10 Reply
  7. Trina Mui wrote:

    Loving your whole outfit ! Very classy and elegant ^ ^ *thumbs up*

    Posted 3.10.10 Reply
  8. Tiffany wrote:

    adorable as always and I love the shoes!

    So, ASOS sizing is weird. I would say that the UK6 would work for you since the sizing generally runs smaller. They even have Petite sizing so you will probably like that. But, I have found it to be very inconsistent so just expect some stuff not to fit when you order it. General rule, anything with zippers or looks a bit more fitted will be smaller than usual. Anything loose fitting will be a good size fit.

    Question for you: Do you fit into J. Crew's crewcuts? I always think the little girls stuff is adorable! I would totally buy it if I could fit into it!

    Posted 3.10.10 Reply
  9. Missy Hii wrote:

    nice top!:)
    but the blazer and the skirt doesn't seem to match!

    Posted 3.10.10 Reply
  10. Hi PAT! New to your blog and I've been reading back and back and love it! I love hearing about all your alteration work and especially impressed with that Burberry coat! I can't really relate except for being an Asian Girl but I love your blog and following now. Hope you'll visit me too!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

    Posted 3.10.10 Reply
  11. What a pretty top! And you're lucky that your boyfriend knows when to take photos for you. It's starting to get to the point where I have to plead.. hehe 😀


    Posted 3.10.10 Reply
  12. Phuong wrote:

    Like the top very much! Looks great on you. Nice blog girl!

    Take a look at my blog 2 if you like 2 😉

    Posted 3.9.10 Reply
  13. love that top! and ure super cute in that first pic!!! and gorgeous shoes as well!!! i love patent so much, its much more glam!

    xoxo jenna

    Posted 3.9.10 Reply
  14. hi! thx for ur comment! sorry for being an "enabler"! lol!:D i didn't end up buying anything. i'm gonna wait for a sale, so i signed up for their e-mail alerts:D i agree, the prices were a bit high + shipping. the details of the AT top is gorgeous! i'm so envious of ur shoe spree, but hey if it works, then why not?;) hope u had a great weekend!


    Posted 3.9.10 Reply
  15. aw you are so cute girl. i love your outfits, you always look so pretty. ive heard theres an aritzia in san francisco or something? im not too sure though, but if you're ever in toronto theres TONS of aritzias here 🙂

    xx lue

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  16. Nukem wrote:

    I love the shot of your shoes lined up 🙂
    Hopefully they will restock them in small sizes, I'd love to pick me up the porcini color.

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  17. peachcharm wrote:

    ^oops! i meant to say "is it me or does that size sell out really fast on Ann Taylor & Loft?" lol

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  18. peachcharm wrote:

    I love how that top looks on you! I think the PXXS isn't online anymore 🙁 Is it more or does that size sell out really fast on Ann Taylor & Loft?

    Those shoes are gorgeous too. Simple but pretty. It is really hard to find shoes in my size too. I'm a size 4 womens and I only know a few places where I can buy it without breaking my wallet

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  19. Liana wrote:

    cute outfit, very sophisticated!

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  20. jenhe wrote:

    love the top! : )

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  21. Midori wrote:

    oooo you have narrow feet too? i have weirdly narrow heels and have trouble finding pumps that my heels don't slide out of when i walk 😛 also, i think you have the exact same shoe size i do. if you lived any closer i'd sneak into your closet and steal all your shoes.

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  22. So glad you were able to snag the floral front top in time! Did you see the pxxs are all sold out now? =(
    It fits you way better in the armholes than it does me, and it looks great with the Gratian jacket!
    Too bad about the AT shoe sizing. The shoes are soooo pretty! I might be able to make a size 5 work with some foot petals. Maybe I'll give them a shot when they stock some more size 5's.

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  23. Hi Amy and welcome! I don't find it annoying…more so endearing : )

    Scmonkey/rebecca – I think you mean the soles, right, not insoles? I was torn about whether to get these soled by my cobbler for $15 first, but I was too lazy. After I wear down the pretty leather sole I will definitely get a layer of rubber soles tacked on. And I actually find these to be quite comfortable, BUT I have a narrow foot and almond-shaped toe curve to begin with, if that makes any sense. The heel is not a problem for me at 3.5 inches, but then again I spend most of my day sitting. I can see these being uncomfortable for women with wider feet/toes.

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  24. Rebecca wrote:

    They don't seem that comfortable to me. The heel goes straight down from the back of the heel, instead of curving inward and going down from the middle of the ball of your feet.

    scmonkey – I pad out my heels using superfeet high heel insoles and ball of foot padding.

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  25. scmonkey wrote:

    LOVE the shoes!! I have a question though. What do you do with the soles, or do you just where them as is? I actually joined you with the AT pumps this time. They are perfect perfect perfect – except for that the soles are soft leather. Do you pad them before takin them out on the streets or do you just let them wear off?

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply
  26. Amy wrote:

    aww i love your blog!! i'm extra petite too! not even 5 feet here, 🙁 i'm like 4'10/11! SO nice to meet a fellow petite girl!

    does it get annoying when people mention how tiny we are? haha

    Posted 3.8.10 Reply

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