LOFT Fall Review: Stretch Tweed Jacket + Skirt Separates

loft tweed skirt and jacket

I was at recently at LOFT returning the Petra navy pumps (unfortunately the sz 5s were too narrow for the front of my feet), and was pleasantly surprised to find these cute tweed separates. You can wear them together for a business formal suit (maybe with a skinny belt over the jacket to define the waistline), or each piece is versatile on its own for business casual or just plain casual wear. I know the two worn together are on the "mature" side, so I'd love to see the black & white marled knit paired with an edgier material like leather, or more relaxed denim. The tweed material is of thin/medium weight, soft, and stretchy. It feels comfortable like a sweater, and the best part is that both pieces may fit smaller-framed ladies with no alterations needed. They're currently both full price, but I wanted to share while all sizes are in stock.
loft tweed skirt and jacket1
The jacket has a zipper closure (I like that it's hidden by a placket) and a slight flared bottom style, but the peplum isnt so defined that it's too trendy. I think it'd look better more snug, but the fit was not bad on me as-is. I almost always have trouble with jacket sleeves being too wide, but these fit decently. The skirt is a lower-rise style with a wide black elastic grosgrain ribbon waistband. This exposed style waistband is more casual, but can be covered by the bottom of a sweater or blouse if you don't like it. LOFT bottoms usually don't fit me without alterations, but this piece works because it's stretchy all-around and probably designed to be more snug.

Both pieces are 80% cotton/20% polyester and unlined. The price point is great for a mostly cotton suit set that fits right off the rack, but would be even better if a promo comes along!

This is a scheduled post. I will try to answer any questions upon my return : )


  1. Lovely! I really like the colour and I like the contrast with the rolled up sleeves .

  2. i just saw your photos all over the windows at my local LOFT for their new petites collection! you look so great! congrats!

  3. It definitely looks much better as a 3/4 sleeve. You look great as always.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  4. I'm in love with tweed because of your photos!


  5. I think it looks great on you especially with the sleeves rolled up. Gap has a very similar tweed jacket. It's no longer on the website, but I'm sure you can find it in stores.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I also saw you modeling some petite clothing at the LOFT store at the King of Prussia Mall in PA earlier today too. I was like, "Hey!! I know who that is!!" =)

  7. Very nice outfit! Love it for working!!!
    Your necklace is very nice!!!

    Le monde des petites

  8. Hello there ,

    I am really inspired by your blog and please take a look at my blog if you get a chance
    I have started sewing myself too and looking forward for your comments , what do you think ??

  9. Saw this in-store and didn't love it. It works on you, though!

  10. I love don't necessarily love the look, but I like the fold-up sleeves! I do this every time with my jackets. Sleeves on these jackets are always a bit longer than I would have wanted and they make me look even smaller. Folding up the sleeves is a great way to look less short and hopefully a bit taller. The look does look great on you!

  11. i have a set that has this similar knit tweed fabric. great winter office outfit.

  12. Don't understand why you are crazy about pencil skirts. You look soo short in them !?

  13. The reviews on Loft are terrible -- how is yours holding up?


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