Life with PAG: Maxi-d out at the Beach

There’s been a lot of debate in the petite fashion world about whether maxi dresses are a do or a don’t. I think that with the right drape and length, they can be a “do” for lazy summer days. The one I am wearing is from the Target junior’s department, in sz XS. I hemmed it an inch so that it hits right at the ankles and doesn’t interfere with my walking. What do you guys think?

Happy 4th of July to my US readers! (forgive the rubber flops here…)

Yesterday we went to a small beach with friends to watch the sunset and eat fried seafood, and inadvertently caught several firework shows. 

Despite the high 80’s temp we had on Saturday, I had to wear a maxi out of necessity. I recently started laser hair removal treatment on my legs, and as a result have to keep them out of the sun. Bummer!

The bf played beach football while I cooled down in the waves.

Chomping down on fried fisherman’s platter (a heart attack on a plate, but oh-so-yummy after a day at the beach):

Simple beach face: concealer, lip balm, liquid eyeliner and mascara
Couple shot (for the curious cats who have asked, he is half Filipino):
Have a great rest of the weekend, readers! Hope it is filled with beautiful weather and yummy BBQs.