Paris Snapshots, Part 1

sezane bianca madewell wide petite jeans red chanel mini flap

Bonjour from Paris! I’ve been dreaming of a couples getaway since last year, and am grateful to both our moms who are making this a reality. I’m just sharing a few snaps here & answering outfit questions, and will do a more detailed recap of where we visited, hotels, and of course a luxury shopping post with price comparisons!

Mary Jane Shoes: For adding a pop of color to my neutral style, I’d been hunting for block heeled Mary Janes that are actually comfy (didn’t realize what a challenge that’d be, after trying several popular but painful brands) and stumbled across this affordable option from Amazon. They’re honestly an amazing buy for the price, and even come with removable cushion pads. Red is running low, so I’m linking two similar well-rated options here and also here, which looks nearly identical!

Jeans: I’ve raved about these wide leg crop jeans (wash is “Altoona”) since last year and they definitely earned a spot in my suitcase. My only small qualm is the brand’s idea of a Petite “high” rise is a little lower than what I personally like, so in hindsight, I would’ve tried their regular sizing for a higher rise and just cut the hems shorter, since it’s a raw hem style anyways. The petite rise on these is about 9.5″ while the standard rise is 10.5.” For raw hems I apply anti-fray on the hems.

Flats: I’ve gotten many questions on these Dolce Vita flats (many more sizes & colors here)! I love everything about the rounded square toe shape and minimal strap. Target has a popular dupe as well for $30. For those asking if these are comfy for a full day of travel – I would ALWAYS recommend supportive sneakers for that instead of “fashion flats.” I can walk ~ 2 miles a day in these flats (whether in Paris or abroad) and keep a change of shoes in my bag if we’re doing more walking.

his hers couples outfit sezane navy blue slip skirt demellier bag

The Archives de Musee was a beautiful free museum, and conveniently located for eating in & exploring the Le Marais area after!

Sézane is another great brand to shop while in France given the price differences – about 20 to 25% lower from my calculations. Nick is now a convert of the brand for staples, and he’s been wearing this navy waffle shirt and stretch waist jeans on repeat. He also wanted to mention these New Balances (surprisingly on sale!) are one of his most comfortable sneakers in a versatile neutral palette, even though he realized later that it’s a womens’ color combo, haha!

paris outfits polene cyme bag oak and fort trench coat adidas sambas

Ever since Oak & Fort opened right by my home, I’ve tried this trench coat on maybe 4 times over the past year and always thought it was too oversized and long. But in the absence of more petite-friendly options in this style, I eventually pulled the trigger and really like it. It has that effortless vibe from the substantial-feeling drape material to the chic sleeve cinches. It’s a welcome alternative to my structured trench coats, just be warned it runs big! The xxs (in Beige) is def roomy on me, and I usually wear it open with the belt tightly tied in the back to gather up extra fabric.

Polène prices in France vs the US have one of the biggest differences amongst the brands I’ve checked out. When comparing the same styles, prices for the same bags in the US are about 40% more than the buying in France after currency conversions and VAT refund!

The location in Le Marais was a pleasantly calm shopping experience with no line, unlike the pics I’ve seen at their other store! The Cyme bag was their most sought-after handbag by far, with multiple people coming in trying to buy it during my visit. It was sold out and this was just a floor model in the bigger size, with two lengths of handles / straps for wearing over the arm or over the shoulder.

maison sauvage paris scenes

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Alexis wrote:

    Hi Jean!

    Love all the outfit looks, and great shot of the VW bug! Thanks for your posts, as always. 🙂

    Posted 4.29.24 Reply
  2. Michelle h wrote:

    Hi! I bought that Bianca blouse and it just arrived. I noticed the fabric is very very stiff. Was yours like that at the start and did it soften at all in the wash?

    Posted 4.23.24 Reply
    • Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi Michelle! The Bianca is a stiffer style cotton blouse. I usually hand wash mine in cold and it does soften a little with wash and wear since ive had mine for a while now, however it’ll still be a more structured lace blouse and not a soft drapey style!

      Posted 4.25.24 Reply
  3. Valeri Ann Pighini wrote:

    how fortuitous to get a shot of the hydrangeas and blue VW bug. At least I think it’s a VW bug.

    Posted 4.12.24 Reply
    • Extra Petite wrote:

      Haha, it was definitely the right place right time!

      Posted 4.15.24 Reply
      • Mary wrote:

        I’m pretty sure that’s a Citroen

        Posted 4.17.24 Reply
  4. April D Barnes wrote:

    Hi Jean!
    Congrats on your trip! We went to Paris in the winter once – I wouldn’t advise it lol – so much prettier in the spring! I love the first look with the silk maxi and Mary Janes. I have been avoiding that shoe type as I didn’t think it looked good on us petites, but it looks SOOO good on you! I have been doing the black double breasted blazer with white pants and white tennis shoes lately but would love another comfy shoe option – especially with a skirt. I will look into these! Thanks so much for your flawless style – I also love that Demellier bag – another thing I wouldn’t associate with petites. Keep up the fantastic inspiration! Thanks again!! xx

    Posted 4.12.24 Reply
    • Extra Petite wrote:

      Hi April, always so great to hear from you! Thank you for the kind note. The double breasted blazer with white pants and sneakers you describe sounds so chic. It was also a popular combo amongst stylish Parisians and I had to save a few as inspo to recreate back home! And while Mary Janes with a strap may not be the most elongating style for petites, I’m loving them as a practical flat shoe!

      Posted 4.15.24 Reply
  5. Jolie wrote:

    Hi Jean,

    I’m glad that you had a wonderful escape to the most romantic city! I’ve been following your post for a while and I really like your style. I got the Bianca blouse from Sezane and loved it. Thank you so much for your recommendations!
    Best wishes to you and your family.

    Posted 4.11.24 Reply
    • Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you Jolie, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blouse! Best wishes to you as well 🙂

      Posted 4.15.24 Reply

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