How I Fold & Store my Sweaters

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Happy 2023, friends!! I hope your new year has been off to a good start. I had hopes for two weeks of R&R and a mental reset, but this season of germs had other plans for our whole family. Nick got the worst of it and is still bedridden, and I’m a few clicks away from unhinged as the little ones are flying off a couch “slide,” shrieking over every toy, and asking for the 3rd snack of the AM…

The last week of every year, I love working on a big recap post on my top purchases and reader favorites of the year, but that’ll be a little delayed this time around! In the meantime, I wanted to share a little closet care post for getting organized in the new year.

After the kids go down at night, cleaning and organizing has been therapeutic to say the least. After sharing a photo of my favorite shelf dividers on my IG stories the other week, I wanted to answer some more questions on how I fold and hang my sweaters. To see the folding tips in motion, check my Instagram reel video here!

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how to store sweaters - fold or hang

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1. Folding Storage (Shelf or Drawer)

As mentioned in my small space storage post, I store my knits in underbed drawers and also on sweater shelves with these dividers. I saw this general folding method on several Tik Tok accounts last year where one end of the garment is tucked into an opening at the other end, so that the garment doesn’t easily come un-folded when you take an item off a stack or move them around inside a drawer. I have now converted ALL my laundry folding to this method from sweaters to jeans to tees, leggings and tights. It’s been nothing short of a game changer!

Again, this method is MUCH easier to follow in video form, so be sure to check my IG reel!

the best way to fold a sweater how to
Ann Taylor sweater xxs. See on me here.
  1. Lay the sweater down on a flat surface.
  2. Fold one sleeve + about 1 quarter of the sweater torso width across the sweater.
  3. Fold the sleeve down. If the sleeve length exceeds the torso length of the sweater, fold the excess length back upwards a little.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Fold the bottom of the folded sweater up a little more than halfway.
  6. Key Step: Use your hand to create a “pocket” opening where the bottom hem of the folded sweater is, and tuck the top part of the folded sweater into this opening.
  7. Voila! You have a neatly tucked-in folded sweater.
2. Hanging Storage

If you prefer to hang your sweaters, just be sure to do it in a way that won’t stretch on the knit, especially at the shoulder areas from the hanger edges. If I had abundant hanger space in a huge walk in closet, I’d probably opt for hanging more of my knits so that I can clearly see which item is which. Here’s how to fold sweaters over a hanger in a way that prevents stretching out:

  1. Lay the sweater flat.
  2. Fold the sweater in half vertically, so that the sleeves are aligned. Lay the hanger on top of the folded sweater at the underarm junction.
  3. Fold the sleeves over the top of the hanger and loop them under the bottom bar of your hanger.
  4. Fold the body of the sweater over the hanger. Now you can neatly hang your sweaters without stretching the shoulders out!
how to hang sweaters
Everlane sweater xxs, see on me here and here
When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

When you purchase through the links on this blog, I may earn a commission. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Anne wrote:

    Hope your family is feeling better! I know that disappointing feeling of not getting the rest and renewal during the holiday break that you expected. Just wanted to say thank you for the consistent level of information that you share. The video supplemented with the images and written description shows your commitment to detail and that to me is what sets your blog apart from many others (besides also filling a much needing niche!).

    Posted 1.9.23 Reply
  2. Michelle wrote:

    Ay suggestions for storing open cardigans?

    Posted 1.9.23 Reply
  3. Petitefleur wrote:

    How timely…I decided last night to change how I store my cardigans and was about to look up “how to fold sweaters”…thanks for this timely post! Love your organization tips!

    Posted 1.4.23 Reply
  4. Christi wrote:

    Thanks Jean! Hoping to get the organizing bug, so great inspiration. 😉 Do you find wood hangers don’t take up too much space in the closet? I used to have wood but switched to a thinner plastic with grips to be able to fit more. Would love your thoughts!

    Posted 1.4.23 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you Christi! They def take up more space, but I like them for blazers and jackets with structured shoulders or padded shoulders, just to help keep the shape! For tops and dresses I do use slim hangers

      Posted 1.4.23 Reply
  5. Isabelle wrote:

    I like the folding techniques! How much space do you leave between dividers?

    Posted 1.4.23 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      They’re very easy to move side to side, I find myself shifting them left or right occasionally to help fit my sweater stacks!

      Posted 1.4.23 Reply
  6. Charissa wrote:

    Just sending some care to you and your family – hope the germs and illness leave soon and that you find some other ways to recharge once the kids are back in school! Thanks as always for your thoughtful work here. Great tips as always!

    Posted 1.3.23 Reply
    • Jean | Extra Petite wrote:

      Thank you Charissa, I really appreciate it! xx

      Posted 1.4.23 Reply
  7. These are such great tips! Thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely be trying both!

    Posted 1.3.23 Reply

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