Instagram Lately: Bedroom decor, Chanel Fall Bags, Summer Whites

bedroom decor tufted velvet headboard mirror nightstand_one kings lane

Item Details

Alina tufted headboard in light gray velvet, Ikea bed, similar mirrorred nightstand,
Pottery Barn Morgan bedding in Taupe, Target lamp + glass jewelry box,
paint color is Behr Manhattan Mist (760E-2), a blueish-gray

It was tough getting out of my cozy corner this morning after a weekend of showing friends all around town! Nick and I have very different decor styles and rarely agree on furniture (I love everything feminine and romantic while he likes clean and modern), which is why we still don’t have dining chairs after two years in our current home… I promised him greater liberties in choosing those, as long as I could have my velvet headboard and mirrored nightstands. Ours are from One King’s Lane, where I’ve been pretty happy with the look and quality of items for the prices.

lace up white dress outfit_couples summer style

H&M dress thanks to PingSole Society shoes c/o, Celine bag

Our friends Ping & Timmy were visiting for the weekend and came hungry for New England fare! We went to a sushi-making class on Saturday hosted by one of our favorite chefs Ken Oringer (as part of a MasterCard events series), who owns some amazing restaurants in town like Coppa and Toro which I always recommend to visitors. We learned how to fillet some local fish and got to eat it afterwards in a variety of sushi dishes…so fresh and good!

tonys clam shop boston quincy seafood lobster roll

A lobster roll is the quintessential New England bite – there are several places in the city to get your traditional roll (which I’ll also list out in my Boston guide) but I love venturing a bit out to Quincy to Tony’s Clam Shop if you have a car. They make a mighty meaty lobster roll, have amazing juicy steamer clams, and also your usual fried seafood platters.

quincy boston black raspberry sprinkles ice cream cone

Afterwards we attempted to “walk off” that meal along Marina Bay but got thwarted by Cream & Sugar and their delicious cones. Side note, several ladies asked about this nail polish and it’s just my usual Essie “Fiji” pink painted on top of a layer of another white color. I’ve been loving layering nail polish colors to get the specific shade I want!

chanel 2016 summer caviar boy bag cc filligree

Left: Chanel caviar Boy bag in “old medium” in ivory (cream w/ hint of gray), $4700
Right: Chanel CC Filigree / vanity case bag in small, $3700 (?)

I’ve also gotten lots of messages on the Chanel bags from my recent Snapchat asking which one I got! From my poll, the ivory one above was the crowd favorite but the little red one was not far behind (camel caviar in a close third). Ever since this post when I fell in love with the Boy bag in old medium, I’ve been patiently waiting for Chanel to bring back caviar leather for the style. They finally have a few for pre-Fall in 4 colors (ivory, black, red, and camel brown) all with the silver-toned ruthenium hardware. I was eager to see them in person but the caviar leather on these boy bags is a different “washed caviar,” softer to the touch and less shiny than their traditional caviar. I thought it looked and felt nice, but am curious about how it’d hold up and clean compared to Chanel’s other leathers. I love how durable my older caviar bags are and how they can just be wiped clean! I decided to sleep on it some more, but would love to hear about anyone’s experience with washed caviar.

While at the boutique, I did get to try on the popular CC Filigree bag and it is so stinkin’ cute. I’m a sucker for vintage-inspired designs and this one is a nod to the vanity / cosmetic trunks that Chanel has made for quite some time. Material is the regular caviar leather, and the overall construction of the bag felt very sturdy with lots of attention to detail both on the interior and exterior. It comes with a hefty-feeling CC gold turnlock charm and key, and the partial-chain strap hits me where I like it as a crossbody. The cream in this is completely sold out, but red is available and I believe a small handful of black might be as well.

modcloth white dress

Lastly I just can’t get enough of white dresses for summer – I have quite the collection now but rotate heavily through each of them. I wasn’t sure how this one would fit given the generic S, M, L sizing, but it is stretchy and worked on me as shown without alterations. The bodice and scalloped neckline are fully lined with an invisible back zip, but I was disappointed the bottom half is unlined. I didn’t find it to be too sheer but I always wear either skin-toned undies or a nude slip skirt with my white pieces just in case.

All photos from my Snapchat (extrapetite) or Instagram (jeanwang).


59 thoughts on “Instagram Lately: Bedroom decor, Chanel Fall Bags, Summer Whites

  • Reply Wendi June 12, 2016 at 11:55 am

    I love love that white H&M; dress you are wearing – what is the full name of it?

  • Reply itshappydays June 12, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    Love your white dresses and your bedroom decor! You and Nick always take the cutest photos together!
    I love the Chanel vanity case, it's so cute. Definitely a hard choice!

  • Reply affecionada June 12, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Good thing you won on the bedroom decor 🙂 – it's feminine and romantic but neutral enough. I love everything in this post!

    Jen | affecionada

  • Reply Vera Sawicki June 12, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Beautiful photos. Love your white dresses.

    Blonde in Cashmere

  • Reply Anonymous June 12, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    How do you afford all of these clothes (esp. designer clothes) and all of your travel? I want to be able to buy it all too.

  • Reply Linda Y June 12, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    My bf and I have the same decor tastes as you and Nick! We recently moved in together and went through the exact same thing as you guys! We ended up with the Versailles side chairs from Z Gallerie for our dining table chairs. We got them with dove grey upholster with espresso colored legs and chrome rivets. I highly recommend them as both my bf and I are very happy with them and feel it was the perfect compromise for us! (We also got the axis dining table from Z Gallerie and love that too!)
    Link to chairs:

  • Reply Ut Phi June 12, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Hi Jean, How is the Pottery Barn Morgan bedding hold up after the wash? Does it wrinkle a lot?

  • Reply Anonymous June 12, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    Would love to read your Boston Guide before our July 4th trip. Btw any suggestions on places to visit or see would be greatly appreciated 🙂 T.

  • Reply Unknown June 12, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    I actually purchased a red caviar boy from this season and promptly returned it as the caviar leather was quite matte and it was, as you mentioned, also quite soft and didn't seem as hardier as the older caviars. I was so disappointed. I'm hoping that a new batch will come out this year in a better shape and finish.

  • Reply Keshia Michelle June 12, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Love this dress. It's so effortlessly stylish. I love when you can find a good gem like this at H&M.;


  • Reply Maria Abad June 12, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    Such a cute recap, I love the peonies touch on your bed table. The red Chanel is so classic and timeless.
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

  • Reply Kate Wilson June 12, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    So many great photos. Those Chanel bags are beeeeautiful x

  • Reply Petite&Minimal June 13, 2016 at 2:45 am

    You guys look lovely 😉 I think both little white dresses look good on you, amazing the hem ends at the right place for petite!

    Annie | Petite&Minimal;

  • Reply Sophie Stewart June 13, 2016 at 6:07 am

    Gorgeous pictures, love your white dress. Sophie x

  • Reply fabi Aguilar June 13, 2016 at 6:15 am

    Love your plans! Definitively white drees is THE summer outfit!!

  • Reply Irene Papadopoulou June 13, 2016 at 7:14 am

    So pretty! love all these snaps

  • Reply Anonymous June 13, 2016 at 8:24 am

    That H&M; dress isnt available anymore right?

  • Reply Cheyanne Jordan June 13, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Reply Maciej & Monika June 13, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Such a beautiful bed head board!

  • Reply Maggie Zemanek June 13, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Love that scalloped white dress!! And an AT shopping spree seems to be in order 🙂

  • Reply Anonymous June 13, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    hi jean – how to you prevent panty lines from showing in the h&m; dress?

  • Reply Julia Mazzucato June 13, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    I love that Modcloth scalloped dress! Off to the site to buy it now.
    Julia // Little Miss Haute Couture

  • Reply Photo Neha June 13, 2016 at 11:03 pm

    Not sure where to post this, but was in Jcrew in Manhattan last week. They told me no more petites in stores? Any ideas what happened??

  • Reply Amy C June 14, 2016 at 12:49 am

    Love your H&M; dress! Is it still available?

  • Reply Anne June 14, 2016 at 2:45 am

    Saw your photos in a special edition StyleWatch magazine. I just gotta grab one! It's nice to see a real petite woman in a magazine with approachable style!

  • Reply Trang Do June 14, 2016 at 4:42 am

    Love your dress! Beautiful photos!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Reply Rosa Fairfield June 14, 2016 at 9:29 am

    Lovely pictures, I'm loving those bags and that very yummy look ice-cream 🙂

  • Reply Charlotte June 14, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    That scalloped white dress looks so good on you!

  • Reply Joanna June 14, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    A Boston guide would be amazing! Great pics

  • Reply CLThom09 June 14, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    As someone who recently moved to Boston, I am eagerly awaiting your Boston guide!!!

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Hi! I'm not sure – I didn't see it online.

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:04 am

    I've been working & saving for a long time. My suggestion is to avoid getting caught up in everything you see online and on blogs – just figure out what exactly is important to you and prioritize that (whether it's a trip somewhere or a new bag, etc), then make a savings plan towards it. When I was younger that helped, as every time I wanted to spend frivolously or splurge on something "in the moment," I would remember my savings goals towards XYZ.

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Glad to hear others have the same decor battles! Thanks for the recommendation on these very pretty chairs – though I would say much more my style than my husband's ; )

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Hi – yes it wrinkles out of the wash but I find that typical of all our cotton bedding! We are too lazy to iron it so the wrinkles in the above pic is how it looks.

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:07 am

    Should be up within the next two weeks! Hope you have a good trip!

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:09 am

    I'm bummed to hear that! I wonder why they just refuse to give in to popular demand (ie. no gold, no regular caviar), hah…

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:09 am

    My friend said it should be in stores!

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:10 am

    If you don't have a nude half slip skirt already, I'd highly recommend one! I just wore nude underwear for this dress but if you want to be extra concealing, wear the slip.

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Oh that's too bad! It's all based on supply and demand so I'm guessing the petites may not have sold well in store. I actually didn't even know they started carrying it until fairly recently, so it may be due to poor marketing and getting the word out.

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:13 am

    My friend said it should be!

  • Reply Jean June 15, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Hi Anne – thanks for letting me know! I have to go find a copy!

  • Reply June 15, 2016 at 11:58 am

    I am looking for the same artificial flowers! where did you get them? they are peonies, right?

  • Reply nidm June 15, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    Hi Jean! Do you have the Alina headboard or Alina bed ? I can't decide which one to get.

  • Reply nidm June 15, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    Hi Jean! Do you have the Alina Headboard or Alina Bed? I can't decide which one to get.

  • Reply Anonymous June 16, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    Hi Jean. How do you like the ruthenium hardware of the bag?

  • Reply Petite&Minimal June 17, 2016 at 2:58 am

    Here we have that in Sweden
    It's called Ribbed dress with lacing. It's in Divided section with 99-5108. But I am not sure if it's the same on the US site…

    Annie | Petite&Minimal;

  • Reply Georgia Sunray June 17, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Your room decoration is on point!


  • Reply Anonymous June 20, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    Hi Jean, what bra do you recommend wearing with the H&M; dress? Thanks!

  • Reply she June 21, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Hi Jean, do you know which paint color is it on your wall? is that a gray shade?

  • Reply megalob June 25, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    Hi Jean! Love your style!!!! I wish I could have everything you own xD Could you do a post on nude slips? Always at a loss for where to get them!

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